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Not fact...


Boris Berezovsky. Murder or suicide? Daemon in a golden cage

, Who first died-that and lost,

B. A. Berezovsky


Dear Friends. Was it possible to not write on this topic? Of course, all the more so as the other no less interesting that says car and a small truck. But ...So much contradictory information came after the news of the death of Boris Berezovsky, that I could not resist. Could not stand for one simple reason. Saw, no, in this context, this word is not suitable. Most likely felt the handwriting and the handwriting is very recognizable.

Boris Berezovsky. Murder or suicide? Daemon in a golden cage

A brief biographical note

Boris Abramovich Berezovsky (January 23, 1946, Moscow-March 23, 2013). A Russian scientist, businessman, and politician, from the year 2000 up to the end of his life was in exile in the UK; Russia accused of numerous crimes and is sentenced to imprisonment in absentia. Doctor of technical sciences, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Since autumn 2000, acted as a political opponent of Putin, whose presidential campaign at the end of the year 1999 and early 2000 year participated on his side — in support of "unity".

For the first time a criminal case against Berezovsky was instituted in the year 1999 under the Government of Primakov. From September 20, 2001, he is wanted in Russia on charges of fraud, money laundering, attempting to seize power. A warrant for his arrest was issued by Interpol in Brazil on charges of fraud and money laundering through the football club.

In addition, in 1999 the year against him by the Prosecutor's Office is under investigation for charges of fraud and money laundering. In the same year, Berezovsky was refused entry into Switzerland.

From September 2003 to the end of life is lived in Britain as a political refugee. had a British passport bearing the name Platon Elenin. The news service of the BBC stated that Plato is the name of the hero of the film "Oligarh". A citizen of Russia. In 1996, Israel refused citizenship.

In 2008, Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at 1.3 billion. dollars. By the end of the life of Berezovsky's financial situation has deteriorated. He had accumulated significant debts, he had to lay off assistants, almost all of the guards and to sell several homes belonging to him.

Berezovsky conveyed through offshore companies £ 320000 British Queen's cousin Prince Michael in 2002-2008 Gg.

So what we have. March 23, 2013, disgraced Russian oligarch's body was found in a bathroom at the House of a former spouse in the Township of Ascot, in Berkshire County. According to other sources, in connection with the incorrect translation from English, no body was found in the bathtub, and sorry for such intimate details in the outhouse. As usual in such cases, which had arrived by ambulance, noted the death of Boris Berezovsky.

I remember the famous words that enemies are going out anywhere in the outhouse, catch catch there and wet. But according to other sources, Berezovsky is at least five hours was unguarded. Not only that, but after a thorough investigation, the media, and went away that he died from strangulation. And it has created the next wave of rumors. For Berezovskiy are divided into two camps. Some claimed that he hanged himself, while others firmly believe that Boris Abramovich was strangled ...

And began ... One statement contradicts another. Not scored and not propiaril yourself, except that a lazy or really smart. In versions lack. But of course it all came down to a few things. Who killed killed and how, if it was murder. I confess that I like the version konspirologičeskie, and yet the first thing that came to mind is that Boris Abramovich died of natural causes. Tired, tired of. Here are picked up and placed on the hands. But what followed was then forced to radically change their opinion. It would be better, some, were silent.

I'll try to digress. Often that would lend any credence to information it loads fine details. Well, here's a quick, simple example. Calculation of costs of landscaping. No, that would leave, say the figure of 20,000 rubles. That you will not look very good. But if the outcome will be the figure of 40 roubles and kopecks 19.927, it surely will, trust, merit,,. Innocent people will think, see, how everything is scientifically proved and tested, much work was carried out.

The Kremlin has long kept silent. Strange, but once learnt of the death of Boris Berezovsky, the Russian President's Press Secretary. Barely hours after the appearance of messages in the media, as Dmitry Peskov said literally the following: Yes, Vladimir Putin informed about the death of Mr Berezovsky. But it turns out some time ago, Tycoon handed Putin a letter written by him personally. In the letter, the recognition of its many errors. AND ... You'll be surprised, but Boris Berezovsky, Putin asked forgiveness and asked the President of the Russian State with a request that would be able to return to their homeland.

