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С 29.11.09

Our life


Russia. Whether there will be war.

Dear Friends! Look at everything that is happening around and ... Yes, you look and wonder dajoshsja. Do many basic things so difficult to understand that people do not see them. And can see, but do not want to spoil the mood. So will war with Russia or will not?

Elementary question is if you remove the blinders from the eyes and think ... But let's go with you ... Yes, go to the store, or as we call them now supermarket. Such a big supermarket. Beautiful, modern. Everything is there. Everything you need for a modern man. This is not a merchant shop in the beginning of the last century.

Here we go for the supermarket, the eyes rejoices and ... And going on a fantastic event. Well, it isn't if you have not yet realized, I start and fantasize overdo on a given topic. That event?! Speakerphone reported that all of us in the next couple of decades, maybe even more, from the supermarket we go. There, behind the walls of this construction is going on is that it's better we don't know.

So, dear guests, make yourself comfortable. Be my guest. Begins to assimilate the territory for their stay. Someone in the grocery department is housed. Anyone in the jewelry Department is headed. Anyone in the Electronics Division navostril skiing. Many-in departments where garments sell went. Somehow, but it took some time, in order to adapt and grow roots in the new location. People began to spawn. Yes, and how without it. Like we have this process. Not all, but love ...

And now, when we mentally presented this whole situation. Here's the tell. When all these intelligent people will tear each other's throats? Why start?! Elementary! Every day there will be a lack of resources and housing area. Everything. That's the whole deal to the penny, or if you want to. This is very important.

No, I understand that Russia has enormous resources and the huge territory. Well, how would it more gently say ... May not the horse feed?! Whatever did modern political managers and managers of the economy, the output will either, Zenith arena, either spaceport, East. It is already a tradition of such situation is. And at all levels.

Managers, they certainly are big bastards. Although ... Some, I repeat some scoundrels and delicious. Why?! Elementary! Bastards, because in their day-to-day activities spoil people purely out of love for the process. But some that still spoil for their benefits are complete scoundrel. So say two in one bottle. But let's not about sad, very sad.

Here's a look. Humanity breeds on at breakneck speed. Our beautiful planet yet, she is not rubber. Lack of resources, begins as a woman with a circulation of low social activity, remind yourself more and more. And in some places and resources like there, but that's really not work. Of course, there are still places where got hands of Homo sapiens, but it's a matter of time ....

A smooth transition to chemistry instead of normal products, as has decide to prokormu this plodjashhejsja of Orava, which mainly deals with feelings about the fate of humanity, and work not agreed. Well, not the Tsarist this thing ... Each State needs territory and natural resources. And where we have large areas of these very rich resources?! Correct!!! In Russia! The rest of the evil one.

Nobody will hear the true goal of all wars and conflicts. The rights of the one who has more rights. And who has more rights?! Correct!!! A strong. And who is the strongest? Correct!!! America. And if you still pull up to his allies. It turns out the Armada, which focuses on his eternal enemy. The ring is compressed. Moreover, we are talking about the ring of political, economic, military.

Do you really think that those who likes to count money, started a large-scale movement of troops to Russian border solely from the desire to arrange his military tour. AHA, now. Jean released from the bottle and to get it back is impossible. The scheme has been fulfilled with the destruction of the SOVIET UNION. So say the helpful everything themselves potentates do-it-yourselfer. Now Russia queue. It's important.

The dismemberment of Russia into separate fragments, already is. And in full swing. Only the blind cannot see the obvious. Feast during the plague. State, or what's left of it, with increasing speed it goes downhill. Meanwhile, in the head cars continues. Awards still hand. The money earned back-breaking theft, hidden in foreign banks. On morality and patriotism are saying. That, if anything, we're all in a single order, as one show supostatu ...

Clinical idiots and be very precise then the spectacular dolbo ... would. Moreover, the bulk of. No, there are those among them who pretends he's an idiot. In fact they all understand and hope that they can jump out of the car at the last moment. Stuntmen, zabodaj their mosquito. Naive! Well, vyprygnut. And to whom they need their accounts in banks. And who said that this is their account. One more question.

The question arises. Well, no question, but question. And how to live surrounded by enemies and ill-wishers, and norovjashhih ottjapat territory and resources. Elementary. Just like in real life. We just need to be strong. Another is not given. And then ... And then either you will dictate the rest of his will and his vision of the world, or will one of the ... State in which it is better not to mess with. Cheaper comes out. This is very important.

