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С 29.11.09

Our life


Dialectics as a liberal society, or the engine is missing chef of ...

Nothing better to do, and fun to ...

Dear Friends!!! Today we'll talk about dialectics. It is impossible to be an intelligent person and not know what it is. Or rather, you can not know, but talking about it is riding the levity of ...

Dialectic (Dr.-Greek διαλεκτική-the art of arguing keep reasoning) is a method of reasoning in philosophy, as well as the form and way of reflexive theoretical thinking with his subject conceivable contradiction of this thinking. In dialectical materialism-the general theory of the development of the material world and the theory and logic of knowledge.

See how the Greeks namudrili, and it is with all that we have every second is fluent in art dispute and no refleksiruet of the theory of the evolution of the material world is in flagrant contradiction with the harsh reality.

This is the theory of development is based, if mildly speak and express themselves on several pillars. To start before mankind are great challenges and stimulates brain activity the best minds. It is not easy, but nevertheless, humanity agrees and does not mind such questions. Great goals and tasks make on the surface of great people. And here they are, proudly holding up the banner are his allies forward.

I'll tell you the process is not easy. Everything happens on the thorny path, but ... Enemies of progress, and destroyed both physically and emotionally. And the rest, all correctly realized, join the slender ranks of like-minded people. The main fact is that?! Correctly think!!! The main gain that sought to conquer it! Still, the problem is solved. Now what?! As the second stage, and in my opinion the most important. Scatter and throw everything to the wind that was conquered. And the paradox is that there is one interesting point.

In the first phase involved one generation, but in the second, when you want it to let the wind, connects the second. This conflict of fathers and children, although sometimes it connect and grandchildren. And, according to logic, clearly must come the third stage, the wheels of life. You may not believe it, but all the great and brilliant losers start writing memoirs. Yes, this is important from the point of view of dialectics, although many do not agree with such an interpretation of reality.

Admittedly, that is very nice to sit in a Chair and reminisces with great pleasure. But sometimes this is a little lacking something important and ... Yes, you won't believe it, but these ingenious losers starting to teach the life of others. Paradoxically, this learning process of life continues after the departure of the geniuses of the worldly life to heaven. They leave the ungrateful contemporaries and descendants of his great creative legacy.

So brilliant as contemporaries and most importantly the descendants of pripadat′ are in no hurry to the source of knowledge. Moreover, no one is eager to chip away at this knowledge, to the detriment of his own consciousness, that the whole world theatre and we just actors in it. ...

The tragedy of the situation is that all brilliant losers believe themselves to be the Crown of the universe, and genuinely believe that without their boards of mankind has never get out the right path in their development. Moreover, in the complete absence of people's love, these gentlemen are hoping that if not stupid contemporaries, the descendants with gratitude and warmth will take all these epochal works. Admit that even the monument would.

Perhaps I am wrong, but all that is now, has already been to the us. And I say, about events that saturated the course an interesting life. It was, of course, as amended for the time being. Humanity is in fact has not changed. All the same passions and vices, and of course the traditional fun to kill their own kind. Moreover, I would like to point out one interesting thing. Tradition, kill their own kind, is inherent in all humanity, and irrespective of the political, social and religious preference ...

If there is a desire and an opportunity, then strongly advise reading the great Niccolo Machiavelli. Believe me, you will spend time with benefit by reading this is definitely an interesting book. your humble servant often brings people to relations between States. No, I understand that this is a terribly simplified approach, but nevertheless, I you one smart thing to say, but you do not take offense. each State, each nation, throughout its history, in large preserves the inherent only to it both good and bad traits.

History teaches that teaches nothing. It would seem, know the story and not make errors that occur in the distant and not-so-distant past. But you, as we speak. Personality in history, it is certainly good, but I would like more of adequacy. A few examples, in order to get a sense of what I'm talking about.

The French hate the British, and the last, like true gentlemen meet the French back. At that time, the great Napoleon Bonaparte, on the basis of this indulgence to say love the British, rallied the Europeans and in modern terms introduced economic sanctions against the gentlemen. It would be logical to take and go to them on a visit to the island, not forgetting to take the army, but ...

