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С 29.11.09

Our life


War of compromising materials. Black Horseshoe or where are you nesëš′sâ threesome Rus ...

Dear Friends! Today we'll talk about ... Yes, it is about the war, if it can be called a war of compromising materials and about where it goes in the same threesome Rus managed dashing âmŝikom. No, I understand that the progress cannot be stopped, but not to the same degree.

So, the large community that wandering around on the World Wide Web is very troubled. Troubled so much that was lost appetite and desire to think logically. And the reason was around, you won't believe the stunning dirt lot not existing leader PARNASSUS Mikhail Kasyanov. I will tell you very energetic politician, well he does not forget the potential electorate. Only the electorate, calmed down after the epochal battle of creative Chechen confectioners and uncle Misha, as new media event.

Many people, with pathos, love to position themselves as citizens who dislike digging into someone else's dirty laundry. Above this type, we and us such details from the life of famous people are not interested in. But then it is very difficult to explain the fact that the attendance of the network resources in the moments roll fried facts, grows exponentially. Apparently, it's aliens komprometiruûŝimi very interested in facts, not our righteous. They even pukaût, sorry, French perfume. This is important.

So, recently, at the leader of the party pursues sexual pleasures with PARNASSUS, a member of the political Council of the party itself Natalia Pelevinoj. All progressive public very vozbudilas′ fact data from the personal lives of these people. The impression is that the majority of citizens, and not suspected that humans have sex from time to time.

And here, as the Sun from behind the clouds, Misha and aunt Natashaopened the eyes of the citizens in this way. It turns out that you can, and as advised, doctors need to have sex. Imagine what a discovery.

Sorry for my French, but just ohrenet, what a damning dirt. Man has sex with a woman. No, I still realized if m. Kasyanov had sex with animals, for example. Then, Yes, this event is definitely. This has not been, at least in the Russian political space. This is a breakthrough. The mattress was. And Mr. Shenderovich, in fact, the discoverer of this method of sexual gratification. And have sex with a woman. Finely hobotovy, well what does this dirt! So, minor episode of intense life policy.

Uncle Misha at all uneasy, but aunt Natasha very embarrassed this to the public and said that leaving the political Council, the non-existent party of PARNASSUS. Why the non-existent party?! Already mentioned, but again. The Party formally is, it documents exist, but in the physical incarnation of her no matter how this fact who, duh ... But tear with aunt Natasha does not intend to. It still shares its ideology and common goals. On this basis, Natalia Pelevin remains an ordinary member of the party.

Moreover, the position of the aunt of Natasha, personally I don't quite understand. If the media do not lie, but they are happening, then Natalia Pelevin said that sincerely regrets, because damage to relatives and friends to people, party members and the party as a whole. And here's uncle Misha, it seems, has no regrets about anything. Apparently adultery to his wife in a rented apartment, for these purposes is not really an aggravating fact. Iron man, from which as said you can do nails classic ... And yet, if you believe the rumors, from Uncle Misha fled zaplakannaâ wife. Although it may return and forgive his Mišen′ku. What not to do for the sake of political future spouse. This is important.

Here's a look at these alleged leakage of information and quality of his work if I may say so informational product. Not only small, but also without creativity and flight of creative imagination. Too me dirt, man gone to bed with a woman. At one time, a young politician from the Liberal Party was is caught ... How would rightly say ...

Getting acquainted with the documents of the Ministry of Justice, he has engaged in banal wank. Correctly, as many have already guessed, we are talking about Vladimir Ryžkove, relatively young politician who constantly struggles with the bloody regime.

Like all excited! You might think they don't know that many politicians engage in out ... And here the nickname offensive Voloden′ke invented. Chief onanist country! Evil people, you didn't understand. Here in fact likely, as ... He in one hand the documents of the Ministry of Justice on refusal of State registration of a political party, the PARNASSUS and the other ... You understand everything correctly. Volodya, such a performance and installation, sends this very Ministry throughout the known direction. That's where the creativity! That's where the iron shutter speed and grip!

And all would be nothing, but ... There is some repetition, which shows that there are more where to grow and something to strive for. In both cases, we present. Only in the case of all party blowjob limited Ryzhkov, but in the case of Kasyanov it came to party sex ... Many do not realize is that privacy is not enough time or energy. So we have the party for the sake of sacrificing personal. By the way, uncle Misha, very elegant pushed back Voloden′ku from the Party Affairs. PARNASSUS, has two, and, importantly, if one of them, Tritton party onanist. This is important.

