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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Ukraine and Russia. The European Union or of the family of Nations.Part Two

Dear Friends! Speaking frankly, and not try to be pretentious, the situation prevailing in Ukraine, mentioned in the first part, is striking, as is the reader's fantasy novel about Tchaikovsky porabotivših our planet by aliens.

Pan, a Professor, he is the head of State, Viktor Yanukovych, looks like all are fed up. They took out so that you can't help but be jealous of this talented man. Why that many thought that with the advent of this gentleman, Ukraine will be rotated to its neighbor the face and everyone will be happy. Personally me umilâli just the main arguments which they put to the right and left advocates of a simple guy Viti, who, under a hail of enemy attacks leads to a brighter future.

A bit confusing though, the Manager form of Government. Or rather do not form, and the techniques and vocabulary of Victor and his team. Although, in fairness it must be said that such Shtetl charisma is, ignite, the merchants at the market or local, gangsters,,. No, the trappings took place, in the form of suits, neckties, cars with flashing lights, but ...

If the former, scoop, put in more fashionable and, incase it in full, it will not change anything. Let it proronit not even a Word, but the gait, gestures, facial expressions.On the domestic political scene, so to speak, for internal use, nothing new had been invented. Bad live? To blame Vladimir Putin and his team. And I must say that these words have fallen on fertile ground.

After all, explain why the son of Sir Victor suddenly became the oligarch, is certainly not for the secondary drain. Explain where, or rather who, huge amounts of money, I can tell you it is definitely not easy. And here is specifically for the people in the Bazaar, this is our way to pacanski.

Moreover, any, I emphasise any action boy Volodya, provokes a negative reaction. Imagine a situation. Gazprom gives Ukraine cheap gas. Bastards of Russians, want to buy the freedom of the Ukrainians. If Gazprom, nakurivšis′ grass, vzvintit gas price, it means that Russians are gas blackmail fellow Ukrainians.

When crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border does not need a visa? Then it is a deliberate policy to Ukraine left the bright head and hard-working hands. But it is necessary to introduce a visa and begin to stretch around the perimeter of barbed wire, then naturally immediately allegations erect, iron curtain,.

If the boy volodya, with the Manor of leverage will give a small loan, he does it with intent to brotherly people in debt. If you wake up in the morning and remembering past grudges, the boy suddenly change his mind giving credit Volodia, it means only one thing. Russia wants Ukraine to destroy and take the world with hat in hand.

Pan, a Professor, is in a position that each successive stroke worse than the previous one. How did it happen? Yes it is very simple. Smart people when they play a game of chess, at least read specialist literature and assort sketches of eminent specialists of this ancient game. Train in their spare time. And make the moves, the importance and significance of osoznaëtsâ only in the middle or at the end of the party.

Our genius Victor, sat down at a chess board, but the play has become a fool's game. Moreover, why would you put a suit and tie. Apparently to ease mental or natural tricks, thought that it is enough. It's a charming smile and innate cunning girl Angela Merkel will throw out the white flag.

Schuler blaming Jewish that against him are professionals on the honest ot″ëmu of money. An ACE up its sleeve is not here, because there are figures on the chess board. And shapes, which can easily sacrifice the masters and grandmasters. But ...

All genius is simple. If you steal, it's to call things by their proper name, Victor and his company? Of course, this is the tradition of stealing this going into the depths of centuries. Let them steal. The main thing is that it all stolen heavy and back-breaking labor was in the right place. Where this is the right place? Correctly, the civilized West. So civilized that, as they say evil tongues, even the Queen was involved in the drug trade.

However, bees, collect every penny and are attributed to the hive. Importantly, where stands the Beehive, and who owns it. Pan, Professor, naively thought that saying about the reliability of Swiss banks. But this reality has been harsh. How can you quarrel with civilized Europeans, if they can because of its civility and confiscate the money. And they do it beautifully and with a truly European, the glitter is not the first to do it.

And why not quarrel, if, on the other hand, the alleyway, the boy, Volodya and his company. No, I understand that Volodya, this is a great collector of Russian land, but as the saying goes, to creep in on doubts and I gently put it. That collect the assembled gentlemen thieves-Patriots? How can you collect something if outside the garden ring in the Russian capital are poor in the province. How can we reconcile orthodoxy as the national idea and hundreds of thousands of Muslims who pray on Central avenues and streets of the Russian capital.

