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С 29.11.09

Our life


Matilda and Poklonskaya became. The Tsar and ballerina, as an insult to religious feelings of the Orthodox ...

Dear Friends! Life really becomes interesting. Each day of the event. Moreover, each event is a landmark. It is impossible to assess everything that happens ...

Today, we'll talk about Natalie Poklonskoj. Why is it?! Good question. Just a former Prosecutor, does not get bored. She's like the bride at every wedding, or as dead at every funeral. Like not her next. Times, and it's near worth and ... Concerned for the fate of the country, or rather, worries over the sovereign of our former, Nicholas II. This is important.

And all would be nothing, but ... Look what we have. As we reported, the movie of Alexis teachers, under the working title, Matilda, outraged the public. They say that it is a novel of Tsar Nicholas II and ballerina Kschessinskaya. And what you yourself think there prosecution tested on this occasion, initiated a former Prosecutor of Crimea and now Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on security and anti-corruption Natalia Poklonskaya became. And what has the right, but ... All this, on the basis of the movie trailer, the movie itself will come out next spring, but who is confused.

Nothing cuts rumor?! Strange. And here it is-the Deputy of the State Duma for security and counteraction of corruption?! Already warmly! Represent the highest level of security, corruption and ... Correctly, it is time to deal with requests from the public. All the more so because such references missing, and if that, we ourselves will help the public to contact us ... Beautifully!

That's interesting to me. No, really. What famous tenure as Prosecutor, Natalya Poklonskaya became ours. Can call resonance processes in which the former Prosecutor was involved? I do not remember. Turns out, it is terrible to imagine, but all these latter-day leaders walked and continue to go to work, that would deal with any nonsense. Well, even on the Internet run ... This is important.

We like to think that people appointed to high posts intelligent, competent and very literate. Think, but forget that idea, so should be though ... The harsh truth of life, at odds with our desires and expectations. No, personally I have nothing against another official, even women, but ... I remember very good wish of one of the rulers who advised Boyars speak, that nonsense each was visible. Fit advise modern officials often keep silent lest their managers don't show. This is important.

What it is I'm talking about?! you know, very hard to disappoint in the mental abilities of some citizens, let they are officials. ... When I watched an excerpt from conversations with Nataliya Poklonskoj, radio, Lead FM, ... Pinched myself, and decided to look again. And then ... Laughed, though was not going to do that. Natasha decided to erudition and with her usual seriousness stuck phrase- Serve would be glad to serve is sickening. Though not exactly her said, but this is half of the problem. And here's more ...

It is unclear what basis, stated that she said Commander Suvorov. The journalist apparently was not expecting such a knowledge of history and literature and gave a hint. Maybe it's Chatskiy, from the novel by Aleksandr Griboyedov, woe from wit,?! Former Prosecutor, apparently realizing that smorozila foolishness instantly finds the answer. With a smile peculiar generation Pepsi and Cola, it stated that the phrase they both said. No, everything is of course possible, but ...

One folly, as usual, gives a different Asininity. If you are familiar with the history, should know that when Griboyedov took pen to paper, then by this time Commander Suvorov, twelve years as was in the grave, but ... It is possible that as any Patriot of Russia, this phrase actually said none other than Alexander Suvorov. This is important.

As usual in such cases, for a colleague on the State Duma to defend Stanislav Govorukhin, Director, head of the State Duma Committee on culture. Maitre saw nothing wrong, that our Natasha made a mistake. Type, do not judge, do not be judged will be. Stanislav govoruhin believes that condemn a man who made a mistake, can someone who never made mistakes. Iron logic. Based on her. Well, let's not about sad.

In General, if a person on something is looped, it is incurable. Well, here's a former Prosecutor believes that ... It turns out that Tsar Nicholas II, is everything to us. On this basis, and in effect. Rather say, works tirelessly. In Simferopol, a Deputy of the State Duma Natalia Poklonskaya became opened a chapel in the name of Saint Regal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas II and his family. This chapel was built near the Crimean Prosecutor's Office, and at the expense of employees ' contributions.

