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С 29.11.09

Our life


Women and power. Hunger is not she, not chicken bird, Baba is not a man.

Dear Friends! Today we'll talk about women. About women and about women in power around power. Believe me, I'm not going to make far-reaching conclusions to our harsh reality will not have any relationship. Just have the desire to reflect a little, and nothing more.

We'd like to reassure the fairer sex that it will be about the average woman. All the accusations about the unloving and tendentiousness lightly dismiss immediately, for one sole reason. I love women. Very. Love these cute, perhaps more than anything else. Proceeding from this, and decided to talk on this topic.

Hand on heart, I did not recognize. What we don't like in women is the result of our male behavior, lifestyle and "screw it all". As the saying goes, if there's nothing to Criva, face the mirror. Try to always, if it comes to the women who adhere to neutrality. And if we really begin to accuse them of all mortal sins, then turn on their side. Man, they're stupid, frankly. They're as small children.

They don't realize that what they consider to be a disadvantage for a woman, this is nothing like dignity, which due to the narrowness of thinking this gender chauvinists do not understand and do not appreciate. That is saying that power corrupts stronger women than men. Type, a woman known for various reasons particle power, often evident snobbery and impatience to objections. Rumor has it that the woman she lives the emotions that it's people moods and interests are affected by this case. Well, this man so say and sincerely believe.

And they believe that representatives of the fair sex hate criticism. And they believe that women hardly forgive failures and some assertions. Claims from men to women in abundance. Here how it turns out. If you refer to women in power to women, then it is very insulting them. If you treat them as equal as a colleague here. As the saying goes, then the iron lady is unstoppable, and it not only horse Gallop on the stop, but can stop the movement toward a brighter future.

Evil tongues say that with the emergence of problems or emergency situation a woman, and I'm talking about the average woman in the Government and in business, breaks down very quickly. The presence of nervous system still has not been canceled. Here's and excellent Amazon get nervous, worry behave inadequately and inconsistently. And in such a situation, the situation is only compounded, rather than what would be addressed.

In fairness, one could say that the so-called female emotions may well be in some kind of dignity. A woman very difficult to cheat. She really feels the slightest falseness in relationships with people. Although there are exceptions to the rule.

Here they say that politics is a very dirty business. About the same can be said about the business. Some even try to argue. Type, politicians are born or made? Oligarchs are born or they are?! With regard to the oligarchs, the situation is somewhat complicated. Children are rarely oligarchs oligarchs. IM closer to my liking let downwind everything acquired by parents unsustainable labour. This tradition is. This is important.

Yes, and with children of politicians not so smoothly. No, there are definitely emerging dynasty of politicians. Well, the type of man, whose father was a lawyer, but this is likely an exception to the rule. Children of politicians, they are increasingly in the business is going. And in a business where you can and need to do nothing. Agree that it is very difficult there. Receive high salaries, while pretending that takest tirelessly. It's very humbling for such subtle emotional Natur ...

Speaking of dirt in politics and business, above all, involve men. But why should women remain on the sidelines. Why, what stupidity it can be assumed that women were a welcome exception. Nothing of the sort. Remember school chiefs in class sanitary patrol brigades chairpersons pioneer organizations. Here's where began his journey in politics women, today's leaders. You can of course say that all this was made possible due to talent and other equally beautiful and necessary qualities. To say that of course you can, but ...

Look at the faces of the women, modern politicians and business executives. No, I understand that you can all tell beautiful stories about the difficult, but very interesting life path. Of course you can tell, but believe it can be far from each. Here is what I wonder. Family and economic ties, physical appearance and ability to transcend moral principles as the basis for the success of bashfully hide.

When they say that suppose a star or a star in show business has reached just a bed, then it is considered normal in principle. Smazlivyh and unscrupulous beauties, abundance. Talent they don't strike, so we have them compete in the ability to quickly and nicely lie under ordinary papika. In addition to such policy should be able to more talent nicely say. Moreover, the presence of mind and intelligence only increases the chances of good in life ...

A cynical view of the nature of things? Not even argue. Just examples of mass, which are in contradiction with the romantic view of the matter. Well, type all by herself, her own mind and tremendous work ethic, his dedication, self-sacrifice. And be sure to tell us about the happy event that fundamentally changed life. If men of politics, this prožžënnye cynics, women in politics, due to gender differences, just as cynical, but carefully hides this fact from the world around them. Moreover, and of themselves they love to hide this fact. The tradition of this. This is important.

