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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Ukraine. The heart calm down ...

Dear Friends! This material was prepared exclusively for the Web Conference, but as they say, did not work out. Hope the information is still relevant.

Try to be brief, though I confess that it would be hard to make, because the theme is very complex and multidimensional. Do not be surprised, but to begin with, I would like to talk about history. Yes, this is about the history, if I may say so-the Queen of all sciences. Perhaps I am wrong, but in my opinion, correct and thoughtful reading of history gives the chance not to repeat the mistakes of the past in our present, and very likely allows us to make forecasts for the future.

America will not open as it opened once Christopher Columbus, when I say that what has happened, is happening and will happen in Ukraine, when it was. After all, as the hero of one of the stories of Yaroslav Gashek, 've never was that nothing was ...

The whole history of mankind, is a succession of wars and conflicts. Although optimists can confidently say that humanity lived peacefully in the historic section, just sometimes diverted to war. Pessimists may with the same certainty that mankind is on the same historical period, all time fought, just sometimes needed a peaceful respite in order to gain strength and to continue the war.

You can endlessly make historical analogies from the distant and near past. You Can. You can listen to many forecasts and scenarios. You Can. You can search for the guilty, and each side by a strange coincidence, always finds them everywhere, but not among their supporters. It is hoped that people unknown to me reason overnight suddenly become brothers and sisters. Cease to indulge in all sorts of vices, and all happiness.

No, I am not opposed to this wonderful tale is true, but that's just my wish, unfortunately, this is just my wish and nothing more. When a person comes to the doctor, to get the help you need to make the right diagnosis. Any, decoration,, so to speak, would cause the disease will progress and will be fatal. Ask in advance understanding might sharp estimated the situation, but I see no reason to say that many people would like to hear.

This I allowed myself a little distraction that would go directly to Ukraine and all that is going on around her.

Perhaps many will not agree, but the outcome is logical. It is logical and not because of any exclusivity. No, the regularity of this stems from the very nature of relations between States, if I may say so, economic relations, which have not changed for centuries. In fact, all States are divided into those who exploit and those who exploit.

But with this simplification, we can say that among the exploited also has its own Division, the colony and, edge, or if you like, to the periphery. So, in the case of Ukraine, I dare say, that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, took place, defining the status of Ukraine in our complex and troubled world. Don't like analogies, but in the 90-ies of the last century, the same definition of status took place with Russia, who like it or not. Moreover, this process is not surpassed by other former Soviet republics, to one degree or another.

As for Russia, the only limit the transition of the revolution in the collapse and chaos caused, was the presence of Russia's nuclear weapons. And so, everything as usual, thumb script. Popular unrest caused by above anger crowd, elusive snipers, hope for the future and the coming to power of Boris Yeltsin. Unfortunately, he could not find the track on which he promised to lie down, but apparently had no time or desire.

By the way, and workers. If you recall the events in Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Ukraine, everywhere there are those most elusive snipers. And in all these cases, one and the same. There are two main parties to the conflict, which by instinct of self-preservation feared escalation of the conflict. But these are the snipers shoot and on the other by killing the last sprouts of indecision.

A few words about the power in Ukraine, which has allowed the collapse and destruction of the State. When the family and friends of the President to engage in business, this is the first Bell that you must address. In this case, to the troubles there is only one step. Why? Everything is very simple. So, don't have time to manage the State. And this behavior is the head of State is copied to the entire vertical and horizontal power. Country to no one and becomes just the once. This is the worst. The thesis of the power governing the country, and the State rapidly goes downhill.

I have here is the one, the only question for the authorities of Ukraine, or whatever is left of the power itself. Where the Ukrainian army, which must protect the integrity of Ukraine? It is, or is not affected by the plight of her, stealing and selling all that you can steal and anything that can be sold? Than, the important, the Ukrainian authorities since the disappearance of the USSR with a world map that in the necessary moment when suddenly it turned out that in fact there are simply no State Army.

Who are the explanations when even without batting an eyelid, issue about this version. The army is there, but ... If her hand was at least one shot, that Russian troops would take Kiev. This is what idiots, excuse me, is it?! Most interestingly, many prominent political scientists and analysts agree with that position. I, for example, are interested in the answer to the question. Why the military had not fulfilled its duty to the country and its people?

Paradoxically, these same forces after the collapse of the Soviet Union, swore allegiance to the new, sovereign Ukraine, and they are in the majority in the present realities swore allegiance to Russia. Nonsense, but I don't even want to raise the question, and whether such permission, say military at all. Surprised to learn that it would protect the integrity of the State Ukrainian military needed some unknown, at least to me, ... And that's when ...But unfortunately the Ukrainian military, they have not received such an order.

Betrayal and cowardice always find an excuse. And this applies not only to the military but also to Mr Yanukovych. The head of State should be with his people in any situation, and not just when there are conditions for the theft has not razvorovannogo. Escape, and then speculate that this was done in order to save himself for the country. Blue thief of the famous movie, causes more respect than people who lived in the caps at the time of his youth.