Gentlemen, they are very cunning. I don't know how they managed to, but instead of a visit to the island, a brilliant military leader decided to go to Ivan SUSANIN. What happened during this visit, you know from the school history. Seemingly, it is necessary to take this episode from history and not repeat the mistakes. AHA, now. No less brilliant military leader and lover of shepherds, uncle Adolf, like the French, too, disliked the British.

Podmâl by Europeans, and seemingly, the visit to the gentlemen on the island, it is a matter of short time, but ... I'll tell you the luckiest Englishmen. Instead of a visit to the island, his uncle Adolf, contrary to historical logic decided to go to uncle Joseph, taking with him an army. Well, it would seem, read historical books and will be for you and your people's happiness, but ...

An example of the very recent past. The French and Germans as the British don't like to part with money signs. No, take a very even love, but to give it from the realms of fantasy. About fifty years ago, the State of Israel has commissioned the French missile ships. Paid money and had to wait. AHA, now! And what if, and money leave and ships do not give up! The French did, thereby strengthening its spotless reputation of decent partners. But it is necessary to know the Jews!! Seeing such a thing under the cover of night, the Israelis hijacked ships paid, thus resolving the issue.

I do not know know whether Russian officials about this story or did not know, but ... In this century, with the highest statesmanship they decided to order two vertolëtonosca u ... Yes, you are wrong, a potential adversary and NATO member now! They did not even bother that the heirs of the Musketeers don't like to give ships already paid by a client. To say that the Russians would commit operation to the hijacking these ships may just incorrigible optimist. ...

Who had time to order, and sneaker!!! Who pays for dinner, the girl and dancing!!! Heard, probably these sayings?! And in the relations of States, political parties, communities of ... Look, an obvious fact, which are many brilliant people. The Russian elite, it already, if things are called by their proper names and not really Russian. Why?! That's a good question. Everything elementary!!! Answer a simple question. Where are the Russian money? Where export revenues are deposited? Where most lives Russian elite? There are still questions?!

Moreover, this state of Affairs has been in history and in the history of any nation. Think Russian opposition, something better than so detested by the elite?! Mistaken!!! As the friend of Einstein, everything in our world is relative, and the genius of this claim is that it can be attributed to the policy. N. and abomination of the opposition is in a favorable light emphasises on the background of der′movost′ power. When compared with the oppositions, the power is a Alëšoj Popovich in its best years!!

No, well, at least let the power before, but had work experience in the field of public administration. But the opposition, or rather its leaders?! Served in the army?! Carried out scientific discovery?! Built a House?! Brought up a child?! Planted a tree?! Rescue people from fires and floods to ...?! And these people are in power and prohibit me poking around in the nose!!! They love to aim for the ideal, not just aim and also alter our harsh reality in accordance with their view of the ideal of ...

Myself am lover of konspirologii, but ... What allows himself the official and non-official political science and analytics, this is wishful thinking of the phenomenon. They all, in upoenii its imaginary significance got lost in three pines. But the most interesting thing is that they are afraid of people who are very far away from the ideas of globalization and universal tolerance. Out, who would doubt, of course, was found. The main trend was insulting the feelings ... And some people went to the rally, based on the fact that their feelings are offended, because they were told. And then ... Yes, and then released are aware that they have that in fact these same feelings no longer.

But then, Liberals and power begin to persuade the doubters by hook or by crook, that they still have those same aggrieved feelings, just good looking, and those who doubted their existence, that's definitely the enemy.

Ideology is nice, but always want to eat. Moreover, this desire does not depend on political views. Native, Russian Government and not less native oligarchs, together with the elite of very long lead us all to a better future. There is quite a bit a couple of years and ... Yes, by tradition, these figures once again in all its glory are demonstrating their class entity which has repeating dedushka Marx.