Here mentioned bloody mode. Recently occurred long anonsirovavšijsâ release of blackmail to the guarantor of the Russian Constitution Putin. Have been waiting for. Some threw all his chores, so as not to miss this landmark event. A particularly clever people and made bets. What would it be?! Sexually suggestive or compromising financial component takes the upper hand.

Money rule, money all over the head. And therefore won the financial component of the blackmail. The whole thing of popcorn in nearby stores. Bought beer and cigarettes. Everybody is looking forward to. Such preparatory work has been conducted since the football championships. Well, those on which the Russian football team went as tourists.

And ... As far as I understand, we are talking about some two billion dollars. You know, after such an amount, and it's not just my opinion, the guarantor of the Constitution's authority in the eyes of the general public is noticeably tired. No, it is understandable that they steal everything, but ... Well, not solid, the head of the country, skommunizdit′ is a couple of billion. We have some dexterous and certainly honest oligarchs much larger amounts can operate.

The impression that few people know about an endemic theft. Well, understand this tradition is. Steal. Rather take something bad lies. But as history has shown, at the Russian open spaces pretty much bad lies. Both the opinion and the opinion of those in power really strives for. ECA "wonder" ", these are the Panamanian documents with very sensitive financial information. Imagine, once again, broad, and of course a progressive public reported that nothing human and strong is foreign to the world. That and the rich not only cry, as throughout the known Latin American series, but love money piling in a jug. This is important.

This information revealed on April 3. Briefly, the crux of the matter is this. One Office at the beginning of the register all sorts of offshore companies. Well, type, wear your money to us, and then ... That's right! And then I took and posted very many documents in open access. But there are civilized people, made everything beautiful. Type, it is not we, it's ubiquitous investigative journalists all stole from our lawyers and informed people. As we report in this regard was attended by nearly 300 journalists from almost 80 countries around the world. Where they so much honest journalists found even Ta Riddle ...

An impressive amount of information. About 2.6 terabytes contain detailed information about offshore 12 world leaders, politicians and 128 29 billionaires ... This is important. For those who is friends with math, suggest easy task. Calculate how much information each accounted for clever and honest journalist. Calculate how much time had to go to a translation of the text, its reflection. Very interesting how much time was spent in such intense work on sleep, eating, and even sorry for sending the toilet. Yes, you will not believe, but journalists sometimes kakaût ...

Here in fact, here's what point is important. While information is not released to the public, there is an opportunity for blackmail. Once the information has appeared in open access in principle cannot blackmail. The value of information is lost. The truth is one thing. Those who are not mentioned in these documents, sent a clear message. We know everything about you and by the way too.

And now, let me say a few words about where it goes in the same threesome. Not reveal great secrets if I say that to the State was rich, first stop to make the most of the wealth of the State. Many rely on productivity gains. AHA, now! Brilliant economists may not understand or simply evil. Improved performance even in five, at least ten times will mean only one thing. Exactly as many times will be more looted and smuggled out of the country. This is important.

At first, after all how beautiful it was! High energy prices have allowed a portion of the proceeds to inject what is called in the people. With regard to the current situation, the whole essence is to change everything without changing anything. A stroke of genius. But if not cunning, most importantly, is manageability. Moreover, we are talking about management decisions and mechanisms for translating them into reality. And how to do it with the way Georgia economy, no one wants to say no. Many are waiting for everything itself dissipates. Naive people, if not more.

Many said that in Soviet times, a lot of drinking. Well, let's just say, now drink no less, but you need to see a substantial difference. Before, this was a cheerful hard drinking, which is now turned into a very depressive drunkenness. Feel the difference, as they say. Speaking of discharge information. It used to be that bottle of vodka made any conversation in invaluable source of the classified information. Think a lot has changed dramatically? I would like your optimism! This is very important.

At the dawn of the 90 's, many experienced joy and legitimate pride that Russia has been accepted among the major powers of the world. Well, as the successor has sunk into oblivion. Admittedly, that was adopted with a very large say so upfront, but ... It has been nearly three decades and who is now there. What we all have made?! Absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. Brilliant! Profukat′ everything is possible and everything is impossible. Believe me, it has to be able to ...

