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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


World order. Liberal Fascism. Idiots. Fag, or everything was gone by ...Part two

Dear Friends!!! This small beginning a cycle here. And we continue with you. What or who comes next? Or rather, who destroys the old world order and device? Fag. Yes, FAG, which is why it is termed latent and very beautiful. People with a different sexual orientation. Name, and so he was already pidora kind of fag, and a full member of the civil society.

No, I'm not against pidorov although might give that impression. This topic has been written many times. Some people just cannot understand the very simple things. Who, whom, which, and I absolutely don't care, just as long as it doesn't start to flaunt and to explain to me that this is a very nice and modern. Not only that, so still and try to forcibly in mind of that attraction similar to pidorov, this is normal and is not a pathology.

Sadly, many don't realize that the main goal of pidorov is not right and something quite different and very important. Family values, or if you prefer, the institution of marriage and the family. That's where the expanse it is. The average person want to leave one on one with the state machine which slowly and steadily it leads to something that would completely control their thoughts, even, and citizens.

Well, although what is there is good, but all the events take place in the small historical point in time. Look, many people say that they are such a cute, white, fluffy, peaceful ... Well, about the fact that they are cute I don't know, because I have another attitude, but about other epithets, may not agree. For some two decades, the society condones, or rather help him accept that nothing terrible is happening, and all will be good.

Pidorov is becoming more and more accepted way, although they do not breed. And breeding occurs by means of awareness-raising and campaigning, and the aggressive reporting and aggressive campaigning. Them in a box, they're in the door. In the window, through the chimney. And watching their eyes everywhere and Crystal fair sense of violation of their rights.

Gentlemen-fag, to whom it must infringe your rights?! After all, you have a very favourable image of the oppressed in the popular consciousness. Then you can benefit from the support of kind of idiots, who by his kindness, which is worse than theft, who still maintain. It is important to show what they are kind and sympathetic.

Good people, the snake on his chest prigrevaete. And this is the snake you in the first place and stings. I want to stress one detail. Pidorov have everything like in the normal state. There are elite, there are activists, but there is a member and which are used as cannon fodder. When Moor will make their job, it will not be necessary.

Didn't have time to look back, as step by step came to what some time ago it was terrible to think about. The first official wedding pidorov. Guess where it occurred? Where it does occur, as in the glorious city of Paris. Yes, it was there, in France, not in any obkurennoj Holland.

You can certainly blame the individual politicians, but ... If a French President Francois Orland is to blame for what has happened? And to blame, it's still an issue. But what surely had a hand in this process was not even discussed.

And this is not the final point in this Brown distributing pidorov on the planet. You can call me evil, Beck amongst others ... Name of course you can, but ...You see, gentlemen are advocates and pidorov. For her, yet let on, a young life, so to speak, has had to deal with many things, both good and not so.

During these years was a product of that vital position, your ideas, cutting-edge, cannot shake. And more importantly, still remained on the planet people are nasty and ugly things are called by their proper names. Only unfortunately, well it's in my opinion, the point of no return passed and soon the triumphant zašagaût FAG on the world.

Now it's time to praise yourself, because if you don't ... mailing me unsolicited advertisement, then no one else, certainly not praise. All, or almost all pass by the obvious things, but just don't pay attention to them. After all, few people dared to something that would expand the concept words, FAG, to those sizes at which yours truly has long passed. Wonder what it is I'm talking about? Then you just behind the life my friends.

Explain the example of life. From the first of June of the current year, thanks to Russian deputies are given, started a law banning smoking. So, in my understanding, those who lobbied and promoted the adoption of a FAG. And how else to call people who are trying to deal with all sorts of nonsense, just to avoid dealing with the real problems.

Turns out when I walk down the street and smoke, non-smokers violating the rights of citizens. Yup, my fags all evils. Remedy source, and all the zaživëm happily ever after. But few people recognized that the true objective, it does not care about the health of non-smokers. The real purpose is to direct. Fag, in the extended sense, sleep and see how would preside over. Because the more they can't do anything. And if you start to do that or, more correctly, the led will vlâpyvaûtsâ in a g. ..but that smell is all around.

I often hear the phrase has become a meme that subject asserted in the article is not fully disclosed. Yes, it happens and such, but ...Often, this is due to lack of time and hope that the conclusions of many things and so obvious that need no detailed explanation. In the case of the pidorami, will try, as much as it's gently tell ...I promise to reveal the theme pidorov and everything connected with them.

So, first you need to look at the disparate events that are still in our minds, not linked. Then look at the big picture, and in conclusion, we shall try to explain why we would all impose pidorov, if crudely, to say the least.

