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Not fact...


 Ukraine and Russia. The European Union or of the family of Nations.Part One

Dear Friends! Today we'll talk about that you haven't touched is just lazy. As well as yours truly could not pass by, were born small reflections on a given topic. Why a given? Just one of my good friend lamented in his letter. Here you write about everything, what you can and cannot, but Ukraine should leave aside. Let Me Correct Myself. Do not leave the side.

No promise, but I'll try to write as that would show a view from the outside, avoiding propaganda clichés and prejudices. I will try not to talk to the uvodâŝemu in the direction of how to speak properly. On Ukraine or Ukraine. Believe me, if it had been the only stumbling block, then its this gem together could be pushed aside.

For a start, I would like to say that's what. I almost always am suspicious of people, organizations, foundations, communities, States, if you will, that want to do everything that I would have lived a good and happy. Okay, help me, I have this impulse from the heart, yet somehow I can survive, but ... Are these well-doers want to help not only to individual citizens. Often, their grand plans apply to the entire State.

So, what happened to the sverhordinarnogo that the Russian media began to issue mountains of information on the neighbouring State. Moreover, it seems that the other themes for numerous analyses in nature simply does not exist. It turns out that Ukraine wants to join the European Union.

To join the Union and in the Union among members of the slim move to a brighter future. On closer examination it turns out that not everything is so easy. The question is not about the entry into the European Union, but only about giving such an indication. Can you imagine the wife has not ditched its old and eternally dissatisfied husband, but only stated that it had the intention to go to younger and rich fiance.

And there are a lot of nuances. Perhaps she does it intentionally, that would say to the old fuddy-duddy change treatment. Perhaps she just wants to get younger, but very tricky bridegroom, even a little raskošelitsâ and allow him to give expensive gifts in Exchange for sex. Everything is possible in this crazy world.

The centuries-old history, cohabitation, Ukraine and Russia, it is like reading the adventurous and very dashing twirled plot in the novel. My wife always wanted to get away from the unloved husband, but he always used the silušku heroic and return her to the bosom of the family. And here's a koi that ever appeared in a beauty shot. This is a once in a lifetime, and if they are not available, it is full, Ales gemaht,,.

When they say that the husband and the wife one Satan, this is true of course, but in no way refers to the relationship between Ukraine and Russia. Sometimes it seems that the sole aim of Ukraine is prove to the progressive humanity, but above all to himself that it was not Russia. But, in the face of the European Union, is not, if you put a hand on my heart a perfect choice. Between what actually is and what it says about the groom, the bride herself two big differences.

Giving a new uhažëra conceivable and inconceivable virtues, the bride is fully aware that promise to marry, this does not mean that the groom will go down the aisle. And actually someone more of two loving hearts finally then reportedly confronted each other, need this marriage. Difficult question. The bride, like herself wanted to go down the aisle, but only after someone told me that in your wallet the bridegroom has seen a lot of money.

Yes, and the groom, not just of the masach their hard earned money. Knew evil, that will report well-wishers of this fact the lovely maiden. And it was told to hit the heart and soul of the Cant. We're here, with these gallant suitors from the most important. The old man he is old, but ... As is well known, with age comes experience and sexual impotence. Our case is a rare exception.

The old pervert have neither that, nor another. But there is fear. The fear of losing a legal spouse and then ...Then farewell image of a respectable and fair, to which the young couple run former neighbor in a communal apartment. And our,, Eagle, Falcon, c, coils,,. What is started!

At each corner was yelling that if Rodman his favourite wife of the European frantu, it disappears for a penny. Will the world with hat in hand. And if it really is bad, then just go to the bar, because it has no moral and ethical principles. After all, how many times he watered and fed. Protect them from enemies and rapists who oblizyvalis′ her unearthly beauty. And that's the black ingratitude.

Tried to bring potential Swann. Said that, as a legal spouse she young groom. That they have there, in that prosveshchennoj Europe, quite a different attitude to such beauties. The pomatrosit and throw, although even at unearthly beauty. But ...

The European Union is not an assemblage of evil people gathered under one roof. It is much worse. This is a sort of State within a State. And assuming that any State is by definition a Bandit, calling things by their name, we can safely say that the bandits with great road.

Here are posted by these lines, and it was very embarrassing. Well, how could I have such respected people called the bandits. Let Me Correct Myself. They are not bandits but people with heightened interest to foreign wealth and other material values. And as a people, this restrictive setting that is appropriate to your interest over one of those who in this life is very difficult.

Russia, like the good Europeans, is no exception. What's so ashamed. Any State tempted by parties that would see what and where, and bad lies. .. And when the force, naturally taking over everything, ničejnoe, and welcome to them. Only here the process slightly justified differently than the enlightened Europeans. And what about the Ukrainian elite, that say the best minds in Ukrainian thought, those eyes, ears and heart of the State. What they say? Elementary my dear friends. Only in a close-knit family of European Nations and equal Ukraine will gain happiness.

