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С 29.11.09

Our life


In response to numerous requests from workers. The sheep well done, or how power ensures order and stability.

Dear Friends! The dilemma arose once again. There are two themes. One, which for a long time would like to talk to you, and second, that is to say, one day. Stepping on throats their own song decided that about Uncle Erdogan, who defeated all his enemies, you can talk as anything afterwards. And here's today's theme is ...

About love and talk. The power of love to his people. The love of the good life. The concept of love is so varied that I assure you, you won't be bored. And how can it be boring if every day we make sure that the authorities in any country, but loves his people. Loves so that only and thinks how to do everything, so that citizens have lived happily, but ...

You see, if you watch carefully for the relentless struggle of power over the bright future of entrusted people, discovered amazing things. The most important thing in the State? Correctly, order and stability. Here's this and keeps power through their, these, public bodies. And here is the lack of stability and order, native expanses, the authorities did not concern. And rightly so. They don't have to follow. Well, beautiful! If all is well, then it's certainly merit power. And if everything is bad, then it is of course the enemies tried to both explicit and hidden ... This is important.

If you want to collect taxes, or any fees from their citizens, here it of course, everything will gather to the penny. Moreover, with each having at least some money. If anyone wants to replenish coffers, well there different schema design, in order to escape from this process. Well, do not want do not want! We have democracy, why nevolit′ citizens. Not wanting to let the scam. What?! And if laws comply with does not want?! Well, let them not in compliance with. There will always be those who obey, and repressive bodies accurately without work will not.

It's like, if anyone remembers, on the school disco. Stand retainers, and try to let law abiding student, or, botanist, go to disco with the smell of alcohol or just smoked sigaretki. Never! Don't miss and report back where it should be. And here is the school bully, or if anything local authoritative disciple, young age and will not hide. Cigarette in his teeth, a bottle in hand and ... Walk and sing, and dance. And nobody stops. Why?! Good question. Because you can run into a violation of physical space with confirmation on your face in the form of;. Sorry for my French, but ... The sheep well done, and the fellow sheep itself. This proverb is as relevant as ever.

Or take the horse. No, it is better to take the horse. The iron. How many of them, these iron horses can be seen on the vast Russian expanses. Darkness. Stop with the permission of such horse, cops and ... Your iron horse broke the rules, they say, pay the fine. And get paid. The law is the law. Oh, and if anyone does not want to pay the fine, the papers there different beautiful shows, Karami various face police starts then ... Well, you don't want to, don't pay, why nevolit′ good man ...

Or takes other people's money, and return citizen can't. Come, remind, can break down doors and more, in order to awaken consciousness. And the other will take money from the State. Promised, for example, the stadium which build ... The stadium is not built, but the money is gone. Well, in these offshore translated, and give nothing. It's okay dear, then donate when money will be. This is important.

That's made the State a scold. Type evil it about citizens not worried, not like it people, not regret. Evil you, here's what I say. Sorry, even as a sorry. Those who do not smoke . Fag is very spare and protects. Pedestrians spared so that fit to motorists on their iron horses in General from the garage not to travel. Tigers there different spares and tries to maintain a population. Ecology in the planetary scale very sorry. Children whose parents monsters insult, sorry ...

These emigrants, well who go for a better share of edge overseas very sorry. The hungry around the world very cooked state. How would a hungry orphans help. Democracy is very fond of the State to protect and spare in every way possible. And in her face different there Democrats, Liberals, hipster, hopsterov ... Terrorists požalivaet State, but only the right of terrorists.

And yet the State loves and pities idiots in the Act. Well, it's about citizens endowed with powers possessing an alternative thinking. Paradoxically, ... That no idiot, the fount of talent and great ideas awaiting implementation. Our education them very worried. Very. Worried that they could not sleep and lose their appetite.

I've always wondered. Well that's what grass smoke, these definitely beautiful people. And not finding an answer. And then I understood. They don't smoke weed. They just are, what is. Cute, kind and very good people. People who worry about too much. And yet, these same officials love to keep up with the times. Well, before they walked in lockstep with the party line, and now with the time. Type, why they did not make all time and regret it?! And technology was not appropriate. And now ...

Tablet computers, this course is very good, but ... Evil tongues, truth claim that you will start their owners teach computer literacy. By the way, about literacy. Education is everything to us. Thus, or almost so thought followers only right teaching, which we left Grandpa Lenin. Progress does not stand still, and ... Aunts and uncles in the Government decided that this very grandfather Lenin was spectacularly wrong, and ... Correctly, invented EGE (unified State exam), which certainly enhanced the quality of education and rose to an unprecedented height, literate younger generation that sent a large swimming ...

And there are a lot of good people who love to divide citizens. Well as disconnected. So, political parties. Democracy, it is because without pluralism, so as a castrated bull. In the past, in times of heavy Communist past, we had one party. The COMMUNIST PARTY! And now ... That neither party, looked at the beautiful. And not just handsome and solid and reliable people, offering dependability. Moreover, it is the people of exceptional integrity. And I haven't said about purity. This is important.

