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С 29.11.09

Our life


Fairy tale never became a reality, or Putin

Dear Friends! Today we'll talk about pride for the country, and that the condition of Russian industry, in anticipation of a large ahtunga that is already almost came.

So does the man he bread, give only to experience pride for that either. And it is natural when takest tirelessly, the best reward, well apart from the salary, is praise and pride for their acts. All this is encouraging and adjusts to further work on improving, aggravation, improve ... Stimulus, stimulus effective, has anyone cancel has failed, in spite of all the efforts. This is important.

Pride in the profession does not occur by itself. Well it doesn't work. A package of measures, both loved to talk before, both at State level and at the grassroots. Believe me, it's not a nostalgia for the past. As said in his time, one a very good man, only a bright future will show how dark it was our past. And this is the future that has become real, is already showing itself in all its glory.

Here's a look. And I'm overreacting, even without such objectives do not have. What, or rather who took pride in Soviet times? Correctly, people working professions. It is cultivated and attitude everywhere.

No, I understand that there were large scientists, were astronauts, pilots, sailors ... Were on the worst reconnaissance and doctors. Any boy or girl does not have dreamed since childhood of their future profession. Moreover, this contributed to Wednesday. Oh, and propaganda is very supportive here, that is what it is.

The society of manufacturers and all told. Another thing to proper organization of the society itself, but the vector was identified very clearly. Catch up and overtake. The purpose of the grandiose, and the pursuit of it was not empty. This is important.

Then came other times. Children accused parents wasted life lived and ... Correctly, steel building on inherited a legacy database, albeit poor, build your own, most good and just society in the world. Many children began to dream of becoming bankers, traders, bandits, prostitutes, designers ... This is important.

Consumer society and consumers. All want to consume, and no one wants to create. Axiom, which mercilessly draws a sad picture. No, new times, it is clear, very beautiful. On the shelves of Russian stores a huge number of varieties of sausage. It is very happy. It is not for nothing that grandfathers and great grandfathers fought for sparing his belly. Sad only that this sausage, often completely missing the meat. But it's the details, though important.

Of course, guess whose filing, but there was an amazing metamorphosis. When comparing the current hypothetical successes with successes of the dark Communist past, has become unseemly to ugliness. When blaming the grandfathers and great-grandfathers in existing failures, was simply suicidal for reputation. Correctly! Then became the proud future. No, it's all right. If there is no progress in the present, remains proud of the future. Because the comparison with the past, no longer can withstand competition with this. This is important.

Propaganda and propagandists have done ideological and Vault. Now in the trend. Well, we were told that it should and it's very unites a nation. We're only vector draw joy and the rest he himself will do everything. When you hear about the latest military developments that feel so proud that even does not want to eat. Every day, learn about the next miracle weapons that if and then everything will go at the pace will do everything itself in destroying enemies. This is important.

Some, particularly fastidious citizens certainly aware that most of the old design of the Soviet era. Even more skeptical citizens doubt the existence of a production base capable of create this most wonder weapons, but ... You watch tv and you see, and what is most interesting feel pride, knowing that if the enemy tries to disrupt our peace, it will have a fitting rebuff of Putin's falcons and the latest wonder weapons. Moreover, for most balujsâ not or if you will, on most tomatoes. Country can sleep peacefully. Well, whether or not sleep peacefully. Democracy, it always provides a choice. This is very important.

It would seem that here. Patriotic enthusiasm sometimes useful to society, in order to escape from the hardships and privations of a peaceful life, but ... It's sad to me. No, really, really sad. Why? Yes elementary all Lord-comrades. Bragging provisional, and pride is not a fait accompli. Well as you can be proud of the facts and events that may occur in the future. As for my opinion, so it is not very nice and more like self-glorification. Not in vain because there are a lot of folk proverbs in this account. Don't tell the GOP, not yet out of the Woods.. If this little sayings, here are, in my opinion, the best for our case. Not to boast, walking on the army, and boast walking with rati. A stroke of genius.

Many forget how in the run-up to the war with his uncle Adolf, Soviet people told about the miracle weapons and about Stalin's Falcons. Well, still talked about three tankistah. And here's all this together has allowed hope for good sleep citizens. The validity, and the stark reality of the beginning of the war, everything is put in its place. True, many people asked quite a reasonable question. And where our Stalin's falcons and miracle weapons? This is important.

I suspect that history with the Falcons and arms again. It is already a tradition of such a practice. Well, we believe in fairy tales. Or want to believe, if someone is so convenient. With the army more or less clear. Not in vain because they say that the generals win past battles. Russian generals, I think, are no exception to the rule.

And here's how to deal with the transition. And here's how to be with the productive sector. And here's how to be a success in this field. All the more so, the miracle weapons are exactly in the manufacturing sector. Produced on another remaining factories and mills. With this harder, if you remove the rose-colored glasses and look at the situation sober look. Almost all machines of the foreign proceeding or the Soviet type, the middle of the last century ... Well, it just happened. And what if the enemies in these high-tech machines, surprises, which left. No, not for the sake of greed, as well, just in case.

Fully admit that there might be a question. And the question is quite reasonable. And how did it happen that we all left without domestic machine tool industry? A very good question. Ask? I answer. You see, what's happening here. It turns out well, it so happened, on the site of many factories that were engaged in the production of the means of production are currently shopping malls, luxury residential buildings. Do not believe? Did you ask the residents of the Russian capital, for example, that is plant of automatic lines them. Sergo Ordzhonikidze. Whereas this situation throughout the country.

