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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


The opinion poll in the Crimea, or right way go ...

Dear Friends! Life sometimes throws up such topics to write articles that even do not have to think in a regular selection of interesting topics. And how! So many talented and brilliant leaders, political managers circle that takes your breath away.

Power, and the Russian Government in particular, loves to present surprises to their citizens. Here is seemingly the most during the year of surprises, it was car and small truck, but ... Little means it! It is for this reason that, naturally, on the instructions of a national leader, just so all of us and told Crimean electorate made a new year's gift. No, not the power supply is normal, that you are! Said in may, then in may! No, here is a surprise of some sort.

Imagine, the guarantor of the Russian Constitution, scary going answer one burning question. What?! Good question you have! The answer, as is. Scheduled signing of a Russian-Ukrainian Treaty on the supply of electricity on the peninsula of Crimea, but ... You were going to hear the peal of bells eat salad and babahnut′ loudly, opening a bottle of champagne, and Ukrainian partners, they are the same in the past, fascists and Banderas, udumali another moskalâm muck to create ...

So to speak, verbal casuistry in his linguistic greatness and ugliness. So, in order to make it clear that udumali the Ukrainian partners, grasp the issues that were submitted for this poll. Power, or rather the Russian head of State wanted, so, simply, to learn the opinion of crimeans. Well, as you choose, so be it. But I'll tell you very serious, if not more.

First question: do you support or not the conclusion of a sales contract with Ukraine for the supply of electricity in parts of Crimea and Sevastopol, if it will indicate that the Crimea and Sevastopol are part of Ukraine.

Second question: are you ready to temporary difficulties associated with minor interruptions of supply within the next 3-4 months.

I wonder who these questions was?! I would in the eyes of the man show! I would ask him a couple of questions! Although, ask questions to these harmful political managers makes no sense. They said they did, as they could. Rather, as it turned out.

Emotions aside, the idea is true patriots must fall into ecstasy and immediately request to punish those who was questions, but ... Apparently the euphoria of undoubtedly great success of the Russian State, prevented them to do so. Of course, and I have no doubt that psevdopatrioty can present a different picture. Here imagine. The Russian capital. Supreme. Stalin, sits with his associates, and make up a questionnaire for inhabitants of the siege of Leningrad.

Well, you are ready to type wait until you will liberate the Soviet army, or shall enter into a contract with his uncle Adolf, and write that it is as if the city already took ... At the same time ask factory for the production of chocolate, which is owned by Uncle Adolf, and is, for example, in the city of Lipetsk, will demolish or let still going ... Nonsense?! What are you, is the political dialectic, and rather old managers from politics.

But this we digress. We psevdopatrioty knocked off track. Yours truly, well, never is a lawyer. As it happens. But even me, and then it seemed that the poll has no legal force. Then why? Once again show its weakness? And show to everyone, let everyone see how current partners once again bent of the Russian leadership. In my opinion, it is in the other. Moreover, this thing, else, lies on the surface, and its only need to raise ...

Many surely heard about , Overtona, Windows,. Ingenious invention, I tell you. Lets many seemingly intractable issues addressed. The main thing is not to hurry up, and everything turn out. So, apparently the time is short, and the question of returning Crimea must be addressed. And to start, as Mr. Overton, Josephs advises you must throw in the mass question of Crimea. Main start, journey, it has long been known.

On this topic I wrote back in April 2015 onwards a small thing- As will the Crimea. Anglo-saxons and political discourse, or than the heart calm down ... Read, sure much will become clear, and much you already will not be able to watch as the fiction. I assure you, in politics and does not happen, especially if the case did not come from government officials and managers from the policy. It is understandable that almost 94% of Crimean residents decided to wait. The way we have conducted various kinds of polls, referenda, elections an exodus and not involved, but ... I wonder more. But if you had an honest poll and crimeans would decide to choose energy comfort. Power had listened to the people? This is what fear?! This is when such was that the power choice people listened?!

I do not take into account that most polling, the Russian State itself, questioned the affiliation of Crimea to Russia. No, because it is, if not turn a blind eye to this fact and not bury our heads in the sand. But what about Article 280.1 CCRF?! There is clearly referred to public appeals for action aimed at violating the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation. Personally, I see exactly, although there are specialistswho can easily deny my words ...

