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С 29.11.09

Our life


Russia. During that fight, or the splendor and misery of the cattle.

Dear Friends! Today we'll talk about that often passes by our awareness of the reality around us. Today we'll talk about gentlemen, former comrades and naturally about a stock, as they affectionately call their electorate.

21, when the spacecraft ploughed universe ended. 21, when for the sake of dreams of universal equality destroyed a huge number of people desperately gone forever. 21, when for the sake of idiotic ideas, was wiped off the face of the Earth an entire State, stayed in memory as the mad century on the eve of the great war. War seemed possible, but entirely optional. Because all human wisdom has been that a bad peace is always better than a good war, but ...

War is, and full-length becomes a matter of survival. Or rather, not about survival, and about who should go under the merciless blade of natural selection. Will not go into the history of the subject, but Division by gentlemen and rednecks, always have been. It became unseemly to reminisce, but hands cattle built plants, factories, houses of culture, stadiums ... Yes, hydro power plants were built. This is important. It is the hands of the cattle start settling outer space. These hands created a lethal weapon that can destroy several times all mankind on our planet.

The gentlemen already much said, I see no reason to repeat. but on the interlayer between Lords and cattle, the film itself, which Vladimir Lenin,with his usual bluntness, told the Communists that she is ... on the intelligentsia or elite as she positioned herself. The conscience of a nation, salt of the Earth, the best people in the country. As many epithets that stop and start unveiling the mouth play and outline the brilliant words and thoughts ... This layer can talk nicely. Able to build not less than beautiful schemes. And they love to criticize the existing power, and any, and indicate numerous deficiencies.

In fairness, I cannot say that this layer has one little flaw, or if you like, then dignity. Intellectuals or elite, absolutely nothing can and most importantly does not want to do. No, they know how it should be, and that, in their opinion, should be done. But here do yourself, it beats dismiss. Not Tsarist case shit poking around, sorry too for being rude. Think strategically, this always please, and here the light bulb screw in the entrance, it is sorry and intense.

And they really don't like cattle. It is more correct to say they hate it with every fiber of his wounded soul. Wounded, in the eternal struggle for the good of the country. Wounded, due to misunderstanding of cattle, their historic mission, which is to save the world around them. In recovery from cattle. There is a reasonable question. Why this layer so hates it most rednecks. The answer is obvious. Everything elementary to ugliness. This is important.

All benefited fully from the intelligentsia and elite, created on the hands and brains of cattle. It is clear that we can do nothing to think constantly about the fate of the country and mankind, but eat what feels like always. Here is where a dog rub ... Here's what not to forgive the country. That's why ashamed and distance themselves from cattle. And most importantly, so say shot to the head. Hate it more than called. Int osoznavaemym the fact that the intelligentsia and elite itself is cattle, which aspires to become a gentlemen. They hoped that if successful, the scenario they will be allowed for the Manor table. Naïve, to say the least.

Intelligentsia and elite, consider themselves the cream of society. They are pronounced, and èrudirovany at the same time vulnerable to harsh reality with which they measure their forces and capabilities are struggling. Although what is there strength and opportunities, what is there to say ... Just educate the uneducated rednecks. Just explain to him what the true happiness. Interlayer loves political statements and their interests, politicizing the scientific form. This is important.

Evil tongues say that the ancient Romans were convinced in one very interesting fact. Well, the type who was born, the order and will die. A stroke of genius. The Russian intelligentsia and elite went even further, so to say, creatively developing Roman beliefs, summing up the scientific basis for them. They are always just that, immediately bring scientific basis. Well, scientists conducted a study type, and came to the conclusion. But against Scientists and their findings, that's not so easy to poprëš′ unless you are for reactionary from science.

So here's our domestic scientists conducted very objective and naturally very scientific research. Who would doubt. HSE Press Office (School of Economics) produced by research results very interesting statement.

"The low level of education and income parents can affect linguistic baggage of children. Their speech becomes kosnoâzyčnoj and illiterate which hinders well in school, and in the long term-and succeed in life.

"Often the inherent nizkoresursnym groups" muteness "communication in the family-a rare exchange of remarks, inattention to matters of the child, as well as the authoritarian style of communication, prevent children accumulate and use lexical, syntactic and stylistic richness of native language", with the result that children "inherit" the social well-being of adults.

In fairness I must say that it is not a redneck monitors research scientists. Well, it just happened. Well, this is not the time, and the desire is missing. And even if read, hard to understand what is at stake. Although internal flair, of course assuming that the interlayer humiliates him remaining dignity. Spinal cord feels. This is important.

It turns out that if you have parents beggars, about success in school can forget. Your destiny, to live on the margins of life, and nothing to attempt to change the destiny. It turns out that poverty and social exclusion even very nasledstvenny. This is important. Equally important, so neatly summarizes the scientific base under birth divides society. Scientifically justified Division on precious and base classes.

Well, if the type was born our dear Baobab, and our dear Baobab we dark race.. And your children will baobabs, how would you not tried to change fate. And if you try to, who you the noble estate there. This is important. By the way, for the sake of justice it is necessary to say that such a scientific approach, it is not an invention of Russian scientists. In the West, if not lie evil tongues, long goes scientific base under genetic poverty ...

