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Our life


Two-headed bird under the star instead of the Crown, or the many exploits of Uncle Bori Yeltsin.

Dear Friends! Here come the new year! That there were waiting for him to hide. Some with hope, others with fear. And we continue our short conversation. There are things that we can talk forever, which can and should be shared with others. Who may come in handy. Who knows ... After the monarchy go, this bread does not feed our man. Boom! Monarchical! And that man should be. And Yeltsin, remember, this is a favorite pastime of gentlemen-Patriots-mates.

Before talking about the many feats of Boris Nikolayevich can't say about nutrition expensive Russians. It is precisely in times of this very peculiar man, all of us were telling beautiful tales about the many varieties of sausage, which will appear on the shelves, if at the Russian open spaces will win democracy. Sausage is our everything. It's not even discussed, but ...

And all would be nothing, but it is food, it so happened, was determined in a certain extent, the social status of the electorate. As such it was possible? Elementary! People have become hostages of the food and products. And yet, they became very please select. On the other, who do not understand that the real guys and pacanki drink Chamomile tea, only raw materials for which it is collected at dawn, during the period from February to early March. What?! Daisy did not blossom at this time?! This is for suckers and blossom, it is not for the right of citizens even as flowers and very expensive.

That is why the fuckers and drink black tea or green. And the worst fuckers, even with sugar. Moreover, and nerukopozhatnyj black coffee drink with sugar. Nightmare. About Sol, I've generally silent. Each advanced citizen, naturally knows that ... Salt, this white death, but ... It is, in the case of ordinary salt. But there is still salt Himalayan that can and should be suitable for communication with higher forces. This is important.

I would especially like to emphasize the loss of positions of hamburgers, bigmakami and pepsikokakolami. These attributes belonging to the new generation of mladodemokratov and mladoreformatorov of the past. In the past, it was possible to see the queue for these same hamburger, which was exceeding the queue for dating with Uncle Volodya, well that Ulyanov. Whereas before, eating the aforementioned sources of vitamins and other goodies nobody guy. Vice versa. Many thought that strengthen your health. So to say Orthodox Patriots and gourmets.

You'll be surprised, but it's the old Stradivarius lives. Brilliant man! Now, when we are told that there are nutritionists is very harmful products. It turns out that these products definitely are, but ... For whom they are intended. For suckers and lohushek. And for normal citizens. Well, you understand me. Take an ordinary Burger. It is certainly very harmful product for our Orthodox digestion. Here and argue. But ...

There is another burger, which is produced in very limited quantities and only for specific connoisseurs. And worth, this very special hamburger, even very expensive. Here you can eat without fear for his health. Because it is made of special, environmentally friendly products. This is when, let's say, the suffering of ubivaemoj cows, not passed with her meat. Yes, price bite, but ... Health is more expensive. So gradually and otuchimsja to eat unhealthy foods.

Do not forget that every ingredient must be its pedigree. Only then, food has the right to be food for the right of citizens and nationals. Let's say the bread, he must necessarily be with cereals. Only then, he might get a start in life, short true, but bright and positive. This is important.

But do not forget that not by bread alone ... So, a few words about the culture-mul'ture. Some creative peppers from the same culture-mul'tury, decided to stir up the theme suljashhuju very much denezhek. Stir up a national music awardthat she would in the future become the main music award of the country. Well done, awesome! How nice! Holiday simply! You won't believe this, but ... The triumph ceremony became a party in Leningrad. This is very important!

This group awards were awarded in three categories. Type, best group, best song, and certainly the best music video. Maestro Gergiev, nervously smokes on the side and take the nails ... Turns out, you don't believe it, but the best song of the year jury, the national music award recognized song in Peter's drink. A masterpiece! Zabodaj his mosquito, but ... Behind all this disgrace and vulgarity, holiday worth ... No, not the image, which grew as the twin brothers Mr Sergey Shnurov, Cord, no ...

Everything is quite seriously. Just died a Russian rock and pop music. So say all of us left, and ... Yes, the holy place is never empty. Cord came, carrying the weight of tabuirovannuju vocabulary and culture-mul'turu. Now you can! Now it does not condemn! Now this is admired, but ... Admiring such indulgence say foam, we simply doomed simplified and rot. It is not given. And do not ask where to go Classic. Its remnants no longer evoke the magical AWE. Symbiosis Pugacheva and cord, is what came instead.

With such permission say masterpieces, already on the threshold of the Opera and the main Russian scenes. With deep admiration, expect recital Cord at the Bolshoi Theatre. It would be the apotheosis of spirituality in his masterpiece a brutal primitive Imperial grandeur. So say progress on the background of regress. Although I apparently rushed to regress on the occasion. What can we regress, if ... If instead the Soviet Komsomol, have come to us on a visit, or more precisely visiting pre-revolutionary Ogonyok, priests with kadilami and uneven hunveybiny with Orthodox crosses. This is important.

What we have in dry matter?! Good question! And have the same false and genetic hypocrisy. It's all one, and imposed a grandfather Lenin communism and stalking orthodoxy, he brought former Communists. We are all together in slipping so loathed scoop that ignore this fact becomes very indecent. Everything is gloomy and hopeless, but that is what it is. In fact, over the past quarter century, nothing, absolutely nothing, to do, to make, invent, implement, create failed, and if you call a spade a spade, who did not want to. Many former citizens need, and now the electorate for happiness?! Believe me, a lot. In the Murmansk region epicentre collaborators Cyprus ended down

That is saying that Christmas miracles do not happen. Wrong, Lord-comrades. True miracles happen with the right boys. No, really, not a miracle to explain the fact that Uncle Andrew, unspeakably lucky under the very beginning of the new year holiday. Who is Uncle Andrew?! This is the former head of the Federal Customs Service, which for the power offensively, but ...

