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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Crimea. Ukraine. Amazing coincidences and chance ...

Dear Friends! There are things to look at that, as it says not zamylennym look, make such reflections that you start wondering, how come we've never noticed ...

So, I see more and more information as the hammer thuds into the consciousness of people, that Ukraine is to blame for that lost the Crimea and possibly lose and the rest of its territory. Grown on his head. Then you can insert the words that feel appropriate and necessary for this context.

And I, by tradition, will try to make a small digression. Suppose you have a task. And the task for a specific purpose and quite expected. If you are a person sober thinking, anyway nabrosaete plan, if you like, your script and not only your actions, which will take into account a variety of factors. You can name this process of planning, which always precedes the beginning of the solution.

You decide to complete the task on time and everyone is happy. But when the task is clear and comprehensible, no underwater currents and no need to hide her true goals.

I suggest looking at the events in Ukraine try to go from the back and see what was happening, and it this unexpected result obtained in the end. This is about how to read the thrilling detective story, but not from the beginning, and the last page read and analyze how we come to life. Kidding of course, although each share of jokes.

So what we have. On Monday evening, March 17, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree, declaring the Republic of Crimea. Reading the text of a published document, you see that we are talking about the Crimea as a sovereign and independent State, and noted that the city of Sevastopol will have special status.

Let us ask ourselves a simple question. As it turned out, Putin was able to sign such a decree? Everything is very simple, as all brilliant. The fact is that on Monday, the Parliament of Crimea adopted a resolution on the independence of Ukraine. And not just took and turned to Russia with a request. The request is simple, take the Crimea to Russia as a new constituent entity of the Federation.

But how could this happen? It is again very simple. The move was a direct result of last year's referendum on joining the March 17, 2014 Crimea to Russia. Logical sequence in its splendor. But the referendum, he was initiated? But the fact is that March 6, 2014 Parliament of Crimea, adopted a decision on autonomy in structure of Russia.

Why this had happened? The fact is, and I quote the text of the resolution:

"Expressing deep concern about the prevailing around the Crimea the socio-political situation. in order to implement the will of the population of the Crimea and in the absence of legitimate authorities in Ukraine, in accordance with paragraph 7 of the first paragraph of article 18 and paragraph 3 of article 25 of part two of the Constitution of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the Supreme Soviet of CRIMEA decides to enter the part of the Russian Federation as a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, on March 16, 2014 year all-Crimean Museum ... "

It should be noted that the Supreme Council of CRIMEA (Autonomous Republic of Crimea) wrote to Putin asking to initiate an occurrence of a part of Russia as a subject of the Russian Federation.

Why the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, it is hoped that his appeal would be taken into consideration? You see, back in February, faction, fair Russia, the famous Elena Mizulina, introduced a bill that defines the rules for entry into the RUSSIAN FEDERATION of new territories. Naturally with reservations, that the project must be completed. The Goal? Create the opportunity for making Russia the territories are in a critical situation.

But in view of the situation, they say, simplified, this Bill under the title, summary, the Bill on the adoption of a new subject of the Russian Federation, was withdrawn from the State Duma. The Reason For This? Autonomous Republic of Crimea has declared its independence, and in this case all changes concerning the status of autonomy could be taken within the framework of Russian law. Another thing, if the Crimea due to various reasons would remain as a part of Ukraine, then would would have been useful and offer Mizulina.

But in the current situation, and in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the procedure for entry into the Russian Federation consists of several stages:

-foreign country appeals to RUSSIA to join the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, and on the conclusion of a Convention between States;

-the President of the Russian Federation shall inform the SF, the State Duma, the Government of the Russian Federation, if necessary, consult;

-After the signing of the Interstate Treaty, President of the Russian Federation applies to the Constitutional Court of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION to provide an assessment of the conformity of the Interstate Treaty, the Constitution of the Russian Federation;

-draft Interstate Treaty, together with the draft federal constitutional law, which defines the name of a new subject of the Russian Federation, its status, border, transitional provisions sent to the State Duma;

When the required documents are received, the amendment to article 65 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and all it's done.

But as it turned out, that the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, suddenly began to take such an important decision? And here everything is very simple. The Crimean Parliament, February 27, 2014 year elected Prime Minister of the Autonomous Republic of Siargey Aksyonov. Here is Aksyonov and announced that counts on the support of Russia and Crimean authorities refuse to recognize the new leadership of Ukraine, and is accountable to its President Viktor Yanukovych.

See all the events, it's like a Domino. Moreover, this principle is well visible, if we consider everything from the end of the already achieved results. But as it could be that Mr Aksyonov was elected Prime Minister. Interesting story, but evil tongues say that it happened in direct support, polite, people who were very good at this time.

The question. How could it so happens that these are, in General, people are having? How is it that in general there was a necessity for their appearance? It is again very simple. The situation in Crimea, as in the rest of Ukraine has become very tense and volatile. See chain of seemingly disparate events and what might.

Go ahead. And how did this most dangerous and tense situation. Of course here you can talk about will, engagements, excesses and other things which are always located next to a revolutionary situation, in any country, not excluding Ukraine.

