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С 29.11.09

Our life


Russia. MEDIA and health of Putin, or do not promise the Virgin young ...

Dear Friends! Only humor is the only medicine that can save your peace of mind and the remnants of optimism. In an era of universal lies and duplicity, it only means that even allows you to live. If everything that happens to perceive seriously, if you think and analyze all the idiocy. Yes, you are right, then the only solution remains, go and indulge ...

But I'd like to live, therefore I propose to defer the question of resignation in another world until better times, which certainly will come. Best so that today seem to us easy calm. Life is really getting better and more fun. Even a little, and Russia eventually will rise from their knees, more suffering, and Russia will become a great power. Still, very few left, a pair of laws that would take the State Duma and zaživëm happily on envy to all enemies.

More optimism! Can't afford to go to the Maldives? This is not a problem, go into the Russian countryside and give yourself to meditation on the banks of the river. Think about the eternal. Do not try to grasp the immensity. Vaughn, in the darkest days of communism, if the Liberals do not lie, there has been a lack of information. And what is the result?! To correctly light the euphoria when the population believed that good from Soviet live. And now we have a surplus, the information itself. And what?! Like that, seeing the crippling depression of drought in the electorate.

The most important art in our time is the art of beautiful ... th. In this case, I don't meant the word speak. And utter another word. You see, there is a caveat. The fact is, all words in English are of equal importance and equal. And it is clear that profanity has exactly the same right to life as anyone else, but ... Profanity, it is more accurate for the expression of a man his emotions than the rest of the word.

Just in our time, if a person has applied profanity, it's already almost a genius. And if more and to place applied, enthusiasm and veneration of him reading the electorate. Although, I will confess, many still are afraid to utter such words. But in vain, scared of losing thus much. No, you can of course and keep silent, when I want to heartily apply verb, but it is not quite a full bi ...

I remember there was a time when a dangerous mentality was considered pornography. Or rather, not the pornography and viewing relevant movies, magazines. Times have changed, and it is with great sadness that we have to admit that now, dangerous for the psyche are the media. And to be absolutely precise, the Lords of doom, which lately has become like dogs nerezanyh, forgive me these wonderful creation for this comparison.

These FAG, in a bad sense, but in another way it is not possible to mention them, it became too much. The impression that they are breeding grafted. One was a fag, it cut into pieces, each piece was in unavožennuû soil and the growth process. And they all want to make not only all mankind, but also including me. True, there are doubts. How can you make mankind if unable to make yourself first.

Reviewing written, very pleased. No, this is not a literary prize. This is a clear breakthrough, with regard to the reproduction of a FAG. Believe became the experience legitimate pride. A little poispytyval, this same pride and inappropriate remembered Mister Kashpirovsky. And here Zenkovskyi? Good question!

You see, if I recall correctly, then brainwash the population started not Uncle Kostya Ernst, and the USSR central television. It was Uncle Anatoly Kashpirovsky and ... Yes, you're right. And started! Here it is, the first ruler of doom a grateful electorate. The paradoxical fact. In concert Studio, Ostankino, has always been only known artists, singers, writers ... And here, on Sunday night, as it is now would say, in prime time, uncle Tolia treated country. And the interesting thing is that all were satisfied.

Cassandra average philistine at the session to Uncle Tole previously configuring itself for its installation. Sit down, listen and already quite healthy goes home that touched the most truly Warlock. Keep me five, as three did not blunt, but I really don't understand how you must be an idiot what would believe in such nonsense. Here is for example believe that male Butterfly senses the smell of females from about 10-12 kilometers. Sex is the engine of everything and everyone, so here to wonder. And here is what came on crutches to Uncle Tole, you can walk away from it without crutches, believe can't even kill.

You'll be surprised, but this crowd psychosis is a very scary and dangerous thing. And if this psychosis is strongly heated and promotes power, ... This, believe Lee, a very powerful weapon. Even if you look for the current day, then you are amazed by how inventive you can manage psychosis in this way. After all, remember where it all began. Correctly, with tales of hapless Russian brothers in Ukraine, which can in no way be throw in trouble. And then away we go. You want bread and circuses?! Please , uncle of Konstantin Ernst with colleagues this good car and a small truck.

I understand that the electorate, cynical, very nice to look at what is happening in Ukraine and compare. Compare yourself and soothe. Type, we have everything well, and will be even better under the wise guidance of the authorities, merchants, clergy and artists.