Oh well, but as we have agriculture? Perfectly to ugliness and disgusting to idiocy. Total dependence on agricultural chemistry, proteins and vitamins, seeds, veterinary medicine. You can talk about anything, even if the eggs for rearing of poultry, mostly from imported parents. And many are proud of buying in shops for the poor, well, these, Pâtëročkah, Magnets and other beautiful and fleshed, domestic chickens.

So, we should be more modest and prevent dizziness from success as advised all uncle Joseph, well one that was a bloody tyrant. Speaking of tyrants and dictators. No, a lot, but ... It has become a tradition to berate his uncle Joseph. And it is not discussed. Moreover, the impression that several centuries ago and the Chapel, destroyed. I always wondered what a huge number of denunciations, who wrote the population to the competent authorities. Why were denunciations? Well, probably liked people to write essays on a given topic. So to speak in terms of self-education. And learning the rules of grammar.

But back to the industry. That is saying that this very industry mess, sorry for rude word. No, I understand that the vast majority of managers really want to lead the company in order to engage in productive activities, but ... Optimization, formalization, standardization of business processes is not yielding the desired results. Many consultants swirl as for griddle, and something there doing with order and forging processes. While saying many clever words that work teams take over profanities.

Paradoxically, observing this process, all are surprised when they see that it fails. Why? I will answer. Because many do not understand that mess, this is the order that we cannot understand. Here is defined the word mess, and very glad for myself. So why do modern executives can't build a working system of production management? The answer is obvious. They forget that you should always start with yourself. This is important.

How you manage, under the guidance of modern managers and executives? A very good question. Listen and remember. Notoriously ineffective performers assigned to important issues. Why? So in fact this artist is very dependent on the leader. Beautifully! In our everyday work priority is given to unimportant issues and problems. Many unneeded questions endlessly debated and refined. In an environment where a lot of the important work conducted very frequent meetings, planërki, meeting. Well, the type of show that work is conducted.

Produced a lot of obscenely all sorts of instructions, orders, technological guidance on issues that require immediate attention. The team knows very well that the initiative is punishable. The decision of questions of all kinds of groups to address is passed to the device of brainstorming. And participating in this assault people, for the most part, vaguely familiar with a solvable problem. This is very important.

In order not to be repeated, I suggest reading a few things very vividly describing the General principles of the management of enterprises and, in General, the Russian industry. Modern leader, as the driving force for regress. A few words about managers, which very much. Managers, as the driving force for progress or incorrigible idiots ... Oh, and about parting with our American partners. Goodbye Alcoa! Viva Linehan! Quit smoking or come to visit us, come to visit us ...

What's next?! And then we will rather should work more and eat less. Why?! Elementary. Enemies are around, and we all have to close ranks in the face of external threats. This dialectic looms.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg April 2016 year

(P) . S.

No, I certainly understand that the crisis in the country. It's not even being discussed. Said crisis means it is. If anyone knows, but in the beginning of 2000 years in Russia there was not one dollar billionaire. And then ... One gets the impression that they were to proliferate by cloning. Most of the population below the poverty line, and at the same time.

At the end of March, Moscow Palace events, Safisa, hosted the wedding of the son of Russian oligarch Mikhail Gutseriev. The wedding was held on a grand scale. Sing at the wedding came Jennifer Lopez, Sting, Enrique Iglesias and certainly Alla Pugacheva. People, well the one hanging out in the World Wide Web became discuss entertainers. We are talking about millions of euros.

To me, that's what I thought. No, I'm not against children is sacred, especially their children. But can the possibility could be found and ... Well, thousand, fifty euro for help in treating children on which baked the Russian first channel. And here's beat out a tear and asked to list 75 rubles on SMS to help sick children.

(P) . S 2.

Federation Council of Russia. Well, you understand what I wanted to say. And who is not understood, then explain to them that the Federation Council this kennel in which cultivated the brilliant politicians and equally ingenious proposals in the form of brilliant tips ... So, recently, one of them was announced. Let's just say some officials made quite a proposition. No, incorrectly formulated. With a brilliant proposal. This is important.

It turns out that there is a need for China to develop Siberia. Lavrentiy Beria, with a couple of times rolled over in his grave. We will not be able to absorb, but China must give such opportunity. Let the Chinese come and make us all nicely. And what's wrong with that. What?! To deal with this themselves most development?! In what century you live?! You don't understand that, throughout the civilized world does?! Savages, sit on the innumerable riches as a dog in the manger. Many thanks to the senators.

P. s. 3

A couple of words about banks and collection agencies. This is because as twins Siamese. Modern banking is unthinkable without these agencies. Well, it so happens, not take it amiss. And anyone in the head does not come bright idea ... Why the Agency for knocking out debt, if the judicial mechanisms and the huge Department of bailiffs. What?! So I am going with this?! Elementary. Collection agencies to deny and recover debts, using the above ... It must be the same and they sometimes work. This is important.

No, I understand that the bankers have recently without salt eating last horseradish, but ... Became Miss money on kuršaveli, Bentley and hamony, but ... Did native State was not able to come to their aid? No, could not come naturally. Now rather soon banks allowed to not give money to its customers. Than motivate? Good question. If the Bank will be bemused source of income of their clients.


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