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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Police and the Democrats. Bloody regime and freedom-loving citizens.

Dear Friends! Last time was to smile more often than before, but only a smile becomes more somber and sad. Sometimes Diva daëš′sâ. Or stupid human multiplied exponentially, or people is still going on.

If you think that I will start now to praise and scold, all who is dissatisfied with her work, or rather pathological passion to inaction and simulation work, deeply mistaken. The most important thing, the correct accents. If the goal is to destroy the State, that is one thing, but if a State does not destroy, that is another story ...

That would ruin the State, all actions against the police, as a punitive institution of this State, should be ... No, I will not reveal the tactics and strategy, especially since it is well worth it, in the truest sense of the word. For free will not say anything. Joke. But seriously, then let them think, if still than to think these guardians for the happiness of the people.

But if the goal is to save state and save for all, regardless of political affiliation and religion, then it turns out another still life. As already said, a sad smile cause many sayings for a very painful topic to set the country and that this needed to be done.

As soon as an event occurs, about which you can say that it has a public response, it immediately appears wishful thinking these mountain specialists. To Be a journalist, doctor, police ... And all celebration of insanity and alternative common sense. Immediately prompted, create, work through the law that the citizens can not be beat. And all this is done and the full serious.

Well like we have enlightened people call for the establishment of numerous laws, and knowing full well that this is the best act to perform. There is a tradition of the Russian State. It is in the genes, apparently it's considered poor etiquette to obey the law, which is designed to improve, enhance, facilitate ...

Although if you include in the gray matter, it becomes clear, even upon closer inspection that you cannot beat not only certain categories of citizens, but also of citizens cannot be beat. And if such a fact is, the punishment should be inevitable and do not depend on the social status of Iranian society. But it is, so, by the way.

The main thing in another, or if you want all the details. And the details I'll tell you very much interesting. Will not open a big state secret if I say one smart thing, but you do not take offense. The police, it is a punitive tool in the hands of the State. Abandon the tool itself, it's like the bitches you nag. Moreover, the speech does not go that would encroach on the saints for each liberal words like freedom of speech and freedom to do whatever is not prohibited by law. We are talking about something else.

If you are in, the boat, let them be even very large, and even take on the size comparable to the area of the State, there is a very interesting conflict. Revolûcionèèry and hipsters with hopsterami, foolishly, or to ease mental, why do you think that society is made up of good, honest, sincere and good citizens. And they are only for the reason that it is so desirable to think this way revolûcionèèram, hipsteram and hopsteram.

I want to disappoint these people, who instead of flaming hearts. Unfortunately, society is made up of villains, scum, slobs, murderers, rapists, swindlers, bribers. Well, can't I all list, because the list will be very large. I'll say more. In this list you can make another category of citizens. These are the people who really want that all positive changes begin with a neighbor on the landing, colleagues at work for example, but not with them.

What is required to be public, the boat, sank? Properly, and the grandmother walking is not necessary, in order to hear the correct answer. A couple of holes and old tub will go to the bottom. But ... Go to the bottom and all who are in it. Only the naive could dream that they then manage to swim out and escape. Who prevents, or rather say as preventing, make this a gash in the hull, boats,? Correctly. Whether we like it or not, but the sullen, angry, ex-policeman of all mortal sins. Moreover, I would like to point out that this situation takes place not only on Russian territory.

You can yell, insult, scrape the knife aboard the vessels, can even oars breaking, but no more.You can of course say that yours truly pouring water to the mill of the bloody regime and his satraps. To say that of course you can, but only that, in the words of a well-known in certain circles, Yevgeny Primakov, would be counterproductive.

Specifically, I would like to say about the design of the foundation stone, which many even very advanced in terms of social citizens, overlooked for various reasons. The police should not be touched by dirty hands. With clean hands to touch him too. Why? Everything is simply dear citizens. Just such a moment may come when the police can all this baradak get bored.

Face it, počešet the back of the head. You look at the right, honest and principled. Heavy with sorrow and say where you are so good to go along with their ideals and pure thoughts. You all are so clever, so do all the dirty work for me, you all know and can. And since in addition to shouting slogans and mantričeskih spells all this audience does not know how to do anything and doesn't want to, then no one will perform this work. Explain what will be after such rokirovočki, I hope it is not necessary.

There is a reasonable question. Is it all that bad? Again, but there's nothing we can do about it. Povtoren′e, the mother of learning. It is not just bad, very bad. These evil cops, is the product that the company produces, on a mountain, with enviable efficiency and with no interruptions. If you are not able to do anything, and they don't want to work, then you are a direct way to the police.

State within a State. With their slaves and Lords. Moreover, while some earn too much, others languish. Do not be surprised, but there are some. Hope you won't mind, but in the police structures, in my view, nothing has changed. The scoop in the worst of its manifestation. Plan, Val, instructions ...Add to that the simulation of new motion vector, in light of the advanced Western experience.

Think of everything? You, that's not all. If you still have yet to seek help so hated police, the police cannot, and will not in the near future. Add personal inability of police and their families. Protect yourself by yourself? Try. So many papers to write and then reports that Leo Tolstoy will seem a boy in short pants.

A natural question arises. And judges who? You, my fellow luminaries of freedom and democracy. You who give bribes. You are in favour of equality and brotherhood, for freedom and at the same time which steals money from various funds. You that the justice, but use all its capabilities to keep out a favorite child serve truly people's army. You are so law-abiding that allow yourself to offend the police not only in Word, but also a weighty cobblestone bridge.

I have not mentioned about the dominance of the glamorous ...her in all sorts of police structures that are visible and are designed to ensure that these ladies were always at hand. Okay'd sat silently and did his own good looks. What are you! They mimic the violent activities in the field of police reform in the spirit of the times.

All kinds of trainings, surveys, reports and much more that the ears are not natyanesh. And send the police, go to hell these young ladies. Immediately enters the work advanced supervisor who very clearly explain to the police that he is wrong, and this is the best.

If you think that's an invention yours truly, you are wrong. Just look, read those who tells and shows the work of the law enforcement community. Just look at the faces of those who himself about this work really knows nothing. The police say all, but not police themselves. As many people are, that they create a parallel Ministry.

Recently had a conversation with a very advanced in social terms. Met by chance. It was the roof. Got a great deal of fun. I give him one, he does not hear me and said stamps and editorials of opposition newspapers. And I say calmly, but it all boils and burns in revolutionary ecstasy. Is the same as nenavidimyh of the bloody regime.

But it upset my question very quiet and vkradčivym voice. Well with any fear. who decided that with the advent of revolûcionèèrov, all the dregs of society suddenly just recognize that lived up to this bright moment in the history of the State wrongly and suddenly become good citizens. Probably of great love for Lëše Navalny and his supporters. No wonder they say that simplicity is worse than theft. My interlocutor was offended and angry. The mood has gone bad ...

Have harmful and possibly seditious thought, but ... The society itself is not interested in what would be the point of view of the law in it all was in order. Moreover, there is a selfish interest. It then will have to abide by the law. Abide by all, and it's not just oh so believe me. And you say, police blame it.

That's what I say.

Author Gorg November 2013 year

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