Admittedly, that could be very harmful matter. What is this entity?! As in what?! Everything elementary!!! Take away money from the poor layers of the population and to make them rich. But the so-called casus Medvedev. The harsh reality, does not claim that it will survive all but not as bad as they say the enemies of the State. Yes, there are bugs, and we have yet to rally around those who have made mistakes to ... Brilliant quote from Medvedev's speech at the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

"And now we are together responsible for minimizing economic challenges, maintain social stability and the well-being of Russia"

D. Medvedev

Stolen ones, and the answer will be all together. And that everything is logical. Bearing in mind the qualification of brilliant leaders, it was difficult to expect a different result. I understand that it is very difficult to ruin the economy, but effective managers and Liberals from brilliantly overcame these difficulties and decided to task.

How wrong those who believed that in order for any lead, need to get a book to read on the topic. Then it is advisable to see a future object, that will have to steer. What are you, what are you talking about?! It is a thing of the past and Terry middle ages. Most importantly, it proved to possess insider information that will be sent to the vector of the General line of the party in power.

Ironically, in view of the enchanting and silly the underdevelopment of identity, even loyal insider information is often not beneficial. And when harsh reality demonstrates an apparent contradiction with the sick imagination of geniuses, there are children's questions. Like what happened to explain the same geniuses, how on Earth this could happen?!

Currently, the power elite and very worried about the increase in the retirement age have their beloved people. Apparently need causes. The part that was not subjected to attack by EGE, soon to retire. But to replace them, because of the Liberal fantasies had come new employees. Should have, but did not come. What do I do?! Elementary!!! Ask for a voluntary-forced to linger over those who wanted a rest from labors. Oh, and save on unpaid pensions, because not everyone can make it to the light of day, when the postman knocks at the door and will retire ...

Creatives from economy and Kremlin dreamers solemnly declared that the task of import substitution, successfully solved. All that was needed has already been expanded, deepened, sped up. ... People believe and joyfully throw caps into the air while shouting toasts. Timid individual, irresponsible citizens, or rather enemies of a bright future, say that is typical fraud, absorbing the navešivaniem shortcut. Because of ... For now, more than ever, need to rally the slender ranks of around ... Well, you understand the need to rally the people around the slender ranks. And then ... Yes, and then we all will happiness, milk river and kisel′nye Bank.

That's what I say.

The author will be grateful for your comments.

Author Gorg May 2015 year

(P) . S.

Well, already traditionally a bonus in the form of a small collection of interesting facts.

From the world of music

Few people know, but in the distant year of 1843 in Potsdam was the famous symphonic poem called Mendelssohn, companion, a Midsummer night's dream,,. So, here, for the first time, there was a very famous nowadays, the Wedding March by Mendelssohn.

Comrade Mendelssohn was a great master and Joker. To the sounds of the March, in the play the Queen married with ... donkey. This scene and put the title melody as Mules wedding, which we know as the Wedding March,,.

From the world of high technologies

We all remember the tragedy Crashed in the French Alps. Airbus (A) -320. Guilty of the tragedy announced co-pilot. General public which skorobila, it was reported that the man was mentally ill and even the pilot's license reflect that he needed a medical examination of ...

There is a lot of mentally ill people in the community. They say that mentally healthy, is low. But ... Few people know, but after the events of 11 September in America, almost all aircraft were equipped with anti-theft systems that manage them remotely from the ground. And the Airbus A-320 was not the exception.

In case of unforeseen situations, dispatchers can completely take control of the aircraft. Can, but in this particular case, when the plane began to fall for no apparent reason why it does not have to ... Why? The question, why even not been raised.

From the life of terrorists

The most dangerous and frightening terrorists, it is surely of the IGIL. Tolerant society scared and waiting for rescue in the Union of all, has left the active forces that are to kick off ... the Tsu comrades. Waiting for rescue, but not wonders. Where did these terrorists as many weapons and money?!

From the life of opposition

Enchanting video!!! I advise you, take a look. Each character is a potential customer of the mental hospital. Whether Putin will go without blood, the question is very worried about man-friend of Yashin. How to defeat Putin in an election?! How to restring a Putin's electorate on their side?!

With such fearless revolutionaries, bloody regime threatens nothing. But it's a terrible military secret.

From the life of Patriots

Диалектика как двигатель либерального общества, или всё пропало шеф…

Left to wait for when at least one NATO soldiers enter into Ukraine and ... I remember the singer Ruslana promised a burn, but apparently changed its mind to ... Let's see, the guy said, man made.

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