In the Friday, December 23, the media reported that the investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) returned to the former head of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) Andrei Bel'janinovu valuables and cash worth about 100 million rubles, which law enforcers confiscated during the searches. In addition, according to some reports, Andrei Ur'evich was offered to take a few "important positions".

See how it turned out? Even a few important posts offered to take. Apparently a professional, which still have to search. And how many such across the country. Here I am saying that bad we still work with frames. No, what Japan will receive disputed islands here and to the grandmother walking is not necessary. Let not today, not tomorrow, but the process is already gone ... Apparently, following the logic of events, you can pay rent far East and half a century to get a ready-made infrastructure. What?! Stupidity?! You cannot rent out part of the motherland? But because we same! The deal with the Japanese, only the first swallow. Verbal candy wrappers zapudrim brains electorate and forward!

And at the same time, so to speak, on the spot, Russia, carried by leaps and bounds toward third world countries. And what are you thinking, Lord-comrades-Patriots?! If the country renounced its culture, art and science, there is the place. Brutally? Of course. But it is a fact. From defeated hucksters and time-servers. And they all applaud Goons. And applaud standing, munching sandwiches with caviar and nothing around without noticing. And when everything in that daily shouting about the uniqueness of the Russian way. No, it is understandable that the longing of the collapsed Empire, multiple simplification and primitivizatsiya anything and everything, it's certainly unique, but ...

By the way, about the Empire. What you say here. Empire long gone, only the Eagle stayed ... Here, at the end of last year, well-known in narrow circles biker Surgeon, has made a very interesting proposal. Type, let's fix some of the shortcomings of State symbols. He proposed to improve the Russian coat of arms.. Wrap up the two-headed eagle in the ears of the Soviet coat of arms. Brilliant! No, ingeniously twice! I'll tell you very inspirational and guides to great things! This is very important.

It is a pity that the eternally young biker, did not send an official letter to the Kremlin. It would be interesting to read the answer. Although ... Our Russian Committee on heraldry, very much so, diplomatically stated that the idea of a biker has no prospects. The dark people, that they take. Do not understand in sausage Rod scraps. Even a no brainer that the Eagle mutant, is the heraldic symbol of the House of Romanovs. And ... Correctly, the symbol is closely related with the Imperial period in the history of the country. The monarchy is not?! Will be?! Well, those who sit behind the kremljovskimi walls, for the most part and did not want her recovery. Kaznokrady, hucksters, Goons. What Empire which monarchy. What you say ...

What?! Anthem?! And what hymn?! Won't Boggle, but ... National anthem of Russia, it transformed the Soviet anthem. Idiocy?! Of course the idiocy. Imagine the picture, sit the old Bolsheviks, in the year, in late 1920 and edited, sing God save the Soviet regime. Well, not able to compose a new anthem, here and enjoy edited old imperial anthem. With the flag, more interesting than that. Here are many yell that this tricolour walked the unexpected. Well, Yes, it was. But they did not know that the most originally tricolor, was the marine Ensign. Shopping! Ay! The electorate! A country that lives under Ensign! Everything matches. Policy hucksters with the commodity economy. This is very important.

And whether what wonder. Everything goes according to plan. After all, freed from the yoke of the bloody Communists, the country chose its own path. Not without the participation of, dear and beloved, Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin. In his time, his loved the Fiery Patriots and Terry Liberals. Unification was complete. Although, to be fair to say that there were those who considered it the normal fan of alcohol, got fate in power cabinets. There is, of course, he was a man of his word. Who would doubt. Remember the promise to lie down on the tracks?! He very much loved music. The Orchestra was conducted by, with Eugene Osinym danced. Remembered?! Here's what the f!

Boris Nikolayevich is definitely a big fellow. Saved the country from famine. Don't believe me?! And here are many supporters argue that the Salvation we all ate exceptionally marine cabbage and washed down with her Birch juice. No, really. After the miraculous salvation of the country from hunger come food abundance, which at first? had to drink alcohol, piano. As they say, feel the difference. Alcohol can remember. This did happen.

Not worth the evil languages forget that dyadya borya brought the average Russian very many freedoms, which he was stripped of in his time. Free enterprise, movement, Assembly and Association, of speech, of conscience. The father of Russian democracy are very worried for the fate of free Russia. From the word very. Experienced and committed exploits which not everyone. The new Constitution, defaulted, storming the White House putsch, the Chechen massacre, sleep in an Irish airport and much more ... And only the evil tongues might argue that all these feats would not have been possible? without a light fragrance fume which eventually became a powerful wind of change ...

To finish our conversation would like the old joke. I like it very much.

System administrator took with him on a fishing trip son. Sitting in the morning twilight, decomposed threw rods, await reviews posted yet. The sun rises over the foggy pond. Son enthusiastically exclaims:

-What a Beauty! How it works, every morning, Yes to many thousands of years?

Father, with a hint of concern in his voice:

-Works-and the glory of God. That's just nothing should be touched by hands-before you know it, and another few thousand years before breaking out!

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg January 2017 year

(P) . S.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich gave a new year's Eve party at one of the Netherlands Antilles, where invited for performances by Paul McCartney and The Killers, among the guests were spotted Russian oligarchs.

And at this very time expensive Russians are encouraged to tighten the belt, pull ... Brilliant!

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