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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


The agony. Economy. Loans and credit rating agencies. Funeral food, or the final showdown begins.

Dear Friends! Today we'll talk about art. What?! And the stated theme?! I remember at first but about art. So say for starters, for the sake of completeness. To understand the meaning of what is happening. So, art.

Last time, when you watch tv, that never leaves a persistent feeling of unreality. Art is our everything. Moreover, it is not the tradition, to issue on-the-mount tons of remixes of old songs and remakes of old, very popular films in his time. With this all clear, inspiration, and Muse flew wane for a long time. And departing reported that will never return. Inspiration evaporated with the speed of a rocket, realizing that pay for their participation in the creation of masterpieces, very humbling.

What's left? Is there really more nepahanogo field for talented artists?! That you, as you can. There are, moreover, in this field to plow and plow. What is I?! Yes, articles. Do you remember the city's own four?! Who is this? So, it is understandable. Ok. And the Beatles, remember?! Already warmer, it turns out, some still remember. Already better, it is not hopeless. So, imagine. No more Beatles, and creative capitalists think.

Money hack? Of course, who refuses. Rather than stir up us good, good topic. New Beatles. Will collect across Britain boys will arrange the casting, 're initially looking to hire four guys not without talent and forward. The Beatles the Beatles all vividly alive, alive. And forth, new tour, big money and world fame. Nonsense?! No, this is understandable. But, nevertheless, do not hurry to hang up labels.

You are not revisionists right or left leaning?! You normal people?! You understand that the producers want to eat?! Last time, I'm not really followed Russian Estrada. Well, it just happened. Well, my fault, I promise to mend. Although you can follow what is. So it is I believe a mitigating circumstance. And here is surprised to learn that the Russian expanses, continue to bear the weight of her creativity has already forgotten the old group.

I caught myself thinking. Well that is picked up and figured that, on the basis of the logic of things, this can not be in principle. If I remember the performances of these groups, it turns out now, participants must be far behind ... Old or almost old age must be doers. But something I do not recall the speeches of middle-aged men and women. And the Tin is opened very simply. Producers zabodaj their mosquito were very creative.

Conveyor. The name of the group, all w Taki promoted brand. And here the participants vary, as changing gloves nevmenâemaâ Coquette. Stagnation? Stagnation? What are you, a new word in art. This is the first composition was a talented and recognizable. This is the first made a name for himself and the team. Everything else is exploitation of the population which continues past nostal′girovat′. What?! And if the new composition of the Group of very talented?! Well and fine. Create a new band with a new name, and go to nationwide fame and success.

Now put a small plate and we pass it on to the stagnant economy. The Communists, their zabodaj Komar, is largely to blame, if not everything. So much time has passed, and in any case they are guilty. But in my opinion, the most important wine, has not attracted the attention of researchers dark totalitarian past. Too little, they left a legacy generation Pepsi and Cola. Generation of Office plankton and generation of creative managers.

I understand that very kajfovo, sorry for slang, sit on the money their parents at the cafe. I understand that very kajfovo, the money parents dress up in the latest fashion. I understand that very kajfovo, under such circumstances to talk about life, surrounded by their own kind. Blame the parents of all mortal sins and complain about the wrong people who fail to understand the full depth of the thoughts of the General line of the party.

Here's a guess right the first time, that the important thing in life for the average Russian. Never guess. It turns out, and remind us daily, the most important thing is to take a consumer loan. Yes, this is the most important thing! It is clear that taking large loans interest, people get into credit slavery, but who cares. Comes to the knowledge of the State, the ordinary man have nowhere to hide from the attractive offers.

Aggressive advertising comes down to the fact that man is a choice. No, not in the sense to borrow or not to borrow. That you, it would be a crime. The choice, in the sense of choosing anyone to borrow. And if you think. And if you use the gray matter located in the skull. Whether the consumer credit? Of course not. And he subconsciously it self is well aware. In which case can be interrupted, taking money from relatives or friends.

