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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Brilliant idiots. Great economists. Heroic Patriots. Normal FAG or anything missing chef ...

Dear Friends! To be honest, there comes a time when talking about serious things simply get tired. Waiting for the moment that the second wind was opened, and it's such a cowardly refuses to open. And wait, hoping to chance? No, of course. Correctly, it is necessary to take the process into their own hands, and connect to that process, the usual humor. He heals, if anyone knew. But not only. He is very angry of serious people who have done all their lives to service to humanity.

About this I say? How about anyone?! Heroes need to know and cherish. Idiots, the salt of the Earth and the conscience of any nation breed with terrible speed. It remains a great mystery, as they have time, if all the time spent on something that would make humanity's next brilliant idea. And these ideas so much, I want to assure you that they have not one generation of humankind.

That just do not offer these giants of thought and headache all authoritarian regimes. To combat the greenhouse effect on Earth? But as much as the same without it! Smoking in the wrong places need to uncompromisingly? Of Course! Who will fight if not we! The worst enemies of the ideas of globalization need to be heavy and exhausting struggle? Arch and with the need to increase the pace of this fight!

And draw the attention of the irresponsible people to conserve electricity by each inhabitant of the planet! Holy work! Main thing is not to forget the hard fate of Shanghai Tiger, Mexican Coney and collected fibers. I wish to draw your attention that it is collected on the squirrel! The normal protein is not so hard, it has a population of unconscious deers should be fed.

Imagine how many worries and troubles at these idiots, zadumavših bring happiness to mankind. No, you have no idea. They are, in my opinion, does not represent. Why do I think so? Yes it is very simple. If it were, it would create a lot of genius geeks. Why is party? Eh, irresponsible you, dear friends. Classics should be read! If anyone remembers, I recall. It used to be such an organization. COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION. For the younger generation give decryption. Communist Party Of The Soviet Union.

So here, in this most ...Who said that career considerations? Evil you all! There is, of course, only by the call of a troubled heart and good intentions. Don't interrupt. So, at this very party who, those who are already in it was cooked very tricky, I would say sadistic question. Oh, how many people at one time suffered from this very issue! But for all its kaverznosti, at first was very simple. Why do I want to join the COMMUNIST PARTY?

And that's it! To the untrained friends was full cugunder. And note that there has not been any response, and as a matter of principle. Well, suppose you answer that want to help people build a better future and to go to the complete victory of communist ideas in the world. Answered and think as you deftly put in place of the wise men. Do not hurry to rejoice, the Lord is good. Not so easy. With the Jesuit smile will tell you words that are much more effective than the famous douche. Well and build themselves to health. Well, go to the complete victory of communist ideas. After all, no one bothers you, and this is not necessarily join the party.

And the marching orders, receive your answer. Everyone except one. The only right way and the teachings of Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin. And the answer, you should! Want to join the slender ranks of the party, because only here in these very slender ranks, under the leadership of the party organization and the senior companions can fully reveal their best qualities and make them into a piggy bank!

Here 's. Importantly, this organization, and modern brilliant idiots that still do not understand. All argue among themselves and do not want to unite under common banners. It is quite clear that each wants to be the first! Although I can imagine what would be a large batch of ingenious idiots!

Think everything?! What are you! The unrecognized genius seems unworthy little, given the scale of their personality and the Napoleonic plans. As the saying does not live by bread alone ...Struggle, it is nice, but I'd like to fuck her gešeft from the total of chaos in the heads of the irresponsible citizens. Where to go? Where the total green field of miracles, where you can discover their genius ability? Correctly! Economy!

True evil tongues say that the existence of diploma of higher economic education in inverse proportion to knowledge in the skull, but they and the evil tongues that would pour dirt on light heads are ingenious idiots of economic science. Can you imagine how many of them there! No, you have no idea! Each, I repeat, everyone believes that only he knows how to lead the country, and any country out of economic crisis.

The search for the culprit of all past, present and future. Then comes a brilliant analysis of how these perpetrators to get rid of, and equally brilliant output. Yes, forgot to say about the main thing. These geniuses of economic thought, love to refer to works no less ingenious idiots from living up to them. And particularly stress that they creatively redesigned their ideas.

And everywhere you can and can't say, that came up in the economy and in economic structure with one sole purpose. To improve the economy and bring her course to the next level. True, evil tongues say this is done with one sole purpose, to improve their well-being, but we won't listen to them. Anything they do not understand the economy, and that's the envy of ingenious idiots.

A thoughtful reader might ask themselves is certainly a fair question. Sandro, the economy is nice. But it is not a bottomless pit. These ingenious idiots so much that the rasprekrasnaâ economy is able to accommodate so many gifted people. Correctly. I have been waiting for such comments. Not totally no economy so many geniuses. On this occasion, and invented patriotism with the revolution.

That's where another no end of work. All who were not able to join the ranks of brilliant economists go in orderly rows of Patriots and revolutionaries. But here, if I may say so, a long or long. It is in the economy can be, and need to snatch the here and now. And, in the case of the Patriots and revolutionaries, this is somewhat different. Here the work ahead.

