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С 29.11.09

Our life


Russia. Left alone the show-off.

Dear Friends! Today we ... And that fact today. And today, we'll talk about ... Yes, o pontah. Because almost everything that is done is done for the sake of frills, and for the sake of showing off. This was, is and will be.

That is saying, at least heard that to get as much money as possible. No, and that is correct. To start to spend their precious health. Then get the desired money and all sorts of goodies. And then ... That's right! Then begin to spend the most money in order to get well. So to speak, the cycle of idiocy in nature. The apotheosis of common sense. This is very important.

And here, in this design, the absence of another felt an unseen item. So to speak, so that the picture was complete. What is this element?! Elementary! If you haven't guessed, this is a show-off. Yes, they are loved by many, who humbly stand on the sidelines and are the driving force behind all this ugliness.

Show-off in Russia! It is a fairy tale! And how could they not be a fairy tale, if, for the sake of showing off. And in everything! That's where the eye falls, there anyway there are bragging rights. You love football?! A what?! Nothing and nobody love?! Well, it doesn't matter! That's why do you think will be the FIFA World Cup? And I'll tell you. Purely for the sake of showing off. For their sake lovers!

Because this is the second, after the Olympic Games, a sporting event by number of frills. No, I understand that there are a lot of other problems. No, I understand that northey could spend and more important goals, but ... So you can talk without understanding anything. From a word-absolutely. Common sense in these discourses certainly is, if ... Yes, if it were not for the show-off. But they are there! Here is for the sake of them all this is conducted and carried out.

A what?! 'M overreacting and dramatize?! No, not'm overreacting and not sgushhaju. Well, let's suppose the science and advanced technology. About Skolkovo heard?! Of course, heard. We all say this is for the development of Russian science. So say our response to their Valley. Well, the Silicon. AHA, now! It's exactly the same delusions as to argue that the Olympic Games and the football championship promotes the development of sports in the country.

Of course!!! Who with idiots will argue! In General, if I recall correctly, the ... In order to develop the science, it is necessary to maintain universities and the Academy of Sciences. Or rather with taking into account current realities, not to support and revive. It is time to understand that there is a show-off sport, there are a show-off scientific ... There are business show-off ... So, if we need science, only pontovaja and no other. This is very important.

Imagine now, this entire gopota, well the one that loves to show-off can with extreme, liberal pride everywhere telling what she pontovaja. It is not a scoop bespontovyy! Type here what we are! This is possible before we laptem hlebali soup, if historians do not lie. But now, Wow-we won what advanced and enlightened. And we have, as you claim in the backward country, there are industrial parks, there are innovations and much more ...

Yes, and we're very corruption even successfully fighting. No, it is understandable that ordinary show-off, now political, but nice! The rug in the fight against corruption, together with UPF (All people's front). truth is no Confusing, but how nice it sounds! Corrupt officials are struggling with the corruptors! Pontovo same!

Let everyone know that there is corruption that we are worse than others, but we deal with it. Let not the fight. Yes, there is such a moment. Let the UPF is used for these purposes, but ... It is in times of obscurantism and Communist darkness, corrupt officials were shot, or at best gave a free ticket to the land of cold and harsh. It's clear that romance, but ... As one very good and wise man, only a bright future will show how dark it was our past. This is very important.

I'm not talking about the pontah in architecture, or what is left of it! Take for example,lakhta-Centre, which is being built in a suburb of St. Petersburg. Complex key object which will be headquartered, Gazprom,,. Add to this the architectural urodcu, his twin brother,Moscow-city, which for some strange reason, stuck in the center of the Russian capital. Type in the whole world there are business centers. Yes, there are! But they really work! And we have already traditionally show-off in the business. Yes, spectacularly. Visible from afar, and shine in sunny weather. Beautifully! Dubious use even more dubious efficiency coupled with bad taste.

And yet there is a cosmic show-off. Not to be confused with the Ponte in space. There, it seems we have already doletalis, considering that ceased to be ahead of the rest. Very much denezhek was very even pontovo looted during the construction of the spaceport, East. There is such a tradition. If that building, it is necessary to razvorovat part of denezhek. It cannot be otherwise. Otherwise it will be bezpontovo. No, it is understandable that the idiocy of clean water. Building a new cosmodrome, recalling that old, Baikonur, Kazakhstan we can take away. Well, will. And that he would then do with it ...

No, I understand that at one time built kommunyaki Baikonur. Well, it is. Built. What is really undeniable. Apparently Democrats really wanted to also build its spaceport. Type, and we were not born yesterday. As it turned out, what happened. Well, that's not taken, instantly oposhljat. But pontovo is very sound, but not the looks. A domestic spaceport ... This is extremely important.

