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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Color revolution. A u-turn over the Atlantic. Deceit or how we play in democracy. Part two

Dear Friends! As promised in the first part, today we'll talk about color revolutions and the famous spread over the Atlantic. Or rather not so much about this, and about how the population believes everything he say and show.

To begin, we will not even analysis, semantic, and workout. It is, at numerous shows and analysts invited to the Studio the actors spend semantic analyses. They say yell, waving hands and a rust clatters saliva. We are with you people to tame etiquette culture since childhood with the help of a belt. Won't shout and wave my hands. Let's look at some things quietly and calmly.

Color revolution. No, it is clear that inflation can process call. Conditionally. Well, in our flora flowers has pretty much say so don't worry at all. There are for example, but this is already a factor showing the development of the society, revolution umbrellas. And that, that's right. People came to the rally with umbrellas, rain can nakrapyval at this time. Everything. Revolution umbrellas, get and sign.

Romance, her zabodaj mosquito. People sleep and see how under the onslaught of the just claims of power cowardly runs with suitcases of loot. And not just running, namely cowardly runs. This is important. And she was replaced by a cohort of revolutionaries and civic activists who too love to see dreams. Well, this old stole power and oppresses his people. No, we're not like that. We will work day and night in the name of the people, and for the benefit of the people.

The interesting thing is that people in the mainstream to believe this nonsense. Who said that the new Government would be indistinguishable from the old five years?! You evil however. And very shortsighted, to say the least. You criminally shortsighted. At a time when the Old Dominion has cowardly not ran away, and the new regime came victoriously. I would poosterëgsâ make such a bold statement. Is fraught with ...

Believe no one should be. I can be. So, my advice to you. Even if the neighbor on the landing will ask about your relationship, such as the guarantor of the Russian Constitution, not tušujtes′ and not retract bashfully eyes sideways. And suddenly he's from these ... Well, you understand me. For starters, try to cope with anxiety. Then honestly look him in the eye. This is important. And only then answer him that the guarantor of the Russian Constitution you treat even very good, I would have still added that fine attitude. You knock him confused and void the promised rewards of organs.

Until it finally comes to his senses, you can make a shot to the head. Tell that to maintain, approve, be proud of everything that makes this the best guarantor for its people. Gently hint necessarily with trembling voice, be sure to go to the polls and vote for him. What?! Prior to the election yet?! It means all the time remaining until the elections, will carry on propaganda work for our candidate.

Do not forget that time is very difficult. But it is in such difficult, I'd say the transitional times, opening up vast prospects for personal growth. You can safely grab everything bad lies. Take everything that the State of forgetfulness is not dodalo people. Oh and don't forget about the main thing. Beat and trample your competitors lying and prevarication. Believe me, many by following these tips, at one time done very leap in terms of personal growth.

When the country on the eve of the big ... I don't want to swear, but I hope it is clear what I'm talking about. The main thing in such circumstances, calm, just calm. Even when private jets oligarchs zhuravlinym wedge fly to distant countries. Let fly. Stupid penguins who hope to hide fat body in foreign ledges. We all know that they are waiting for wolves and hyenas. These its not miss these if the authoriites had teeth, then dead.

But the seemingly sensible thoughts lay on the surface. Voruj, well, who is against. But why, money navorovannye honest by keep civilized Europeans. That their hidden places enough?! And nothing on a different sort of Baden-badenam ride. Their places to relax enough. Moreover you can relax without fear of attack by the French police. It's in the kuršavelâh, they can afford to humiliate honest Russian oligarchs, and on home soil, as it is known, and the walls help.

Moreover, such a lifestyle would cost much cheaper. I've already counted, even very bûdžetnen′ko. But who listens to good advice. Eh, the darkness of rural, though offices in cities built. Understand that it is very difficult here so take immediately and refuse to let bad, but damn nice habits. And what to do. And who is now easy. So much so that the public in full growth, the question of the color revolutions.