Here the work should be with the electorate to come to their brilliant victory party, patriotic, revolutionary ideas. Perhaps you may think that the Patriots are sad, bryzžuŝie saliva disgusting people. People who stand up for their foaming at the mouth, the only correct opinion and position.

What you are not. It's Crystal integrity people, yes there are people that blocks revolution. Everything for the revolution, all in the name of revolution. However, it is worth noting that among Patriots and revolutionaries competition is just awesome. There is a struggle for life and death. Don't be intimidated, it's fair to say that the basic actions take place in the media. In social networks, personal pages and impartial attention of revolutionary photographers.

The revolutionary, it's generally a private photographers theme! Still do not know what is more important to the Patriots and revolutionaries, get a stick on the head, or the picture of this landmark event, published in the media. Yes, what we say, hard life professional Patriot and revolutionary. So much more irresponsible people around that peace only can dream of.

These particularly irresponsible citizens from its denseness sometimes try to ask the Patriots and revolutionaries uncomfortable I'd tale even stupid and provocative questions. But what is an issue, compared to the world revolution! The Patriots rack immediately and begins ... It's like that show Bull the red rag!

Do not be alarmed. The Bull may physically disturb your space, and the Patriots at all their heroism, they are cowardly and immediately write the statement to the nearest police station. This of course goes against their beliefs, but a shirt close to your body. Evil tongues and there are silent. The most evil person, apparently wanted to humiliate the Patriots, and issued too annoying their phrase. That kind of patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels. Nothing he did not understand in this life, so much so that the Patriots are more and more.

And here is again harmful matter. The political field, it is not a rubber, so as to fit it so much brilliant idiots. Correctly think, dear friends. Don't worry, there will be enough space for all. For such a case is another field of dreams. Everything is very simple.

Fag. Yes, FAG in the best sense of the word. Moreover, there is no need to do anything. And in this case, as in the case with the Patriots is a long game. So to say. By Lauren Hutton for the future! Victory will be theirs. If someone thinks that haloperidol can help combat by Lauren Hutton, he is deeply mistaken. Later, the good Lord. And like all nicely started! Good and intelligent people in the good old days, did not notice a little noticeable shoots of future revolution FAG. They're such fluffy and harmless. That's viewed, so to speak, taken the snake in its own patriotic breast.

I assume that you're tempted to ask me another harmful matter. Even I can suggest what it could be. Sandro, here is all you're trying to tell, and he, himself, so that the right one? Of course, no. I'm not all that good, unless separate places. And not to be unfounded, will talk briefly about how I overlooked revolution FAG host literally under the nose.

Baby Fish. Yes, simple goldfish. Like, what would the House was a small piece of nature. Said, done. A couple of years ago was purchased about litres Aquarium. Of course, everything was done for science, good experience there. Launched a couple plecos, and a flock of charming beauties-hromisov. It would seem, live in harmony, and you will be happy. And so it was at first, even a small colony of snails, and plodilas′.

A trivial task to the Aquarium, postoiš′, and fatigue as the ball takes off. But as they say trust, and don't forget to check. I don't know what was going on there in the Aquarium to interspecific strife, maybe there is a kind of special channel of communication with the outside world, but they behaved in the same way as the rest of humanity.The first was devoured snails, sorry for rude word. Then brown bullhead killed his girlfriend. I would then score the alarm, take and carry out its own investigation, but as always in such cases, yours truly is lowered on the brakes.

The next signal, the same has not been received with all seriousness. A gaggle of hromisov-thin beauties. They became smaller, and males are harassing females. A couple of years of political struggle for gender equality in a single tank, at the moment there is only one brown bullhead and one beautiful Chromis. That is, are defeated. Could we stop this lawlessness on time? Of Course. But with its tolerance for others, I overlooked the intolerance of those certainly quieter and more peaceful fishes, to synergize and sexual orientation.

You'll be surprised, but in life anything like this happening. Normal people becomes less and less, and here are breeding like mushrooms after the rain. Moreover, given that the fruit in the traditional way they do not know, is the place to be unknown to science method of propagation. Most likely as a catalyst is money. After all, speak to themselves by a FAG. Gather around themselves. Bring them to the peace rally. Get a dose of negativity from the police and from the irresponsible citizens and grants from foreign funds will flow turbulent flow. Moreover, the value of this cash flow is directly proportional to the information noise.

Unlock a terrible secret. Some fag who clamor to the power trough, in fact, are not hosted by Lauren Hutton in the best sense of the word. They are for life, and as such people usually happens, keep your nose to the wind, and if the range, together with the General line of the party. But the General line of the party at the moment is that it is important to be archived by a FAG. This is the only way to achieve success in his career. Just as before, an integral element for a successful career was the Party ticket. Everything is as old as the world. Not invented anything new. That is left to do? Just live.

Just live and call a spade a spade. Just live and laugh at that shameful foaming at the mouth is in the future. Just live and realize that the biggest danger, this indifference to all kinds of idiots. They only do this and that would be normal people showed their kindness. That's it, they are a blessing, while us trouble ...

That's what I say.

Author Gorg February 2014 year

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