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Why Russia doesn

Dear Friends. Today it is very difficult to select topics of conversation. And not because they do not exist. Cause everything that you do not write about events in Syria, this I tell you an Herculean task. No, you can of course make pretend that nothing significant is happening and speak calmly about irrigation of Uzbekistan or the fate of the Arctic coney. You can question the fate of new domestic car and rising from their knees of the Russian car industry. All this can of course, but ... Deep in the subconscious in any case will sit evil and harmful fuddy-duddy who will their replicas return your humble servant to our sinful Earth.

Our ingenious leader and certainly not less than brilliant Commander decided to make war. No, well stocked up horses, and type guys rested from past victories. They say that even in this new vojnuške is the goal. How would the aim global and very sensible such. A good goal. So to say, go all in the fight for a just cause. To a slogan that there is nowhere to retreat behind the Russian capital case has not yet come, but I think that is not yet evening.

All, even recognized Russian kaznokrady overnight became such that the Patriots already breathtaking. Who recognized, there may be a perfectly reasonable question. I implore you, well not the levada Centre poll. Recognized, has the remaining citizens adequate white and fluffy Liberals and its offshoots in the overall wave of patriotic uplift capable pests are called Philistines.

By the way, for the Liberals came very hard times. Oppose Russia's participation in the Syrian zavaruške, it is death, given the lack of love for them by the Patriots and the masses towards them. So we have them stand with one foot on a liberal step and another foot, stepping on throats their own song, stand on the patriotic pedestal. So much so that the Guide gave such installation.

What?! And where about a new war?! Sorry for digressing. Pro war?! So, about the war. Fray, they are different. Well, if the enemy has violated your peace, then it is certainly a holy war with all its consequences. Nastučat′ vorogu to tykovke and put your flag in his defeated capital, it is well worth it. If the enemy broke the calm of a friend, then there can be no two opinions, nastučim together with another enemy on the same tykovke, and then of course banquet, Fireworks and awarding orders uninvolved.

What happens in Syria, under any definition, fray, my well does not fit. No, if you listen to has not canonized Uncle Cyril, who concurrently is the Patriarch, advocates that everything is in order. There turns out to be the objective, there are strategies and tactics, where the same without them. So, the claim that the Syrian operation forced the terrorists to the world, is the pinnacle of strategic thought and Pearl tactics. Beat the terrorists on the outskirts of native meadow. Brilliant! No, twice is brilliant.

Can you imagine uncle Joseph, having studied the data intelligence, decides that the visit of Adolf's uncle to it, it's a matter of time. And no one comes, and together with his thugs. What do I do?! How to what to do, beat his uncle Adolf on his territory, without having to wait until it comes out of your own home. Well, at that time, there was no brilliant strategists, and that you have selected with the expectation of Uncle Adolf with relatives and there ...

It is encouraging that there is nothing and nothing nobody confuses. There is no clear and precise military targets? It does not matter. Find and razbombim. Moreover, it is possible to start the bomb, and then with a patriotic note in his voice to declare that it was not just shooting the sparrows as they say evil tongues, and destruction of advance intelligence purposes. And smart people immediately think. AHA, then it turns out, is the place to be intelligence gathering. Yup, that means those who engaged in knowingly eat his bread. AHA, then perhaps those most in the den and terrorists are our agents and agentesy. AHA, so, if that, then we can destroy them at any time and deprive terrorists of the Guide.

I certainly understand that watering terrorists in the outhouse, this is no longer true. So say the scale is not the one finely and there is Gigantism. Handpicked in Syria the way certainly is not without flaws, while watering the terrorists from the air, the optimal solution can be called a stretch. And when the bombs and missiles. Clearly, if that will deliver everything in the best possible way, but it is very expensive logistics ...

Writing fantasy, they are good? They allow you to see into the future. Political fantasy, they're what?! Correctly! They allow you to cast aside the State far back, or into the abyss. Well, it isn't if fantazëry from politics will. Then any domination battle, becomes very long and pointless. Take, for example, the so-called terrorists from the IGIL. Whom they hated most of all? Correctly, they hated the West. Oh, and America, not without it. But that has changed in the last days? Elementary. Now, the main enemy is certainly Russia. It follows that the ...

All factions involved in the conflict have received the enemy in the face of Russia. Now, in the name of bright ideas and a common purpose, can and should forget about contradictions and unite their efforts against Russia. The Afghan scenario, only natural taking into account today's realities. War with all certainly will accelerate the disintegration of the Russian State, all processes go much faster than before the start of the fight against terrorists. Many underestimate the dangers of the IGIL. But if not cunning, you can safely talk about grandiose religious cleansing of modernity.

It is clear that Russia is saving mode b. Al-Assad, and the fight with terrorism is just an excuse, but ... Gentlemen decided that b. Asad, is already a political corpse, all told. A question of time when he will depart for a meeting with other dictators, which Russia could not save. Then why all this view with the bombing, and victorious statements that terrorists in a panic, and are already beginning to flee from the battlefield.

It is a great joy for the so-called Patriots. Still a bit and then comes the long-awaited victory. Although few recognize the obvious. Once again, Russia solves the problems of the West. Moreover, decides voluntarily and in spite of the possible loss. As they say, Baba still why; to protect soldiers ' lives. As arrogant faith in success, side-by-side comes with reckless ideas, the historical mission for the salvation of humankind from the evil terrorists. The Ukrainian question stopped being topical, and former fascists and Banderas, have long turned to friends and partners ...

If you include the logic and common sense, it becomes clear that destroy the IGIL, is impossible. War aircraft, hoping to destroy the terrorists this naivety, stupidity and madness, but ... Need a lightning victory. Arhivažen, this is the moment. And how to quickly win a remote theatre of war, if extremely difficult combat, logistical, material and technical provision of troops. Does. Everything else is propaganda and not much else. World Caliphate completed deployment and moved into attack. The flow of refugees in Europe, it is one of the episodes, a new, hybrid war.