By the way about these figures. Remember, because the earlier rulers of doom, there were people who have reached certain heights in their lives and have relevant experience. And what now?! Who now turned our eyes?! Correctly to the layer of society that appointed itself, stars,. And naplevav on the laws of logic and elemental instinct of self-preservation, we made them their idols and idols. Brilliant!

People who notice voluntarily chose the profession to entertain people, trying to teach us life. When, how, how did it happen that producers, designers, brokers, rockers, singer, stylists, models suddenly become fucking great experts and specialists. Specialists and experts in what, by virtue of their profession, they do not understand. Showmen, determine how to think the electorate and when it must be oskorbit′sâ.

Who gave them the right to be our teachers in life?! Yes we do and gave them that right. We already don't notice or don't want to notice that the moral conscience and the nation's elite became a sort of vorovatoj, depraved, Cheeky, nasty and most importantly, blunt. This is not surprising. The principle of indifference and the herd instinct. Nothing more, and to blame except themselves more certain.

The mp made the complete absence of intelligence on the face with a delusional idea, and ... Correctly! All excited about the depth of his thoughts, and he is almost that philosopher with Deputy crust in your pocket, the intellectual elite of the country and almost a genius. But if you look at and think, then you begin to understand that. Illogical, unoriginal. But at first it seemed that the clumping and Titan of thought. Much of the hatred of these elected representatives of the people to have sex I am silent. The impression is that the electorate was born in a traditional way, but these are the cream of society appeared to others, unknown to ordinary people in the way.

And when it comes to sex per se. Deputies and the public very much excited and very much starting to resent. In General, mp, is someone who knows a lot of classes more interesting than sex. Impression that around them should be substantive, with a complete lack of sexual characteristics as such. Perhaps in childhood failed drop and perhaps more serious case is unknown to science.

A very hard life from Russian deputies. It is clear that most of them are people of very rare qualities, while intelligent people will definitely know what good and sincere people, this is not a profession. You just do not be surprised, but as it turned out, nothing human is alien to them. And FAG, both good and bad sense of the word there are among them. And delivered to the bodies of their friends, not for the sake of profit, but only out of love for the epistolary genre. Many horror, it turns out, have dual nationality.

Cannot be entirely reasonable question. Sandro, well what are you stuck to the deputies? On them that light wedge in the sea? No, of course not. There are some talented artists and show business. Analysts, strategists, tv ... It is they, arranging the information help the authorities bring bacchanal completely lost all sorts of benchmarks in the electorate.

If no WINS in this, then use the distant past victory remains. Although this is, they can't make beautiful and brilliantly. Was such a King, in the past, which turned into gold everything he touched. But it's in the past. In our present, everything what touch power and artists, is a magical property to turn into crap. Tradition such as another tradition of love for everything Grand and desire all the surprise and impress.

In Russia in General, love traditions. At the initial stage, the next leader of the nation, glorify and then, when the Vertigo of success he nakosâčit and will be overthrown, begin watering the dirt. Sometimes a concern for the health of the guarantor of the Russian Constitution. Lizoblûdy so lick him all known place responsible for defecation, possible health problems. Sometimes it seems that further lick already nowhere as reality belies all the laws of proctology.

Exactly they strongly advocate the idea that Russia is Putin. Putin will not mean will not be Russia. Idiots, they at least head think when they speak. What kind of Russia they talk! The one in which most of the territory is still not piped gas available? And can the in which most villages without mains supply? Or maybe talking about the Russia in which there are corners of the forgotten power, where there is no connection, no? This Russia, would disappear with the departure of the leader of the nation? Russia he met, but he was caught on the road of life.

So in conclusion, I would like to say a few words about the heirs known in narrow and not very narrow circles, uncle Andrei Gromyko. If historians do not lie, this was not a man, and clumping, which loved to all listings give a negative answer. But Mister, no, stayed in the past and now ruler of doom in diplomacy is the uncle of Serezha. The genius of diplomacy, and not only ...

If earlier, Andrei Gromyko Uncle talked about serious concerns, it meant only one thing. The Soviet State is extremely razdraženo and for itself in which case the guarantee can not make conclusions type Lord. Today, if those same words says Uncle Serezha Lavrov. You are not mistaken, today this means extreme cowardice, and gentlemen's invitation to continue to tighten the noose around his neck.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg July 2015 year

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