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Our life


Education and culture, or the fool does not need a knife.

Dear Friends! Very rarely, but sometimes you want to reflect on education and culture of Russia. It is understandable that it is difficult to speculate about something that no longer exists, but nevertheless ... The theme is serious, but we are right there with you not corn on collective fields of th. .. Suggest slightly to look at what we have left is if left on education and culture.

As usual, if it doesn't go well, then ... Change the furniture, wallpaper, Secretaries, drivers ... And if absolutely pripečët, the change manager. Well, as change. The old leader transferred to another job, and a new convert to the other work. So to say, both not admirable, send to other areas of management. Tradition. The new Minister of education, so, with the move, the bat was sensational. We are talking about that you plan to return to the written examinations, with Russian Universities. This is insane. This creatively.

In fact, the new head of the Agency, has announced the demise of the unified State exam. And as soon as possible. Beautifully! It is clear that this is the most testing when training, but ... Do not hurry to rejoice and throw caps into the air in an educational and patriotic stupor. Think eliminating outlandish invention, which certainly is an EXAM and then comes the victory of common sense over idiocy?! AHA, now. Not for this sky is everything. This is important.

The thing is that this same EXAM overturned not because it is inherently inefficient, but because ... Yes, it is ideology. It's not just EXAM, this is also a purely Western product. Catch?! And we have, at present, is a return to spiritual skrepam. Well, what can you do, the General line of the party has changed, that's all to the most Orthodox vector changes. Well, unacceptable West product on our Orthodox Glade.

It's kind of good when idiots commit necessary society acts, but ... Motivation. Here's motivation is, shall we say, a certain uneasiness. Still a bit and begin preparing for the Orthodox ruler and the Grand Parade. It is known that together, very fun stepping ... And if stepping system, success is inevitable. Judge for yourself. At first glance, it is an obvious thing that education is the principle task of nerešaemaâ. What?! Give all higher education. Beautifully!

It turns out that in order to do this, it is necessary to reduce the requirements and introduce incoming written exam. Or doučivat′ at the Institute, filling a gap in the knowledge that the idea had to be obtained from the school. That is, if not reduce requirements?! Full Achtung! Entrants are flooded with what can and cannot be. Parents will be very upset and offended. Such a talented child and do not ... And how to live without a diploma.

In fairness, it should be clarified that ... Almost everywhere in the world, higher education has become, and has long been a place where the younger generation is weathering time. Time of entry into adulthood. This is because socialization and acculturation in one bottle. No, I understand that there are universities where really teach and give knowledge. But in the rest, basically, it's a fun pastime and the ability to avoid conscription.

Allow a slight clarification. Any, I emphasise any normal State needed smart citizens. This is what enables the State to grow and become stronger and more powerful. All this is true, but ... With such citizens, that the State itself is difficult to coexist. These no longer deceive and force to keep up, in a single build to a brighter future. These, they by virtue of their knowledge to understand a lot. This is important.

But with people intellectually inferior and stupid State much easier and calmer, to certain traits. This, you can specify on the enemy while explaining that all troubles come from him. And people will believe. And people will be happy. A no brainer that the education system, this means training people who know how to do what is necessary for the development of society and the State. If development is not provided for in principle, which is a characteristic of commodity economy, a reform of the education system, which has been brilliantly solved ...

Recently, already without surprise learned that ... Gather naturally requests of workers as previously loved to say, removed from the school curriculum, Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. How to motivate? Good question. Everything is simple. Due to the extreme complexity of these pieces for the modern student. In both! A lot of, shall we say, creative personality rejoiced. Type, everything is done on their behalf. AHA, now!

It is not about replacing the classics to contemporary scribblers. Here in fact, that it is important. It is not about replacing the classics to assume the same r. Bradbury. The point of all this action, to serve those who generally don't want to read. The impression is that they are not interesting literature as such. Those who do not understand the classics, those are exactly the same, neither understand Bradbury, zabodaj his mosquito with his Martian Chronicles. The path to an already close ignorance is open. This is important.

In all fairness, I would say that ... When I hear that read classics uninteresting. That there are other realities. Know when to defer to modern soil compositions of these classics. It turns out that everything that is written, it sounds extremely important and is journalism. Even the stories so beautifully fit into modern life that few scares. And what is most interesting. Classics wrote simple and deeper. This compared to sorokinymi, pelevinymi ... Beautifully!