And here arises another question. Well, no question, but question. Whether Russia, a strong State?! Militarily, politically, economically ... No of course. It is clear that with this statement do not agree latent Patriots and incorrigible capable. Why?! If so, the power ... It breaks the country apart on scraps. After them, the deluge. They don't see their future in the country. This is not their country. This is the place where you can hunt and then escape. Well, it is if you can escape. Although, they are very hopeful. It's important.

War should begin when the client dozreet. So say mentally and physically. No, I understand that has valid factor of nuclear deterrence, but ... You know, we should still have eggs, steel, that would use these deadly weapons. As in my opinion, the Russian State will be broken up on ... Well, let's say in a couple of States, and if you call a spade a spade, the territories. Siberia, central part and the northern part, close to the Baltic States. Although ...

Maybe, I say maybe shed his krovushku gentlemen will not beuse for dirty work of Ukrainians and other adherents of European values. Conquer the country, must also resist it. But gentlemen will play the role of protective orders, such as those which were during the reign of his uncle Joseph. Sacrifice already bind hands and feet. She suffers, and insane serenity still hopes that it will kill, but only slightly popinajut legs. This is very important.

It is not excluded that fuse the whole katavasii will be the palace coup. Type, the country gets rid of a bloody tyrant and picks his way into the family of civilized nations, but ... Not everyone agrees ... We don't have enemies, we will do everything so that no enemies are not needed. Putin either will be overthrown, or leave himself. Type of tired, leaving ... It is no one obeys, except for protection. And even then, still have to sort out, it has protection or already a convoy. To many, it seems such an option unthinkable, but ...

Remember the memorable Boris Nikolaevich. Who of you before its new year's performances could think that dyadya borya withdraws, because tired?! And here. The guarantor of the Constitution he country and people in. ... Well, you realize where he once and for all of us. And that. He himself got into the helicopter, waved goodbye and departed. Not even promising to return. Such a gift?! Completely. We have ceased to be surprised. Everything is possible, until the brilliant ... Further can substitute a word that suits you.

Conspiracy lovers can certainly argue. How did the Tribunal in the Hague? Surely many wasted stocked popcorn?! Or at worst video escape in a helicopter, for example in North Korea. Or Romanian. Type, and you do not want to live, but also to shoot yourself. But as usual, people will help. Stop. Won't the Romanian version of wishing to participate there very much and such a crush will easily get lost and slip away. This is very important.

But if you're not thinking about the fate of the country stage than became very common sin is our national leader, ... Understand the Russian elite has something to lose. Moreover, our foreign partners, well it is, in my opinion, very much do not want to dirty their hands. Everything should look natural and naturally. Elite type, which does not become it adored to go against the wishes of the people, that's assumed and overthrew the hated tyrant. Boil the mind is disturbed, or what's left of the mind, and the rest is a matter of technique.

Unfortunately, perfect idiots still hoped that in the near future there will be disasters. After one hundred years of experiments on common sense, I am sure that history will appear before us in the form of a farce. Only a bloody farce. When complete anarchy, and we've almost come to this country will tear apart. Rather do everything, what would the civil war became a reality. The interesting thing is that, for the most part, it's a bloody disgrace touch ordinary people, ordinary people.

Meanwhile, local potentates will consider themselves brilliant leaders. So much so that his loyalty to the national leader proved clearly. Type underappreciated talents in federal vertical of power now unfold in full. Many are now talking about an imminent war with the Americans. Particularly insightful, assure that all this nonsense and that the war will be with the Chinese. Conspiracy buffs versions claim that is war with an international coalition. This is very important.

Little who captures one very thin nuance. Well as nuance, so nuance. Fighting or war if anything, would be guardian of the Constitution or after it?! And believe me it is no less important than the answer to the question of chicken and egg. If after Putin, in the interval between his departure and the outbreak of hostilities, must go brother against brother and official against official. This and the grandmother walking is not necessary. Will take as much sovereignty itself that the late Boris Nikolayevich will not toss and turn and spun in the coffin.

And external enemies, or shall we say, civilized humanity is the media uzhasatsja pictures from Russia. And that's when the Russians, it is expensive for the classification of Mr Yeltsin, there is plenty of hope on this feast of anarchy and lawlessness. Correct. Then the need for deployment of the troops would be welcome icing on the cake. Type come former partners and keep order. Oh, and at the same time priberut to the hands that bad lies. And believe me, a bad lie by that time, all that is of any value. So to say there will be cycles of values in nature. This is very important.

