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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Big business. Investment for Kremlin dreamers ...

Dear Friends! Today we'll go lightly on big business and investment. This is important. Business, especially big business, this is our everything. It is a national treasure. It is big business did and continues to make our life happy, cheerful and very diverse.

Business in Russia, this is something ... And big business, it is beyond reality. No, the younger generation, can of course, unveiling the mouth to listen to tales of the oligarchs. Type, as by chance, or rather, thanks to his own genius, you can overnight become the richest man in Russia. It is certainly interesting to many idiots, but ... And if, on its own merits. And if, so to speak, not to the Protocol.

Especially forgetful I would like to remind you that ... At the dawn of capitalism, property rights can be obtained in several ways. Cunning master property, formerly owned by the glorious cohort of Soviet directors, which for some unknown reason to me was nicknamed, red directors. Case Ostap Bender lived, lives and will live. True tipster did not apply in their work and soldering irons irons, but then time was different. Many venerated Penal Code. This is important.

Another way to help you become wealthy and well-respected businessman. Yes, it was the Raider seizures and many other ways. Type your became ours. Beautifully! And, of course, a classic of the genre! Collateral Auctions! What is it?! This is especially when collected authoritative and respected in the narrow circles of guys and ... Well, or their designate a reputable and respected in the narrow circles.

Gather and share public suseki at all fraternally, to be honest. Divided among themselves, and then start to buy these pieces from the State. It's a lesson! How to buy State property tidbits not having money on this thing?! Elementary. No money?! It does not matter! Whole money from this State! Nicely though.

But the snag is that these guys were buying expensive, chic pieces of property for a fraction of a penny, moreover, held by the State. But that's not all. Greed, she brought to the fact that many of these same guys managed to return the most money to the native state. What is! Here it is the whole truth about Russian oligarchs and big business. It is important to remember.

Remember and understand that modern Russian business sharks do not differ much from its predecessors. No, externally everything looks very civilized. The time of initial accumulation of capital left in the past. But that's just the mindset change is hard. And because so much without doing anything to increase your asset at times, becoming still richer today than it was yesterday. How to do it?! Oh, right, you razocharovyvaete me! Elementary!

Take our asset, well one that we at one time had its honest and intense work. We are calling, gathering economic meeting and, together with its associates on the uneasy labour plunder of capitalist and Socialist property in the past, decide that ... If the asset cost Let's say a couple of billion, as a result of our agreements immediately, simultaneously begins to cost significantly more. Sleight of hand and no fraud. Beautifully!

Then what?! Then, normal, routine, if I may say so business process. Well, that is a normal, everyday work Tycoon. There is a well appreciated asset?! Of course! So why not take the asset itself on bail in bank credit. Of course, take! Moreover, banks, if they're on the merits, not their money they give. They take them from the Central Bank. Then what is going on with this loan? Elementary! Everything, as always!

Well, let's just say, traditionally, part of this loan is sawed at the stage of issuing ... Well, it happened. The remainder is invested in. Correctly! Very important to buy from a small native state, aktivchik, in the form of a candle factory, a gas station, zemel'ki ... Kidding, of course. How a candle factory. Then, again, by tradition, the revaluation of the asset and deposit the Bank again. Our oligarch, he's such an oligarch. Great condition and a tremendous asset. This is important.

And all would be nothing, but there is one momentik ... When such a revaluation of assets, God forbid, black day will come, and will have to sell all their accumulated back-breaking labor and talent ... It turns out that buy such assets will be just. Price, say, inadequate ... No, if the potential buyer to insert the soldering iron in the Jo ... do, of course, the deal might take place. Although the visible pleasure buyer does not deliver.

Another way to become a very rich man is to find ... Right, find an investor who must necessarily be very effective. Here's to find this, with indulgence to say idiot and dilute it for big money. If you can breed, and if you can find ... Although, it is certainly not easy. Here explain to me what can modern efficient investors but to cut and roll back who should ... No, some, very much hope that these same investors could make the Russian economy more effective. Although ... There is the question. And why should they?

Already quite a long time looking for information on successful activity of our oligarchs and other sharks Russian business outside of their native homeland. Unfortunately, there is no such information. Well, can't these certainly dexterous and honest citizens boast of their success on the field. There is and its clever and certainly honest citizens enough. This is important.

Started noticing that lately has become very much talk about patriotism. No, it's definitely good, who would doubt, but ... Apparently in the budget, with the money too bad and it's time the State shares with personal savings. State, then everything will return to the last cent. Who would doubt! It is after all, very clever. By the way, the smart power and smart officials, with the equally clever oligarchs. These people, which is sometimes referred to as the salt of the Earth and the conscience of the nation, suddenly decided to become academies. Beautifully!

Before, it was because it was?! Sought to get young wives, whom many confused with former mistresses. Then sought to have the cool machine that coined the brilliant designers. Yes, there can be from the floor. Must be the security service. It's not even being discussed. Naturally this is the security service was supposed to protect the body, numerous offices and castles ... Then it became fashionable to buy artworks.

