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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Russia. The die-off of Governors or the sinister shadow of idiocy.

Citizens of passengers! The train does not go further, please release cars!

Dear Friends! Well, right, if we talk about everything that is happening in earnest, ... In my opinion, this is a direct way to embrace to psychiatrists. Or, a very complicated case. No, better not going about sad and sad.

Let us better, more positive bear in masses. And how! Because by and large live getting better and merrier. Here, most recently, our dear, in the literal sense of the word Deputy, attended ... Can you believe it!!! In a State so all is well thanks to their efforts that ... It is time to start fighting with the merchants involved in mine. The word what! And do not utter directly! Well, it is, if anyone knows, it is a kriptovaljuty production.

Well, that is still unclear who the richest in this regard. Well, that is still not clear it all, seriously or particularly literate just acting up, and deputies have pricked up the ears. Type, and how the same restful sleep?! Namajnil there myself denezhek so be good pay taxes to the native state, and sleep well dear comrade merchant from mining.

There is a reasonable question. But as these same fiscal bodies will identify these merchants? Hope their consciousness has not yet accounted for. How to identify? Elementary! For increased electricity use indicators. Well done! Think correctly. If anyone remembers, as before in the years of Communist tyranny struggled with distilling. On the haze and the smell! And now. All take a pencil! No one will go from fair claims of the mother State. This is very important.

This is still what Achtung is drawn. No, say the Lord that he is a fool, well, does not. May be offended. But nonetheless. And so I want to say. My dear, you're on that count?! And so it seems, a succession of Russian thieves with us over killed scientist flung aside, has the Russian Far East. What it is I'm talking about?! Well, everything is simple, as we are told. Uncle Dima, well who like to direct the, how would the Government really is concerned with one issue. As he considers very important. He wants to create a vnutrirossijskij offshore! Good job!!!

Well, actually, in fairness, it must be recognized that they are all well done. Many do not even know about this fact, but ... You may not believe it, but it seems, on the one hand, a succession of thieves walking us over killed scientist with suitcases, and, on the other hand ... On the other hand, a succession of limited suitable for military service of walking in the direction of the military enlistment office. This is very important.

Well, here's what they smoke grass, and most importantly, where to take and grow up! It turns out that deputies not in vain its bread eaten! Duma Defense Committee, of course, support the Bill, prepared by Russian senators. Who would doubt! We are talking about the recruitment of those who previously was found partially fit for military service for health reasons. Brilliant!

No, can and should avoid, though they avoid, zavopit that ... Wow! Already there is nobody to defend the fatherland! Ruled to some extreme effective managers, their zabodaj Komar, and not only a mosquito. And this despite the fact that according to Russian cities and villages multiplied with disabilities age which radiate good health. All this is true, but ... Those with permission to say people with disabilities, there is a conclusion of Russian medics that they were not only in the army, you can't call, but work force is dangerous ...

But it turned out to be simple and intuitive. So say, for the sake of greed and not tokmo by will ... As explained by the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on defense Yuriy Shvytkin, this initiative will help to give the opportunity to defend the Fatherland so who really wants. And the man wants to serve, and it does not allow medical service. Everything! In the army he no longer enters and begins to envy those who got it. Sitting in the evenings and pining! And then there's the power of podsuetilas with this definitely fit the Bill. Everything for the population. This is extremely important.

Though, and evil tongues are not silent, here seems quite another. The type of closed and open fracture. Actually, this is logic, is taking care of yourself favorite. Type in order to succeed in the public service, and be able to go further up the career ladder, you must serve in the army. Well, here is a must! And how to serve, if they all have medical certificates as the famous Norwegian skiers who were sick with asthma. Here and come up with a way out.

And all this, so be on time! Here in fact just recently our Dmitry Anatolyevich, appealed to all countries of the world to unite to defeat the IGIL. Here are picked up and encouraged! Moreover, without batting an eyelid. All countries in the world, for some strange reason he didn't answer. Apparently, think. And how! This is not some sort of Horseradish with cusp, you will forgive me for my French, came up with a proposal. This is Dmitry Medvedev himself, after much hesitation, touched with such a call. Try here to ignore! He takes, and any court will ask ...