What will remain in Russia, if you cannot achieve a rapid victory. Build-up of its factions, with smooth providing air operation into the ground, with all the ensuing consequences. The air force, well cannot be an instrument to destroy terrorists and their groups. It should not be forgotten and more about a trivia or not very significant details to the civilized world. Many do not realize that the IGIL, is primarily a long project ideology and the entire Islamic world. Moreover, the majority of Muslims support the ideas proclaimed IGIL. We should not forget that the Islamic Youth sees the IGIL, foremost heroes and freedom fighters. Many are ready to stand in the ranks of the liberators. This is important.

Cruelty beyond imagination? Of course, rolls over. Without cruelty. And if you recall the Bolshevik-Leninists. Would it not at the beginning of the last century, mass executions and other atrocities. Would it not ideology. Isn't it the idea to build a new fair State. Find ten differences between today's terrorists of the IGIL and then party (RSDLP). Church collapses, this is not an invention of modern terrorists, but well forgotten old ...

I would like to say a few words about China's position. They are certainly well done and understand the whole situation. Chinese stated that they would not support any of the parties in conflict. Why?! Everything is very simple. Man, the world, the PRC FOREIGN MINISTRY explained, the type for the Chinese is very difficult to distinguish between interference in Syria's internal affairs and military support. Eastern trick multiplied by pragmatism.

Many people forget, and some do not think that assured destruction terrorists will happen only if they lose their sources of money, weapons, equipment, food, ammunition, medicines ... Logistics, it you don't eat beans. Say that the IGIL trades oil? Well, stop terrorists.

I do not hide that love konspirologičeskie version. That is what it is, but ... Many years ago, and it is in the public domain and never concealed caught the eye of very interesting information. They talked about the battle between good and evil. Gog and Magog, and probably heard more than once. So, it turns out everything goes according to plan, premeditated or the ancients knew everything and a little more. It turns out everything is predetermined long ago?

Moreover, even in childhood, heard from smart people that a third world war will begin to yellow race. Well where they in those early times knew that China was reborn from the ashes as a fantastic bird, or rather like a fairytale Dragon. Where they know that the descendants of the Samurai make their country one of the Asian Tigers. By the way, many underestimate the potential of Japan. The State still says his word, perhaps, and most ...

It's sad to observe all this disgrace. It's not as bad as you think. Everything is much worse. But ... There are also a bright spot. Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov. He tells about the Russian military successes on the Syrian theatre. Well done, a gifted storyteller. Old man Andersen, nervously smokes on the sidelines. You listen to it and you begin to understand that victory is near. And if not just you listen, but also wonder, then you begin to understand that victory has already come. It's time to go watch fireworks, well then of course banquet ...

I wonder, Jennifer Psaki, she is not the sister of our Colonel-General? No, it is clear that talking heads, apparently reproduce by cloning, but not to the same degree. The main message of all interventions, this type, now everything is good, and will be even better.

During the Syrian military operation by Russian pilots were impressed by the more than 50 infrastructure organization "Islamic State", which is prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation. Blows were inflicted on the nodes, warehouses with ammunition and camps for training militants.

Russian aircraft launched more than 60 samolëto-missions on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic with the objective of defeating more than 50 infrastructure of the terrorist organization IGIL. This control points, warehouses with ammunition and explosives, communication equipment, weapons, training camps for militants. "

"For three days we managed to undermine the material and technical base of terrorists and significantly reduce their combat capabilities"

"In their ranks began to panic and desertion. About 600 mercenaries left their positions and trying to get to Europe»

Kartapolov, the defense of the country's national control centre

Well, who would have thought that the militants fled in terror, leaving their positions. It is understandable that the enemies, they always retreat. Unlike our enemies, never retreat, but simply fade into pre-prepared positions to regroup their forces. I am sure that informing the Russian population about events in distant Syria, is in very safe hands.

All this is certainly good, but yours truly has a question. When you consider that all of the major State of the Russian elite, and this is a huge amount of us dollars, is located in Western banks. How to be then with the ability to resist these most capitalists and imperialists to them recently beached. Rhetorical question?! Well, what have you. One very famous book told about this quite clearly. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg October 2015 year

(P) . S.

Two notes in the margins, so to speak, for the understanding of the situation.

Products, it is certainly very important. This is if you want the alpha and omega of any economy. Touches the fact that news was voiced by head of Rosselkhoznadzor, as his assistant. And so everything is in order. Go correct course.

Assistant Head of Rosselkhoznadzor Alexei Alekseyenko toldthat Russia can find application for sanctions-related products. In his view, the products can be allowed to manufacture feed for livestock, reports REUTERS.

"Not necessarily to arrange special crematorium. Goods will be disposed of in different ways, depending on the region: where what opportunities there are. For meat, dairy products-maximum use of util′zavodov, that is where all this can be used as raw material for the manufacture of protein flour, which will go into animal feed. If we handle on util′zavodah, we even get profit, "explained Alekseenko.

A Admiral, voiced the sovereign's will. Well, the type of trial balloon to prepare people for the next phase of the operation. Oh, and for the disposal of those who received combat experience in the Donbass.

In Syria, you may receive the volunteer brigade or battalion, comprising, including receiving combat experience in the Donbass, volunteers believe in DG.

Moscow. 5 October. The head of the State Duma Committee on defense, Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov said that the Syrian Government troops battling with international terrorists, including operatives of IG (Organization of the "Islamic State", banned in Russia), you may receive a Russian volunteer brigade or battalion, comprising, including people who have received combat experience in the Donbass.

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