See what's happening. Fag, though they do not breed in the usual way, but they are becoming more and more. What's next? And further, I want to make liberal public, they will be even more. Ordinary people will complain, talk about the decline of manners, but few would think and analyze. Let us think logically.

There are two pidora who decided to form a family. Well, I want them to live together and go together to a better future. They live and enjoy. But they have no offspring, and will not. Nature did not include such an unreasonable way of increasing human population. That is to improve the demographic situation, this is the way a deadlock.

We go further. Are they even are, but not all that bad. Normal feeling inherent to normal people do not really have scored. They want to have children like normal people. Here is their desire to use, and those who say so, is behind these, oppressed, and targeted,,,.

Sad, but you have to be realistic. There comes a time when at the legislative level, they will be allowed to take children to their new family. What we will have in this case? The kids will grow up and pidorami lesbians. What happens in these cases? I already wrote about tolerance. Lesbians. Fag. Or as a boy, Tommy became a girl named Tammy ... in most cases, they grow up the same as their parents, are. Grow new pidorami and lesbians. But ...

Then they will find their second half among their own kind, and as usual, will continue their path to a better future. What we have in a balance? But what do these new and with the permission of, say, families that their children would not be in the normal sense of the word. They have to like their parents, to take the children. That is, in terms of population growth we have again stalled.

There is a reasonable question. And where are all these pidorov and lesbians find so many children. And the truth is, where to get it? It turns out everything is thoroughly thought out and designed for all of us. As this is where? There are places that receive the children, when they refuse to parents. Children's homes and shelters, this is the first supplier of children to pidorov. But this is not enough, you say, and will definitely be right.

There is another provider. Which? Well, if you haven't guessed, it'll reveal the secret. This is a normal family. You can of course say that parents have their children voluntarily pidoram and lesbians have given. Correct, and this is taken into account. Who said about voluntariness. For such operations to seize children invented a very powerful tool by which many at this point underestimate. So say the coming World Revolution Pidorov is just around the corner ...

This is what I'm saying? Again not guessed? It's juvenile justice and all that is associated with this initiative. There will be, and in some places almost the moment has come when someone else's uncles and aunts decide. Whether the family can and must bring up their children. The system has driven around, and a lot of roughness will be refinished.

What's next? And then, even more interesting. See what happens. A normal family. The children were born. Live and don't know that ahead of a dangerous precipice. Uncles and aunts gathered. We have found the reason and taken away from the family's children. Everything. Dot. The family continues to live, if this can be called a life, but again, as in the cases described above, it will not improve the demographic situation. They will die if will live to old age. And their children swell the ranks of the pidorov and lesbian.

These seemingly individually quite harmless steps and actions is the main objective. To limit the birth rate on our planet. Well, nafantaziroval, you say you are and will be right in their own way. Yes, I agree that the konspirologičeskie version, at first, seem like fiction and fruit of sick imagination. And you try to refute the argument, rather than using stamps and cliches ...

Often it turns out that the konspirologičeskie version, not without reason, porugivaût, are the closest to the truth. And all the rest, nothing more than a smokescreen.

But that's not all the ways to reduce the population of the planet. In the age of space technologies would be foolish not to encourage science to fulfil this task. Few people take what was eaten mankind over the past decades. Is there any effective control over the process. A rhetorical question.

Everyone knows that cooking food chemicals are handled, but ashamedly admit,, experts from science. And these experts say the people what they want to hear. Don't be afraid to eat. All additives are used only in order to increase the shelf life and taste better. For all people, and all in the name of the people. Don't want to go into detail, but with the involvement of science in the reduction of the human population is one more brick in the building, building,,.

Next, take the medicine and medical supplies. I understand that doctors are often really help people. But ... Increasingly, it is customary to anesthesia and surgery already, if I may say so after the fact. And if you take a large clinic, not a normal, average, hospitals, it is not the best. But really, there is no large-scale prevention program, and was not as ill at Russian space I described in a small sketch of the UN Security Council, or a kidney under a fur coat ...

Medicines the same story as with food. Well, as we're tested just how helpful the medications ... So it turns out that the best possible course go without medicines and doctors. Otherwise have to recognize that and medicine contributes its feasible contribution to the cause of population decline.

We are still in a dry remnant? Right media. On their shoulders lies, back-breaking, cargo. Brainwash people that still more largely ignored, where mankind is, and how come some seemingly natural processes.

Now, let's try to put down small fragments in one picture. The maneuver is getting smaller and smaller. Humanity is going to be samosokratit′sâ, and humanity itself that fact still not aware. Although even if aware, firstly it will be too late, and secondly, how cynical it didn't sound, but there is no other way. Not all survive. But the number is not seated at the one digit, and continues to grow exponentially. And you say you are ... ... ....

That's all what I say.

By June 2013 year Gorg

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