But there is a bright spot in this hard-hitting picture of our life. There are, as the saying goes, women in our villages. Just kidding, but indisputable fact. There are women that want to straighten the back and make a mad Act. I why angry. Just around the feast during the plague, blame primarily men. Men with a woman forced to be stervoj and shark. She just does not remain anything other as trying to survive in our harsh world ...

Especially dangerous is the situation where as stated from dirt and immediately to riches. These women generally do not acknowledge the obstacles, both moral and physical. Damočkam, which all got inherited or due to their social situation, with such hiŝnicami grapple is practically impossible. Natural selection, what can we say. Moreover, this situation is not exclusive to political or financial Olympus. All this ugliness is inherent and at other levels. Moreover, the lower the level, the less conditionality.

Special discussion deserve women who try to steer, positioning himself as a brilliant managers. Various business units are growing like mushrooms after the rain. And that's where the and are the modern Amazon. They piously believe that lead you all than you, and if you try, and what is not. A huge number of mistresses and lovers, it's me on pidorah. Where to put it when they one place feel that can benefit the native state.

Have you noticed that every self-respecting Office or other entity must have its own press service. Just an invasion of these press services. Why?! Well, as why, for public relations. This is important. Everywhere the press-service, in which mainly women are employed. And beautiful and unprincipled soiskatel′nicy, much more likely to develop a successful career. And all would be nothing, but sometimes you listen to them, and it daëš′sâ. The question arises, what school they attended. Two words associate cannot, and other lecture.

Recently posted a modest reflection- women vs. men. the struggle for purity, or features female logic ... Modest controversy in the comments only approved me thoughts that posted correctly. Just generally resent attacks on women, those who are not prone to vices. They want to be tender and fluffy creatures. Who are against, please. That's just as men become men, woman is destined to join the struggle for existence and use all of its arsenal.

In General, let's go, let's get to the food. All the more so because it is very easy to do. Power, and the more women in power certainly do not share with their constituents all hardship and deprivation of the life of our sorrow. And rightly so. Well-fed the hungry not comrade. It is already a tradition. This is important. Evil tongues say that aunt Valya Matvienko, who directs the Federation Council, loves to eat. If these evil tongues do not lie, for the year, the Iron Lady eats foods for the sum of more than 1 million rubles.

And a no brainer that is food, which is very conducive to the stimulation of the brain. This is not a breakfast person. In General, the officials, why then are very fond of cheese. And not to domestic production, and more cheese overseas. It is clear that undernourished electorate, looks at this feast of freedom and democracy with genuine interest. Some because never in my life not that I ate, but the eye is not seen all kinds of truffles, parmezany, hamony. This is not to mention the tiger shrimp for that matter.

And the electorate does not understand why the officials don't drink numerous cocktails and other energy drinks. It's clear that it's a matter of choice, it is clear that it is best to use collectible whisky and cognac, but nevertheless ... And a no brainer that the electorate, there are several fundamental needs. Well, in fact it is of course a trifle, but food, reproduction, and security has not terminated. They broke to start with people from harmful, but sometimes fucking pleasant habits. The truth is, until total victory over these same evils still far, but the beginning of evil and misfortune.

Smoking is almost impossible. You can still drink, but there is a sense that this is a temporary lull before the storm. Use the services of prostitutes was categorically prohibited. It is believed that it is necessary to punish vigorously fans of strawberries. Punish them, rather than the girls light behavior and covering their Government representatives. So easier. So convenient. It has become a tradition. This is important.

Soviet, and now Russian people, by and large have never eaten enough and enough to eat. Even in distant times of siege, there was Division of product lines. Well, that is, one, because of its social importance could afford to eat caviar, while others contented themselves with a slice of bread. Moreover, modern economic sanctions at all costs, nor pale in comparison with the idiocy of the Government and business.

What idiocy?! Elementary, Lord-comrades. On the one hand it is prohibited to import Dutch tulips. No, well you should need. mean time Will give women our daisies, buttercups are there different ... But on the other hand no one denies thereby the Dutch, together with the British, which as you know is always and everywhere a shitting, develop deposits on the Sakhalin shelf. Business and nothing personal.

The Russian segment of the World Wide Web rages as boils water when fed salmon in nurseries. Why destroy, give children. Let pokušaût and thoroughly enough. AHA, now. After all, it is necessary to understand that this is not a single decision of the popahivaûŝee idiocy. No, it is focused and very natural development. It cannot be otherwise. Although of course, elite and numerous experts and professionals who serve the elite, have your alternative opinion.