And after all, nothing new under the moon. Russian bees, exactly like their Ukrainian colleagues on the uneasy vorovskomu craft, commit the same error. Fold and store, your own honey, the European, the hive,. The same dilemma occurs, as in the first case. As with these Europeans argue, it's possible to lose everything, and besides, you can even blink and not make it. Well, good boy Volodya, he has somehow trump card up his sleeve.

Although Europeans civilised, but love the comfort, the temperature in their homes. Freeze in harsh winters, no one wants to. And here is this boy, he is a supplier of energy resources, as not cool, and Yes, that is, the nuclear club. No, if there is going to be very hard, vandalize, we find a way to put that great overseas friend won't resign. But here's to hoping the boy Victor, this is a question to an expert on the psyche.

In Europe it will bear very, volodya. The Europeans should not be very Volodya offended. What do I do? How do Panou, Professor,? Ûlit′ and Dodge. Lie and spin like a frying pan, hoping that over time a lot, would dissolve. No, that dissipates, the gentlemen of his comrades will not miss.

Will not be able to completely recover without hesitation to take part ...After all, for the most part European and Russian gangsters, put an eye on something the posses Ukrainian gangsters. That's the whole deal to the penny, or if you want to Exchange.

No, if the boy would have a little vitia possessed qualities of Tsar Peter the first, then of course, we could try to hack window to Europe. And try not to chop and kick down the window of his shoulder, this is from the realms of fantasy. So you can not only shoulder hurt, but my head loose, in the truest sense of the word.

Allow me to digress. All you probably at least once, looked fantastic fighters in which evil and soulless cyborgs, consisting of pieces of iron, wires and artificial intelligence, change their appearance and become close to us people, that would be closer to approach and destroy. That's about the same thing happening when it comes to respect for all parties of this nezaležnoj,, jam,.

What is the result. Almost all, or if anything, many say that Russia wants only good fraternal Ukrainian people. Beautiful sounds, but ... Many forget that Russia is a very different, and there is only a gangster business, or business in the hands of gangsters and nothing else. On the other hand, it has become indisputable truth that there is good old Europe, which is the repository of all imaginable and unimaginable.

I'm upset. Old Europe is long gone. And there is a huge territory captured, or if you prefer, infected left-wing ideas that exactly replicates the ideology-Bacillus that struck one sixth of our planet at the beginning of the last century. Still unknown where more, sovkovosti, in the new Russia, or in the new Europe. Running away from one, paradise, inevitably leads to another, paradise, wrapped in pretty paper.

I would like to say a few words about, Iron Lady of Ukrainian politics. Yulia Tymoshenko, she is home to gigantic wealth, although she is worthy competitors. Yes, planted. Yes, like all kaznokradov, immediately detect health problems. Old as the world. When someone has been deprived of his liberty, of, blue, thieves, it is an amazing metamorphosis.

They instantly become victims. Victims of arbitrary power. Of natural modesty, they cannot hear the amount of stolen money, it is really hard for their fragile psyche. So we have to speak of persecution for their political beliefs. If anyone knows the game, monopoly, the player sometimes appears to miss a move. So here's the Lady Julia, this is an emergency measure. She, of course, periodically reminds of itself, but the fact remains that. She left out of the current policy.

Panou, Professor, it is dangerous, as a competitor to expose the enemies of the Ukrainian people. And as for the so-called opposition, and to the grandparents attending. The longer it is taken out of the game, the better. There is also a competition for a place on the symbolic, peanut butter sandwich,. Although I can not pozloradstvovat′. If Ulyanov Lenin was known before the masses with the Armadillo, the hard economic situation in Ukraine, changed the tradition, and there was more cheap Tribune as a tractor or if anything, a bulldozer.

Evil tongues say that almost as a bulldozer was used during the events in once friendly Yugoslavia, but then, they are evil. Who said that it is the Americans are closer to Russia? Do not trust my friends. It is a provocation. And so called, the Arab spring, the Americans did not have any relationship. People just got together and decided that it was time to change the power.

And how did not change the power of Ukrainian, as everywhere, there is not a single decent person, although I grubanul, what kind of decency in politics there. I remember a very cunning former first Secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine on the ideology of Comrade Kravchuk. This is the fruit.

You may not believe it, but as it is, says, turns out to be, he has always been against communism. But ... There were, stepping on throats their own song, blacked out. Why? How, why, of course with one sole purpose. Take care of yourself for a future struggle for the future of the Ukrainian people in a friendly and civilized European family of Nations.

