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Ukraine. Historical parallels. Pandora

Dear Friends! The shaft, or to be precise, the tsunami of information on events in Ukraine which hit an unprepared man, reminiscent of the fighting. These actions, carried out with only one purpose, which can be expressed in one sentence. Is the fight for the minds of the people. Can I stay away? Of course you can, but when you sad smile, then it is necessary to lay aside all cases and worries, to sit down and write.

Preface. Historical parallels

In 1918, ceased to exist, one of the strongest State formations of the 19th century, which without a doubt was the Austro-Hungary. It all started as usual. Napoleon's Empirewas very significant and annoying in the political arena. That's decided to emperor Francis II, to proclaim another Empire. Said, done. And in 1804, appeared on the political map of the Austrian Empire. But the eternal desire of peoples for a better future are not spared and that State.

In 1848, the revolution was started now would call, and Austrian spring,. Defeated Lee forever dissatisfied people in revolutionary struggles? That you, the right thing. A victory could be possible if assistance in suppressing the Revolution provided the Russian army. By the way, if anyone remembers, it would be useful to refresh the memory of the Patriots, deržavnikov, monarchists and other particularly active citizens. The Russian Empire and in those days was called the European gendarme and dušitelem.

Power, and power in Africa. This is vital when it comes to compromise with anyone. At that time, though, turned out to be Hungary. 1867 was the year and the month of March was Austro-Hungarian agreement which led to the creation of the new State of Austria-Hungary. Of course, headed the new empire, as in such cases the former Emperor, the former Austrian Empire.

Almost a quarter of the population of Czechoslovakia in the beginning of the last century were Germans. And if the Czech lands, Silesia and Moravia, their number reached almost 30 per cent. Most of the population lived in areas bordering on Austria and Germany. One of these areas and was a Sudetenland. I hope you now know where you went, fashion, call the Germans, sudetskimi,,.

A good place to live for the Germans in Czechoslovakia? You know, the issue is so complicated that the written many books and research. But ... In all fairness, that the Germans have had the opportunity to study in their native language and were represented in the Parliament of Czechoslovakia. A Little? To little, who is pretty, but ...How many Germans, Qormi, and they still look towards their national State. Want to join and everything here, no compromises.

Perhaps the political situation was the place to be, but initially, they as a nation State was Austria, and then, when it came to power in Germany and Hitler, decided to change the vector in its side. In 1935, the elections were held. Won, with a majority of German voters by typing Sudetsko-German party. The head of the party, Genlejn Conrad the beetle, but he managed to unite under the banners of Germans, which were dream of joining Germany. Times in border areas inhabited mainly by Germans, and nothing to talk. Join, and all!

Protection of the rights of compatriots, this is the one, home,,. Moreover, with greater or lesser success enjoyed by all countries with sufficient military and industrial potential. Hitler was not an exception. How he could sleep soundly, when German brothers in Czechoslovakia were in appalling conditions. He could not sleep well, and also became the face of the Czechoslovakia such personal dislike that even could not eat.

Hitler's power is not his personal business, is a matter of State. Apparently, on the basis of those considerations, he made in February 1938, an address to the nation. Made and said about his concern for the fate of Sudeten Germans. It is now many, including statesmen do not follow the words, and then ... Hitler said, Hitler did, but rather began to operate. Already in March 1938 Anschluss of Austria, was carried out. Step by step Czechoslovakia was in the iron embrace of Germany.

Is it might in such circumstances be shut out of the political process, the Sudeten Germans? Of course not, could not, by definition, especially under the leadership of Chief as Mr. Conrad Genlejn. So they have intensified. And this whole revitalization, supported by very well from a legal point of view. Adopted the so-called, Karlsbad, program. In short, it was nothing new. It was the highest level of autonomy and of course where do without this, on freedom of expression.

What was the freedom of expression? Just like in humans. The opportunity to call for the rejection of part of the territory of one State to another State. But in all fairness it should be noted that, for all its organization, the Sudeten Germans could not resist the power, even a small State as Czechoslovakia. But the boy said the boy did. While the Sudeten Germans were preparing a putsch inside Hitler pulled part of the Wehrmacht to borders, demonstrating that it will not give offense.

And here ... No, dear reader, you guessed it. France and the Soviet Union, made it clear that Germany strongly opposed. Although in another version, Hitler remains, or simply explored the public opinion to the test. Hitler has generously agreed to negotiate. Can you imagine legitimate Government of Czechoslovakia must negotiate with the leaders of the Sudeten Germans. In order to amuse self-love Western peacekeepers, as mediators in the talks has been selected by the United Kingdom.

But imagine such picture. Behind your back is a big guy with a club in your hand, you feel his support and have a conversation with subtle, botanist, in glasses ... There is an interesting area. Sudeten Germans are not agree on the widest autonomy, which has now been forced to accept the Czechoslovak party which in turn did not agree to the loss of part of a territory, naively believing that from them, anything is.

The impasse in the negotiating process was by no means preordained before the beginning of the negotiations. In September 1938, the negotiations have reached an impasse, triggering a chain reaction of further developments. In the disputed territories began, natural, oppressed Germans. That it must be followed by? Correctly. The Declaration of martial law in the territories and the troops that did the authorities of Czechoslovakia.

The next move in this chess game,, was for Hitler. He addressed the nation and said he was ready to carry out the protection by armed tribesmen. There is a reasonable question. And what about the neighborhood leader of the German people, will remain on the sidelines? No, of course. The Commander-in-Chief of the German air force has vowed the Czechs and Slovaks generally unruly erase Prague from the face of the Earth. Do not remain on the sidelines and representatives as of now would say, representatives of the creative intelligentsia. By tradition, in such a volatile situation, the United Kingdom could not remain a bystander. Who if not they apparently thought much gentlemen, becoming intermediaries and umirotvoritelâmi.