A separate question to all enemies of cruelty when you order. Where were all the defenders of democracy and advocates of the ideas of universal brotherhood and equality, when in China, in the year 1989 events in Tiananmen Square? Shouted and calmed down. And you know why? Because such a reaction to the safety of the State, that can we like or don't like, can afford only a strong State. This is the answer to those who say that nothing has been done to prevent the collapse of Ukraine.

Few people pay attention to what essentially was destabilized the largest country in Central Europe. They have succeeded. And America, and the West, and Russia. I would like to especially note that the patriotic rhetoric that just rolls over, finds fertile ground in Russian society. Protection of the rights of the Russian-speaking population, it is certainly good, but ...I see that this pretext for interfering in the Affairs of a sovereign State, is as far from the truth, as the planet is far from the moon.

The natural desire of people to live better, was used for a change of scenery and active in the political arena. Some thieves are replacing another. However, using the Tarana, a different kind of revolution, radical movement. Moreover, it was clear that once, Moor, will make his case, he would have to withdraw from the political arena. A matter of time, and no more.

What's next? Nothing new and supernatural. From what remains of the Ukraine. Like this or not, but only a miracle can stop Russia from the temptation to take control of part of the territory of Ukraine. The escalation of the events has a property called inertia. The flywheel is gaining momentum and it is unstoppable. For many reasons, you can't save Ukraine United and undivided State. Although there have been calls from various quarters for the various referendums, the debate federalize and much much more.

The real status of Ukraine and Russia in the world is not far off when it will be announced will all dictatorships and present the gentleman's set from the humanitarian bombardment and ending the civil war. The soft option, here is no longer available at any case. Many say that a party has crossed the line, and now ...And nothing, and does not now. Those with permission, say experts and political scientists would like to advise you to get acquainted with the basics and the core of geopolitics: the maintenance of a balance of power. There is no balance, there is no stability. It's like wondering who will win is a shark or a lion. The rest of the evil one.

I don't remember, but someone from the ancient very accurately explained the reasons and motives of any aggression. You can find any excuse, and it of course, but here are the real reasons, it's like constant-envy, pride, desire for revenge and greed. And always has a place to be a combination of all of this. Not for nothing that says that if the soldiers knew the true causes of wars, they would never have become a vyvevat′.

Ukraine long has been a hotbed of chaos and destabilization, and with all my hazards, yet do not see even a prerequisite, for the end of the process. Why? It is again very simple. The true cause of this situation is a source of tension and continued the struggle for resources. Moreover, by resources, I mean resources of political, economic, social ... And who will extinguish the fire if the true purpose of his appearance.

When I say that humanity has gotten away with crazy, then many people think that I dramatize. Let one example. Sorry, but you can't resist the temptation to say, about one information event. Political Scientist Andranik Migranian,. Not a stupid person. I would even say. that is not stupid. And so, in her sensational interview published in the newspaper, Izvestia, he stated the following. If not for the war, he would become a politician of the highest class. Guess the first time who said Migranyan. About Hitler. And further explains that turns out to be distinguished until 1939, Hitler and Hitler after 1939, and with all this, and also encourages separating the flies from chops. Comments are unnecessary, as they say ...

You just think, but patriotic rhetoric, both in Russia and in Ukraine, pushed aside issues of economy, politics and much more. Instead, the euphoria and everything associated with it. When the State, any, is not in the best shape, the little war, it is of course necessary, but ...The addict is always needed another injection, in order to create the appearance that everything is good. Then increase the dose, body wear and tragic end.Distract people can be, and in a short period of time, as we can see, this gives the result, but unfortunately the hangover comes very quickly.

What happened, it's a precedent that many still don't realize what might be the consequences. In patriotic stupor, the depth is not sliding into the abyss. Protection of the rights of Russian and Russian-speaking population, it is of course only an excuse, but ...A hypothetical example. If tomorrow, say China, attach a piece of Russian territory, saying this move protection of Chinese nationals which infringed on. What then?

And I would especially like to say about the term-the protection of Russian and Russian-speaking population. In my understanding, the need for the protection and defense of Zama is a little bit more. Home defense, creating a State of acceptable living conditions and development of all nationalities living in it.

What do I do? Yes, we cannot change the course of history. But this does not mean that you need to silently observe and be accentuation. Each, in its place can and should make a lot of small cases and remain human, but it is most likely from the realms of fantasy.

And in conclusion, let me say that what many people do not want to talk and think. If the shooting of the White House in the Russian capital for the first time in decades, the Russians began to shoot at the Russians from tanks and machine guns, now the situation on the level above. You just think! The Slavs came into confrontation with the Slavs. So here it is, the most important and significant, in understanding the situation.

That's what I say.

The author will be grateful for your comments.

Author Gorg April 2014 year

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