In a society formed two groups of concerned citizens. The first group is in power, the second with tenacity worthy of the best use of this most strives to power. Moreover, this hidden symbiosis, loves to take care of the rights of citizens. There are many examples. They love to feel sorry for a different sort of representatives a glorious cohort of lawbreakers. How would their brutal cops aren't offended. Well, there's bandit caught, these already have the roof begins to demolish. Do not offend do it. If he has food in his cell. Don't break if he hands or fins. Is there a tv in camera. Yes, whether he drugged on a regular basis, in order to avoid breaking. Is there a fresh press. Yes, and this one, sure whether contact with the World Wide Web.

The process went so far as to police fit to protect. To start from concerned citizens, well, it was at the initial stage. And now, fit to protect from this glorious cohort of lawbreakers. Strikingly, but representatives of this cohort, the offending policemen. Then take hostage, broke the arm or leg. And shooting will in front of honest people. This is important.

Here's a look and make a conclusion. All these žalel′ŝikov have one thing in common. They are good at another's expense. Here they feel sorry for the animals. Ok!!! Sandro, not against. Take these cats and dogs to his home and bring joy to the children. Kids, this is holy. That's a pity them thugs and bullies. Take them on bail, make bail, settled in his apartment and perevospityvajte. Here are them pathetic FAG. Invite them to stay with ... And it turns out that paying many insane ideas have the taxpayer's pocket.

No, I understand that Crimea is ours. Who would doubt. Ok. I understand that it is the restoration of historical justice. I understand that spiritual clamps. But at whose expense the banquet? Correctly, at the expense of the population. This is important. Here are wanted pobombit′ terrorists in Syria. No, Sandro is fully aware that the fight against terrorism, is sacred. Without this well does not. But again, the fight with these elusive borodačami goes to budget money. (A) where the personal contribution of many oligarchs.

Where, I ask you, whose Tower tank flaunts an inscription, Roman Abramovich,?! Where, I ask you, with an inscription of missile complex, Viktor Vekselberg,?! Where these are smart bombs with an inscription from the oligarchs Russia?!

In the field of culture, of course, the situation is even more dismal. Each constituent entity of the Russian Federation wants to be holier and patriotičnee. Well, you realize who I am talking about. In the field of culture, import substitution is in full swing. I understand that. But would like a more plausible explanation than reference to historical traditions. For nearly eight years, winning pace on Russian expanses climbs a holiday with tears in his eyes. Tears of happiness and pride. Day of family, love and fidelity! What?! Type, their fashion is our answer to Valentine's day?! Perhaps, but I would like specifics ...

History of orthodoxy, it's certainly a very nice story. There were a lot of things, but ... There are in our small provincial town monument. To whom?! Not guessed?! Well, who else, like Peter and Fevronia not!

Imagine how many of them are found in the country. If the process goes a pace, the number of monuments to Lenin is perceived as a party of modesty. And how much money is siphoned into the pockets, obviously talented sculptors and local officials. Fit to declare the contest. Whose monument turned out to be closer to the original. Although ... Not yet evening. Particularly touches that numerous concerts devoted to the day of family, love and fidelity involved mainly FAG. It stars pop I'm talking about. And they are calling from the stage faithful in family relationships. Well, beautiful!

By the way, evil tongues say that ... But this loving couples had no children. At least, that fact is not mentioned. Perhaps affected by the severe political situation at the time. After all, bird in a cage does not sing, but man and woman are not propagated. Although, knowing abilities of native historians, maybe soon we learn and this certainly lovely couples. This is important.

And note that I have not yet mentioned the many variations of the so-called, reconciliation, shops.

These structures, if anyone doesn't know, and claws are black, that idea of their creators, possorivšiesâ lovers will slide into each other's embrace. Many idiots, at least expect this. And if not reconcile, then it's okay. But a beautiful idea ...

Love deserves a separate discussion of the structures of power in any country to attract emigrants. For unknown reason to me, they are very hopeful and continue to hope that expats will work and be useful. May I say, maybe so, but ... Work where forced to work. And if you can not work and receive financial aid. Show me such a fool that will work, if you can spit into the ceiling.

The result?! Obvious and predictable. Numerous attacks. Guests begin to build your order and intimidate the hosts. But ... By tradition, the power of the very peculiar reacts to what's happening.

Do not give the descent! No, I understand that Uncle Serezha best Minister for Foreign Affairs of all time, but ... That's what he wanted to say?! Here's what he had hoped when he said ... Apparently that numerous terrorists will tremble from fear and minimized its activities. Well done, what you say here. But beautiful. This is important.

When you see the many aides who want to bring happiness to all and sundry. Becomes sad. Sad that globally prosr ... Lee not only polymers, but also everything else remained of common sense.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg July 2016 year


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