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Our life


About art and culture or deceit with the imposition of false values ...

Dear Friends!!! Well, not policy as a single man. There are many things that do not pay attention, but they do not become less relevant. And let us today otojdëm on a couple of steps from politics entirely away doesn't work, and talk about art and culture.

When it comes to such matters, the thin course always amazed at the huge number of brilliant and talented people. And that picked up a paintbrush, made a couple of strokes on the vatmanu and here's to you a masterpiece. Took the popular last song or melody, pepper fixed under her vocals or composers ' opportunities and ready to hit of all time. Take the script once very popular in the last movie, slightly or completely vidoizmenâeš′ with modern realities, and as a result is another cinematic masterpiece.

Some in his works go even further. That's the common man. And here, sorry for the details, I wanted it big, and there is no corresponding institutions. Dead end?! What you can!!! Constructing a big pile in front of the door of a neighbor, presses the button to ring, and escapes. No, clicks not to ask remove their art, because he really is excited to ...Simply, in modern terms, this is a performance and installation in one bottle.

What?! Say that this outrage?! Wrong, listen to what they say numerous experts and specialists. It is possible for you and ugliness, and for cultural and educated people is high art and of course protest against intolerable conditions in which creative people. Some, particularly talented beat homage to, sorry for the detail, the scrotum to the pavement and thus are part of the story. About the avant-garde in art I generally am silent...

I often remember a very faithful and correct phrase that said, clearly the wise. Type what to draw, for example, fire-breathing dragon is very easy, but to draw, for example, chicken or cow is extremely difficult. Brilliant in its simplicity the saying!!! Why?! Ponder, fire-breathing dragon has not been seen since, and the cultural community can be, pardon the slang moron any daubing. But when you're the chicken or cow, here to show his talent to the artist, in order not to pass bezdarnost′û.

But in such cases, we are dealing with creative people, was a brilliant move. If you can't, for example, to draw and to paint it, then protect the throat of a song, draw on health. After all, if you can't, but I'd like to, then you can. Paint the chicken and enjoy your life. And if one of the cavemen will say that your chicken and chicken in life, are very different, don't get discouraged.

Tell me modestly downcast eyes that this is your vision so that you can see an image of that person does not understand anything in this art is very difficult to understand all the grandiose plan of the artist. And if your canvas is red, then you may want to pillory this with permission to say art historian and critic. Tell him that it is a kind of protest against the Communist past, where unlike on chicken from the life of your heroine, represents civil society, stonuŝee in the absence of air of freedom ...

By the way, in those early days, when another brilliant creation came, but say it was impossible, said simply. Well, you can't say the offending relative is a very important man!!! In such cases, that masterpiece of inherent artistic features characteristic for the budding genius. We must pay tribute, but in those early days very rarely its brilliant fantasy tried to cover up the name of a classic.

Slightly annoying is that contemporary artists have very little improvise. No, improvisation is definitely present but sometimes it seems that is the place to be, either shy or standard chest tightness. But not all is lost, progress cannot be stopped, and in the sphere of culture and even more so. The situation gradually straightens. What is easier. Take, for example, two famous historical figures, such as Wolfgang Mozart and Antonio Salieri. See that there navaâli, the great classics of dramatic art. Change the subject line, in the light of modern developments, make friends, and heroes are not just friends, but friends, well, these ... well èdorastov .

And the conflict between them translated into domestic soil. Type the reason was plain jealousy. Classic modern love triangle. They are two characters love each other, but it appears the insidious razluchnitsa, and destroys the love Union of two geniuses of ... Advertise, raise the information noise. Will not prevent a couple of opponents of the premiere. I assure you, the cash collection is provided. And then you can proudly say that this new interpretation of the classic and the shame of critics.

What?! Viewers?! I assure you, the viewers do not worry, they will eat whatever they give, and supplement asked. No, I certainly understand that an audience it will be unpleasant, boring and nasty, but he's not one to sit in the audience. There will be a lot of spectators. And everyone will look and think. Won how many cultural people came to opening night, even the Minister WONG and the lit, it means that everything is OK. And my reflexes were vomited because of insufficient knowledge and lack of culture, more need to be engaged in self-education... Yes, and money spent on tickets, there is no better I will clap and cheer together with people who know a lot about art.