Need just a little time. The smallness. Who said that before many centuries have, and luckily the people never came? This is certainly true, but there are reasons. Angry Russians took the blame. And while the true heroes and Patriots, which of course fame, struggled with its most Russians, but the forces in this battle were not equal. And not only.

You, dear Ukrainians did not fully grasp the gravity of the moskals (Muscovites) and have not had proper promotion of the fatherland. But this time, it will not. Only the stupid don't understand that the situation today is fundamentally different from that which was all the time. Progressive European intellectuals pulls a helping hand and we can take it.

Assistance in the form of huge money, it certainly will be stronger than Faust, written by Goethe. But there is a legitimate question. Ideas and thoughts, it is a good course, but how we are going to spend such a huge amount. But an even more important question, who will spend. Here, not so easy.

The authorities and the opposition. These twin brothers are spending and to possess them. But not a word one and only ideal for ... Idea. Yes, you need an idea, the engine of the nation to unity. Where does take that back the idea? The blind, open your eyes, they are lying right under your feet.

That's a lot when it comes to nationalism, instantly fall into stupor and begins to beat in the Freiburg epilepsy fit. A wrong position and response. Easier to live easier. Not all scary as you think. Everything is much scarier. What are afraid, if nationalism, this is the same idea as everyone else.

But the fact is that what serves people, nationalism is not. It is so called, for dreamers, attractive thing that having opened their mouths listened to stories about heroes of the fatherland, that life is put into the fight against Russians. You show me even one Ukrainian nationalist, if of course you can.

Please criminals and patients do not show on the head, such as the Patriots, in abundance and on Russian territory. Moreover, both these in full force peddling the political nationalist brand. Time traders and consumers, unable to put on the conveyor belt of true heroes. No, pathetic semblance of it certainly can issue, and may even try to sell it, but ...

Though of course, if you take only the right teachings related to marketing, then naturally you can clone a pseudo-Nazi like Tin soldiers. Why not?! Wong, a Chinese terracotta army is there, and nothing, not disbanded as a nation for centuries.

Saying that the Ukrainians in unison, all want to join another fraternal family of European Nations, many analysts on both the side of evil. Craftiness is that these scientists are men, do not want to like an ostrich, nodding his head in the sand, recognize, and more precisely, to voice the obvious facts.

In fact, there is a western part of Ukraine, and is the eastern part. And you can't do anything with it, it's a given. No, if there are statesmen in the governance of the country can live and with that, the bike, in my head, but ...The main question. Where to take these most statesmen around if some thieves and rogues, irrespective of political affiliation.

They say that it is better to let go of the western part of Ukraine, willing, bread, but the eastern part, never let go under any circumstances. I really wonder how this is possible in good mind and good health, and without using violence. Fantazëry, but fantazëry dangerous, outstanding the desirable for reality.

Can you imagine what a paradoxical situation. On the one hand, the European Union, which only promises to allocate credit. But ... No one as I think cash will not receive. The funds of the credit will be to revive the Ukrainian economy and statehood. It is OK if not for some subtlety.

If you take money, it is natural to spend them as you see fit, and of course then return the received amount and interest on it. Sometimes, they'll give you the money, but simply to advise how best to spend them, although the last word will in any event for you. Here is another option. You are given credit. But for you to decide how and what to do with it, and return the money of course you and your children.

But if you look at what the Russian side proposes, as the horseradish radish, not sweet. You will help, but ... Russian oligarchs have long been closely in their State. Everything has been divided and is naturally in the revival of the Russian economy. But here, near at hand the fraternal State. As they say, no end.

It is on one side. If you look at the situation on the other hand, the only blind man does not see a systemic crisis in the vast Russian territory. Just the same, if not worse, and in the neighbouring State. And the crisis is not only in economy but also in the heads. No one is going to fix anything, night stay and day. And in this, with indulgence to say heaven on Earth, is the name of the Ukrainians.

Gangster in a tuxedo on the one hand, and the convict in a Crimson jacket. And both make offers, from which it is very difficult to refuse. Goal one, just different methods.

A Russian plan to establish a Eurasian Union, which should become a reality by the year 2015, is unthinkable without Ukraine. It's like a car without an engine. For the Kremlin, it is strategically and politically very important. But ...

If it is that Ukraine and Russia, sovereign State, it is necessary first of all to respect someone else's choice. Want, let them take anything and anywhere. Of course, you can say that when you see a wicked path on which the brotherly people, you cannot stay on the sidelines. The right words at first. But if you dig deeper, then of course there is interest in another direction than care about the brotherly people.

The State in its history, committing a lot of errors. But this is a mistake that makes the State itself, and in good health. Differently from children's pants not to grow. And the money. And that money, of course you can borrow, but you cannot borrow brains.

That's what I say.

To be continued ...

AuthorGorg December2013 year

Метки: people, politics, Ukraine, Russia, Maidan, EU

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