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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Quiet flows the Don, as art ...

Dear Friends! Not yet time to talk about politics. Though, where without it. Today I propose to talk about ... Yes, art. It is about him, and everything connected with it.

Recently, well it so happens I found time to lie down on the sofa. No, well, millions of people make this simple operation on a daily basis and nothing ... Than yours truly worse. There is no difference. This is important. Improving the moment, decided to adopt the horizontal position. Of course, an essential feature for this pastime is the work of the tv in the background. Where do without him. You're lying, think about the eternal, the fate of the country, and it's about time tv one we threw at you many gigabytes is not relevant and necessary information. Aivazovsky with his ninth, by the way, written in 1850 year rests on the sidelines.

At the same time, few fish ploughed hundred liter Aquarium, which we have with his wife quite often tumultuous debate. Well, it's time to type or is it time to clean the Aquarium?! She argues that it's time. This is important. My opinion, as a very large specialist in this matter, that you can still wait a bit. No, clean, of course we can and should, but the delay in the clearance, well is not death. Discussion, traditionally ending an agreement to revert to this matter as soon as possible.

From the kitchen to the couch, Wade very good aroma of fried pies. Well, those that you can eat a lot, and then the smallness. Those pies, which does not buy anywhere else. This is important. Pies, pies with cabbage with potatoes and pečënkoj. Small, well two bite, this maximum. It's a big torture lying on the sofa and do not attempt to go into the kitchen, give moral support to spouse and steal plates still hot pie. No, you can certainly wait until the whole process of frying is complete, but ... Experienced by remarked that stolen cakes much tastier than pies that survived until the end of the frying. This is important.

Your humble servant has postponed a visit to the kitchen for one very good reason. On tv showed a very long announced series, quiet flows the Don. No, not the one in which starred Glebov and Ryan. And not one in which starred actor-fag, Rupert Everett, in the best sense of the word, in the role of Grigory Melekhov. Showed the latest reading of the novel, which we are all invited Sergei Vladimirovich Ursuliak. And what is right. They are artists, for much have the right. Including its brilliant shoot things at the expense of public funding. And that the Ministry of culture of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, its decision of July 31, 2014 year allocated funds to this masterpiece.

No, it's filmed before long. This is important. Now, when everything is mixed up in the House. No, let's not talk about what the House in question. Now all masterpieces are baked very quickly. Well, quite quickly, as Patty bakes my better half. That's right, please what breed for many years. And if funding ceases, for various reasons. No, strike while the iron sorry money here. And forge, and vaâût, and create, and is painted.

For the sake of justice I say that Don landscapes, this is in my opinion, the most important role in the series. So, these are the landscapes, despite all the genius and the relevance of the Director, despite a new reading classics ruin failed. This is important. Whether such a goal was not, whether the skill is not enough, whether time was short. Don landscapes, this Don landscapes, all told. Of course, for such a film built a full-scale scenery. Differently and should not be. The scenery is so full, that from disparate buildings you can collect a full page.

There is a reasonable question. And what about the paraphernalia, household items. How to convey the atmosphere of those years, which is better than any words conveys how the villagers lived at that time. Don't worry. Walked to museums, collectors and remaining course on local residents. Many have found. This is important. Cups, pots, kettles, pans, curtains, pillows, tablecloths, clothes chests, bellows ... Good, in General what turned out to be some sort of nature, but do not live, lubočnaâ. And yards like there, and streets, but do not live, they, however. Perhaps affected by the lack of dogs, cats, chickens, roosters. Maybe I just didn't notice.

Caused the tear of emotion one point which was not without pride told the filmmakers. Turns out you won't believe, but ... Very real, very a Cossack Silver Earring, brought a local resident. Accidentally stranded Cossack and grandson of Cossack. Why?! Be ashamed. The source should have been read. Remember after all, based on the novel, Grigory Melekhov, papanâ Panteley Prokofyevich wearing a Silver Earring in the left ear? Evil tongues say that with the advent of the Silver earrings, Sergey Makovetskiy role, has played with new colors. How did, all for the sake of historical truth and historical truth. This is important.

No, Sergey Makoveckiy, of course a good actor, and he very much so authentically limp, but ... How would it say that would offend no one. Sholokhov, when he wrote his novel, brought image Panteleâ Prokof′iča fierce and cruel person who could inspire others fear. Well, so I wanted to classics. In modern parlance, and performed his man hero Makovetskiy kind, though sometimes slightly gnevlivyj. No, Makovetsky plays the cool, reliably. Only the eyes, well where to put intellectual kind eyes and replace them with eyes severe Cossack ...

Evil tongues say that the actors very much studied. Well, there, how to talk and dance. How to properly walk and laugh. Even how to sculpt dumplings. This is important. And about proper bathing in Don, milking of cows and the wearing of water using rocker I generally keep my mouth shut. Yes, it was necessary to properly baptized. So here. Apparently there was little time for training, or teachers fall useless or pupils played truant from class. No, riding heroes sit very even nothing, nothing to say that is what it is.

Separately, so to speak, particularly, I would like to say about Gregory Melihove. Rather not about him but about the actor who plays its role. No, I understand that it is very difficult to find a high artist. But taking on the role of Gregory, an actor whom gladly would take the tank troops because of short stature. Believe me, it is not discrimination on the rostovomu principle. This is important. No, actor Gregory Tkachuk plays its role inspired, and I would even say with cocky such mischief, but ... And here the Cossack Grigory Melekhov.