News is not just interesting. Sensational news. Worst enemy apologizes and admits his defeat. Why then were silent for almost two months? I still keep silence about such petty details as the transmission of the letter to the addressee. Who donates? As conveyed? Moreover, many of the spared one significant moment. Almost always, when there is no suicide suicide note. Does she? Or will reappear in a few months, because its production is a fast pace. Boris Abramovich asked for forgiveness. Well, I believe. Publish, please and I'll be the first to say that he accepted his defeat and changed his views.

But here on this site, if I may be a little more in detail. We have Putin's statement, though, through his spokesman, to say the least and roughly speaking, Boris Berezovsky acknowledged his defeat, repented and asked for forgiveness, is desperate to return to their homeland. That is, he wrote about a couple of months ago, if you recognize the words, Dmitry Peskov said truthful. Ok. In life everything happens, and no such tricks performed by outstanding personalities. But ...

Just over a year ago, namely, February 26, 2012 year, Boris Abramovich wrote in the social network(F)acebook, his famous,, repentance, and Cite text., to see how far the game has come Boris Abramovich, and how he's being clever turning to people, who in his only feature films in the fight with Vladimir Putin.

Boris Berezovsky says:

Until today, I had not planned to open Facebook, did not want to live in social networks. Today, forgiveness Sunday, I made up my mind on repentance, and wanted to publish it on my blog on "E'he Moskvy". Repentance to the people of Russia for the mistakes that I made. But was refused.

It seems to me completely unacceptable that the Orthodox man in Russia today forbid public penance. I do not have any claims to the editor-in-Chief of the echo of Moscow radio, Alexei Venediktovu, on the contrary-I am grateful to him. He held to the end, allowing me to your blog. Now I am using the latest independent MEDIA in Russia-Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg may not be able to invoke in the Kremlin and his social network to sell Gazprom threatened to send in "silence" Matrosskuû.

Boris Berezovsky.


«Contact each from their evil way, and correct your ways and your deeds, "said the Lord, through the Prophet Jeremiah, and so it is today, Sunday – forgiveness, I tell you.

The years of exile have allowed me to look at my life, the life of my homeland and increasingly realize that without repentance, without recognizing the mistakes of the past, without the courage to build the future, there is no development. Neither I nor personally each one of you, nor the country.

I'm living a long, bright life. And along the way made a lot of things, and inevitably made mistakes. Unrighteous deeds I did consciously and more – not knowing that create. As stated in the penitential prayer is "maintaining and ignorance, by will or by will. I know that many of my works were condemned by you, the people of Russia, of which I am President, and whose fate in the Lord, my trade, assigned me a role.

I repent and apologize for avarice. I craved the wealth, without hesitation, that this is to the detriment of others. Covering up your SIN "a historic moment", "brilliant combinations and stunning features, I forgot about our fellow citizens. And what did I not alone, does not justify me.

Forgive me.

I repent and ask forgiveness for me freedom of speech which has been transgressed. Justifying yourself to save Russia from a red-brown plague, I define a policy voice for the chief information, neglected democratic values. My actions initiated the destruction of independent journalism. So did not I have one, but that does not justify me.

Forgive me.

I repent and apologize for having caused the Government of Vladimir Putin. For what is was, but could not see a future in it's greedy tyrant and usurper, popravšego, human freedom and stopped development in Russia. Many of us don't recognize it then, but that does not justify me.

Forgive me.

I blame myself more to Russia than not.

I understand that repentance is not just a Word, but now and again. And it will follow.