Well, it's from the series, when the famous Stradivarius violins were intended for suckers, and that's right guys, the Stradivari made only and exclusively the drums ... And now it has become fashionable to be ... ACA! Yes, it is an academician. Moreover, the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. At least they don't agree. Not one! This is important. What is there to say?! What are academics, this and the Academy. Or vice versa. No less important, to understand the current moment.

But this we digress a bit. No Russian economic glade, none make any large investment project, which is made entirely of private capital. What?! There's this?! Don't tell. If you dig into the details. It turns out that behind all this economic masquerade stand public cash infusion. But the role, type of private capital is the classic example, when Bull plows a field, and it at this time, sits and sucks blood. the Gadfly Gadfly in fact has every right to say that he plowed along with the Bull. Of course, it has. Who will argue in good mind and good health.

Not in any way want to compare Mr Uljukaeva with ovodom but ... It is clear that the Russian legal framework not law-abiding citizens, but is temporarily neosuzhdjonnye. It's like doctors. Type, no healthy people, and there are nedoobsledovannye. Arrest this clever and honest citizen. It is a joy for the people. Bringing here to hide. People, he always rejoices in such cases. In contrast to Russian liberals, for whom the arrest is comparable with very great sorrow. Liberals, they're such Liberals. Live in a dream fairy world and voluntarily withdraw from a Trade Union does not want, or rather could no longer ...

Here in fact, that the most important thing. Many, well, those who are not able to do anything, except a lot and talk nicely, very willing to take all with all and reconcile for the sake of ... Yes, in the name of the bright ideas of the Renaissance of the country. No, but that's OK ... Red cuddling with white and blue kiss with Brown ... Beautifully! Yes, missed another. Poor cuddling and then, hand in hand, together with the rich go to a brighter future. Type, our great Suvorov along with Vlasov, Denikin, together with Zhukiv, as everyone's favorite Abramovich along with Turner, working at the Uralvagonzavod plant. Shoulder to shoulder, back to back, ruble to dollar ... This is important.

By the way, the Liberals very certainly not like this, but ... Who is the smallest of all the works, less all benefit, the more everyone shouts that the tiger in the Zoo nedodajut meat. No, I understand that all great discoveries and economic are no exception to the rules are made by mistake. It is clear that the entire Russian liberal economics is the biggest mistake, but ...

A great number of laws relating to the economy, and not only its are so that they can be misunderstood. And you'll be surprised, but they're just so wrong and perceived. It is already a tradition. What?! If you throw it into the dustbin of history the Liberal Russian Government economic bloc? No, people, he can and will rejoice, but ... If anyone remembers the rule. What you keep is long enough, you can certainly throw. But keep in mind that once you do, you will definitely need it. This is important.

By the way, here the theme went on the boundless expanses of the Russian ... Type, we are all in this together and we have one homeland at all. Well, it is, with the major Russian Patriots. Well, those represented power and oligarchs. People call to reconcile with thieves and seek a way out of the Jo ... s, in which these most thieves, all of us and took him. No, I understand that I must forgive each other all atrocities, but ... Because then everything will have to be acquired by back-breaking labor deal so who needs ... And believe me, it's not as easy Oh. No, you can of course give poor thousand twenty roubles, but then descend in a restaurant a couple of million earned denezhek.

Many do not understand that ... If we started to build the capitalism, it should be build, rather than imitate the construction. Private property, as such, is not, and will not in the near future. If you own the plant, ... At any time, you can take away, if this factory anyone liked. The right of the strong, and nothing else. They say that all roads lead to Rome. Well, at least as it was before. So, Russia, very beautiful and purposefully lead along the way ... Correctly, the path of Weimar Germany. I do not want to be a visionary, but the hangover is terrible. This is important.

How to deal with a State that was clearly poputalo Bank and fleeces population hush ... Necessity is the mother of invention. Against a resident of Tyumen region instituted legal action. It caused enormous damage to the State by his actions. No, it's certainly not an act of Russian gentlemen oligarchs. No, it certainly doesn't act Lords Serdyukov and Vasilyeva, but ...

This woman was a duty in 63 thousand rubles. Compare with billions worth of theft, and be quite accurate that theft and ... The bailiff came and arrested pig who belonged to a woman. He's not just arrested nepovinnoe pet, but also warned about its citizen responsibilities to keep the pig. The woman turned out to be a very even unconscious element. As a result, piglet stabbed to death and eaten. After all these developments, the woman faces up to two years of imprisonment. Not without pride in their work, reported the regional UFSSP. This experience should be emulated and harnessed. Police officer award, woman plant. Porosjonku monument. This is important.

Well, and in the opinion of browse in any circumstances, and we are talking about house arrest is Sir-a comrade Ulyukaev. Golden cage by Alexei Uljukaeva . Bloody prison regime, what to say. Food is decreasing, so we have to smooth out the meadow. And the people, he enjoys it. He is, he loves such performances.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg December 2016 year


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