But you must remember that these same specialists, foaming at the mouth that Suffered, nobody and nothing is promised. They may not justify. Perhaps with some degree of improvisation, but will say that and Crimea nobody and nothing is promised. Only the blind cannot see the beginning of the operation to return Crimea to Ukraine. In my memory, since the official joining of Crimea, this is the first, and a public act that puts into question this fact.

But it is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. There is a definitely a true patriot of Russia, Mr Fedorov. So, Valery Fyodorov, is the head of the all-Russian public opinion research center (VCIOM). His Center was lucky to hold this poll, which certainly goes in the newest, the political history of the Russian State. The survey was conducted during two days, 31 December and 1 January. Moreover, if the first day of polling was held from 14.00 to 19.00, on the second day started a bit earlier, from 10.30 to 15.00, and rightly so. Rather, this time was enough.

Evil tongues never differed professionalism naturally were unhappy with this most poll and how it was conducted, but they have been confounded Valery Fedorov. On Facebook and now every self-respecting bureaucrat has its own page on social networks, it gave exhaustive answer the malicious tongues. Well, the type of survey held true, and if that advised neučam to teach their wives to cook cabbage soup. What you say here. Well done! More such officials!

The main thing after all, it is with the words of Valery Fedorov, who directs the poll should be conducted and it is important who holds. And to finally finish off opponents, he said, that they have put on the line its reputation. It of course and so if there's a course that put at stake, why not put. Although there are some doubts, the word selected to designate places where Mr Fedorov put his reputation and his Center. Cohn. Not, perhaps, this official is a big fan of card games here and screwed a familiar word.

So in the end, say so in the head, controlling the citizen suggested generally brilliant thing. Type, trust us, then believe and this survey. Do not trust, then go ahead and do not worry yourself and others head. Good job!!! Brilliant! Dobrejšej soul man. After all, like three-letter cultural sent, but did it so beautifully and naturally, that wants to catch up with him and apologize.

When acquainted with all this history, I caught myself thinking. It is clear that she, like my other clever ideas will be stolen. It is clear that no blame on my talk will not, but ... Is this the main thing! Sandro, didn't need Kudos! Only the level of patriotism does not fall below a level equivalent to put. There, dear my readers, a very sensible proposal. Coli so if this survey, the major State tasks start to deal with this method, the direct treatment of the guarantor of the Constitution to the people.

Why not spread successful Crimean experience to the rest of the country? After all, look what can happen if the correct accents. Suggest a survey throughout the country with a single issue. What?! Elementary! Are you willing to put up with temporary difficulties that would help the Crimea? А!!!! What is! Appreciated the breadth of thought?! Can when we want to stretch the gray matter? Imagine how many problems will help solve a seemingly simple poll just one issue. Here is everything these talentless officials teach themselves, after all. Or may not want. This is important.

But that's not all. In case if there is a positive result, but I have no doubt that ... Transfer the successful experience in the Russian regions. Prepare questions for the population. And than problemnee region, those issues should be more. Connect departments, Ministry of ... Ask for advice in the formulation of questions. Well, for example, are you willing to endure temporary difficulties with rising prices to help the Crimea? Crimea, in the future, can be substituted for Syria. Believe it is possible to use the word Donbass. Type, you are ready to tolerate temporary difficulties that would help the Donbas?!

If creatively and otherwise, cannot come to compiling issues, I can assure you, many problems can be solved without additional funding. And isn't that the goal of modern managers in various fields of activity? So it turns out. It would be a desire to address the issues, and the rest will follow. By the way, all these, with the permission of say, give officials free of charge. What is it?! As you can in difficult times for the country to talk about the material component. This is important.

There are certainly doubts that by tradition, these same officials, any business can fill up, but ... I hope that readers of all facts of this ugliness will notify me immediately. With regard to the frequency with which it will be necessary to conduct surveys, here, as I see it, this case should be delegated to the regions. Them on the ground knows better. Yes, and because, in a democracy, live, in fact, that would be all kept under tight control.

What?! If this is the case are flooded? There's an idea, don't worry. Everything new is well forgotten old. Then we'll have to learn from the experiences of their ancestors. Heard about the Freedom Loan?! It is bad that is not heard. If you have no money, you who go to borrow? Correctly, to family, friends, friends ... And where to go to a State where he has no friends?! To relatives and friends! And who is for the State and maybe closer than your own electorate? No one is dearer. And that hour, we deny the State in such trivia?! So much so that I've already and the name coined. Loan Of Patience! But what sounds! Here's what ...

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg January 2016 year

Метки: poll, Crimea, energy, politics, farce, people

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