Boris Berezovsky,

February 26, 2012

Yes, really ... But let me continue. If one person writes a year ago, and now we are told that he asked pardon from Putin, and Boris Abramovich grasped everything, then wants to ask yourself just one question. When Boris Abramovich told the truth? A year ago or, these days, when he wrote the letter that no one has seen and about which no one knew. If there is a letter, and wrote his Boris Berezovsky, the ...Given that Putin had not changed, and remains so, what was a year ago, the disgraced oligarch while building a calumny. But if a letter exists only in the imagination of the Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said, then everything comes into place.

But that's not all. If the story with writing fiction, there is a reasonable question. Why do they need it? Don't guess? Well, how did the right thing. Remember, I was given the above example of costing for landscaping. Guessed It? Properly, the letter is required for reliability. And not only. Make no mistake on your fingers.

If I was to remove b. Berezovsky, then I certainly would have worked not only perform the task itself, but also the information which should be after. First of all need to understand that it's made of course yours truly. Enemies must know that I have long arms and they don't hide from me. But openly admit their involvement, it is of course very rude and not the European way. No, I will strongly discourage from all suspicion, offering more and more new version.

What he's talking about the fact that letter? Only one thing. Boris Abramovich has repented, confessed his defeat, and I have no reason to physically eliminate him. Why fix if the enemy is defeated and a victory for me. And that would be true, if the fact of receiving letters would be officially confirmed a couple of months ago. Live MEDIA Tycoon was explaining his new position and everyone is happy. Passes a couple of months and happen what happened. That's when the story with writing would become the Joker unbeaten ...

And how it all began! Funding, or the intention to finance the book, Mr. Boris Yeltsin, and here he is a ticket in the upper echelons of Russian power. Add to this the neuëmnuû energy, imagination and create all sorts of schemes and projects ... Seemingly, live and enjoy. Just live and embroidered that many coupons could only dream about. There is money, but want to do something more. I want that attracts many, but available units. Power.

There is an opinion that it was Boris Berezovsky secured victory for Yeltsin in elections. Vopreki zdravomu smyslu victory and Yeltsin's poor health. Here are picked, has gathered all the will in the fist, sat down, thought and did the impossible.

Boris Berezovsky. Murder or suicide? Daemon in a golden cage

What's next? Further more. Our hero is why decided that too now that he can actually manage Russian State, being behind the ailing leader. AHA, now

Berezovsky was presumptuous man, he thought he could fool anyone. They say he then created. No, if you count people imbeciles, of course you can put the question this way. After all, judge for yourself. Everything, or almost everything that touched the hand of Boris Abramovich, turned into money on his account.

If you remember, he decided to give everyone the opportunity to purchase Russian cars at reasonable prices. Picked up and created the Automobile all-Russian Alliance (AVVA). so what? Well, nothing, gathered the money and its widely publicized the idea forgotten completely.

And all would be nothing, the Government did not view that sees arts, very active and enthusiastic oligarch, but ... Many talk about the conflict between Putin and Boris Berezovsky, making a major mistake. Putin with Berezovsky, the conflict was not and is not. The conflict was with Berezovsky and Putin, as the two big differences.

Boris Abramovich for his naivety or genius thought that with the coming to power of Putin's will as with b. Yeltsin. It is unclear what course it took, apparently past success in the political field he had such grounds. But Putin immediately put our hero. You can do business, and they must be safe, but only two terms. Pay taxes and do not climb to power.

Of course, there was an underestimation of Berezovsky and Vladimir Putin, it was a fateful underestimation. And, hope, friends, that it came into power corridors, it is going out of the error. The thing is, when we are talking about very big money, the friendship is already not working.

And as a result, the lack of obvious things, forced emigration. On the banks of foggy Albion oligarch has raised the banner of the Holy struggle with Putin. As a matter of fact, he was a symbol of the war between Russia and the West. The challenge was accepted, and began fighting on all fronts. With the Kremlin to Boris Abramovich gave away the initiative in the hope that it perehitrit itself and develop was the strategic plan, worked so to speak.

Only what is not accusing Putin of our suspects. Explosions of apartment houses, Basayev and Khattab in Dagestan, the war in Chechnya.