The principal and certainly an important issue of political discourse is the question of who is behind the colored revolutions. So to say, too many wanted to know, well, out of pure curiosity. Who are the parents of this phenomenon, which affects States like locusts in the period rising to his sarančinoe wing. As always happens in these cases, the opinions on this are divided. And rightly so, pluralism of opinions, it's everything to us. Two camps have transformed citizens with active life position. It could not be otherwise. Our man give only talk about politics.

Some say that behind all the color revolutions that have been, are, and will certainly stand United States. Moreover, as a propagandist in the rural Club, juggle the figures, facts, details and thoughtful opinions. You have listened to this the ninth wave information and want sign up immediately into the ranks of fighters with American imperialism.

Others express the hope that at least the idea that color revolutions, this spontaneous process in which protests against arbitrary power, which broke away from the people. Be sure to tell about the grandmothers who baked pies and kept as a peaceful demonstrators, which by tradition all begin to call the conscience of the nation.

And this is understandable. If Americans feed peaceful demonstrators cookies, the Pico them logical and very patriotic cakes to feed at least peaceful protesters from their camp. This is important. It's not even being discussed. Cookies and cakes. This is both good and evil. It's like snipers and anti snipers. There is a reasonable question. Who is right?! Who actually stands behind the colored revolutions? I answer. Do not swear and do not break the spear in the polemic zeal and fervor. You all are right. No, really, no nonsense. It happens.

Talk about what Americans generally either and can a person with an alternative degree of adequacy. The question in the other. Initially, it is native power makes everything understandable to cause discontent among the population. And then, as they say case technology. How not to take advantage of prosčëtami stupid and greedy for power, in the interests of world imperialism and capitalism. This is what we have. Time color revolution should be parents, that is mom and dad. It turns out the native authority is the Pope, and the Americans mom?! Not, can not and vice versa, I greatly deepened in this topic. It turns out that nothing we all argue?! Paradoxically, it is.

What?! Nonsense and nonsense?! Good for gifted explain on the fingers. Let's say the result is bold and certainly very well-designed experiments, native power brought all municipal housing to cugundera. And differently and does not happen. The population naturally angry and trying to express their civic protest, but did not know how to do it. Here affects the universal legal literacy resulting from experiments with universal education. Here, the Holy work, help the population come from imperialists and capitalists.

And here, as a map will fall. You can hold a logical chain. HME has busted. Destroyed the reformers. Reformers is power. Power is Vladimir Putin. Blame the color revolution it is Vladimir Putin. And you can look at the process, on the other hand. HPF razvaleno. Destroyed the reformers. Reformers, it's Liberals. Liberals is the fifth column. It is funded by the United States. It's even children know. And in the United States, will not fly even without Obama's permission. Means to blame around Obama.

Here everything depends on the number of links in the logical chain and from vector fluctuations of the General line of the party. And than more talented propagandist, the more links in the chain of reasoning. Some manage to so this chain to lengthen that forget where we started a conversation. And that's fine. This is because there is a normal discussion in civil society, and within the legal field. This is important.

Here's a look. Recently, was very interesting information. It turns out, ex-head of the Directorate of Mezhprombank received three years probation. Here's to me so punished, if I steal the money! But it is improbable. I know. Me an inner voice tells me that the same amount I will not steal. The competition is big. Market zabodaj its mosquito. And so of course, kind of money are not superfluous. Idea here is to take and if I may say so, 28 skommunizdit′ billion rubles. Talantiŝe, what you say here.

And what?! As always, dear friends. This talented master gave a suspended sentence of three years. Well, that would have thought and realized. Well, the type to not getting caught. No, in comparison with Serdyukov and Vasilyeva, the ex-head just fine shalunishka, but the troubling trend. Steal in small quantities, is dangerous. The smaller the amount, the more likely the real planting and vice versa.

It is clear that the blame around either Putin or Obama, but nonetheless, the fact is the place to be. People, they're gullible. They will be shown the enemy and they believe it. Believe so that the enemy, ready to make guilty in all their troubles. Dialectic. No, the inner voice dictates that a person cheat. The enemy, he can completely and not the enemy. But who of us listening to the inner voice.

