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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Education. Culture and idiocy. Brilliant managers and brilliant managers.

Dear Friends! Here is talking about himself, everything, no word about politics. Write better about law enforcement agencies. Well, or that everything is already good, and will be even better. Does not work. Produmaeš′ text on law enforcement and they suddenly start to flee, and come to mind different thoughts. Thought harmful, I would say cynical thoughts.

Noticed that lately it has become very much dissatisfied. No, they certainly were, but more from the camp of the so-called Liberals. Liberals who aim their lives put selfless service to society. It was they talked about that are ready to give life, whatever their views might have disagreed with these views to express. But, as the saying goes, those who remember the old eye won. As it turned out, none of them give their lives in no hurry, and nobody can help ensure that dissenting with the Liberals would be able to express their views. It so happened. We tried our best, but it turned out as always.

No, there are certainly people who are all satisfied. Give them stability. They need that every day was hot water, electricity, heating in the flats in winter, and products in stores. Retrogrady and inhabitants in the worst sense of the word. No romance. And where the daily struggle with weaknesses, difficulties. But where the desire to change life for the better. And where work on oneself, in order to enhance its cultural and educational level. Boring live. This is important. No lyricism, gigantism and has many different, ISMS.

Of course, who would argue that takes place some sharpness. Well, a lot of spices and different type appeared in life. Do not argue, Cook tries as best he can. Rather, as the season with fresh dish huge amounts of spices can not. Here comes the peppers, salts, so that everyone had forgotten about the dish and did not ask awkward questions. As well, as everyone will ask the uncomfortable and harmful questions. There and to open sedition. Questions may arise about what chef and cooks were doing all this time.

It is clear that even under socialism, even if democracy, there are black sheep in society. No, not in the literal sense of the word. There will always be scammers, fraudsters, murderers. But not all so bad. However, there are always good people. Well, the type of scientists, researchers, ... Although still a question from someone more harm. In the first case, the enemy can see, but in the second, the enemy still define the need, and that's not all. It is because, look, people like good. In the suit, glasses, correct speech said bank account is where without a bank account. And one, well, an idiot is, to say the least.

No, there were times when good people put bad people in certain frames. Sometimes even the death penalty. Savages, what you say here. Then, there were geniuses who decided that we should not become like the killers and crack. Fly into space, and medieval mores. You cannot deprive of life turns out to be the killer and murderer. It is necessary to rehabilitate, that he realized and become a good person. To say so would rose on the right path and thus joins the ranks of good people. But that did not work out. Whether teachers were bad, whether pupils fall unoriginal, but ... Science is silent, and Liberals bashfully sidestep inconvenient questions.

There are of course and very energetic people. Bold and strong. Agile and Hardy. And very cunning. Well, the type that is always at its fifth a foothold are accustomed to seek adventure. However, they will not be able to exist. Poubivaût because like myself. This is important. Oh, and how to be without, Yin and Yan,. Smart people found a way out. Divide these people equally. Well, as a schoolboy, on two teams. Type, detectives and thieves. The ones under State protection have been struggling with bad, where the State provides the only free meals in places not so remote.

And all would be nothing, but ... The two teams eventually induced bridges of understanding, conspired, and now it is very difficult to distinguish between members of different teams. Everything is mixed in the House Oblonskih ... And it used to be that good for chasing bad. Now no one ran, except for vehicles to the nearby sauna or fitness centre. Well, check or bank money into the account. Although, how the Bank had already learned to work on cashless ...

We digress a little from the set theme, although this is a controversial subject. Education, this course is very cool. This is not obrazovanŝina what is there. Everything is serious and solid. Western standards, it's certainly good, although many clearly do not understand his happiness. Dark and uneducated people that they take. Western standard, which implies he is?! That the next step will be to identify the ready-made excuse morons, with parallel detection among elites no individuals.

No, language call them idiots does not rotate, they just vegetables, trained as they think good manners ... Smart no longer need his Majesty the market dictates demand, here's what you need to start with. This is important. In terms of Economics, this is all correct and eminently rational. Any liberal Economist you it will confirm and sošlëtsâ on the works of other liberal economists.

But these works, I tell you, there are a great many. In fact every liberal, regardless of profession, is an economist. Find him a decent suit, shirt, tie, glasses. Glasses, is very important. Prioden′te it, and before you finished the Minister of finance, no more and no less. And maybe even Minister for economic development, who knows how fate will be rotated.

Before, it was both. Meetings, meetings, symposia, planërki ... Cave people, what you say here. It is necessary to keep pace with the time step. Currently in trend forums, presentations, brainstorming, auctions, promotions, flash mobs. Yes, about time forgot. This is important. And yet, the Liberals love to collect the money. This is very important. No, not yourself. That you, as you can. They love to collect money for those who need them.

The truth subsequently found that collected money Yes, but never reached the addressee who is on such trivia will focus. The main thing to announce, then collection of bright and creative its hold. Photos and videos in a social network. Give naturally interview. This is important. What?! Where financial documents? Where a receipt?! Where's the money?! Well, stole. Well, it just happened. Won't happen again, believe me on the floor. And the most interesting thing to believe.