Given the nature of Boris Abramovich warehouse you can still tell that's what. He always had to be increased attention to ourselves. Attention of the public, this is something without what he thought of his life. Add to all this mania of greatness, of course that the oligarch had fully. What is the commitment made on his arrival in England, a new name, mind you, and not an alias name. Platon Elenin.

And begs the analogy with the leader of the world proletariat in Lenin. Yes, and to be honest, as an analyst, he never flashed his precision forecasts. Every six months he makes the prediction that Putin's regime has come to an end, and each time the wrong ...In recent times, but pity it did not cause.

Special touches comparison of Boris Berezovsky with Lev Trotsky. No, I agree that is acceptable to the analogy in terms of what both finished his earthly journey abroad. One was hit on the head with an ice pick and the second most likely was strangled, well it seems that would not be repeated. Don't believe that ice axes were so large that shortages could not be found for a good cause ...

The total is and that both loved how Hlestakov brag and wishful thinking. For example, Leon Trotsky was very fond of the trust of thousands of conversations, so that niggle about the millions of supporters in Soviet Russia. Saying that he communicates with them and a little bloody dictator comes to an end.

Nothing recalls? Similarly, Boris Berezovsky and talked about many of its supporters and that very soon the regime of Vladimir Putin, too, will come to an end. Talking about the military, the business world and the secret service. Earlier that day and night are preparing to seize power by force ...

Naive to speak in this case of delusion. Most likely it was a subtle calculation, which in both cases is simply not warranted. If not, write to their supporters all disgruntled, it is of course true, but here are just disgruntled and have not heard that they had a leader Leon Trotsky, then and now, Boris Berezovsky.

I would like to specifically point out that the scale of the individual, so to speak is not comparable. Leon Trotsky was one of the founders of the Red Army. In any case, it was a matter of State. But Boris Abramovich but, Logovaz,,, and, and ABBA, structures, designed for personal enrichment, anything larger could not create. As the saying goes, experience the difference.

Most likely, it is for this reason that the hit an ice pick Ramon Mercader, became the hero of the Soviet Union, and the noose around his neck to Boris Abramovich, invisible front offered the employee likely would announce just gratitude.

But there is another predpoložen′e that Boris Abramovich, ate, from a large, Englishmen, and respect,. Perhaps it was a demonstration of Russian power that is reloaded in the relations between the two States.

Why has the right to life such a version? Not if the big brush strokes, then about a slice of the most outstanding events of the Russo-British news. So, let's start. Admit that it is the fruit of my sick imagination, but nevertheless, the facts were.

An agreement between, and Rosneft, and, BP and, for the joint development of oil fields in Mexico and the Arctic Shelf.

Boris Berezovsky wrote a letter to Putin asking for forgiveness.

England's appeal to Russia for possible examination question extension, Nord Stream, to Britain.

Confirmed working on British secret services of Litvinenko.

London Talks foreign and Defence Ministers of Britain and Russia.

Call the British Prime Minister David Cameron to Vladimir Putin.

That left Britain's gas for two days.

And finally a message about the death of Boris Berezovsky.

No, I do not want to say anything and accuse, but ... Alexander Litvinenko, Boris Berezovsky, Badri Patarkatsishvili, all these people, there are a few among them after his death. They all died suddenly, and in the same place, namely in London. It seems that this city attracts those who already comes in life direct ...

They can't ignore another unifying their detail. They all knew too much ... there is a reasonable question. Could it be a coincidence that the number of retirements from the lives of very osvedomlënnyh people? Think anyone will answer that question for himself.

The Russian President's Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin is ready to consider the possibility of burial in Russian Boris Berezovsky. Perhaps it will be so, and citizen-Tycoon will gain eternal rest there, where he is remembered. Remembered as a symbol of an era, the era of wild capitalism and tremendous opportunities for people with adventurous nature of warehouse ...

That's all what I say.

AuthorGorg March2013 year


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