A few words about the artists, but rather a hint for people with a great desire to paint, but not too much know how to do it. Don't despair!!! It's simple!!! Main convince respectable audience that your new creation is the new word in art. You may not believe it, but it appeared the Impressionists, Expressionists, cubists, postimpressionisty, suprematisty and rising lately postmodernists. Try it and you will get it!

Here's how, no idiots who want to pass people intellectually inferior and not knowing the real art. Everyone will applaud you and proudly telling friends as involved with your help to this art.

Generally, these brilliant people are very touchy and vulnerable soul child. They are very offended when you start pestering him with a question. Oh well, high art, thinking being, that's all good grief Catholic, but when you run načnëš′, when a zajmëš′sâ of ... All this you will automatically become a cave for reactionary instincts. But it is better not to ask such questions, otherwise they will no longer do, and humanity will lose regular masterpieces.

But, the truth is! If everything is so good and wonderful, then why are these ingenious creators of not living by selling his paintings, songs, cinematic masterpieces. No, I certainly understand that budget money they are never-ending, but there is reasonable though harmful matter. Why, for example his next masterpiece, another brilliant film director shoots not for money, but uses the budget. Where is the fairness?!

And here we come to a very important detail. There are people who are willing to financially support these masters painting brushes and cameras. Sponsors and various foundations. But why, why do they need to?! This is all just now! As the demand creates supply. A peculiar symbiosis neumelosti geniuses and the needs of ordinary people. In an era of global consumerism, the important thing is to be able to say with the permission of these masterpieces take to the market. And as for the man in the street, then it needs a status. The status of priobŝën to high art and culture.

It seems that real art ended up somewhere around the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. This could, for example, the great geniuses to paint and draw perfectly. And times, all failed. Moreover, successive generations have forgotten how, but our generation has not learned yet, because the study did not have. And why, all this unnecessary.

So what happened?! Yes actually nothing special!!! Just gradually grew into a regular art art object. New ingenious creators began to work on the market. And if the invisible hand of the market, the result is logical and predictable. It is regrettable that our era is the era of this culture. And the first violin in this Symphony is played by power and the elite.

Yours truly, well, not the singer. The wife said that his contribution in this case brought the bear to ...No, not all that bad, I can sing for sure, but that would not have a wide audience. But I'll tell you what if summon assistance advances, treat my vocals, then ... Yes, without false modesty, accelerated the smash-hit, you can sign in the top of the charts.

By the way, soon will be another great show called Eurovision and the Russian side sends naturally the best thing she has. Perhaps the girl and good, but there are moments that are completely deprived of their chance of success. Of course, this is attributable to the producers. Judge for yourself, come on out, come vocals of ...This is a day-before-yesterday afternoon in this art is! What?! Release on stage the crowd were shot from a fag and a dying swan?! Well, that you, as a small child, it's yesterday's day! A fantasy that would impress the discerning European audience, subtly understands a great Russian producers, not to speak of.

What would I do?! Elementary!!! Sings our girl. It is accompanied with big bear, symbolizing the harsh Russian reality. Necessarily in the Paws of a bear balalaika. This is important! The crowd of fag, but ... Depending on the color, background actors smoothly transformed into Khor pioneers-lesbian. Be sure the balls in their hands. This is very important! It all?! No, of course not!!! At the end of the speech, when everyone will be convinced that the imagination has run dry of ...

Rough, wicked and playing the balalaika bear, and it was precisely the bear turns into ...Pidora?!?! And here and there! Lesbian?!?! No guessing!!! In a large, beautiful crossdresser!!! True love does not stop, and there are no obstacles to it are not terrible. Believe me on the floor, the audience will neistovyvat′!!! Tear of emotion prob′ët even the most tverdokožego man in the street. Hall will be guaranteed a standing applause!!! The vote will be a mere formality!!! Admit that some would try to rig the outcome of the vote, so producers must include in the composition of the delegation of the detachment of the bulk of ...

It is sad of course. Can I fix it? No. Why? Too late, unfortunately.

That's what I say.

The author will be grateful for your comments.

AuthorGorgMarch 2015 year

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