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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Rioters and revolutionaries. The revolution has begun and there the revolution ...

Dear Friends! Today I would talk very, well this is certainly, in my opinion, interesting topic. Look, you read about the events in a given country and Diva daëš′sâ. The same event, the same characters, but how different is this case to light and to the audience.

For some, certain events are a revolution. For others, these same events, are already almost a coup d ' état and the usual pogrom. For some, the new leaders are almost ideals and role models, with almost all media pathos called the flaming revolutionaries. For others, these same people are criminals and bandits with high road.

Go figure it out in this artful design, who's who and what's what. But sometimes, as has already been said, it is useful to include the gray matter and just think. It is clear that it depends on which platform is worth watching. This is the area where your character, if he indeed brave intelligence agent, and if the character is an alien, he is a crafty spy.

By tradition, again turn to vseznaûŝej Wikipedia. Let us try to explain how an ordinary citizen to interpret events, and thus can be called a character or characters.

Revolution is the fundamental transformation in any field of human activity.

A revolution (from the pozdnelat.-rotating, flipping revolutio, transformation, treatment) is a radical, fundamental, in-depth, qualitative change, leap in the development of society, nature, or cognition, adjoint of an open break with the previous state. Revolution as a quantum leap in the development of more rapid and significant changes that distinguish and from evolution (where development occurs more slowly), and from the reform (in which you change any part of the system without affecting the existing framework).

So, with a single notion seems undecided. Sounds kind of like a decently, and the executions and summary said nothing, but if you try to build on its experience to read between the lines ...

The next concept is the so called riot. It seems that people with active citizenship is sometimes referred to as revolution. Although, admit in my approval can be found error, refer back to Wikipedia and get a result.

Riot is a crime against public security, organizing and participating in violent riots, pogroms, arsons, destruction of property, use of firearms, explosives or explosive devices, as well as armed resistance to a representative of the authorities.

But reading these definitions, especially with regard to the concept of mass riots, not feeling that there is no scale, no, so to speak, sdobrennogo force's Gigantism. Like the electorate and Gromit hated them the estates of oligarchs, but then not enough Gromit. It's time to approach another concept associated with the struggle for the happiness of the people. Riot. Yes, it's bloody and merciless, and the complete absence of collective intelligence.

Riot (via Polish.-same bunt (17th century) from it. Bund — connection, Union, ligament) is massive disagreement and that the people of the existing order of the Board in terms of the physical and, generally, the form it takes a person named rebel.

That's where the scope and power of people with Gigantism. Took ogloblû and went to smash the rich krovopijcev, and gromiš′ not one but several feel strong shoulder arms to fight from a nearby village. And before you know it, and new companions are pulled together. The area of disgruntled arrogance oligarchs expands and comes out at the national level.

There is such an institution that bears the name of Albert Einstein. Now, scientists from the Institute, went on to yours truly and defends that concept. Simple, plain rebellion, it sounds rude and not European. They have called a civil or non-violent rebellion.

Non-violent rebellion is a rebellion, which includes the total negation of the legitimacy of the regime, the mass strike, large demonstrations, the termination of the economic activity, widespread rejection of political cooperation. Rejection of political cooperation may include promotions of civil servants and the defiance of the army and the police.

In the final stages, you typically create a parallel government. If successful, by civil rebellion, you can overthrow the existing regime for a few days or weeks, in contrast to the long struggle that could drag on for months and years.

As a result of civil revolt cast down the leaders tend to be forced to leave the country. An example would be the expulsion of Ferdinand Marcos (1986) and the Iranian Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (1979). A civil revolt is also referred to as "non-violent revolt.

Before saying a few words about the background of national revolution, rebellion and riots, we would like to highlight, though one, but a very important and meaningful persons. This is a man with an active civil position. Sounds very nice and proud. The newbie, in all these political wrangles philistine draws on his imagination a crystal of honesty and heroic strength Ilya Muromets.

From yours truly, pink, no, points, so have to be content with the harsh truth of life. Fortunately, talk about this very clear honesty and heroic strength in people with active civil position . Why Fortunately? Everything is very simple. Imagine how many would have appeared, right, people on our head. It's the same as if they started treating us! Scary to think about.