Apparently, the Mayor of Kiev has qualities of Sir-a comrade Kravchuk. Long masked earlier, and at the right moment is shot. You'll be surprised, but the protesters on independence square, eat and bask in the tents, is his contribution to the fight against the enemies of the fatherland.

And that the people can ask. What is its role in this revolutionary process. Everything as always. People fell silent. No, I throw in sneakers. I am aware that I am writing. The number of people in the revolutionary barricades, it's generally not a theme, and the song. Of course, I want to issue a wishful thinking. But ...

Part of the protesters, it is definitely the media. Where is without them, they have to give the picture and the text of the popular support of the people given to the opposition. Further, there are all sorts of leaders of opposition parties that without batting an eyelid, once again, not even their own people tell lies, and the potential electorate.

Then there are the Dreamers by nature, who believe that they made history, and their opinion is very important for opposition leaders. Blessed is he who believes. Following this scenario, it's really honest people who want change for the better, but for various reasons do not understand that they are just regular, Extras, and potential, and cannon fodder. And where popular support? Where, I ask you dovedënnyh columns to the multimillion-dollar despair people? Where recognized Revolución?

Please as these tribunes, not to offer Mr. Boxer and forever red from self worth Pana Lutsenko. It is much worse than Bulk and Nemtsov, not to mention the ever-onaniruûŝem Mister Ryžkove. Just like in Russia. Everything goes around on one scenario, in terms of evidence and faceoff, struggle with OMONOom. And not just struggle, and direct incitement of the people who are in the line of duty.

Said, and again I repeat. People in the form of hands touch it, I'm not talking about throwing cobblestones and other attributes, peace, fight against a hated regime. Want to get power? You are welcome. There is a party, go to the elections and defeat the hateful regime, Pana, Professor,. Although to be honest, this is a formidable task. Much easier to fight for access to the trough, used so loathed by the people. Have them put up and what can you do, though, and they have to deal with nasty people, but have to hope that people will make, on their shoulders, saviours, homeland to the trough.

Very worry for popular singer Ruslana in small circles. Who else can, fun chains. At night, on the fifth of December she proudly told the crowd on the square that he wanted to, and most importantly, can raise their morale and help keep warm. She promised to do? It's simple. Promised to go on stage in a swimsuit, and start obtirat′sâ ice that would warm the demonstrators. Why only in a bathing suit? Very afraid of his wife, who might not approve of her bold ideas.

My experiences have intensified when he learned that Ruslan at this very courageous and heroic act is not going to stop. It turns out the Ukrainian singer and civil activist, as its position and she herself said publicly, with scenes of the Maidan that intends to burn themselves if there will be changes in the country. Oh, I'm afraid that as a man of his word, it would have to be declared. Change is not expected, and still remains a loophole, because it did not specify what kind of changes.

Ruslan called on people to stick together and assured them that will burn themselves on the Maidan, and admitted that this decision is not just accepted, but firmly adopted. Eh, what heroes of the revolution. But in place of the ban, I would put the protection to, for instance, and that's what good even before the cugundera can bring our, Professor,.

What is there to do not say, and have a natural sense of Ruslana. Before the night's disbanding of Maidana, who immediately dubbed bloody massacre, our pevun′e suddenly became ill, and she left their adherents. Apparently felt that it smells good ... ... Oh, and you need to take care of themselves for a future struggle. Sorry not guessed Volodya Putin send to help colleagues, Russian singer, equally brilliant Peter Pavlenskogo freedom fighter, which is a very tricky way nailed their eggs on the red area of the Russian capital.

This would have been a bunch! And if we add to this bundle, and PANI Boženu, Yanukovych has come to the full Arctic fox, along with mink and Sable. However, equally famous in narrow circles n. Dzhigurda, couldn't sit still at home, and found their civic duty to go to Ukraine.

What's next? Options are many. But most likely, this is a section of Ukraine into several parts. And the real, though now seems fantastic, this military confrontation between Russia and Ukraine. Don't believe it? Decades ago, much too seemed impossible, and it won both came out ...

That's what I say.


Asked his friend living in the city of Khmelnitsky, make a few photos. So to speak, that would feel the general atmosphere in the city. The normal situation. Apparently the effect that it is not a professional photographer or journalist and a resident of ...

Author Gorg December 2013 year

Метки: people, politics, Ukraine, Russia, Maidan, EU

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