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Our life


Donald Trump. Trump or trumpet that calls?!

Dear Friends! As promised, today I'll try to say a few words about the same Mister-Palau. Donald Trump! Our President! A what?! No, I haven't smoked. Just seemed to me, judging by the reaction of many, very clever and certainly honest politicians, once a vast country.

Do you remember how it all began? And what it is not remembered. Remember everything. Socio-political space, or rather what is left of it, resembled a psychiatric hospital. Moreover, working not in normal mode and when already almost appointed chief doctor, but his duties he has not yet begun. All, or almost all of the hospital staff, with each information back, more fall in prostration, bordering the teenage euphoria. It seemed even a little, and all standing to sing new chief doctor, many of the summer.

All wet and imbued with democratic affection and liberal hope that ... Correct!!! Donald type everything will literally change everything. Even light bulbs in our entryways to stop stealing. Even the garbage will stop throwing away from the Windows of apartment buildings. Even Russian corruption, in the blink of an eye will be skillful and honest Patriots, and instantly return all or almost all of the money from offshore. With the advent of the Saviour, which certainly is Trump, about which we warned latent religious Patriots, begins a new era in the development of humanity. It's important.

Ironic, but true. This is really a full clinic, if you think about it. The main news in the sovereign of Russia, was the election of a new leader of the old foreign State. The news overshadowed even our saga of all time Pro street racers ... Well, the type of the unforgettable Mara Baghdasaryan departs on time aside and goes only for a new, or rather the old Citadel of democracy leader. Everything about him. That said, where it looked that thought ... Someone new ... sorry for shoulder patting.

Particularly pleased with Russian deputies. Again, however, these very smart and honest adventurers, and in our case were at the height of the situation. They just think parliamentarians great Russia, standing applause the election of the head of a foreign State. Yes, that Parliament there! The head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky literally idolized Mr Trump, which Donald. The truth, then he had to declare that he very much doubts the sincerity of the words of the winner of the presidential race on his sympathies to Russia. But that was then ...

In the meantime, until all such joyful ... Margarita Simonyan, wanted to fly to the Russian capital in a car, with the American flag! The clinic is full! Bookshops crammed with books about Trampe. When they have time! That's me on the writers! Or maybe it was proven information?! Maybe they knew everything in advance ... Is an unspoken contest of media persons in production panegirikov. Persons political, sentimental in estimates of Trump our national leader. Trump called our cool and clever guy! Trump said that he can have an affair! Ohrenet! We praised! Or rather, not us! But it praised! And maybe even shoot with us. No, not sanctions! Stop! Who said that the recent lift panties?! Evil you! It's important.

I would especially like to point out that the vast majority of vostorgajushhihsja were people completely without principles, ... Maybe, I say maybe, each judged on Trampe on its own. They apparently thought that Mr. Trump starts to play up Russia and fawning. Brilliant! Many apparently did not realize that Trump, is primarily a money bag. Not a politician, namely money bag. From this it was necessary to proceed. It's important.

He is definitely a showman. Yes, imagine money bag and explosive mixture of showman in one bottle. The show must go on at any price. Obligatory screams, scandals, exposing ... Vulgarity and predictability of zashkalivali. Populism with a democratic bias. Remove all Muslims and to build the wall with Mexico. Yes, even abandon the salary. It reminds me of Boris Nikolayevich unforgettable! Remember that like to work on the old car brand, Moskvich, traveled ... Or promised that will ride. Has promised to find Rails and ... Well, it isn't if evil tongues do not lie ...

Hope for a miracle, it became all-consuming. There was a time when people built factories, mastered the uncultivated land, flown in space. Well, that is they can all do it and commit. And now ... Yes, now remains to wait and hope for a miracle. Paradoxically, ... In the past, had hoped to market with its invisible hand. Type, it put everything in its place and is all happiness. Did not work out. Whether the hand of the market proved too invisible, as usual, the enemies are prevented. Did not! Now hopefully to Trump that Donald. And ... Correct!!! On high oil prices! And it say those who should build and build a strong nation. Basic things that many do not understand! Or realize that much worse! It's important.

The horror! Trump our our Donald Trampushka, tightens policy on Russia! And where applause of the deputies? Where the statement of Mr Slutsky?! Where Mrs. Margarita Simonyan which up American flags and then Burns them?! Basically what blamed for Mr. Trump, this ... Type, he has forgotten much of what he said during his campaign speeches. Idiots! Donald Trump is far from being a nobleman, so as not to sderzhavshi the word die washing away shame shame.

Yes, at first he said that the United States attempts to seize power in Crimea from Russia could provoke war. Type, we don't need war. And now, it is very clear that he expects Russia to return Crimea and de-escalating violence in Ukraine. The simplest things! Well, really it was unclear that there have always been the position of the establishment. And will exist. And Mr. Trump, which Donald that bourgeois, he, if mildly expressed, not very independent in their decisions.

Here are the type that Barack Obama was a weakling. And he, Donald, not a WIMP. Therefore, the tightening policy against Russia. A what?! Russia's political and economic elite had hoped that sanctions would be lifted and all that?! Well, then so much the worse for the political and economic elite ... So, surely the time will come when Russians will remember an African-American Barack as the best friend of our country. It's important.

I would like to say a few words about ... Correctly, the cerkovnikah and the Church. No, I certainly understand that most public mission churchmen and the clergy is to return what they have, how would have selected. Who?! Clear thing, grim guys-the Communists. Well, you understand what I am talking about. If muck and misery, a legacy of Communist times. Uniquely! Although many years have passed like one can and must talk about what did Liberals and clergy in the revival of the State. But ... Apparently telling about ... It's important.

Our yet Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, suddenly fell ill. The guarantor of the Constitution said it was normal flu. But it seems to me that we are being deceived. This is a simple plumber can be ordinary flu. But the politics of this magnitude happens only influence, and not the other way around. So here. While the Prime Minister was ill, this very infljujenciej, distinguished deputies. They, and rightly so, to take care of the most exposed population.

A couple of years ago, wrote on the topic, as will give Crimea. And please note that I wrote in April of the year 2015. And now the year 2017. No, I'm a lot then listened to my mental state, but ... There are, it is no one denies, Windows Overtona, Windows from these I and bounced off.

Russia will not go to any deal with the United States over Crimea in Exchange for the lifting of sanctions on the President's spokesman Dmitry Peskov. On this question, "peskov said, responding to a question whether Russia is ready to any deal with the United States in Crimea. The Kremlin's representative also noted that a second referendum is excluded.

Oh, and for those who particularly enjoys our technical power. Type, we all win! Turns out! All engines! This is very important. All previously produced engines Rd-0210/0211 and RD -0213/0214, designed for installation on the second and third stages of the rocket, Proton-m, will be rebuilt. Across as! But were ahead of not only the Ballet ...

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg April 2017 year

Site Card Alexander (Sandro) Djordjadze


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