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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Idiots of all countries unite! America with Russia ahead of the rest.

Dear Friends! Today, not a topic, but as love to talk-just a song. About that?! Elementary! About dull America and not bleshhushhuju intelligence. It is clear that illuminate all facets of a unique, brilliant, we will not be able to, but ... Basic, try to consider.

I remember one known in narrow circles satirist liked to repeat, that the Americans, they are stupid. No, probably a large share of truth in his words there, but nonetheless. Here lately, so much evidence of this fact, that the OWL on the globe no longer stretches. We'd like to upset domestic latent Patriots and adherents of all native-poskonnogo. Dear Russians, near left in this regard from fans of Christmas turkeys. Go, it seems to me next, nostril to nostril.

Talking about stupidity, one cannot say about idiocy. It's twins. And not just the twins, and twins Siamese. As the saying goes hand-in-hand to a brighter future. Recently, albeit without subject unto, but followed the American election. Brilliant! Particularly gave Russia's intervention in the most honest and fair elections.

No, I understand perfectly well that in Russia, and in America by a gang and organized crime. And like everywhere else in the world. Some Gopnik interfere in the Affairs of other Gopnik. Some Gopnik, take money and other utility other Gopnik. No, it's OK. Always was, is and will be. N. type of money and goodies in nature, but ... Mr Trump unlike maniacal morons along with crazy old lady that competed with him at least a lifetime affair. It's important.

It just so happened that America is a recognized technology leader. It's not even being discussed. Russia, it's the evil empire, living solely due to the sale of hydrocarbons. Now imagine how American Gopnik in expensive suits and with serious faces, accuse Russian Gopnik in the more expensive suits and with equally serious individuals that ... It turns out that Russia intervened in American elections and influenced them in their favor. Type, not like they klintonshu, that's helped trampushke. Brilliant twice!

No, I understand that it is very flattering for Gopnik selling hydrocarbons, but ... How then it must be humbling for a recognized technology leader. Stupidity and idiocy in one bottle. They apparently crazy poshodili, in this citadel of democracy, not to be confused with the Citadel by Nikita Mikhalkov. This is very important. After all, in fact, offer us to believe in the unbelievable. Although ... As in my subjective view, if it happened to be, ... This fact would have to scramble for a hundred years late or two hundred, and store it as the most important burzhujskuju the mystery.

All this is not serious. That's roughly the same-thing, as if our favorite of the guarantor of the Constitution, Fedor Emelianenko, said all of its victories, on which he is a tough fighter and ... And then, at a press conference, accused the 10-formers confirmation would be James, winner of school Olympiad on biology that he yesterday evening in the entrance put huge Fjodoru, Fingal, under the eye. This is very important.

No, it is clear that we can take and leave politics, so much so that there is definitely no need to wash your hands. It is an axiom. Just watching this whole circus, both overseas and here you come to a certain conclusion. Idiots and dullard, they are the same in all countries, and there are almost no differences between them.

Some shout that Mr. Trump is a henchman of Putin, others shout, that the former Russian Emperor is a martyr for the faith, but not speak for what it is. And understand the impression that these latent idiots and native-hempen dullard grown in one incubator. This is extremely important.

They like! Navorotjat Affairs, as we have in the kolkhoz, and overseas and ... Correct!!! And then scream that is not Facebook, are buried. It is better to be silent. Silent on the idiots, you can at least zaslushat'sja, but not always. Sometimes, silence the idiots and dimwits sometimes sinister. This before breaking anything and then trying to sell them, giving for the benefit of all.

You can certainly argue, but United States, together with the Russian Federation gradually nostril in the nostril, turn into third world States. Americans lag behind slightly, but I think that they do not rust. Social degeneratizm, this is the link chain that will sink these oppressors of the Indians in the degradirujushhee swamp. Has ears let him hear, and having your eyes see. All hope to Trump, but as in my opinion, it's already too late to drink Borjomi.

Not yet, it certainly social hegemon, democracy, role model and all that, but ... The main thing to understand what's going on with the enemy United States. And what would all understand what it is-Paphos global superiority. And don't forget about the benefits of democracy by air delivery. Well, there are missiles, bombs ... The main thing is not to discredit all these developments.

Although, what was already a difference. No, I remember of course, centenarians from the Politburo, but ... You just think! For the Presidency fought two, actually already elderly person. No, I understand that old, dry wine, it tastes better, but ... Intriguer with sexual dysfunction and showman who earn a lot of money.

Maybe, I say maybe, could be wrong. But me, Trump recalls unforgettable Boris Nikolaevich. Spectacular steps aimed at the audience, sharp statements, man its the Board. Yes, amid the many idiots and dimwits it looks definitely winnable. But apparently not destined to revive the greatness and destroy the remaining ... It's important.

Elections, it certainly shows. Here even the grandmother walking is not necessary. But if you look closer, then ... See, that was before these elections. Were the rules of the game. During the campaign, everything is possible! Swearing, defamation, fraud, corruption, ... Allowed much discussion, though even in these coordinates, defined by a common political culture. The level of political, and not only political boorishness, just rolls over. And similar processes are taking place in Russia. All this is so, but ...

