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С 29.11.09

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Russian President Vladimir Putin. Bay first or a trap from which there is no exit ...

Dear Friends! Again, well already historically that any society loves to share ... Well there, the executioner and victim, pedestrian and motorist, law-abiding citizen and Bandit, smokers and citizens leading healthy lifestyles. No, that would unite and together go to a brighter future. What you! What is this I speculated! Here is a bully for example offending, Botany. And what do you think?!

Be sure there are those who will be on the side of the bully, justifying its position that, botanist, triggered his aggression. In any case, they will confront those who claim that it is necessary for navalât′ hooligans most tomatoes that are not molested by decent citizens. Necessarily be those who humbly so will watch than this whole process will end. Already such a tradition has arisen. What?! Tire with stories?! Agree not even argue.

And yet, society is divided into those who love power and who hates. And hates so much that appetite and every desire to move toward this brighter future. But it's not everything. The society continues to share further. Is divided into those who loves and adores the guarantor of the Russian Constitution, Vladimir Putin, and to those who so dislikes that cannot sleep quietly. Some say that Putin is our everything. But others argue that it is for the maintenance of the good physical form, in the mornings, eats babies.

Yours truly, already quite a long time, trying to adhere to a certain distance, and from those, and from others. Love the national leader did not experience, but also foaming at the mouth, not shout from morning till evening on innocently slain infants. Just watching the situation, and sometimes, it's if not laziness, make certain conclusions. Loving national leader, is in my opinion, beyond reasonable. Love can and should be. Hate?! As e. Primakov, it's counterproductive. Remains to observe and draw conclusions. This is important.

What?! And what about the active citizenship? Yes OK everything with this most active civil position. Here tell me so, hand on heart. What made those who adores the guarantor of the Russian Constitution and those who can't stand the spirit?! Here I am saying nothing but mental disorders are not achieved. What?! Tire with stories?! Ok!!! Turn, so to speak close to the body. So, let's start. And take a look at the evolution of power. Believe me, it's a lesson ...

Evolution, her zabodaj Komar, is you don't eat beans. To the unaided eye it can be seen that each stage of this evolution is nothing more than a consequence of the previous phase. And it is he who creates preconditions for the next phase. After all, take a look. The Bolsheviks in 1917 year, came to power not because were strong as the epic heroes of Russian fairy tales. What you! No, they came to power because all adorable Russian Emperor threw steering wheel control by the State. And there was the place to be, not the ability of the State apparatus will cope with the situation. The rest of the evil one. This is important.

Then Joseph's uncle comes to power. His era is a consequence of the revolution, the civil war and the need for the restoration of statehood and order. Then comes a great lover, kuz′kinoj, mother, whose era is the thaw is none other than fatigue society from the kazarmennoj discipline. After Nikita Sergeyevich Leonid Ilyich comes to power. And ... Correctly. Why develop if even a little bit, and we all arrive in communism on a white horse. Preservation of all and sundry, and deserved rest for the Soviet party elite. So to say, complacent in anticipation of the imminent future.

Conservation, it is certainly good, but ... You must not forget about shelf life. Otherwise the content will prove to be inedible. No, here the spices and other ingredients won't help that and proved an expensive restructuring of Mykhailo and mates. Only throw out spoiled product that with spontaneity and peasant made no less dear Boris Nikolayevich. Threw away and started new cycle. Loop that can be called and the counterrevolution and the revolution in one bottle, with elements of the restoration. Circus, and only. Chaos, the impoverishment of the people, and certainly the rise of crime, along with the growing number of very wealthy people. Beautifully!

Recent history, referred to as the era of Vladimir Putin. No, it's something similar to the era of his uncle Joseph, in that he rallied after the revolution and the civil war. Handle orders, carried out cleansing ... The guarantor of the Russian Constitution imposed order after the great bourgeois revolution and held cleansing, but ... Cleaning the oligarchs, who were not consonant with the General line. Suffice it to recall the Lords of Gusinsky, Berezovsky ...

The difference is only that. It is clear that it is a veritable bezdelica. The era of uncle Joseph, is certainly all disputes on this topic, State development, industrialization, development of education, science and culture. And here is the era of Vladimir Vladimirovich, this decline, deindustrialization, education and culture. It is a remake of the epoch of stagnation time dear Leonid Ilich, together with the preservation of the new democratically bourgeois power with the transformation of the powerful industrial economy into raw materials. This is important.