Another issue is when it is imperative to take the credit when force-majeure circumstances. But often, in most cases going amazing. Man were, in my opinion, the seditious thought. Want a car?! Want a new apartment? There are no problems. Take credit and all that you will have. Can you imagine, it is not that all the time, that we have to work, what would that ever have. No, I want all at once. And only then in full growth rises the question of repayment of the loan.

With bankers is understandable, they may not be able to sleep soundly and lose their appetite to lose sight of the fact that the population is cash. A loan is a relatively legitimate way to take this money. And not just take, but also navarit′sâ the percentage. Well done, intelligent gentlemen-comrades. And what do you need?! Correctly. The ideal consumer. Where can I get it?! Not a problem. To educate in their own collective, pardon in the country.

And away we go. And began. If you look at what happened in the end, you can invoke a command techs. That, or who have managed to grow? Sorry for being rude, but what has grown, it has grown. Moron and idiot in one bottle, hero commercials and lover of new gadgets, without which he believes life failed. Some even in the higher echelons were able to Wade. And what wonder here. Impact MEDIA is a terrible force multiplied by the results of the EXAM, giving the result that we have.

If previously live in debt was ashamed, but now no longer ashamed, and even yourself pleasure. For several decades the consciousness managed to turn the one hundred eighty degrees. People, he always treated with care credit. Need a large purchase? Kopi money, and then buy. Live within our means, this is not true and not creative. So live alone fuckers, and advanced and creative take credits and enjoy life.

What?! And when the time comes to pay back the loan?! It's okay, you retarded. The time comes, take a new loan, and will clear old. Nothing complex here, no. No one confuses that we borrow from their future, when we take the money here and now, and return will be then. For what?! Yes for a new car or a small apartment.

Remember a Dragonfly that summer red sang, followed in the summer will inevitably come winter?! So, dragonfly, and here is the place to be the collective madness of ideal consumers. Live day today. The main thing is not to regret the past and not worry about the future. It is in totalitarian and not only a totalitarian past, it was necessary to plan and think about the future.

Well-known for the Liberals, which has naturally proved liberal scientists. Money is evil. Well, that is not only Liberals believe, but a different kind of romance. The main thing is spirituality. Well, that entirely consists of various kinds of installations and performances. Although, to be fair to say that all they want to eat. It is clear that money is a great evil, but even creative individuals sometimes diverted to meal. With this place, let me say a few words about the rankings.

Storm coming to Russia. Well, not in the sense of a natural phenomenon, but in the sense that, in the light of sanction policies of capitalists and imperialists, soon on Russian expanse comes full Achtung and madness. And here in this naprâžënnejšij moment in history, the most important and the most important thing was the creation of the Russian rating agency. Yes, that's right. Only national rating agency is able to bring the country out of the deepest crisis.

Why should the Russian rating agency?! Stupid, I would say very harmful matter. Such questions typically asked by enemies of the fatherland and stupid people. It is they who do not understand that if Russia will be his rating agency, wants everything and everything will be fine. Only people are very far from being a business may not understand that the rankings is our everything that it is primarily an investment. That is, of course, the placement of shares on the stock exchange, that is, universal prosperity and prosperity.

And nobody confuses the Russian economy before his death. That decomposition takes place all the relationships, which supported the economy afloat. Fundamental concepts of substitution has occurred. Earlier, in an era of totalitarianism and oppression, because it was?! The flaw of thinking allowed to build only factories, houses, hydraulic power units. This same flaw at the heart of directed cultivation of agricultural products and the development of basic science.

Replacing the real economy as not reflecting the needs of the times, came from the virtual economy. It turns out that the most important thing in the economy is shares, promissory notes, bonds, credit rating agencies and stock exchanges. Suggest, in the light of the new economic policy and all sorts of trends go to a special kind of food. Morning at breakfast a little stock. In the afternoon, after a busy labour eat securities and a few derivatives. Oh, and treat yourself to dinner the next. Beauty, rather than life.

You'll be surprised, but it is as a result of this approach, we have the degradation of the real sector of the economy. Pet peeve just fact, which of course is the energy direction of the society in a virtual economy. No, I understand that the prestigious sit in financial institutions or engage in consulting. More investments and more prestigious work of rating agencies. What can I say, if the level of strategic planning has slid below the skirting. What can I tell if many Holy believe that stock markets reflect economic and business reality.