No, I understand that for the layman, there are some loose ends in the appeal. Type, as well! We the IGIL, even very successfully beaten daily, and beaten again. A whole army of fighters destroyed! Many thousands of objects turned into dust. And that I'm not talking about the depots, bases ... And I myself, these successes have heard. Our smart missiles, did not give terrorists no chance. Of this fact, we all know and are justifiably proud.

And what?! It turns out now that would finally defeat the foe, it is necessary to unite all countries of the world. Are you there with oak collapsed?! Why us our victory, to share with the world?! This appeal, is that a bug or a crime?! If the offense, where as our head, landing. Where the wagon, which carries Dmitry Anatolyevich, free long edges?! And if it's just a bug, where repentance before the country live?!

No, something strange is going on in the Kingdom. Well, the type is preparing for the construction of the system of military-camp type. And without the update options. This is extremely important. No, the arrests of high-ranking corrupt officials, this is certainly a step forward, but ... As in my opinion, this move was late for about five years, no less. One does not sharpen the axes after the time they are needed. And now, with some sadness, the population does not understand one fact. They steal everything and why our Governor was removed. Feel sorry for the poor guy.

This shoe is reminiscent of the panic on the ship. All run, sweeping away everything in its path. Here, there is no logic! If any Governor can thus be dispensed with. Whether there's normally thinking person, who would want to become Governor? May remove from Office, can plant. Can give work a couple of years, but after a couple of months to recover and remove, and good if only figuratively ... This is very important.

After all, it is clear that the elite will not Governors interact among themselves in such conditions. When all are starting to plant all try not to make sudden movements. Type, it is necessary to wait. So to speak, for the transition period, it is possible in and out, but ... So it is impossible to develop. Although what it is I'm talking about. What development! Here a day and night to survive. And like all nicely started! Unite and start stealing the inheritance of the Empire together.

Wild country, wild manners. You see what is done! Mr. Pavlenskij began the export of art in France. True, perhaps, it is possible that this is the export of hooliganism, but ... No, it is understandable that when this talented citizen promoted his art in his native homeland, it was brilliant and very modern, but ... The French, as practice shows, this wild people in wild country. And how else to name them if they're fact arson Pavlenskim doors French Bank ordinary hooliganism. This is the door of the reception of the FSB can burn, promoting art and French art such things do not understand ...

Russian law enforcement system in the face of the RUSSIAN population continues to delight your jekzersisami on the way to a brighter future. Brilliant! It is the most the Ministry proposes legalizing penalties for parents whose children took part in protest rallies. well, and so that the cake was definitely with cherry, the sentence extended to schoolteachers. Nonsense?! AHA, now! What nonsense, if it has been stated by himself the head of the main Department on combating extremism MIA Timur Valiulin made. And I want to advise to do this work, Timur.

The irony is that such a statement was made at the meeting of the Human Rights Council. Although, what wonder ... Spectacular idiots! What they expect. No, I understand that they live in a parallel reality, but nevertheless. At one time, Federation Council speaker, Bendable Valentina Matvienko, generally offered to take and to prohibit teenagers walk on the rallies, which are inconsistent with the authorities.

And imagine how teens sit and say that the rally will not go, because it is not consistent with the authorities. Imagine all this and feel like on the nebritoj cheek rolls tear ... Lord Liberals, but what about the fight against the corruptors. Speaking of corruptionists! Not so long ago, only in July of the year 2016, in order not to get into a free cruise trip in Kolyma, although what it is I'm talking about. So, the head of the Federal Customs Service, Mr Belyaninov resigned. It's important.