Another important difference is that in the times of Leonid Ilich society at all while living in anticipation of better. Well, loves people hope that tomorrow will be better than today. Modern society hopes that tomorrow will not be worse than it is today. Stability is exactly the opposite. No longer illusions that a market economy with the invisible hand of the market will make the Russian State is thriving and that all the time constraints will remain in the past. Blessed is he who believes.

If you call a spade a spade. The modern era has passed the development phase in an amazing way, and immediately proceeded to the simple logic that offers nothing in the State not to change, and enjoy what is there, and of course all of this with a belief in a bright future, which is already quite close. All, we are talking about the elite and the people, for the most part piously believe that the right course, that is not understandable to mere mortals a cunning plan, and eventually everything will be fine. Everything will be fine and all comes happiness.

So it is of course true, but ... To date, lost, and if to be exact, destroyed entire industries, with the positive dynamics of lowering the level of education, which is already below the skirting. I will say more, incapacity of the authorities is progressing, crisis management to all and sundry, hasn't yet reached its peak. Even quite foolish economists realized the complete hopelessness of the economic model. Margin left in inheritance dried up. A short bench, of trained personnel, helps vkolačivat′ the final nail in any remaining illusions.

If so, will that new power will come. Still, read and write poorly can lose population, but here that would be able to think there are very big problems. Well, as it happens. And it would mean that whether we like it or not, but ... On the territory of which will be necessary to carry out the traditional stage reindustrialization, to restore production, education and of course to combat the idiocy. Everything is back to normal.

But, in the future, but for now ... I propose to consider, fairly short by historical standards stage sell-off of Russia. In short, everything is very simple. For a start, everything that may necessarily be privatized, then sell and profit. Naturally for themselves lovers. This was done by Yeltsin, Chubais, Gaidar. These same continue Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev with companions, or if anything with colleagues and associates.

Primitive accumulation of capital. Importantly, manage to snatch something bad lies, pihaâs′, shoving and removing less fortunate competitors. Changing image, modern Russian bourgeoisie priodelas′, visited a beauty salon and a ... And nothing has changed since those dashing times. Only steal became more gracefully, and let's just say, just a little to share with forever dissatisfied people. Originated the false sense that so you can stay in power for a very long time, if not indefinitely.

But for this, it was necessary to bring in the power of many law enforcers. Who is not as they know how and from whom you must protect this most capital earned an honest and hard-breaking modern rulers of life. Who does not like them, pointed to the need to maintain order. The main thing is that people do not ask about the origin of this capital, and senior leadership is not and never was divided everything in a new way.

And I'll tell you, this daunting task was brilliantly tackled contemporary Russian leadership. Don't believe me?! In vain do not believe. See rating Forbes. See dynamics. Look at how many over the past decade had been wealthy people on the Russian economic Glade. Okay, so here is wonder. And that we're not talking yet, about gosudarevyh people. It is not known yet who is richer, modern Russian oligarchs or governors with Ministers.

As a result of all this splendour, the outflow of capital from Russia reached astronomical magnitudes beyond calculation. And it's still not the end. There is still something to strive for. There is still work to do. And this is the result not the machinations of enemies, and brilliant work of the guarantor of the Russian Constitution and his team. The logic of commodity capitalism really came for the soul of the modern Russian bourgeoisie. Beautifully!

Gradually, say small steps, is offensive on all fronts. Medicine is done more and more applicable. Education increasingly moves to a breakeven mode. The reform, which is called a pension, reduced to the fundamental principle. Take up and accumulate money for old age themselves, but do not forget to enumerate some of the money into various State and non-State funds.

The Ministry of defence does not remain aside from privatization. All privatized, rather than people in worse shape. There is no difference. Science is gradually turning into a business. Free housing has turned into a beautiful fairy tale, and mortgages as panacea for all conceivable and inconceivable housing problems, gained State status and support. Excise duty on fuel and transport tax lead to thoughts that are long overdue to introduce a tax on air ...

By the way, about the tax. The number of toll roads will certainly grow. However, the number of free roads will decrease, since the lack of desire to maintain them in a less snosnom State. And then the toll roads would be the only way to get from one point to another. No, not still managed to do a pay-per-view. Has come for free fire, ambulance, police ... But not yet evening and work on improvement underway ...