Maybe, I say maybe, this actor were not bad in the role of Bears Iaponchik. There are no issues here. But little did in the history of the âpončikov, kitajčikov, kupončikov, talončikov ... Is it all remember. But I am sure that his actors age, all of them would have sufficed. Play, don't want to. It is clear that changing with the help of grimërov nose, making it similar to this body at Gregory Melehov, can take on such a challenging role, as the role of Gregory ... This is important.

That neither role, then the song. By the way about the songs. Never being a composer and a specialist in music, may I express my opinion. In the film if little and sing, and in fact a fumble. It's in the early Soviet era, sang almost all films, and very well Sung. Even the birds in the sky and those exclusively sang songs of Soviet composers, causing genuine envy their overseas feathered brethren. About actresses do not say, if not for one fact. Well, where they found these subtle ladies. There is a suspicion that the searches were secular parties and nowhere else.

Particularly touched one moment. Mr Ursulyak, modestly so, explained his choice to invite to the role of Natalia, his daughter. Humility simply rolls over, which by the way, is inherent to all ingenious creators. Turns out he was looking for an actress for the role of Natalia and found he couldn't. Suggested we try daughter. Ta agreed. The Pope is very difficult to refuse, who argues. And you know, says Sergey ursulyak, she has a good shot. Well, who would have doubted such an outcome. Talent, he and talent in Africa.

Work on the film naturally was very tense. Hollywood just resting. So many details, viewers learned about the process of filming. This is how we all tell numerous details that would be imbued with the Viewer. Here there is a scene in which the encounter of Gregory and Aksinya. A huge field of sunflowers. Impressive?! And then! And if you even tell that for this case the crew rented a very large plot of land and sowed it ahead of time. Spectator in Ecstasy.

What?! How to be the laws of flowering and shoot?! Everything is very simple, the laws of nature have retreated before the pressure of artistic intent. After all, this was the only way to achieve what would be the most desired bloom phase reached sunflowers at the time of the shooting, this is definitely a seminal scene. You have listened to these stories, and unwittingly smahivaeš′ with cheeks miserly man's tear. Sunflowers are certainly impressed. This is important.

It is not clear that during Metamorphosis occurred with modern directors. Well filmed would be as before. Pro gangsters, cops, bankers, prostitutes, Western values. And filmed with enviable constancy and filmed the cream, but ... Perhaps saturated. May want to aspire to great and eternal, and at State expense to realize their talent. Make movies about people work, is no longer relevant. Farmers, scientists, astronauts and workers, this is already yesterday in contemporary cinema.

The thing is that in my opinion, novel, quiet flows the Don, this is a very deep piece, in order to enable its adaptation to modern directors in modern Russia. As they like to say, this is the format. So much so that we have a Soviet film, and I'm talking about the first film, which oversaw Mihail Sholohov itself. I would like to note that a strong story and stunningly brilliant, and in all respects. Why, and what is most important for anyone to shoot this cinematic new?!

Really do not wish to give too serious with this permission, say another masterpiece. Talk about what a good painting or bad, consider counterproductive. Picture this, what is rather such what it could take off, but ... There is a way, and they took advantage of course Director to avoid numerous accusations of lack of talent. Specify in the credits the magic words. What?! Elementary. In explanation of the eponymous ... Everything. Critics and enemies move away to the side. Artist sees. Has the right. This is important.

And what of the film very carefully cut out the political component. But what a brilliant artist removed key scenes and key characters. And then it becomes entirely incomprehensible for many moments. Why Kazak went on a Cossack? Why staničnik went on staničnika? Why Melehovy brothers became enemies with Ataman? They were friends. Both became Communist Leader? As Peter Melekhov came to white? As it so happened, that hereditary Cossacks began on different sides of the barricades. Apparently the Director considered these questions irrelevant and insignificant. He knows better, as they say, and thanks for that.

And indeed, artistic vision could give us all another surprise. Make, so say your contribution to the world treasure. Display a couple of storylines, where show and the Cossacks were not alien to the ideas of tolerance and multiculturalism. A couple of friends a fag, a couple of lesbians. Imagine how you could expand the plot. Already captures the spirit from the perspective ...

Modern directors, and especially Russian directors, they're as small children. Very vulnerable and're touchy. And with a very self-important. Here I assume one of them. What are you currently working? Stupid Director, of course will say that nothing relieves. Then modestly adds that bloody regime prevents him from all the forces and means. And brilliant, he's Crafty by nature. He, with lencoj in the voice, will issue. I can afford not to take. And here he is not from the cinema, and the fish is quite a successful sculptor imperishable masterpieces. As stated feel the difference.

Many complain about the lack of strong scripts and literary material. And at the same time, they manage to shoot brilliant pictures. It's like, if you listen to many women. They love to feel offended by destiny and say that they have husbands solid idiots. And what they see. Have the right. But the mind boggles how with these most husbands-idiots, they manage to have brilliant children. Interesting science, the genetics ...

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg December 2015 year

(P) . S.

We have forgotten how to tell the truth. The impression that this is all. Adults, and vrëm how to breathe. Promised not to talk about politics, but slightly could not resist. See a small movie and ... Smile. After all, as the saying goes, the smile will lighten up all ...

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