A great number of graduates, who with tenacity worthy of the best applications refuse to go to work in the real sector of the economy. But the main thing is not even that. What is important is that those so-called experts are confident that they can claim a very high salary. Because they have a diploma, and is the most important thing. Romance with great roads, no more, no less.

And at the same time, as we reported in late July, the Russian Government works tirelessly. It had adopted amendments to the law on the Russian subsoil. Now, you wouldn't believe it, but it's a fact foreigners themselves will be able to develop their public deposits. Able to open large deposit? It means the flag in your hands. You can start to develop it. And with a song. It's like before, the landlord was digging potatoes and then for example sold, taking into account the realities of the time, it now invites neighbors to start find potatoes in his garden, and then use it on your own. Brilliantly! Brilliant!

What?! The rating agency?! You see, dear friends. Previously, all actors of the economy have been waiting for a good and fair uncle from rating agency with the tool. The uncle came and started measuring the pussy these most economic entities. Well, there's the length, diameter, the time spent in the erect. And on the basis of all measurements was the list that all rasstavlâl. No, scam and then was the place to be. Everyone wants to be attractive to investments and are willing to pay the Agency's uncle from the very big money.

For various reasons, zamerŝik became biased treat Russian actors, this, zabodaj its mosquito economy. The tool that takes, the tool takes one, but not calibrated. That's become the Russians rightly resent. What do you think?! Pipis′ki measure, it is not corn on collective fields to steal. That's decided to domestic vorûgi and kaznokrady the services of overseas specialist. What country has a rich, do we not find one with the right tool Písek gager. Of course, we will find something at stake. Find show, teach and explain ...

And will he correct us lists be. Anyone out there that's more širše, bulkier and more endurable. And foreigners paid, terribly upset and realize how they were unfair. And streamlining investment dairy River, which will have a muslin shore. And many people believe in it. Especially in erection strength, which is able to breathe life into the agoniziruûŝuû economy. It is understandable, there are difficulties to visit a brothel.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg August 2015 year

(P) . S.

In late July, the Russian authorities really begun to food problems. Well not really problems, as well, with little confusion. It turns out that the light sanctions, on the border with Russia has accumulated a very large number of these most sanctions products. What to do with them?! What?! Distribute children?! Evil you and do not understand the problems of food security. The issue began to solve the traditional way for such cases. Nadkusim, but no one will give. And the Ukrainians accuse in this life credo.

Approved by the order, and at the highest State level, destruction of these products. As said, will destroy any way possible. And of course, who would doubt, within the framework of the legislation on the protection of the environment. In order to avoid the traditional victims of abuse, destruction must be carried out in the presence of at least two disinterested persons.

In the ruling, the truth is not told where the Russian expanses found these same two disinterested persons. As well, in order to avoid abuse, it is mandatory to capture the destruction with the help of photo and video. Well, document type, Protocol, fingerprints, date, signature ...

According to Russian villages and cities prošelestel a light murmuring discontent. Products?! Destroy?! And this at a time when, as they say evil tongues in orphanages is the place to be is a real food shortages. Power made a feint and immediately corrected herself. Supposedly, it misunderstood. That speech is not about quality products and products that are very dangerous to give children for example. There is another concern of the authorities on nutrition and children in particular, correctly understood the most population. It happens. The people he is stupid and uneducated.

That's interesting to me. No, really. So, for common development. It turns out one of the two. Or prior to the adoption of this regulation the us fed is unknown than either power knew exactly that before sanctions were products of good quality. If so, the result is something beyond. Capitalists and imperialists to them of Yemen, after the adoption of the sanctions became intentionally deliver products to the Russian market, which wanted to poison our people. And only thanks to the vigilance of the native authorities succeeded in time to avoid catastrophic consequences. The Glory Of The Russian Power! Shame and contempt of all progressive humanity capitalists and imperialistoam to them recently beached.

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