Yes, I admit, a right to choose. Don't like one company providing certain services, you may make a choice in favor of another. Market, its zabodaj Komar, Komar and not only ... In fact, if you call a spade a spade. Monetizing together with privatization, this is a relatively fair way to make corruption in the legal method of obtaining profit. But all of us with great fanfare reported that not everything is privatized and there is work to do.

Power has become a model. When first needed, she comes to the rescue. The crisis happened, the authorities immediately dokapitalizirovala banks. Oil prices have taken and fell. Power took and dropped the ruble, so commodity Corporation retained earnings rublëvuû and naturally lowered production cost in terms of naturally for dollars. Paradoxically, ... Dmitry Medvedev advises seniors to stay. Well, there's no money for them. And yet, within a few days is already a trillion for banks when the ruble's fall has begun.

Will not palter. People love their leader. More precisely, the majority of the people, made partakers in the sale of the past and the future, for the sake of a relatively satiated. So to speak, are included in the share. In fact, was privatized it is Soviet industry, defense, education, ...

Sold and continues to sell it is past. As to the future, here everything is clear. Vyčerpav almost to the bottom, the entire Soviet potential were drawn loans that will be paid by future generations. This is important. And this, I'm still not talking about a loss of confidence in the country. It will restore the much harder than the economy recover.

Is it possible to replace Vladimir Putin? Of course you can, but there is a nuance. So, a small but very important. If you carefully look at the vertical of power, then you will find that ... In fact there is no vertical, and there is a pyramid. But not the usual pyramid and inverted, standing on the top, rather than based on how all the normal pyramids. I guess you won't be surprised by the fact that in contemporary Russian realities v. Putin closed literally everything. And it turns out that the guarantor of the Constitution really is indispensable.

Indispensable not because slave on galleys is smart and very talented politician, a brilliant strategist. But because it is over it is the whole pyramid power, bashfully called vertical ... Top of the pyramid, which is Putin, it is impossible to replace without collapsing the pyramid itself, which is in an inconsistent state. Just in the process of replacing, the pyramid will fall and naturally be destroyed.

Gentlemen-Patriots-capable may not realize that there is no reason for joy. After all, it is clear that, by virtue of the laws of nature, Putin will not live forever. It is clear that anyone not just mortal, but suddenly mortal. This applies to politicians in the first place. So, this tradition evolved. And it is clear that let in some time, the pyramid may not be changed from the shoulders of Putin on someone else. This is not possible. If it were not so, we have long ago would have been a new national leader. The task is not solvable in principle. Done everything that would could not be painless to replace those who is on top.

Evil tongues felt that the guarantor of the Constitution keeps power and doesn't go away because ... They say it like every dictator simply revels in power. Incorrigible Patriots piously believe that Putin is not going away, because it has not fulfilled its great mission of rescuing Russia. But when rescued, then of course he will take and leave to rest, or vacation, this is who you like. Not forgetting even replace bad officials on good ... Although this is not required. He has surrounded himself with these the worst officials. He knows better, he knows about these our most officials. Maybe they're not quite bad. Maybe they have already embarked on the path of correction ...

Certainly, the salvation of Russia is a very important but ... Watching this whole political and economic circus, the ... While not fully managed to save the State of the industry, but work in this area continues. Succeeded, almost managed to save from education, but there's still more to do. Of medicine managed to save, but here is where apply their talents. Here is from terrorists has not saved permanently, but as they say not even ...

Gets whether or not a national leader, the pleasure of work done. I don't think so. Here's a look. Endless hangouts with officials, performances and meetings. And questions, questions, questions ... Moreover, they should give less adequate responses, otherwise people may think that the King was kidnapped, and King is not present.

And here is another podvernulas′ Syria. Podvernulas′ on occasion, but now it must pass the partners, and pass beautifully, I would say pass the masterly to nothing and nobody noticed. One more task. But I'll tell you that the experience is already available. After all, passed the same basin, and surrendered so that mosquito nose do not sharpen. And here is what the Syria.

By the way about the surrender of Donbass. Well, it is, by the way. Gentlemen-the Patriots love to say that you cannot condemn a national leader and his companions in the delivery. Type, we do not know much. Well, Yes, of course. We do not know much, but we have a lot to see. Yes, we don't know what kind of dirt is on Putin at his beloved foreign partners. And Mr. Burkhalter, the time to be silent as a fish, but ...