And what is there to be able to! Safely copy and transfer on domestic soil everything tested for centuries in the West. Who endured?! Good question! The main issue! Tolerated those who studied in the Soviet textbooks and studied works of classics of Marxism and Leninism. Former heads of laboratories and failed geniuses from the economy. Former plunderers of Socialist property in an instant become respected oligarchs. What happened in the end?! A wretched caricature that many don't want to notice it and see ...

I would like to point out that vaccination against democracy Russian electorate made very high quality. The electorate because sincerely believes that we have cultivated, most are real capitalism, and that neither is democracy. A particularly deft and honest, like to choose a different path for the country. No, not the way of the welfare State, which apparently does not exist. They wanted to see the country an energy superpower.

Well, droviški you type lest you not barn in winter, and you to us with reverence and respect at the beginning. And there, when we will complete dependence, heart-to-heart talk on the topic of who's boss ... That came out of it, did not see the can isn't that blind. Loss of markets becomes harsh and inescapable reality. This is important. It has to be able to it. What can you offer the world except energy yet?! A rhetorical question.

But the main thing left. The power and the elite want to manage global processes. There is a huge thirst for respect from the major world powers. Desire is understandable, but would like to hear about the grounds, which have contributed to this situation. Oddly enough, but there are no grounds for this. We have no goals. Earlier, though, the goal was to catch up and overtake. Now the main night stand, yes day hold. What can I tell if a model economy which was when uncle Joseph, and now is viewed by many as an example to be emulated. Idiots have the window, look at what age in the backyard ...

What's next?! And more ... What's next, ive had almost arrived, only the us has not reported in the media. Well, the team from power has not yet been received. She apparently thinks over the age-old question. It is time to escape to their Western partners, or can be a little skommunizdit′ that bad lies. That's the way we live. Punish the innocent, uninvolved award ... And continue to hope for a brighter future. This is important.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg April 2016 year

(P) . S.

An example of a roof that fully answers the question, how did we come to life. At the famous Timiryazev Academy want to select building plot. Who?! You may not believe it, but the Ministry of agriculture. Exactly it!

Participating in a meeting of university rector academician Viacheslav Lukomec, leading scientists of the University Dean of the Faculty of Agronomy and biotechnology, Aleksandr Solovev, Director of field experimental station Egor Berezovsky, head of the Department of horticulture, viticulture and winemaking Agamagomed Radzhabov told about the importance of preserving a number of areas involved in the educational process and in the scientific field.

The representatives of the Russian Ministry clarified the need for an innovative approach to solving problems of development of the University.

A number of working meetings held on the outgoing week. In addition, today also talks on the status of the lands of the Timiryazev Academy. In Monday at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation begins work specially created working group, which will include authoritative experts and leading scientists of the Academy.

Nail program statement Deputy Minister before the team and question the students.

(P) . S 2.

There are these characters to life, well, very interesting. You're their vytolkneš′ at the door, and they climb into a window. You pull them in a box, and they are trying to get through the chimney in the House. Not have guessed who it is I'm talking about?! It is understandable that these wise men very much.

And we are talking about Uncle Lëše Kudrin. The greatest and most beautiful Minister of finance. It is thanks to Uncle Lëše and his fellows we have what we have.

The former head of the Russian Finance Ministry Alexei Kudrin will drafting new economic programme for Russian President Vladimir Putin, RBK reports. as reported by sources close to the presidential administration, Kudrin is discussing with President formal opportunity to write the program outside of Government.

What is there to say. Brilliant! No, ingeniously twice! So to say that it had not been possible to implement during the first coming of the clever and honest Uncle Lëši to power, is scheduled to perform at the time of the second coming.

(P) . S 3.

Cannot but delight that among Russian liberals have decent shift. Here's a recent deft honest former oligarch Misha Khodorkovsky presented young people who will lead Russia to the mainstream way of world civilization.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky surely knows who is who, but ... Some of the people in this photograph cause slight anxiety. We are talking about a fiery fighter with the bloody regime of Mache Baronova about which little wrote in his time. Whether, sdûžit this fragile woman to confront the murderous regime. Although ... Masha and is not able to ... Overwhelmed by angry comments to photos which laid out in a network of m. Khodorkovsky.

P. s. 4

It might be the issue. And what is there behind the black Horseshoe?! Why do they appear in the header to this material. Everything is very simple. There is no political background. Just liked the song. Beautiful voice of Robert Muškambarâna and chic Sergey Filippov game in the frame ...

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