Few people think about the system of Government. It is clear that in peacetime this same system, albeit creakily, albeit with difficulty, but coping with complex state management mechanism, but ... Worth the overall situation be complicated, as a system, the entire State mechanism starts working properly incurred to translate it in predynfarktnoe State. Power then can no longer solve the complex problems that begin to grow like a snowball. That's when it appears on the scene with their Obama capitalists and imperialists. Oh, and FAG appear where too without them. They, as well as Liberals, always clearly know what to do.

Power, she's very clever. She's like solves problems?! Right, as always. Well, by our Ministers. Those, of course, made a serious face and assured that will make every effort to solve the problem, and ... Right, like Governors, that would solve the problem as soon as possible and immediately reported the most Ministers. The Governor, it is not corn on collective fields to steal. Here the talent you need, just like the Governor is not going to be without talent.

The present Governor, he understands that the problem created not by him personally, but solve it instructed him. Idiocy?! So, the right of the Governor, it immediately creates a Commission to hold meeting and identify measures to address the problem. Appoint responsible. It's not even being discussed. If the problem itself, well it is not resolved soon, the blame will be privates.

It does not matter. You can create one more Commission, and to hold another meeting. Well, or at least to report on the solution to the problem and provide a list of particularly distinguished officials to Government awards. Can check?! Can of course, but ... Problems so much that it is impossible to find the time to check everything and everyone. It is for such a scheme apparently and operated power, reforming education in Russia. And I can tell you, the results were immediate.

I'm guessing. Recently, in Thailand, ended in the International Mathematical Olympiad. A great success of Russian schoolchildren made a sensation. You won't believe this, but ... For the first time in the history of their statements, there had been no gold medals. A stroke of genius. Grandly. Okay, not a single gold, as they say. But none of the six Russian schoolchildren failed to solve four of six tasks. And you say color revolution.

The USSR was the most prolific country in the world. Well, at least we talked. And many believed. But this does not imply that Russia, as the successor of the USSR is the most prolific country in the world. No, simple calculations we still hold can, but it just yet. We certainly believe that the future for us. We have been told. This is important. It's not even being discussed. The people must be the dream and goal.

People's faith is truly boundless. Here at one time, if memory serves me right, and I will not change the one gentleman is a friend voiced an interesting thought at first glance. For a complete happiness, Russia desperately needed to usher in the Paris Club. That's not enter and then comes complete Achtung, and if you enter, you will all citizens of different goodies and usefulness.

AHA, now. The stark reality came into conflict with blatant stupidity and idiocy. No, Russia certainly paid Royal debts. But how, the Paris Club is you do not Kennel Club, is the only elected to take him. There everything honestly. And the people believed. This is important. Russia paid Royal debts, and then took over, and had forgiven everyone who owed her. Generous soul, what you say here. And this despite the fact that the joy of running water, gas pipeline and installation of telephones came not at all Russian villages.

And hear the voices from the Hall. Come on about famous u-turn over the Atlantic. About e. Primakov come on. No, well once promised, nowhere to go.

E. Primakov died June 26, 2015 year. There is such a tradition. About the dead or good or anything. And rightly so. Left with relatives, close people and friends. And all of a sudden, any žurnalûga in pursuit of cheap fame writes that for example Ivanov, when life was notable for bad character or worse was the average fool. And how then to be relatives of the Ivanova, I'll ask you. They knew him as a good, smart and responsive ...

No, writing about identity Eugenia Maksimovic, won't be based on ethical considerations. And here about politics, or as we all talked a heavyweight political, I'll try to say a few words. It just so happened that a political figure is remembered for his actions. For example, it is known that Khrushchev was very fond of corn, boots and an unknown man in the West itself. Brezhnev liked medals, orders are different. And what more beautiful was the reward, the greater the joy experienced when Leonid Ilyich.