After all, after a visit of the Lord, the guarantor of the Russian Constitution asked Donbass to postpone the referendum. Humbly so asked. Softly, softly and without explanation. And when the referendum is held, however, that Donbass was granted to himself. This then, vacationers have already appeared. It turns out that Minsk agreements have been signed is not for reasons of the protection of Russia and the authorities for the protection and personal safety. This is important.

Here from the floor suggest that ... Perhaps the Minsk accords were signed only for the sake of what would achieve recognition of Crimea. Oh, well. But then it really already villainy, while in politics and no such notions. To give for the sake of hypothetical recognition of Donbass, Crimea. Or not meanness and stupidity nesusvetnaâ. Moreover, if we made a move, it is not necessary to do the steps in the opposite direction. On the impact of steps had to be thinking before, but not when the smells of fried. If so, then go further on the basis of the same motives, you can unsubscribe and from Kaliningrad and Kuriles.

But we digress. Back to Putin. It is said that he knows too much. This is important. This information should not go beyond the Kremlin under any circumstances. And for this reason too, on Lefortova, his release would not be able to. But it's in a pinch. Then have to withdraw from the political deck and his companions. It's really slavery on the galley, and eternal slavery ...

There is a myth that all years of the reign of Vladimir Vladimirovich hindered him. Both enemies and friends. It happens, believe me. Interfere with the heavy legacy inherited from Boris Nikolayevich. Interfered with the officers, which he left as a bonus. Interfered with the rising energy prices. Then true steel hamper already falling prices on these energy sources. Interfered with the kaznokrady, which effect their abilities could not steal quietly and calmly, and will certainly fall into the field of view ...

Very disturb in nation-building, the Crimea and Donbass. Had to collect potential holidaymakers from among military and give them vouchers to these lands. Then came a bosom friend of Syria. So Sidekick, that if he went to heaven, then all would have sighed with relief. Had to assist him, in a half-empty budget. Then came another friend who paid a sneaky hit in the back. The blow is so sneaky that had to quickly abandon the Turkish tomatoes.

Continued to interfere with Misha, Misha 2 percent, which is very offended by all and sundry, for what was at the time, moved from the feeders. Hinder European sanctions, which were not at the time. Your local antisankcii and ... And that, it worked out well. Banned imported apples, cheese and other products, but apparently forgot to prevent forgetfulness imported foreign luxury cars. The sale which, contrary to all laws of economy grow despite the economic crisis.

Sometimes, I repeat, sometimes, it may be perfectly reasonable question. And who actually governs Russia?! Good question. You know, this question is easy to answer. The guarantor of the Russian Constitution, he ... He is everywhere. Today he tells foreign investors Forum, what is happiness for you to invest in the Russian economy. Tomorrow it's on regular youth get-together, enthusiastically tells of creative youth about how happily we all zaživëm, when this most creative youth implements its brilliant ideas ...

The day after tomorrow, he already speaks to officials and encouraged them to fight corruption. Those course and nod approvingly. Continue to steal and pressure still remaining small and medium business. Even after a few days, the national leader speaks at the next Congress, where with the agility of a Fakir responds to the most awkward questions. Asked about pensions, and he talks about world crisis. Asked about prices, he replied with a smile that we have achieved good results in animal husbandry and nanotechnology ...

Well, maybe in moments of sadness at the piano to play and sing about the native land. But it is rare. To the people of a day, or to the fishermen fish soup to eat. And objections which, famously beats verbal bat, no worse than the old Soviet gorodošnikov. Earlier, when told that Boris Nikolayevich works with documents. Any decent person knows that a person departs after yesterday and the country is governed. Well, you know, who ruled the country at such moments. This is important.

And now, like Putin and directs, but ... Weakly believe that with such a tremendous workload, he remains a time to manage power. Manager of policy, it is, Yes, hard to believe right away. Operational issues in the mode of fire brigade. Yes, I believe. And here is the public administration, is something else. Work with the audience?! The highest level! Calm down people, explain that the problems will be solved, solved a couple of questions live online. Class! Moreover, it is masterful. Beautifully!