Assuming that it is the symptoms of mental illness, then it becomes clear why only totalitarian regimes are effective means to alleviate the plight of hyperactive people. Well, they can not stay in place and not worked. Although some work in the country, and any such disgraces witnessed. Not the time now to work. Here's a win all the bad and bothersome to go forward, then, and the work you can think of.

This is the same! Be sure to visit the rally. Then check out the picket. Don't forget to take part in a parade in defense of anything. Will collect signatures to support someone. To take an active part in the protest. And everywhere to the point and not to the place to voice your opinion. The substitution of notions, nobody cares. The real action for nobody, imitation.

Give your opinion, which may be different from yours. Where in the State the number of people with an active civil position beats all records imaginable and unimaginable, it means that State that something is wrong, and we must take action. And the decision on the adoption of such measures, must be taken not at rallies and in quiet classrooms. But, this I speculated, the right thing.

You know, everything can be cognized in comparison. Let's say in the glorious city of Washington, drunken citizens begin shouting, their might and just slogans. Then begin to smash up shops of law-abiding citizens and burn these vehicles most citizens. People in the Russian political scene, will sculpt of these scumbags, human rights activists. Ordinary citizens, not burdened by knowledge of civil participation, would wish us good luck in their difficult to police the public order.

Now imagine in your mind the Russian capital, but rather the one oasis of prosperity, to which leads rublevskoye shosse. Sleep all. And policies, and the elite, and the opposition. This is because they are only virtually, on opposing sides, and in fact all together are about feeders. And here there were rebels from the province. For example, brought them in buses, issuing, narkomovskie, grams, to warm up.

What do they do? Yes nothing is normal. Start yelling, banging on the fence and build barricades on the roads. I assure you, all those people with active civil position, the first call to the police and urge her to put things in order. And this metamorphosis only shows that there is a conflict of interest.

But I am interested in another moment. Look, and this applies to any country. If violating public order, say, twenty people. They are revolutionaries, or has the rebellious, hooligans and thugs? And if, say, one week of one hundred people. All the rest are not conscious citizens, continue to work and live a normal life, until these hyperactive representatives of the class-wisely, struggle with the regime.

They are still bullies and thugs, or have already become revolutionaries? And if, after a month of confrontation with the bloody regime of a thousand people.I wonder when these fighters for the bright future of the bandits in full become revolutionaries. How many of them should be? Are there any figures on this occasion, the vseznaûŝej of statistics? Doubt it though ...

Simple logic and common sense dictates that a numerical growth, these most active citizens is insufficient, that they had from hooligans and thugs have turned into fiery revolutionaries. You need to be among them were idealists. Their presence is essential. After all, they say, that the Revolution do idealists, and here are the fruits of their labour.

But the idealists are different. Very many of them, think in strategic terms. So strategic that the result is almost the same. Which One? A natural for such a development, and a vivid example, the fate of the Bastille of the Marquis de Lonè. Like, you don't know who is this Marquis,?! Well, then I will make a small digression.

Louis XVI. This was, in fact, a good King. Apparently the goodness of his heart, he adopted a Constitution and renounced the absolutism. As a constitutional monarch, he has little to counteract the rioters, or if you are interested revolutionaries. And was it a small head, Commandant of the fortress of the Bastille, the Marquis de Lonè.

When riots broke out, or again, if you like the revolutionary struggle, the Bastille fell in combat, and the Marquis de Lonè, without further ADO, just cut off the head, of course, out of a sense of social justice. Louis, apparently freaked out by this fact. Fear was so strong that the monarch attempted to escape from France, but vigilant citizens triumphed, and failed.

But even then, those same thugs-revolutionaries, attempted to strike a semblance of fairness. If Marquis simply killed, then with the King were, of course, eminently humane. It had been betrayed by the Court, and then executed on the guillotine. Like the result in both cases is the same, but as the saying goes, experience the difference. Privileges might have existed at all times.

