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С 29.11.09

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Russia. Pension reform or what to do with pensioners.

Dear Friends! Promises should be carried out. The last time yours truly promised to raise the issue of pensions and pension reform. Clumber and not question! And that very nicely skommunizdili money grandparents didn't say is that lazy ...

To begin with, and believe that it will be correct, see interpretation of pension from the native state.

Pension-regular (monthly) allowance paid to persons who have reached retirement age (old age pension), disability, have lost a breadwinner.

The key word in our case, this word-allowance. That is, consciousness, how would agree that pension is the goodwill of the State towards its citizens. It is good that starts handing out money right and left those who stopped working due to age. Well, almost stopped. This is important. The key word here is, that Word is money. Moreover, it can seem that the State distributes its money. Reality referred to as harsh, draws a different picture entirely unfortunately with these so-called public money.

It is because, as it was?! People work. And the serpent tempter, in the face of the mother State, cannot sit on its public Pope smoothly and quietly. How to get more money from and give him less? The overriding issue. And ... Exactly. Born a brilliant idea. It is necessary to explain the running that he was not fully aware of the seriousness of their situation. Here it works, spending money left and right, and it does not think, because of their stupidity about the time when will stop working. As he live then, no paycheck is going to ... This is important.

What?! Is pigeonhole throughout life money in three-liter jar?! And if you get the mouse, progryzut plastic cover and reach denezhek. And then, abandoning work, and realizing that mice ate all stockpiling. Yes, this is the most short-sighted society member will run to his native state to feed him until the end of his days. AHA, now! So my dear, you can state the world to ruin, its irresponsible behavior. So, in order to avoid such indulgence to say failure, power decided that ...

With everyone who works, take part of the salary and dump in their State, three-liter jar with metal lid. Well, it's that the mouse got to denezhek. And that, that's right. So money will be goal. Type, we save your money, but when you retire, will you pay monthly your same earned ... What?! How much pay will be?! Well, smart people think how it must be, not working, not prematurely went would be into another world. What?! And if accumulated during the lifetime of a lot?! And if the time payments do not have time to get all the accumulated?! This is important.

What you say here. Questions are harmful, I would say provocative. So reason can only enemies. If you take all the accumulated unit citizen throughout his adult life funds. At best, coming out of retirement, the citizen manages to get from the native state a little bit from when the hard-earned money. Why?! Good question! Yes, because men are mortal and immortal State as Kashchei from folk tale. No, the remaining funds, relatives of the deceased of course won't get. The money the State collects itself, so to speak, for caring about people.

Why can't I pay a pensioner more to catch until he live to pay all, or nearly all the funds which the State assumed possession?! I said that it has harmful issues. You cannot. And if he gets all the money and not die?! Well, here comes this irresponsible citizen. He doesn't want to die. And then what will we do?! For whose account it feed?! What?! Relative let fed?! Good advice. And why money has filed State and not those relatives? Good question! Yes, because these are relatives, people aren't reliable, they both now say may inexpediently can spend the most money ... So we have the native state otduvat′sâ for all their irresponsible citizens.

As a result, and the pension system. So say everything on a purely scientific basis. But as any system, and the pension is no exception to the rule, she found herself subject to improvements, enhancements, ... The rule that the best the enemy of the good, in this case, is not valid. Unfortunately, the mouse anywhere where you can meet and where you can't. These, by the way, cute animals, appeared to see no difference between the trëhlitrovoj jar stored at the citizen and, figuratively speaking, which is kept by the State. Well, it just happened.

You won't believe these animals for the presence of a metal lid is not a serious obstacle. The entire course of history shows that money is lost in both cases. State, then raises his hands and with his usual modesty, declares that ... Citizens, it so happened, but needed another pension reform. Well, the type of your money as they would have, but at the same time, they both would not. Crisis in the backyard and you need to understand all the seriousness of the economic situation of the country. And who does not understand that naturally is not a patriot, but an enemy.

Deft honest officials promise that no penny of pension savings are not lost. What happens next regroup, or if anything a reallocation of funds. For what?! In order to implement fully all the commitments of the State towards pensioners. You think?! Theft?! What you are saying, I beg you! You said that everything was being done for pensioners and for their own good. This is important.

Played the whole battle in cyberspace. How to improve, how to improve the pension system to exclude the impact of negative factors. To blame because the bourgeois and the acceding thereto capitalists. This is because of their subversive policy, our domestic mouse imprisoned retirement savings. They, and they alone are to blame for this situation. And if you have doubts about the need for pensions at all, then these wise men are crushed with all the power of a powerful state machine. Iš′ what udumali, generally abandon pensions. This is important.

Special attention should also be given to the increase in the retirement age. It is understandable, than later people will stop work, so later it will have to pay pensions that are stored at the native state. And so less time will be paid the pension. No, centenarians has occurred, but say that too many of them, there are no prerequisites for.

Will leave people retire at sixty years, it is approximately fifteen years pension. And if you retire years in seventy-five years, the maximum life and entirely ... Yes, leave us sinners and go into another world. Can you imagine what the savings obtained public funds. Kidding, of course public funds, but initially the former personal savings of working citizens for a comfortable old age.

But there are reserves on which the modern generation of eminent statesmen until guess. Moreover, the proposal of which I speak, will kill several birds with one stone. Sandro not greedy, he frequently gives such brilliant ideas, car and small truck. At each Russian company has proceedings connected with processing timber. If not, you must create one. Believe me, the costs will be recouped in full. Download these production orders. What?! Good question! Let them make ... coffins!