There is a reasonable question. And what to do with so many idiots?! Incidentally, this same question you can ask about the many vegetables from elite. Here is what to do with such a contingent? Elementary. Download all work. Otherwise they will dawdle and even harm a start all the possible and most importantly, impossible ways. They are very resourceful, I assure you. Give them real knowledge, it's the top of irrationality. It's like a woman on a ship.

Hopeless situation?! Well, what have you. There is always a way out. You only need to look for. Searched. And you won't believe, but found none. It is clear that give individuals the real knowledge is very dangerous. For the remaining adequate surrounding. The most reasonable is to create for these wise men some artificial education. Well, the type of capsule. Both capsules are economic and social.

Let there rummage, invent, harm, umničaût ... Thus was created a whole system, which can be rightfully called a parallel reality. And here comes the full Pipets. And ive tried a complete, and treatment is not amenable. This parallel reality, has become the most to destroy the reality of the present. The reason?! Elementary. Just work really becomes. The paradoxical fact. It would seem, a lot of supposedly smart people, but really, to build the same supermarket or a hotel, have to invite so beloved by all workers.

And what you do with dividing society. Amoebae, they won share and nothing. Rather than society worse?! There is no difference. And it is divided. They say that society is divided into classes. So, do not believe this evil tongues say. Not, perhaps, in the past, and it was so, although I have some doubts on this score. In my opinion, society inherent in the clan or if you like the dinastijnost′. Well, well, what is the principle formed these clans or dynasties. Elementary. Clans, national or family clans. It is not given. The rest of the evil one.

But here there is an ambush. Very much bezdarnostej and polnejših idiots start to make up the majority in these most clans. Well, how to throw to fend of the noble offspring from the inner circle. Kinship is not corn on collective fields protected. What to do in order to avoid stagnation in development?! Elementary. Make zachistku idiots and slightly dilute the noble blood. Not an easy process, but it is inevitable, as the arrival of Santa Claus to children on new year's Eve.

The question arises, and who dilute the noble blood. Well, not with the same street take the first comer. That you, as much as you can, although sometimes an exception to the rule. No, why. There are institutions of higher education, which shall be regarded as privileged. Well that is all they can learn, like all are equal, but some are more equal than all ... So it turns out that gnaw the granite of science, try to ... While others live in pleasure and not very anxious that the granite is not only biting but next stand.

Why?! Good question. Cause everything that those who lives in pleasure is, so to speak the correct Pope. And the thing they, rather than the child's unique abilities. These dads are very inventive Lord-comrades, for the native child may create a unique post. What is unique?! Another good question. Uniqueness is that you don't have to do anything else, and for this, nothing doing, will still pay very good money. Fate smiled, good luck, just so they would talk later explained to idiots.

No, I'm not trying to assess. Life is what it is, but there is one small caveat. In this approach, there is no development, no progress and much more no, but it is, by the way. Mel′čaem, what else can you say. And if you take this most culture-mul′turu, then there is no better than in other areas of our life. Some write songs, others sing these songs. For these songs written music. Films, written scripts for them. Very many actors, singers, artists ... But they all live in his closed world, in which praise each other. Outsiders trespassing, even try to ...

About the economy do not speak. The level of idiocy just rolls over. So many new occupations, that simply Diva daëš′sâ, as you can go without them before. Psychologists, managers, vajzery, supervisors, agents, auditors ... And a lot of press services. This is important. If the case will go at a pace that soon even the grocery stall will have its own press service. Although, no, food stall such a structure will not. Why?! Yes because soon there will be no food stalls, they are already almost absorbed the major Networkers ... And how, go to the market and a happy future.

And in conclusion to say farewell, I would like to say a few words about the productivity of individuals. That's a lot to hear from brilliant managers and from brilliant managers that work in a team, and they talk about a close-knit team, enhances the productivity of this team compared to the romantic-a loner ...

How many can remember, internal feeling, spinal cord felt that such approval has a large proportion of guile, but properly articulate thoughts did not work. And I'll tell you very well that did not work. Better than m. Ringel′man, none of this fact is not said and not formulated. The famous Ringel′mana effect. Read, I assure you, will learn a lot of interesting ...

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg October 2015 year

(P) . S.

The theme is very interesting, and caused intensive discussion in the media. In short, whether rightfully was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature or not. Some say that the new winner of this prize is quite a decent man and deservedly has received this recognition. Others, and what other ... They are up against. They are always against, there is such a category of citizens, and nothing to do.

As for me, and it's my opinion of course, but taking into account the observations of the life of our sad, ... The fact of the matter is that if we assume conventional wisdom and harmfulness, then the new Laureate, nobody knew at the Russian expanses. I suspect that the Belarusian and the expanse of the same situation. No, the self-proclaimed beef elite, of course, and perhaps knew and heard, but ...

That is, it is not the literary block, such as Ivan Bunin, Sholokhov, Brodsky. How would not apply to them, but it was the so-called Titans of thought and pen. The scale of the world. And read them, and some even were. Unfortunately, that went from the pen of the new Laureate, in my opinion, this is journalism, and not literature. No, if the establishment of the Nobel Prize in journalism, then of course, matters would not have emerged. Mel′čaem, what is there to say.

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