And ... And this after investigators who investigated a case of smuggling of alcohol found in the Lord of the House. And actually, that they discovered, that if you compare with the Serdyukov and Vasilyeva. So downright crumbs! Some dozen million rubles, less than half a million dollars and as much as the euro. Nishhebrod, Yes. By the way, is if anyone knows that we have everything rightly eventually allowed. Investigative committee returned did Mr Beljaninovu, money and valuables that were seized from him. Returned! Well, the say was broken any procedure there.

So, our well that Dmitry Medvedev, who thinks he runs the Government instructed the Finance Ministry to appoint the former head of TCF Andrei Beljaninova Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Development Bank. Well done! Confirmed sign! The more money, the higher the position took shines in Outlook and vice versa. And these, with the permission of say professionals should contribute to the economic growth of the State.

A what?! Who said that this growth can be realized, if ask Rosstat?! Evil you! It will be the adulteration of clean water! The guarantor of the Constitution, makes a bet on their Ministers and financiers. He certainly knows better, but ... No, I understand that taking care of people is the responsibility you entrusted. No, I understand that this is too much responsibility. But when the guarantor of the Russian Constitution, or whatever is left of it, converses with Maxim Oreshkinym, ...

That's who, from what they took and decided that maxim is a competent professional? You so I can explain how in 35 years to become Minister of economic development? Development! When he?! If we have such a young for statesman age so many professionals, why we are in such a deep ass ... A rhetorical question. Wherever you look, the opinion rests on competent professionals. And they all sit and sit, with traces of worries about State neobremenjonnom intelligence. Paradoxes of the new democratic countries. It's important.

By the way, paradoxes are the place to be, and more, so say mature democracies. No, Spain particularly after Franco, of course could be called a mature democratic country, though ... Not a paradox, when European utility all very amicably began to resent her exit request Catalans. Stunned, Catalans blame that do not want to live in a close-knit European family by Lauren Hutton and together with other cream ... These are the Catalans do not want to share earned. While the euro idiots now think about Stern base ... Action envisaged notable. This is extremely important.

By the way, can't help but affect one little question. Well, as the question?! So, a small varumchik, sorry for my German. How interrelated cultural and technology Wednesday?! AHA, thought?! Dear Russians, mostly want Western technology, but without the Wednesday that they generate, update ... Type, we agree on the new iPhones, but pidorov take it back because its already have nowhere to put it. Perhaps, in such an approach, that is, but the fact remains that.

If unable to transfer them onto our soil, then these are the technologies we have hirejut and no longer work. Here and there is a reasonable question. Do without the legalization of drugs and gay pride parades, we never raise the Russian economy? And this is of course only if someone was going to raise. Strikes cyclicity. Remember Peter with his shaving beards and tobacco plantation. Then, in my opinion, society all these innovations, to interpret, just as now perceived modern performances and installations. Apparently he, Peter, assumed that without it he could not defeat Swedes.

And if we discard the global and talk business our sorrowful ... Should please and do not inspire optimism, great work on the eradication of major accidents in the Samara region. So say local traffic police, uses new and potentially very good ways and methods. Recently, in the town of Buzuluk, in one of the most dangerous crossroads in the city, where major accidents occur, held a prayer service. Priest Valery Stepanov consecrated this crossroads .

Yes, you can not believe, but sprinkled holy water on the road, in the presence of the head of the territorial traffic police Sergei Shmolova. Moreover, both figure, conducted with drivers and pedestrians preventive conversations on the observance of traffic rules. Moreover, children, police major Sergei Shmolov gave saddles. This is very important and needs to be promoting throughout the country. Dangerous places we still missing ...

By the way, dangerous places, enough not only to us ... This I am talking about the Syrian campaign. Well, the type, there are bad people being legitimately elected as guarantor of the Syrian Constitution, and in the future will come to hurt and our guarantor of our Constitution. No, I understand that it is easy to start a military company and very hard to finish it. No, I understand that where we say there and were destroyed by terrorists. We've had a few times it almost finished, but has always been to put the last point ... What?! It is a State secret, or part of a very cunning plan, know yourself.