What happened next? Everything as always. New leaders-bandits-revolutionaries began to wipe out dissent, to create an army and to provide the population with food. And what does it mean to be. This means that you need to take away and share. Imagine law abiding Frenchman worked, then come those who have to defend their rights. As a result of these bloody and painful change, he needs to be shared with those who have not had the opportunity to provide for themselves and loved ones with food.Nothing recalls? It turns out, much history already, just people's memory is short.

If you recall the recent Russian history, the course, special attention should be paid to all those same thugs-revolutionaries. There was this gentleman pestel, who considered himself the best son of the fatherland. So the best that was not too lazy and created agricultural project. With no doubt good intentions, only to destroy the institution of autocracy. But the glorious son of the fatherland was not enough. Without batting an eyelid, but solely in the ideas of humanism and humanity, he proposed a project to physically exterminate the entire Royal House.

The Lord promised in future dictators free Russia. Paradox and only. Pavel pestel was hanged, and before that, the action of the sincerely perplexed that autocracy has chosen the method of execution. Type is not solid, it would hang and shoot. The Pestel failed physically destroy the Royal House, but the Bolsheviks very even turned out than they were very proud of. Can you imagine, different times, different people, and as a carbon copy.

Times are changing, and changing approaches to eliminating unwanted. The father of all people, unforgettable, Koba Josef Stalin went a bit the other way. Why go to rallies, sitting in his Office in the Kremlin. You can simply destroy all your opponents forces of the repressive apparatus, and then change or if you want to smooth out, the most repressive apparatus at its root.

Those who subsequently sat in that Office, did not differ strongly and if got rid of enemies, more humane way. Nuthouse, link to a camp or forced emigration. Particularly in the streets, no one huliganil, and to punish such infringements were police and special services. The business know very well.

Everyone knew everything about all, or almost everything. And how do not know if the number of denunciations and anonimok over all imaginable and unimaginable limits. Pounding and communicate, it seems, is already at the genetic level. The bread does not feed, give nastučat′ to the middle. Often not because of material interest, and not for the sake of gain, and so purely out of a desire to restore social justice.

But it's me again out of habit for digressing. Remember that I talked about oligarchs and billionaires? Don't remember? Just behind every great fortune is worth the blood and tears. It is only then, after so-called initial accumulation of capital is covered in beautiful and romantic family stories and legends ...And in our case.

Assuming that any State, this Bandit State, everything falls into place. Banditry, armed revolution and the beginning of a new phase in its development. Semiotics and mauzery give way to civil suits. And so continued until greed is ruining fraera you sorry for such a vulgarism. Then the next outrage, workers, AMIS and everything goes according to the new terms.

There is only one trick. It is one thing when the State gives way to a bandit community to another. This is generally the normal process. It is another thing when struggle for bird feeder is changing the border of the State itself. When the contradictions between the gangster clans are so great that the complete victory. Then, of course, take and share something that is.

I wish to draw your attention to small detail, but it seemed like it to me, of course, has a deeper meaning. After the revolution, coup d ' état, name any way you like it, in fact, nothing changes. No, hope they are certainly under-fed, but ... Look at the new power through years 5 or 10, and ... You will not notice much difference between it and the old one, which was thoroughly rotted through.

What he's talking about this fact? Yes it is very simple, or be entirely accurate, all genius is simple. The slaves that take off from the pedestal the other slaves, cannot by definition create anything worthwhile and workable. I agree that words and thoughts can be very good, but words alone will not be enough to eat and desires. It turns out that the whole of Paphos when bottoms and tops cannot, do not want to, this is nothing but a slave rebellion against the wealthy slave and nothing more. And wrap it in beautiful primary games arena, this is already the case.

(P).SMany years it was believed that the famous Aurora Cruiser, volley, was the signal the beginning of the storming of the Winter Palace, where groans by the hated regime. as it turned out later, this was not the case, or rather not so simply, so the ships on the Neva was a signal that encouraged them to be vigilant and prepared for all kinds of eventualities.

Topic is inexhaustible. Let the finish. And what is the answer to the main question? Elementary. If the authorities come new bandits, then of course the protesters, the revolutionaries. If the authorities remain old thugs, the protesters is thugs and hooligans. Like so ...

That's what I say.

The author will be grateful for your comments.

Author Gorg March 2014 year

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