Remember what elegant responses were questions about Serdûkove and Vasilyeva?! Ingenious answers! And we sometimes wonder why for some crimes committed citizens to evade responsibility. What surprised here. It's just a certain inconvenience when those same citizens, well those, who live in a parallel reality, faced with a reality in which the bulk of the population lives. Should not, in principle, be so. Shouldn't these two realities intersect. They have their own life, the population of its life. This is important.

We hear that Putin cleaned the political field, and there are no sane party. Nonsense!!! A lie! And what about the Unified Russia?! Something and it! Here it is, the guiding force of our era. So say honor, mind and conscience. Many don't even realize that Unified Russia, this is a party of the current economic model. Neither give nor take ...

What?! The simplest, so to speak. Export raw materials and tanks with aircraft. On a portion of the proceeds to buy imported goods and distribute them throughout the country. It's simplicity. If it is on your fingers. Minimum effort for authorities and elites, with maximum values. Beautiful and elegant ... Moreover, a large part of society has been working in the field of distribution, while a minority in the sphere of production. Modern realities, zabodaj their mosquito and the invisible hand of the market.

The interesting thing is that the other alternative, and understandable to the majority model there is. Well, it happened. That suggested society v. Putin and his team, it is this very society. All until satisfied. All over! Vs no! Abstentions do not have! Unanimously!

If you do not varnish reality. As the saying goes the oligarchs too cry. Yes, Russian oligarchs and Putin-era problems above the roof. They are, these problems will certainly be solved, but life thus oligarchs will certainly poison ... You will be surprised but the biggest problem is people. Yes, it is the people. Oh, and of course partners with competitors. Wild manners, wild people. Caveman thinking that here say.

The problem is the distribution of commodities. Some consider unjust distribution. Others believe such false judgments. They say that there are the machinations of the envious. Some want to take away everything and the new distribute. It's enemies. Friends, partners, believe that it is not necessary to distribute, but we just need to share raw material with friends and partners.

And then there's still the population began to spoil the blood. It is not clear what fear it decided that the oligarchs should. Must teach, heal, feed, dress and warm ... Besides all this, the oligarchs have to do free. Well, the say so for using resources. No, it is clear that this is the population went to oligarchs in load to the raw material, but ... People don't want to understand that the oligarchs have nothing. They have done the maximum possible. Dropped from people's neck yoke of Socialist tyranny. And then themselves, independently to the final victory of democracy.

And gave to the people, not so little. To breathe the air of freedom, a chance to vote for their representatives. Abroad the motherland became possible to ride safely, without going through the humiliating party commissions for the selection of candidates for an overseas trip. Dollars, you can buy and sell, not fearing to get over this article and to travel to distant northern lands, to get acquainted with the nature of those sacred places.

When you hear the words that, when in the rebirth of the Russian Putin. parliamentarism. Buying men's tear begins to roll on the cheek, and I really want to push to the chest of those already being older, continues to believe in fairy tales. No, I understand that the most important democracy and parliamentarianism, we had certainly Boris Yeltsin. It's not even being discussed. It is a historical fact. It seems no one is stronger than the late Boris Nikolayevich, parliamentarianism, we have never liked and did not like. For this talent is required. This is important.

Even with all the desire to look the most democratic, the guarantor of the Russian Constitution. Well he cannot surpass in this regard, Boris Nikolaevich. Although ... That's because he acted? Correctly, direct-fire projectiles at enemies of the fatherland. So to speak, to the greater joy of the many onlookers who came to gawk at the show in the center of the Russian capital. Muscovites and guests of the capital and their bread and not have to feed and give to gawk at the triumph of democracy, the development of parliamentarism in the individual country. In the capital, tanks rumbled. Well, a little postrelâli ... Well, defended democracy. Well, nicely does!

Vladimir Vladimirovich operates much sleeker than its predecessor. That, of course, with peasant bluntness could such učudit′ that ... Well, let's not about sad. So, in our time with the Russian parlamentarizmom such incidents have occurred and are occurring that gynecologist Kukockij, with its failure, just aside and resentful. Here's a particularly gifted personality argue that following the recent elections in the State Duma, parliamentarism picked up and died. Nonsense. And full. How can die that has not even been born.

Particularly impressionable, very upset one fact. Well, as fact. So, faktik small. Type of Putin, and before the work of this new State Duma took and appointed to the post of speaker Mr Volodina. No, he offered his colleagues, this brilliant politics elect ... No, what you, no pressure. Just a friendly tip, first among equals. This is important.