There's a good adage-after a fight with fists is not waving. It is an axiom. And Trump supporters did. Immediately after the election victory, they stopped pouring dirt and started to behave very correctly. And rightly so. As for the losers, ... As the saying goes, don't these gentlemen Democrats lose. Moreover, apparently so needed, but Mr Trump announced Russian spy. No, it's not a joke. The American establishment. Brilliant!

Certainly, Americans have aircraft carriers. It certainly obliges other countries follow a common mood. A type that will not obey, priplyvjot aircraft carrier and all shows where crabs Hibernate. It is of course correct, but ... After all, even I remember the adage about so-called strokes, referred to in common, cabinets,. The bigger closet, the louder the falls. Here is to be able to me of those who subject explain some fact. Well, as a fact, so faktik.

What is the efficacy and safety of aircraft carrier?! Idiots from politics and old generals not knowing and not knowing the words love, unknown to me reason to believe that those who visit priplyvjot this with permission say powder keg will not be her bomb. But actually, why not?! No, will, as will ... This is extremely important.

Just like in life. Type to you for parts came to you, but Gopnik intimidate took with him, a locker. Well, as a locker. So who built muscle mass broiler chemical additives. Certainly, locker, looks feasible and awesomely, but nothing more. And with aircraft carriers, which love to be proud Americans. Blessed is he who believes.

It is clear that the political systems of the Russian and the American, even very successfully degrade the past years thirty-forty. It is no secret that here and there, replenishment of the State apparatus is produced by negative selection. And they believe it. That is what you should strive for the rest. And who is not with us is against us, with all the consequences and effects of coming ... It's important.

And amid all this grandeur, we see the alleged triumph of common sense in his brutal grandeur. And dear Russians, and not less than fellow Americans believe that the sign of a great culture, this fanciful patch on jeans. And the closer it is to patch up his ass, so much bigger than culture. It must live up to these days, when the elite is as fashionable clothes ripped jeans. Yes, and even torn sneakers buys for mad money. Brilliant!

But that's not all. Alcoholics, drug addicts, homosexuals, and deboshiry in common people called by Lauren Hutton became tolerated in middle management and even in the sphere of strategic decision-making. In this case, the Russian partners, how would catching up their American friends. Well, it's the Russians believe they have American friends and partners. Naïve. It is difficult for them to understand that the protection of the rights of arrogant pidorov, it is not exactly what is considered to be a genuine democracy. No, I certainly understand that they are already everywhere. And their already very much. That is already a minority. But slightly encouraging that we, those who like women, not quite even exterminated these cute and fluffy ...

Here are many there is a reasonable question. Well where such indulgence to say geeks come from?! And I did say to you! These smart people, they are managers, policy makers, politicians, Ministers and other, miscellaneous ... appear when the US becomes pathetic and completely harmless colleague ... No, really, don't kick out same the poor thing! Let the paper lays out. Benefits like no, but also the harm, that is important too. Everything! It is in this moment we all hit. Yes that there-we got! The State is horrible!

We are not animals, and quite a civilized people. We will sometimes praise and encourage your colleague? Of course!!! What is the difference may or may not! Runs after all! No, I understand that everything is somehow changed a bit. This is because if the idiot praise, then over time, it's kind of like an idiot would not succeed in the eyes of the general public. This is very important.

He sometimes will eventually understand what managers and specialists say at meetings and planjorkah. To start figuring out and see the difference between the planned and actual performance. Colleagues will start noticing that he is trying, or at least portrays diligence. A good friendis trying to help everyone, kind and very affectionate. It seemed like everything OK, but ...

This cute, kind and fluffy colleague will eventually ask you to give it a steering ... Well, even a little, though slightly, though with one hand. And you will not be able to deny him an innocent request. Well, that fail with us ... And he begins to steer, you control naturally. Then, quietly, you start to wonder where to go your normal colleagues.

And in their place, quietly so, sit here are geeks who have nothing to do. Not only do not know how, but not wanting to do anything. And here's the lead! You yourself, such praise! You yourself cited such community! You yourself gave such steering with one hand! Look, how these smart people become you lead! Can you imagine what kind of explosive mixture turned out! Moreover, everywhere and in everything! The idiots who do not understand, run by idiots who, because of his love for mankind, these idiots and led to leadership positions. Brilliant!

And now it is already too late to drink Borjomi. Now they're everywhere. Now they show their teeth, and is not visible and the hint of their former lightness and softness. Now, it's the gravediggers of common sense. And intolerance to synergize or look they have tweeters. The Communists and nationalists in this regard just standard tolerance and tolerance. Here it is, how everything turned out. And you say democracy and market economy. When they're not created their break?! A difficult question, but think a little was left to wait. That's why I want to spend a little more to see than this whole circus is over.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg July 2017 year


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