Today, and yesterday, almost impossible become famous and honored writer, musician, architect, and artist even with talent and ability. Exceptions to this rule there is no life. Everything is now on the surface, it's almost always lack and nizkosortnost′. Although issued for talent and genius.

And hear the voices from the Hall. And how to deal with such nuggets what surely were Lomonosov, bitter, Chaplin, Disney, Gates ... But with many Russian industrialists of the 19th century, who took in people from serfs. How to be with them. All this is true, but unfortunately, everything is left in the past. The golden age ended and never return.

Admittedly, it may appear that your humble servant dismissively refers to country, itself positioned as individual blue-blooded ... To the contrary, and in the minds of not a cynical look at the existing order of things. Just look at the world around us, look and make appropriate conclusions. This is important.

This layer calls manufacturers everything derogatory word which certainly is the word redneck. Gentlemen, naturally smarter than intermediate layer, they are only in his circle known as the electorate of cattle. But if you understand that removing cattle from society, inevitably comes collapse, which would award universal catastrophe. Who is going to work?!

Redneck (from German:./cattle is the bydło tâglovyj livestock or cart, zaprâžënnaâ these cattle) is a dirty word, which indicate mejnstrimnuû Internet subpassionarnuû of the inhabitants of a country ("ordinary people").

If you recall our Chinese brothers, naturally, as two, there is a reasonable question. If there are rednecks, there must be no gap, and ... That's right! It is like Yin and Yang, black and white, high and low. Yes, must be a creative class. This is the category of citizens, which turns and there is the engine of progress.

Creative class — a neologism extending dissidents during protests after the elections to the STATE DUMA in winter 2011 year.

Widely used on the Internet. Under the "creative class" refers to artists, photographers, bloggers, journalists involved in "intellectual work", mainly living in capitals that make extensive use of the Internet and social networks and supporting Western values. They contrasted the ordinary population of Russia.

The interesting thing is that even normal protest against the arbitrariness of the authorities, those with permission to say the best people the country is obtained as a light alcoholic exhaust from a lot of drunk intellectual. Well, type and we can protest, and no worse than the proletarians with cobblestones. But it turns out the psychological power of that incident is not inferior to the famous Kukotsky case. Elemental thing it would seem, but ... We want to topple the guarantor of the Russian Constitution, but we have no cattle does not work. And the rednecks we didn't like, and we can not get it to help us. Well type, it took for their interests and dethrone him power which interferes with going to a brighter future under our tutelage.

Sleep and see these creative Lord-comrades that rednecks right now throwing all their cases go slim columns headed these creatives to overthrow the political regime. This is important. Naïve. If cattle and will dethrone, dethrone with pitchforks in hand will be to all, regardless of political affiliation and sexual orientation. This is a favorite pastime, and traditional. When the cattle will be brought to the red line, then no one does not seem little.

If again back to our and your Chinese. If there is a Wolf, i.e. and sheep. If there is a shepherd and flock. If there is a slave, Serf, or rednecks, there and Mr. And here's the Lord holds a very good policy. Divide and govern. And here's a share, that's who. There is one small caveat. What?! Elementary. Level they have dropped and continued to fall, and in everything. Apparently the bacillus of universal equality and universal "screw it all", struck and these masters of life.

What awaits us?! Nothing new. All these the best sons of the fatherland, the Russian, are doing their best and most importantly, and impossible to create a revolutionary situation in the country. Well done. As they say Woe from mad. Replaced the country comes, but rather it is, generation of EGE. Yes, the generation of the unified State exam, which was supposed to identify the smartest, most decent and give them a great start in life. Unfortunately, it is not revealed, and for even greater regret not given, this most qualified. Rather the road to life, which solemnly handed proved to be bought in the underpass with the hands of suspicious person ...

In the last century, during the reign of his uncle Joseph said that when a forest is cut down, the chips fly. And rightly so. Rather not right, but that is what it is. Nowadays the forest does not just cut, his vykorčëvyvaût, burn ... Stripping human population is reinforced pace, quite consciously. War, natural disasters, food chemical origin, medicine to exacerbate the disease, social experiments with a model of conduct intended to change sexual priorities.

Here only seems to me an inner voice tells me that everything will be done again through one well-known place. Well, not work otherwise, well, can't they nothing to create and manage. Those times are not only brilliant idiots who can only build castles out of sand. One boat, and destroying cattle, these masters of life, inevitably, destroy and themselves.

One of many examples of what is being said. Imagine if a normal boy while driving your own car, arranged car accident. Then his dad picked up and physically worked on journalists and police. I assure you, this family will remain at liberty only mom who will wear the peredački spouse and to visit her son at the hospital, where he will be treated, then brought before our most humane Court in the world. Submitted? And now look what happened the other day in the Russian capital. The difference is enormous, the only boy, so to speak, that allowed gentlemen, not country. The incident will be exhausted, and life goes on as usual.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg October 2015 year

(P) . S.

Watch this video. Comments are unnecessary, as they say.

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