And what wonder here. The current State Duma, this is essentially a continuation of the presidential administration. No, well just happened. That's deputies will vote for everything they ask the guarantor of the Constitution. Nothing personal, just politics. What?! A violation of the constitutional principle? AHA, now! So, if you call a spade a spade the usurpation of power by ... Well, let's put it this way, and at the same time, voluntarily. The principle of the separation of powers and earlier was absent, but ... He at least formally existed. And formalities now relegated to the side. Gracefully and beautifully!

After the creative and very hard work, national leader has managed to almost completely crush the intelligentsia. Well, or what pozicionirovalos′ as intellectuals. Now, this same substance, about which even Lenin put it very succinct and creatively, is no longer a threat to the authorities. It so happened. Furthermore, this layer is completely discredited in the eyes of the people, and for years to come. The challenge for the ruling class is solved and stood on its agenda the question of height.

Correctly, the question of reforms in the economy. The reforms, which are designed to reset all the social obligations to the people of this most people. Type capitalize shrinking profits and socialize the growing losses. Well, beautiful! The first steps in this direction have already been taken. But it is not yet evening. The abolition of indexation working pensioners and ultimately reducing pensions to working pensioners in this way.

Inevitable, as democracy, widely previewed tax for disabled citizens and their payment of medical services. Like all of us, and under the nesmolkaûŝie applause, said Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, broken citizens should and will carry out payment for actual use of the social infrastructure. Brilliant!

And the new Minister of education, went on ways to reduce costs in the field of education, or what's left of it. So say a modest contribution to the savings in public expenditure. It was proposed to abolish State school cleaners and require the pupils to wash premises in native school. It is clear that all this is for the good, in order to accustom children to work, but ... Apparently the State coffers grow scanty for cuts, so we have to scrape together on ... This is important.

Done a lot of noise about the prohibition of abortion talk public hospitals. A no brainer that it's all for the good, that is strengthening the spiritual hive fasteners and all that. But on the surface is that it is simply the Elimination of funding for this type of service and nothing more. Apparently soon and smokers will be forced to pay for medical services.

And that! Smoke, vrediš′ your health consciously, Plati ... As they say evil tongues, for winter is expected to be a tax on real estate at market prices. I would not like to stay on the sidelines, making its modest contribution to replenish the State's pantry. Do not take credit, do not buy real estate and expensive things. Pay tax for non-participation in the strengthening of the economies of the mother State.

Vladimir Putin is certainly struggling with all this disgrace, but ... Did he have enough forces to fight with their bad officials who obstruct him constantly to bring happiness to people. Here and a million, will not suffice. As many enemies around, all hands are not getting through. But will reach. It all will win. You'll see. If doživëte. And maybe not will see. Here too, as the chip will fall. The truth is, so I want to live to see, than the whole circus is over. And maybe not over ...

It is impossible to lead a serious conversation, when faced with our happy though, but very harsh reality. That's often heard talk that a national leader should be replaced and substituted. No shame?! Yes, I ask you my dear Lord-comrades! He's so influential and irreplaceable, that only vospalënnom mind this could be kramol′naâ and very harmful. This is very important.

Here is one example that shows that without ... Went like that the Kremlin Ogonyok, head of the Russian Aeroflot. Went and complained to the head of State that is very cocky. So, that became deboširit′, at the same time, without incurring any liability. The type must urgently increase the responsibility of the brawlers, before the law. And ... Correctly, the head of State expressed concern over the issue and expressed its solidarity with the head of Aeroflot. Type, I support you in this matter, and officials will take its decision.

And you say that the guarantor of the Constitution must be replaced. Let, and who then go head Aeroflot next time?! Who, if not Putin would be able to support it? What?! Why not go to parliamentarians, Government? Elementary! There it and listen. And even if listen, then nothing will. Only national leader can make them work. Only it will listen to parliamentarians and the Government.

As practice shows, only he can resolve this issue. Well, there is no other person in the country who could solve this and other issues. Replace, somebody else will come, and everything in its place. All the questions will become intractable in principle. Realized rated influence and indispensability?! And you say ...