And that, here and imagine such picture. These employees sit in their offices and ... Well, not worked them. Well, can't they fight crime. And ... Correctly. They understand what to do! For peace of mind, it is necessary to build a chapel. Allowed on a circle shaped CAP and who can ... And here was held by Natalia Poklonskaya became. Supported the idea and ...

Yes, and Metropolitan of Simferopol and Crimea Lazar, remained on the sidelines. Away from the spiritual nourishment of the flock, and consecrated the chapel. Everything. There is a chapel, and prosecutors continued to fight crime. Weavers was made a unique mosaic Derzhavnaya icon of the mother of God of natural stone. Similar to that performed in the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Naturally, near the building of the chapel was the bust of the emperor. Where, without breasts. No bust, well, does not. This is important.

But that's not all. With words all the same of Natalia Poklonskoj, in this same Chapel happened first miracle. This means that there must be a second and subsequent miracles. The chapel caretaker told that one night, while reading the akathist, an icon of the Tsar Nicholas II droplets appeared worlds. These droplets are subsequently very helpful in healing a child. After a debilitating illness he dropped low and recovery. Miracles, and only! This is important.

Generally, if the talk, the former Prosecutor, indifferent to art. The mosaic icon order. This year, in summer, on the day of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, gave Livadia Palace portrait of the imperial family of Romanovs. Mentally. Good job. Big picture, size 1.6 metres by 2 metres. This shedevral'noe cloth, commissioned by Natasha, two months wrote Yalta artist Oksana Cairo. Was added that talented artist. Perhaps it is. Could not because the portrait of the imperial family trust write whom is horrible from the artisans. Only a great talent ... This is important.

And last year, Poklonskaya became the Palace gave portraits of Emperor Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra. Think everything?! AHA, now. In the future, it is planned to give the Livadia Palace, portraits of the great knjazhon of the Romanovs and the cesarevitch Alexey. But that's not all. On the initiative of Natalia, group of sculptors and artists working on the project of the monument to the Royal family. A stroke of genius.

It will be installed near the main entrance to the Palace. And when she has time. Apparently in their spare time. Search Natalia believes that thus the Livadia Palace becomes even more attractive and unique. So to speak, it is returned to the historic spirit. Moreover, it believes that it is obligatory to visit Livadia for all Patriots of Russia. By the way, she was awarded the order of there John of Kronstadt and icon. Well, then, by tradition, in the chapel of the Palace was held divine service ... Beautifully!

I why so much attention to former Prosecutor. Simply, now it will be clear that she could not get past the blatant facts insulting religious feelings and threats to national security. And that's the case. There are Aleksey uchitel, well the one brilliant movie shoots for budget money. He that neither film, a masterpiece. So, he decided that ready next spring, release your next landmark creation. Movie, Matilda. We are talking about love relationships of Nicholas II and the famous ballerina Mathilde Kschessinskaya. As long as there is only the trailer, but this is more than enough.

What makes our Natasha?! Correctly, it sends a request to the Prosecutor General to check this very film that offends religious feelings of the Orthodox. But the thing is that she just couldn't go past appeals to representatives of the Orthodox community. If not all this fuss, didn't recognize that we have the Orthodox public to latent Patriots and latent Orthodox Patriots ... Well, Oh well. The main thing that would not play with matches.

It turns out that there is a social movement, King's cross. And activists of the movement, sent an appeal addressed to Deputy Natalia Poklonskoj. And may itself Natasha asked the activists to send her appeal, that could quickly respond. And why not otreagiruesh' if ... According to the Coordinator, King's cross, which, together with all Russian citizens the movie itself wasn't looking, but ...

Already knew that the movie is totally lzheistoricheskim and sacrilegious for Orthodox believers. People who just have not seen the movie, and I suspect that not watched and trailer. The Coordinator is a pity that many artists and cultures do not want to listen to citizens. And representatives of the Orthodox public to see the film mocking the Emperor and defaming him. And this despite the fact that he, along with his family revered Saints. This is important.

This Orthodox public had erred, that Russia in the film is presented as a country of gallows drunkenness and fornication. Unbelievable audacity, this inclusion in the movie bed scenes with Mathilde Kschessinska, Nicholas II. And this is undermining national security, and now even 32 fouette in a row that the first Russian dancers performed the Kshesinskaya, cannot save this security.