As in my opinion, if you have a glass roof, it is not necessary to throw stones at the neighbors roof. In fact, it's no nonsense, it was necessary to deal with the resurgence of State power rather than import to the country of iPhones and not clone effective managers in all areas of State-building. Well, that may be useful to commit our managers? Right, nothing! In fact, falling into the abyss. And against this background, it was decided to make the Syrian campaign. Gamble? Worse. Crime.

Here even after all that's what zakovyka. If anyone knows, or knows, but still doubted, say one clever thing, only you do not take offense. Russian Federation, at least until yesterday, as far as I know, and I know a lot is still a secular State. If so, then ... Any church or religious association should not because it does not have the right to impose its political will on the State. It is extremely important to understand.

But in fact, some particularly patriotic representatives of the electorate calling almost on national repentance before Nicholas Romanov. Well, before you being behind the wheel of a state machine, the first shuhere, forgive me for slang, picked up Yes and threw a wheel. And tried to jump out of the car, but failed. He could not survive, and his family too. And now here we all are invited to repent before this Mount-driver-head ...

The General line of such policies is certainly understandable. But arise quite reasonable questions. And if tomorrow the Communists offered to repent for killing Joseph Stalin, because there are such version, his departure to another world. And if tomorrow offers derzhavniki repent for killing John our Terrible and Paul i. and that walk, so walk!

This psychosis, there is one point that several alarming and causes alternative sadness. Why must all repent, and not only those who expressed such a desire. Why are you shooting films about figures of the revolution, the beginning of the last century, you can shoot everything that can and cannot be. And here about Nicholas II, you cannot shoot everything that can and cannot be. A what?! It was canonization?! And what?! And you have not forgotten that the State secular?! It's important.

And now, when that's the case, broad strokes, showed a little bit of what the magnificence of which takes place in the Russian State, allow a few final words about the main ... Yes, that's called sailed. Train no longer goes, please release railcars. If anyone doesn't remember, and I think nobody will not argue ...

Earlier, when Tsar-father, ideological vector was very simple. For faith, Tsar and Fatherland! Everything is simple and clear. But Shiloh in one place, very has helped elite took and overthrew the King, the anointed one of God. And ... And nothing! And the fight was not for that! Well, as not for that! A particularly shrewd and competent propagandony, if you call a spade a spade, and they were at all times, came up with a surrogate.

Type, you must fight for the Dardanelles! Brilliant! And this despite the fact that most of the fighting, did not have the slightest idea where these same Dardanelles are. Oh, and of course for the sake of the so-called Allied debt. Brilliant twice! And this despite the fact that most of the fighting, did not have the slightest idea what the Allied debt. Wild country, wild manners! Despite everything, the soldiers did not want to die and kill. Especially for the Dardanelles and during the Allied debt. And ... Away we go. An avalanche raced from the front. The result is known.

Here is the Lord, which has adjoined to them monarchists and Mrs. Poklonskaya became, they piously believe that during the reign of the King-priest education in Russia, under the wise guidance of the King-priest simply zashkalivalo. Type, all were so robust that all us jealous. Yup, right now! If you go by contradiction. Well, that's if, nasty, not against. Just kidding!!! So, if this is so, then there is a reasonable, albeit very harmful matter. Why then the Bolsheviks can eliminate illiteracy? Why this Decree, on eradication of illiteracy in the RSFSR, dated December 26, 1919 year?! They had nothing to do that?! This is extremely important.

It is clear that perfect idiots not understand many things. From the words, you don't understand. It is already too late to scream sick country, what would she woke. An autopsy is already in full swing. Many, still quite adequate people do not want to needlessly die in the emerging alive. Albeit heroically die, but do not want to ... This is very important.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg November 2017 year

(P) . S.

By the way, about heroism. Many, including yours truly experienced doubts that we will win any foe. Blame's. But after watching this clip, all doubts vanished. If children with Uncle Legal, give two ... Russia is really a country with an unpredictable past. Eschyo vchera Kolchak and Wrangell have been enemies, and today these are examples for others to follow.

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