And when you consider that our beloved Dmitry Anatolyevich, well that Medvedev very much likes to surprise and delight people. Recently, the general public unprecedented successes in the gladdened by the export of Russian wheat. Well, its type, the wheat so much that we can afford to sell it on the international market. Well, tried to country! Perfectly sure, but ... As it turned out, not all of us have reported that the Government had approved and officially authorized use for bakery flour from coarse grains 5-th class. Brilliant!

Yes, the very class that traditionally was used to feed cattle. Maybe there's something mixed up, but the fact remains that. On the export of high-quality wheat leaves, and for internal use on the table, so to speak, the Russians, is bread baked from corn for livestock. Beautifully! And all within the law! But ... I'll tell you one thing, only you do not take offense. National leader of this ugliness, of course, does not know. Hide this fact from him. But when this suit finds officials that does not seem little. This is important.

And in conclusion. Realizing that it is written a lot of letters and you can fall asleep while reading text, decided to ... People, he's very warm refers to Putin and say so a few chilly, but not without humour refers to the Prime Minister. Here, most recently, the two leaders rested in a Russian province. So say went to the people, to be quite accurate, then went to the fishermen. So, accidentally. Went to the people, fishermen were nearby. Why not go to Ogonyok, or rather on the ear. Ear all enjoyed, though Prime Minister forgot to put a piece of fish. Probably accidentally, although maybe just kidding this way. Fishermen, they joke around love. And they appeared very much like Putin. Read a poem and understand everything themselves.

Fishermen at the coast Sat,

Fading of blazing sunset,

Over the River, quiet, barely-barely

I heard the native spiritual mate.

Suddenly, as in a fairy tale, made waves

And on the beach, views, iskrâ

All equipped to complete,

Left thirty-three heroes.

Removed fins, vyplûnuli water,

Ties trimmed slightly

And, after inspecting the nature,

Men obŝupali Boca.

And then, pretending to be the bushes,

The cufflinks said:-Beach Clean!

And appeared before the fishermen

This small scuba diver.

View proniknovenen up eerily,

Despite Tina in her hair ...

The men crouched:-it's Putin!

Vaughn and black belt on shorts!

-Hello! Vladimir. I will be brief.

Soon everything will change you,

Happiness, fish and abundance-

I found in the river underwater gas!

The shock of the moment sud′bonosnosti

Men like thunder struck!

Happiness just to see the President,

And in shorts and with gas? Exclusive!

Here is one with great usil′em

Razomknul zakleivšijsâ mouth:

-It is necessary to urgently get a drink for Russia!

And for us, well, in a sense for the people!

-For the people!-Vladimir slumped,

Warmed eyes cold blue,

Prigubil polstopočki and Salo

In a simple way, humbly ate.

Scanned the forests, fields and Dali,

Otrâhnulsâ from current affairs:

-Is not there you in the bushes of the piano?

I would tell you about Homeland Popel ...

Men look at each other sulkily,

That do not have a tool ...

-Not enough we have culture. .. -

With the people become sad President.

In General, Sung under glass and spoon,

In unison, without any to sing,

About Russia, about the path tracks,

And at the end-"the Internationale".

The President relaxed for the first time,

Looked at halos dawn:

-How well we have in Russia!

Expanse! Nature! People! Gudgeons!

Hooked men considerably

And, having decided, someone from the soul

Suddenly said:-Even on hundred and people?!

Baba our too good!

All the fuss in predvkušen′i,

But Vladimir, a gift that weakened,

Firmly stated as late Lenin:

-Not to Bab, guys! Not until Bab!

All w me! Pasha, as mine with a wheelbarrow!

Oil, diamonds, firing rockets.

And after all, walk with the dog,

Pay for water and for the light!

Once, literally, glue the flippers,

Here, on the right is crack right through ...

As luck would have it, and homosexuals,

Sorry, a lot of time.

Everything is clear. Once, of course.

But help is something men want-

All agreed that even in women

For each leader will make a contribution!

And, knowing with the people of donor-ISAR,

Having received the support of a strong thread

Chief went to administer prednaznačen′e

And with all my heart the motherland love!

With its master, Valka

He has left, as usual, forward ...

The men sighed:-fins sorry!

So, bumps, before the end of the porvët ...

In the back looked at umilënno:

-President and see how easy!

And delivered from vatnikov shoulder straps,

Sat wash allowance stars.

author Yu Viktorov.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg October 2016 year

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