But if hostilities begin, when in power, Putin still? Then everything is very simple. Call people, or rather say the electorate to rally around. Well you see around and repel supostatu. The most interesting thing in this circus that stolen ones, and otduvatsja be others. Or rather want that would be otduvalis others.

Well, look! The same, big fan of Faberge's talent, Mr. Vekselberg. Well, here's his son who has American citizenship, or grandchild, they would in case of danger to protect the Russian State along with millions of fellow citizens? The question of the level of rhetorical.

No, it is understandable that promise war and we begin to tell the tale of a white Bull. Type, the enemy attacked and now is not the time to find the perpetrators. Here we the enemy and then, everyone will get their just deserts. Yes, of course. Who would doubt. All this has already been. You never have to had nothing. Kidding of course, but ... Can you imagine any idiots power and the elite are keeping the population!

No, the reason for this is. Who's going to argue. But the people, he would vote for power kicking and shooting. Or desertion, and if that doesn't work, then violence. Historical experience shows that ... People initially very opposed to go and kill. But when he leaves no choice then it with great pleasure killing everyone who comes to hand.

There is another subtlety. Well as fineness, so little thing ... Many, with the permission of say, the Democrats dream of a mercenary army. Type, serve on contract professionals. Who is against! Just be aware that ... Most of these mercenaries, especially good for ... Suppression of democracy in the country.

For that would finish with the unarmed population or electorate, if anyone. And here is the case of an external enemy, as it happens, the mercenaries are fighting without much jentuzazizma. To die for money or do not die, that's the question. The dead najomniku usually do not need money. This is very important.

Modern Democrats, well those who professionally engaged in democracy, children certainly in najomnuju army serve will not go. This and the grandmother walking is not necessary. These figures are absolutely sure that their children do not go to the army at all. Type is not imperial. It is necessary to develop democracy throughout the world, and will serve as an ordinary redneck.

And, in a brilliant conception would have to fight with the movie if he will risk to encroach on democratic values. such indulgence say dialectic. Dialectic, amid one trivial fact. Well, as a fact?! So, faktika. It turns out, compared to the same period last year, sales of Maserati in Russia have jumped ninefold.

Here there are also absolute misunderstanding of what is happening in the country, in the world. No, really. There is an impression that those with permission to say parshivcy, live in his some fictional world. Although, what wonder?! Earlier, during the time of Communist obscurantism and lack all kinds of freedoms at the top really knew everything. Just every reported, and about each report. And now ... Oblenilis all. Even to report it was laziness. This is extremely important.

And why. Because it has become very much ... Forgive me, idiots, but the power and the elite, this cubic idiots. Professionalism at zero, so it is missing completely. All hope for deputies and Secretaries. that preparing the document make ten mistakes in one word ... And these are, well, those who prepare reports, decisions, orders are well aware that their sample of literature to read, no one will. Well not the Tsarist this thing ...

Well, tell me, for example, take the same kind of General of the army Sergey Shoigu. He is in the army and not served. But manages the same! And as we are told his underlings, even very successfully directs! No less successfully than Sechin also deals with the philologist. In much the same way as his colleagues, successfully directs extraction nor a day in gas field of Mr Miller. About the Chief Executive Officer, will say nothing. There it goes without saying. There the results speak for themselves. That is to say of the song the words not be dropped off.

Moreover, the entire vertical of power not bleshchet intellect and management experience. Some show-off and nothing more. Therefore, any head can vtjuhat, really sorry for my French, any stupidity. Will swallow. Where did he go away. And he will carry the same idiots like him, with such seriousness that fit all stand up, as in the performance of the national anthem. This is very important.

Sad that there's not anyone who will tell the manager that bears it, literally and figuratively, the usual crap. It is a pity. Because then this crap starts to quote materials were gradually pillaged and issued for truth in last instance. And if we put a visa-for execution. Carcasses of light, slivaj water.

And here amid all this grandeur throughout, the impending war is the icing on the cake, which does not say is that the lazy. Cherry, which is put in its place. Type prosr ... whether polymers, why not prosr ... replacing the country inherited from the ancestors. And this process very successfully. The time will come, and all run. Some in the other party into the fray, others in warm countries hoping to find peace there, but ... Believe me, today's times while omerzitelnosti seem to us a model of calm and justice ...

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg September 2017 year


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