He liked to smoke. Andropov loved Theatre on taganka and restore order in the country. Mikhail Gorbachev liked the trade interests of the country. Not so much because of the money, but only out of love for the process itself. Well, the type, the credibility of itself raise eyes gentlemen. Boris Yeltsin was very fond of tales to tell. Rokirovočki different loved. Stay on track, but it's early political career. Vladimir Putin liked terrorists watering in the outhouse.

And here's the politician Primakov loved planes in the skies over the Atlantic to expand. It is clear that we have any pilot, is capable of such a reversal, and not only this, run. But the simple Aviator and political heavyweight. It is clear that after such a political demarche, Americans are very worried about. Lined up huge queues in the toilets. The President, Vice President, speakers, hackers, spičrajtery, senators. Well all just contracted the disease after receiving the bearish news that in the sky over the Atlantic there was a reversal of Russian liner.

This reversal has been shown that Russia is displeased with the beginning of the destruction of Yugoslavia. I mean, this is the only action that could make the State represented by one of their leaders. To spite his neighbor, take and otmorožu ears. Type does not come to visit, once you bombard Yugoslavia. Such a publicity stunt is certainly very fit for domestic consumption. Many Russian citizens suffered legitimate pride for the State. You bombard, and we'll go to you. Or not to fly. With us so we cannot, we have our own pride and the power of the State.

Speaking of, how about a policy Primakove, do not forget even about some facts. It is with Russia in 1996 came into Basel Club. It was then that the issue was pegged ruble to the negligible volume of gold and currency reserves then. What that meant?! Sheer bezdelicu, nothing. The Central Bank of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION ceased to obey the Government of the Russian Federation. The loss of fiscal sovereignty, no less.

In the international arena, while e. Primakov, the Foreign Minister for the first time in the history of the UN, as head of the Department of political affairs, moved to the British. This critical post, by agreement between the uncle and uncle Joseph Franklin, was held for the USSR. It is clear that all this was done out of good intentions. This is important.

It is for reasons of public utility, Primakov negotiated with a. Gromyko about support for Gorbachev in the election of the Secretary General in 1985 year. Not without its participation protalkivalas′ UN reform that would deprive Russia of the veto. It is understandable that a politician, Primakov is a very flexible and neglupyj apparatchik who has actually demonstrated amazing unsinkability. It's not even being discussed.

He was speaking at a meeting recently, mercury Club, saidthat in Russia there is no threat of a color revolution. Besides all this, he said that Russia should recognize Ukrainian Southeast an integral part of Ukraine. Russia must necessarily keep its doors open to NATO and the United States. Otherwise Russia would be lost as a great power. Image: created not without the participation of the media, allowed him to make such statements, but ...

You know, this is probably enough. Dig in dirty underwear, and seek out the bright moments. Let us better remember one old joke.

A guy buys a huge bouquet of roses chic.



Saleswoman in horror-what you done to me))))

This anecdote comes when looking at funerals e. Primakov. No, I understand that everything has been done on the highest level. Say, so put on the table of ranks. Perhaps. Although there are doubts. The impression that these funerals, if I may say so, overshadowed by the funeral of Boris Yeltsin, and the latter as not cool, was the first head of the Russian State. Ironically, they are also close to each other. Lie and are silent. Just as in his time Primakov was silent in the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, where they publicly carried Yeltsin.

After looking at the pictures of the funerals, unwittingly found myself thinking that maybe and cynical, but ... A handful of soil, and can be hand throw as is done often. But the ordinary people, and then there's the gods and Lords of doom.

Цветные революции. Разворот над Атлантикой.  Лохотрон или как мы играем в демократию…Часть вторая

Sometimes you read a lot about a person. And positive and negative. Do the findings of formirueš′ their attitude to it. And then again, and ... One fact, one detail. And the relationship finally emerged, and it does not change. Watch the video clip. The main thing for me, not a personality, and Dorenko seconds. Watch with 3 min. 40 seconds. The tragedy of the submarine. People have sorrow. They are trying to reach out to Putin. They do not hear. And in the end appears in the frame and Primakov. I do not judge. I do not judge. But there are things that I don't like.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg August 2015 year

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