Everyone tries to invent something kind, but definitely pontovoe. Although, for the most part, ordinary copying ideas. Here's the take military show-off. A lot of them. Very much. But rumor has it that it is the Russian Minister of war invented,Tank biathlon. Brilliant! Then the military Olympic Games in Sochi, then ... No, well enough. We have that, the military Department a lot of extra money. I understand that pontovo, but nevertheless ...

A what?! Money in politics? No, if you insist. You are welcome. They are on the mind of all. Crimea is a pure show-off. The same as the Olympics, the football championship. Crimea resorts it is very pontovo. This is because, if memory serves me, the jewel in the Crown of the Russian Empire. And here's the Donbass with coal dust, this echo moth. As they say, feel the difference. That is why the Donbass and not become attached. Moreover, all politics is some solid show-off. Talk about any sacred power and about the greatness of the State can only potential customer of psychiatric clinic.

Talk about the fight against terrorism in a foreign land can generally complete an optimist and latent Patriot. And this despite the fact that the number of munitions that are used in the fight against terrorism in this way, would this same terrorism destroy several times. And, Yes, pontovo, give a volley of missiles and clap and throw caps into the air. Beautifully! This is very important.

By the way, very pontovo have so-called flashers on the machines. This song at all! Official without emergency lights, it's wedding night without the bride or the guarantor of the Russian Constitution without a straight line with his people. Abandon the baubles for the officials, it's like losing a military banner. And then disbanding, Court, camp ... And this is, as you guessed it, absolutely no pontovo.

Our leader, our leader he was formerly fartovym. Well, when the issues with the Ponte razrulival. And now, as it happens. Well, it happens. And with everyone. Now, it has become pontovym. And this is already a fait accompli. And the facts are known not to argue. No, I understand that it was a horror type, if the facts are at variance with the General line of the party, then so much the worse for the facts. Now certainly freedom, democracy and all that. It is easier to breathe the air of freedom, but ... Show-off firmly part of our lives. It is extremely important to understand.

It is because it used to be?! Correct!!! Many wanted to become astronauts, pilots, artists, scientists. Thinking, of course. And became. No, there were those who became a murderer, a thief, a good-for-nothing. But respected, respected State level pilots, astronauts, artists, scientists. Now in a big favor those who have more and naveshano birjulek cacek, who have more cool cart with an internal combustion engine and one who does nothing but only Burns lives. It's so pontovo! Do nothing, and everything.

No longer surprising and exclusion the fact that people, or what is left of it, all this ugliness like. So to speak, at least Visual exposure to a beautiful life. And culture that is not spelled with a capital letter, as to pontam. After all, each more or less understand the art, and we have a whole country, it is known that ... If you look at the picture and you can see there are large, or simply a huge ass, sorry for my French, and grandmother to walk. This Is Rubens! Here you do not make a mistake. Or not Rubens! That is extremely important.

A what?! The opposition forgot?! Do not forget! There's such a show-off, he wants to take the veil. No, I understand that go to rally against the bloody regime and the dominance of corruption is very pontovo. Get off at ohrenitelnyh fur coats and flashing expensive jewellery is doubly pontovo. Moreover, it is argued that all this bought the honestly earned money. But ...

Who will dethrone the hateful and very bloody mode?! Who will take power and grab email stations and banks? Those who came out?! No, they won't go. They have Affairs above the roof! They have no time. Yes and a little showing off in such an insecure session. Then who?! And latent opposition, making a feint ears found, as it now seems like the perfect solution. Not going to take power?!

Ok!!! And we attach to this case to their children. And hooked up. But children are very pontovo experience to such pontovomu case as protection all native-poskonnogo. Type, we power here. Show-off! But riot police, they also did not protect collective farms in corn fields. They are defenders of a State or not a State defenders? Of course the defenders! Means, after zalamyvanija onizhedetjam hand, the next step will be shooting. What to shoot at protesters, it is so pontovo. Or not?!

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg July 2017 year

(P) . S.

Stealing everywhere, but ... Can you imagine how beautiful! In Volgograd, the leader of the world proletariat Avenue stole four kilometers of fence. And the Prosecutor's Office confirmed this fact. Show-off! Nowhere else in the rural backwoods stole, say, rusty tractor. No!!! Everything on everyone's mind.

And for dessert. So to speak, on the spot. Video. Signed. On one already in his time a wreath dropped. And then what happened to him?! Now this ... Heroism is beyond imagination.

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