Wonder no longer have, but ... In the social network, in defense of former Prosecutor collected about a dozen thousand signatures. And no-hands off! What you. There's the appeal to Likeminded people. Type, brothers and sisters. They are asking for prayers, and order sorokousty for the health of the slaves of God, Natalia! Imagine a picture?! Mighty handful okolocerkovnyh activists, otherwise they cannot be called, many of them haven't read the Bible, stood up to defend our popularly beloved Natalia Poklonskoj. Type offense will not give. This is very important.

Vosprjali spirit of the monarchists across the country. There is a theme which can be slapping and continue to do nothing. In particular, monarchists from the city of Lipetsk, supported the protest against the film. And imagine the all-Russian movement in support of the former Prosecutor and former Emperor. Why former?! No, abdicated. What is really there to hide. Apparently, it is not necessary to hide the fact the novel with a ballerina. Well, it was. And what?!

Know the city crazy and slightly demented have always been. But this does not depend on the political order and religion, but ... Very rare power listened to them. And if listening, when I saw the usefulness. So, it turns out not far off day when we all will be Tsar-batyushka?! And what wonder here. Beautiful will be! Count Shuvalov! Prince Usmanov! Earl Vekselberg! Duke Abramovich!

In all fairness, I would like to say a few words in defense of ... Yes, in defence of our indefatigable, Natalia. It partly right, though apparently do not know about it. As far as I know, when the Russian Emperor, our, Southampton Saints, had no contact with the ballerina. Yes, it was, but when he was Tsarevich, heir to the throne. And I want to see, was unmarried and had not been engaged. This is important.

But only the engagement occurred, with Alice Nee, well that then became the Alexandra Fjodorovnoj, ... Correctly, all relationship with Matilda were terminated. So it turns out, really nitpick, then what is happening in the media, this is really a slander on the former sovereign, former State. The novel was not sovereign, and heir to the throne, and Prince. So what that they are one and the same person?! And maybe not the same thing.

The story, which she is. Today we say, tomorrow will say quite another. I previously said that he is a good God. Then began to talk, he need look that Monster ... Well, it's by the way. Or about the film, which so many Patriots ozabotil. This is not a historical film. This is how the Director sees the events of that time. Naturally after agreeing his vision with the State ideological line.

Well, in conclusion, let me say a few words about ... Yes it is about him. About our dear King-father. Though, what is there to say. If simplicity, if you say so on your fingers, then ... Imagine you are riding in a taxi. Everything is normal. Taxi driver leads the car along the route. You entrust your life and health. And suddenly the fire smoke in the car, denied ... Just had to monitor the condition of the machine. What does the taxi driver? Escapes! Throws the wheel and trying to jump out of the machine by opening the door. As a result, Sam dies while you are undergoing treatment for a very long time. Although, as they say it is useless.

What did Ivan kuchin car-batyushka?! In fact, he threw the State to fend for themselves in difficult times. And did it extremely ... Words to pick up difficult, but ... Our martyr abdicated in favor of his brother. But brother refused to take the reins in their hands. Sorry, but wildly so, leaders in order to increase their broadcast Secretaries. But the Secretaries, but here the whole State. This is important.

Wanted to pocarstvoval, smells of fried picked up and threw ... The trend however. And note, none of the Romanovs is not raised the banner of abandoned King-father. Or rather, not even banner threw it. He threw his cross, which anointed was supposed to carry. If Orthodox Patriots is still unclear. It is already terminally, this is already a clinic ... With regard to the monarchy, it just did.

History, as we know the second time repeats itself as farce. This, of course, we see every day. And here the first time, Yes, it was a tragedy. And of course the great merit in this was our King-priests. As a result of his reign, had the place to be at that time the economic and administrative crisis in the State. And about the first world war, and the role in it of the sovereign of our Orthodox Patriots better would keep their mouths shut. Otherwise we'll have to talk about a very unpleasant things. ... And to be absolutely precise, already things bloody...

And recently, in Crimea caught regular, Commando, Ukraine. Life goes on.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg December 2016 year


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