But common sense dictates that excuses no, food destruction and can not be. This is a no brainer, and that if the Government begun by the decision of any problem or question, write. Everything is done exactly the opposite. To think, you have to have brains. This is important. It's not even being discussed. But this fact just and big problems ...

Perhaps I am wrong, but in addition to the food security of the State, there is also a food security population from idiotic and criminal actions of the State. Action against its own population. Conceivable it when a certain portion of the electorate ensures itself and surrounding food. S. Korean independence from officials. The absence of monopoly in this case, blatant failure by the authorities. And it requires urgent attention in order to annihilate the last illusions of relative freedom.

Monopoly on food, this is one way to get people to work for the right to eat and feed their loved ones. As this can be attributed to the great desire of the ruling elites to limit the number of pets on the personal metochion of citizens. Without batting an eyelid, uncle Dima Medvedev instructed officials to prepare their proposals on this matter. Exactly, and not the other way around. He actually proposed to restrict livestock personal farms Russians .

Any sensible person, of course it is clear that all this is done solely for people and for the benefit of the people. Oh, and who doubt the enemy and traitor. This has no place in our very free and very spločënnom society. Spločënnom so that any idiocy of power is accepted with great pleasure and genuine joy. So to say in unison, all as one, to the last drop of blood, until the last breath.

Have a suggestion. Not pay people salaries. Let yourself get paid to the employer, for the opportunity to work on it. Put tourniquets vzymaûŝie money from employees. And what times are now very even difficult. Is an invisible battle with capitalists and imperialists there. People understand how difficult it is now native to the State. And certainly, there is no need to go to Grandma, this initiative will find an echo in the hearts of the electorate.

Do not hesitate, all support such a timely decision. Everyone will glow eyes and trembling voice. All will be throwing caps up and applaud. The vast majority will be proud of another wise decision ... And how many of those most wise decisions and wise actions in the past, there are at present and will be in the future. The guarantor of the Russian Constitution clearly gives an example in this March toward a brighter future. Ironic, but true. Mrs. Nabibulina, which deals with Frank sabotage, rewarded with public praise from Uncle Volodya Putin.

Here is what is important. Or they at the same time, so to say, together, operate in the field of the wrecking. Then this one is a Calico. Or as usual, kind and good King doesn't know what they are doing boyars behind him. The electorate leans towards the second option. But then propose to establish a Committee, or even better, the Ministry for communication with the guarantor of the Constitution. The head of the agency propose to appoint Uncle Anatoly serdyukov. Eating experience, the desire to benefit the motherland does not hold ...

In the meantime, we have what we have. Determined by the list of goods that need to be destroyed. You'll be surprised, but deleting will have to fish and seafood, fruits, nuts, vegetables, meat products, fresh and frozen meat. But evil and misfortune ... The Russian official, it is official that all officials. Work needed, and work. Here and decided to bring to the process most conscious citizens. And those not bread feed and give the opportunity to fulfill their civic duty. And the process went, fit to organize competition already. In the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation organized, hotline, for receiving allegations of smuggling and the implementation of prohibited products.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg August 2015 year

(P) . S.

Feeričnoe most important event. This trust, the apotheosis of utter degradation of anything and everything. It's bringing to the absurdity of any undertaking. Exactly acted unforgettable Švejk. Brought to absurd any undertaking, showing its stupidity and idiocy. Too have transgressed before Russian authorities three brutally killed a goose. The enemies wanted to sell these three trupika through trading network, but ...

Guard stand officials. These are not something that geese, these trunks, even fly don't fly without paying a bribe. When I watched this movie, pride experienced. Contemporary Russian directors, screenwriters, actors, it's nothing compared to the creators of the video. Storyline, the game officials read aloud the text deserved to be included in the program of the Institute of cinematography.

Slightly spoiled the picture, one moment. Irresponsible carcasses killed geese, well, does not like to be destroyed. Well they could not come to terms with their fate. Had to apply the full power of State violence in the face of a bulldozer and let with several attempts, but did lead a just verdict. Officials with a sense of accomplishment left from the place of punishment, to report to their superiors about the successful implementation of the life of another wise decision guarantor of stability.

But as always happens, and it's already a tradition looms, officials did reprimand. It turns out that these three carcasses had to be geese do not crush the bulldozer, and take and burn. We tried our best, but it turned out as always. But there is one caveat. For geese of course is more honors would be kremirovanie. Well, type honored geese, posthumous fame and all that stuff. But it turned out commonplace and without romanticism that few upset.

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