Yes, the coffins! You know, such beautiful grobiki ... Retirement generally prohibit! Thus stop harmful speculation on the subject of pensions. No, the State's obligation to continue, but moved to the far future. When the enemy, causing discomfort to us live to win. In the meantime, let them work! And if the day will come when man will leave us sinners.

The coffin is ready! And ready in advance! People will be able to choose from a variety of options. Say so on the mass. Material for upholstery choose! Select design! Order a personalized plate! Try yourself! That's where the care of the State of working people will manifest itself! You can even advance it desolate from the Union to order! At his own expense of course. A wreath of flowers from the Administration! Conservatory build, again at his own expense! This is important.

Imagine how many new jobs may appear! Agree that appear complexity. It will be necessary to equip the enterprise places to snooze. Bed to purchase, well there mattresses, blankets, towels ... Well, the type of sleep, and work. I think with this, creative managers, no problems. They're already brilliantly coped with the task, the smoking ban at the enterprises. Excelled, to promote access to the city to visit cultural sites. This is important.

Fabulous prospect for the country's development opens! Of course, admit that particularly harmful citizens may wonder. Sandro, but generally with urban infrastructure? Good question, and I to see him ready. And what is there to reinvent the wheel. Now, it is after all how?! There is a city, and in this very city, is an industrial enterprise. In most cases, city-forming enterprise. I propose to radically change the concept. A fence encircles the enterprise, as a relic of the dark of the totalitarian past. What?! Workers will flee? Not to flee, I assure you. Build a fence around enterprises ... the city! The company will turn out, and inside it is the city! Costs large?! Yes, I agree, but ... Believe me, the costs will be recouped. This is important.

And here, in this approach, the issue will be unprecedented prospects for so long advertised Liberals modernization. Local, naturally patriotic businessmen, Andrei finally relaxed. Still, because it was?! People, including pensioners, received money and decide what, where and from whom to buy. Fundamentally the wrong approach to deal with the issue. Let businessmen agree with company officials, and those already on transfering provide citizens with all necessary ... This is important.

Fantasy and delirium? Do not rush to hasty conclusions. The age-old dream of the State, protect the elite from cattle, has finally come true. Elite and rednecks, will exist in parallel realities. Moreover, it should be understood that it will be possible to openly use very effective enforcement mechanism to work cattle. Now, it is very easy to create artificial demand for the allegedly necessary goods and services. Yes, patriotic businessmen have to work substantially in this respect. Yes, there will be certain costs of goods and services promoted by advertising. But, believe me, it all pays off in the short term.

Evil tongues say that everything bad that money in the budget. Advised to cut spending on defense industry, education, social ... And if shorter, then all must tighten their belts. But if you follow my advice, you will not have to tighten the belt. As such, the belt will have to cancel, so as not to give rise to a different kind of speculation.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg May the year 2016

(P) . S.

All of you probably remember the unyielding Communist and naturally Patriot Uncle Misha. Well, that Gorbachev. Well, the higher power marked the speck on the brow. So, it turns out that the uncle Misha, whom some called Judas, thereby insulting the last such comparison. Samorazoblačilsâ! It turns out that all my life, he wanted to destroy communism. Good job!!! In Koi then eyelids told the truth, but ... They really know how to do anything. Wanted to destroy communism, and destroyed the State.

M.s. Gorbachev: "the purpose of my life was the destruction of communism"

(P) . S 2.

Monitoring of public figures show that they are quite inexpensive and sovrut take ... Okay there, Misha, but here's uncle Serezha recently issued ...

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with RIA Novosti that Syrian President Bashar Assad is not an ally of Russia in the sense in which the United States ally Turkey; Moscow supports Asada in the fight against terrorism and in the preservation of the State.

"Assad did not ally us, among other things. Yes, we support him in the fight against terrorism and in the preservation of the Syrian State. But he is not an ally in the sense in which Turkey is an ally of the United States, "said the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Can you imagine?! The type of war we have arranged. And Bashar Al-Assad, as it turns out, they are not your friend. Us, he, like others, were never friends. Where we are, and where they ... A similar situation was with Donbass, which as they say evil tongues was merged.

(P) . S 3.

As the country slowly victoriously and with enviable persistence is moving ... Well, I hope you understand, don't want to just use profanity. So, while we all move there in the glorious city of Tomsk officials even very good work for the benefit of the State.

In Tomsk while checking shop inspectors revealed a violation of Epidemiology: on 26-th cakes local producers lacked marking labels. The Office asked suit in court.

According to store employees, goods without marking entered directly from the manufacturer. However, having examined the facts of the case, the Court recognized representative of trade firms found guilty of selling products without labeling. The company was fined five thousand rubles, and the cake is "Tiramisu", "Tube", "Basket with cream", "Boat with cherries» is arrested by the bailiffs.

"Employees of the Department of bailiffs October district went to the Mall and seized the products which immediately whisked away to the federal property management agency for the destruction," the statement said.

It seems to me that lie. What kind of destruction! Themselves ate all the cakes. All the more so as this twenty-six cakes for the whole Department. But not all apparently ushers like sweet. Some apparently don't like sweet, and ... You won't believe these Tomsk ushers I really began to like it. Well done! Uzbek bread!

Tomsk bailiffs arrested 20 of tortillas and handed over for destruction

I do not believe! That's after they ate cakes, do not believe that they passed the cakes. Ate here and go to my grandmother ... These ushers will not disappear anywhere that gives certain hope.


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