If there is no such situation, then it can and should be created. And then it turns out that ... At this place I would stop. I'm not saying that everything was designed initially and, as it happened. No, there is always room for improvisation. But without disturbances, there would have been no occurrence of the Republic of Crimea in the Russian Federation.

And here's an interesting conflict looms. When I hear that all the excesses of the Russian secret services were organized, the sad smile. No, I'm not obelâû actions of special services, and in any country, but there are cases where it is and try not to be. If not you just have to take the lead, then push the destructive process in the right direction.

All of these clowns, who are shown in the media, willingly or unwillingly played on the Russian side. They make the picture, and only her, with relevant commentary, with great love and pleasure then showed the audience, not only Russian, but also European.

I would especially like to mention another point. Show frames where you can see that on the walls painted with slogans and appeals against Jews living in Ukraine. Yes, the image is induces the reflections, but ...Originally, as an axiom we presented the silver thought that say it is the work of fascists and Bandera ...

Turn on brains. Here I am many miles from the scene. That I can see. There is a House, a fence, a wall and are written by those same slogans. And what? Why do I have to take on faith that this is the handiwork of these items? There's nowhere else to apart from them? But let, is confrontation, not only with information. And what prevents the special services, if not excuse, go and create it. Some people write slogans, and then creates a buzz and all that followed.

Here's a simple example. Let's say you live in a small town, although can live in big, it doesn't change anything. And here you had gathered a group of associates. Let's say that you are against the local administration of improperly spending money, or let's say, let the murderer to freedom because of his high-ranking patrons. That is, you are right on the two hundred per cent in his indignation.

You go to Windows Administration and begin your peace rally. Local leaders essentially have nothing to reply to you. They of course would be to you, but they have obviously a losing position. But ... Don't rush to conclusions. You can write about their just demands, local leaders with shifty eyes trying to make amends.And here appear as Devils of snuff boxes, several people in quite good and very aggressive-minded. They shout insults and throwing stones in the direction of supervisors-kaznokradov ...

Everything. Your song is sung. Now your just demands put on the backburner and they all soon forget. But the local government, without batting an eyelid will be strengthened by slapping a theme that you thugs and hooligans, that you can not calm and peaceful voice their thoughts and requirements, and how you can be about what you say. Those who are throwing stones, has vanished, but they find no one else will. Only the naive would think that these hooligans appeared at the rally by chance, though, and it happens. I hope that makes sense and you caught on to fantasize.

In Ukraine, done anything that would cause the situation to its logical conclusion. What? Simple or if be all accurate, all genius is simple. The collapse of the country, that's the ultimate goal of all and sundry. And I will not be surprised that, at this stage, the Western and Russian special services work together. The fate of Ukraine was on independence square, and not very far from it in quiet classrooms. Independence is just a tool, no more ...

I already had an analogy with the events of the last century, writing- Ukraine: historical parallels. Pandora's box or Trojan horse ... but what happened in the Crimea, it is only the first act of Marlezonskogo Ballet. We all are waiting for, great things. What? You have not guessed? Section Of Ukraine. After the Crimea, the Russian elite, the eyes focused on the eastern part of Ukraine. Is the movement of military connections. And I assure you that there's always an excuse. Perhaps when this material appears in the network, much has become clearer.

Said that Western and Western Liberals, they're very cunning and devious. And the plan is very simple. Given that persuade twice to Russia, is its gradual retraction of a big and very bloody conflict. Now the main thing is not to scare Vladimir Putin. Let the Pro-registration side of thing, not balujsâ, and that's when ... After that, all in the West suddenly prozreût and will talk about what they have seen its true face. The chain of events, each seems to be not quite significant, but in the aggregate, provide the desired result.

Now, if I may, a few words about the war. You know, maybe I am wrong, but ...I cannot understand one thing. How is it such a metamorphosis. Given oath of allegiance to the State. Then, those same military, sign the contract and start serving in the army of another State. No, I'm not calling shoot on occasion and without it. But in my understanding, the oath, it's not just words. As it turns out, swore allegiance to the today, tomorrow and signed a contract in order to continue the service in another State.

A Trifle? Oh no, my dear. Of these, little things very much. If you call a spade a spade, then it can be called a betrayal, although media coverage of such people are called heroes. Duty, honor ...These words appear to have become atavizmami.

And in conclusion, I would like to tell you about a very eye-opening story. It would seem and here it is, but believe the meaning is. As long as there are ...

The most famous soldiers of the Japanese army, Lt. Hiroo Onoda HUMINT died January 16, 2014, at the age of ninety-two years. Strikingly, but it almost thirty years, could not finish their war without an order. And only when on the Philippine island of Lubang, March 10, 1974 year came his former commanding officer, major Tangauti, and gave him the order to surrender, the persistent Japanese soldier surrendered.

Lieutenant Hiroo not sitting idly by. He fought and served their military duty. Bravely attacked police stations and other military sites. As a result of such action it had killed more than twenty-five civilians and military personnel, and about 100 people were injured. War is always blood and dirt, so do not rush to condemn the former lieutenant, the former Japanese Imperial Army.

That's what I say.

The author will be grateful for your comments.

Author Gorg April 2014 year

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