Remember probably established an expression like that, that is, an Englishwoman, doesn't mean they don't have? So, in this story, it found its confirmation, although at that time and indirect. Dark history with its most peacekeepers, but nevertheless, many at that time sincerely believed that Hitler can bring. No, there were those who said that the best argument for the bully, a fist which would distort its physical space, but who listened to them. Yes and waving his fist, albeit for just cause, not for Liberals, the only such a move can theoretically.

So, Munich. September, 1938, without any doubt, entered into history. There were negotiations between the Reichskanzler a. Hitler, the Prime Ministers of Italy, b. Mussolini, Britain-France-Chamberlain, e. Daladier. I would like to stress that these negotiations on Czechoslovakia was not provided.

As agreed? It's simple, or very simple. Germany was allowed to annex the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia. Well, for more confidence that everything according to the law, in law and in equity, other than it was allowed to solve its territorial claims against Czechoslovakia her immediate neighbours, Poland and Hungary. The type of historical justice is done and it is now what is getting everything he wanted and even more, Hitler comes to its senses and there will be peace and prosperity on the European continent. Blessed is he who believes.

Sad smile when the policy of double standards is something new. No, gentlemen, comrades, all new is well forgotten old you want to admit it or not. Found on the World Wide Web the text of the agreement between civilized States. Read, make conclusions and think.

Agreement between Germany, Britain, France and Italy

Munich, September 29, 1938

Germany, United Kingdom, France and Italy already fundamentally achieved agreement on the concessions to the Sudeten German areas agreed on the following conditions and modalities of this assignment, as well as on the necessary activities and declare themselves by virtue of this agreement, the responsible, individually, for the activities needed to implement it.

1. evacuation starts with 1 October.

2. the United Kingdom, France and Italy agreed that the evacuation will be completed by October 10, and will not accept any disruption of existing structures, and that the Czechoslovak Government was responsible for the evacuation of the area will be carried out without causing damage to the buildings.

3. Forms of evacuation will be installed in the details of the International Commission, composed of representatives of the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and the Czech Republic.

4. the stages of the occupation by German troops of the predominantly German population begins October 1. Four zones indicated on the attached map, will be occupied by German troops in the following order.

Area designated digit I, 1 and 2 October; area designated digit II, 2 and 3 October; area designated digit III — 3, 4 and 5 October; area designated digit IV, 6, 7 October.

The rest of the region, which has a predominantly German character, will be determined by the International Commission, and it will be occupied by German forces until 10 October.

5. the assessment referred to in paragraph 3, the International Commission will identify the areas in which the plebiscite is to be held. These areas before the end of the plebiscite would be busy international military units. The International Commission shall determine the procedure for the holding of a plebiscite, the order should be taken as the basis for the holding of a plebiscite in the Saarland. The International Commission shall appoint the date of the plebiscite however this day should not be later than the end of November.

6. the final determination of the boundaries is entrusted to the International Commission. The International Commission shall have the right, in exceptional circumstances, to recommend that the four powers — Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Italy — minor deviations from strict ethnographic principle in determining the areas to be transferred without the holding of a plebiscite.

7. the right of option to those wishing to relocate to the premises surrendered areas as well as for those who want to leave these areas. The option must be made within six months from the date of execution of this agreement. The German-Czechoslovak Commission would decide on the details of option will find measures to facilitate the exchange of people and will clarify the policy issues arising from this Exchange.

8. the Czechoslovak Government for four weeks from the date of conclusion of this agreement will free the military and police service of all Sudeten Germans who wish to do so. During this same period the Czechoslovak Government frees the Sudeten Germans, serving sentences for political crimes.

Hitler, Mussolini, Daladier Ed., Neville Chamberlain.

And here's another curious document. He was, of course, the beautiful word-Declaration, but indeed, this mimicry does not change.

The Anglo-German declaration

September 30, 1938

We, the German Führer and Chancellor and English Prime Minister, held a further meeting today and agreed that the question of Anglo-German relations is essential for both countries and for Europe.

We view the agreement last night and signed the Anglo-German naval agreement as symbolizing the desire of our two peoples will never again fight each other.

We have taken a firm decision to the consultations was the method adopted to address all other issues that may relate to our two countries, and we are determined to continue our efforts to eliminate possible sources of differences and thus contribute to peace in Europe.

A. Hitler. Neville Chamberlain.

Read a lot about all the known fact. When British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain returned from Munich to London immediately after the touchdown, he uttered the phrase that became historic. Translation and interpretation of the phrases vary, but common sense like this. Mr. Chamberlain said in front of an enthusiastic crowd, "I brought you peace,. That was it. Naiveté or hypocrisy? But cowardice, mixed with the leaps and bounds of ideas of liberalism?

Another equally famous politician of the time, Churchill said to me words that need to be cast in gold. And he said something like this. England was offered a choice between war and dishonor. She chose dishonor, but the result will be and dishonor and war. Prophetic words, and so it happened afterwards.

Why am I such a great attention to perspective in the story? Everything is very simple, or quite simply. Grab and try on all the situation that has taken place in the last century, to one that is now in connection with the events in Ukraine. Just get a parallel and you'll see that history teaches only that teaches nothing. But we'll talk about that in the second part has the working title-Pandora's box or a Trojan horse.

The author will be grateful for your comments.

Do not say goodbye. Take care of yourself.

Author Gorg March 2014 year

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