Think only through the modern literature is idiotizaciâ country. Are wrong. No, really. Do you think that the hardest thing for an artist. Draw a horse, for example, or a fantastic Firebird?! I assure you, to contemporary artists, the most difficult thing to draw a horse. Why?! Elementary! Horse all or almost all seen. What is compare and assess the skill of the artist. Say, type, kind, you're rubbish drew. And here's the Firebird nobody saw, paint as you want, but rather, how can ... And after all!

In order to disguise the lack of talent, coined so many names to promote with the permission to say their ingenious creations. Nalâpal full of colored spots and curlicues and turned out abstract expressionism took the trash, installed under the glass gave an intelligent explanation, please before you. (a) if conceptualism get urinal, put it on a pedestal. That's right, it's already ready-made. Don't laugh. Urinal that was sold, you will not believe, for one million dollars. And unnamed British specialists acknowledged his greatest work.

Citizens what is happening! And that I haven't touched on surrealism, hyperrealism, constructivism, pop art, performance and zabodaj her Komar, a normal installation. So many geniuses around that ... Well here's where they come from. EH ... It is a trend.

The State, with tenacity worthy of the best application of the driving population. As it turns out, cannot be called pidora pidorom, much more cannot be applied to them, the physical impact. You cannot use profanity. Yes, you can't smoke in public places. Yet only in public places. And what will happen tomorrow. Correctly. It will be necessary to force the population to live and think alike. So to speak, at the request of the workers ...

And yet ... As a result of all this indulgence to say the cultural revolution, we got ... And actually received by society. Rather, that was able to produce a couple of decades of the existence of a new democratic State. The correct answer is ... No problem!!! Well, almost anything. In fairness, I will say that ...

Something learned. Learn to sell energy and other raw materials, and to sell for hard currency. Part of the profits to hide from their Western partners, and another part to spend for the procurement of goods for importation at the domestic market. Yes, can take loans. Still, learned how to integrate into the Western world. Well, at least the Russian elite so it seems. It is so convenient. It seems that there it took or will take with open arms. Glupen′kie, to say the least.

Lack of knowledge, culture and education offset by arrogance and lack of facilities. All this is given for active life position and naturally flavor the fair amount of patriotism. The majority opinion, and most formal, issued their own position on many issues. If stadnost, then definitely our stadnost naturally unique and ideological dovetailed. Elite ill idiocy so that spiritual development, which for the most part and was not the beginning of a movement in the opposite direction.

Here here are all thrilled with the fact that the US wants to give Anna Netrebko. No, not one, and together with her new husband Yousif Èjvazovym, who came to replace Uruguayan Erwin Šrottu better. Widely Web Opera, Manon Lescaut, the great and terrible Giacomo Puccini. Elite frozen in expectation of a miracle. Bolshoi Theatre tickets sold out. Orgasm guaranteed, but Opera lovers.

Here's yours truly, well, never a fan of Opera. Well, it so happened that at that time no one he has not explained that ... Opera is ... And indeed, that the Opera is. Here Let's say with ballet, everything is clear to me, there was time for self-education. Body language, music and all that ... If bolerun, or ballet dancer, holding a ballerina on hands and his gaze directed at the heights, ... This is certainly a big love.

If he threw himself from a height, looks into the corner of the scene. It is certainly a tragedy. Love it changed. If on stage one ballerina, ... This is definitely Nasty Volochkova and her partner with broken back is in the hospital. If on stage dance of the swans, this STATE, or someone from the heads of State went into another world. See here everything is clear. Ballet, he is not as complex as Opera.

And here, the elite is waiting for a miracle. Moreover, a large part of the audience, does not understand the language in which the masses will bear eternal and wise, talented Anna Netrebko with her husband. They may pereskažut in a nutshell, the basic idea that wanted to say this most d. Puccini. Or may not pereskažut. Imagine a full House of spectators, most of whom do not understand Opera absolutely nothing. Regular hangout, and nothing more. Although it certainly is a landmark event in the cultural life of the country. Country where pensioners asked to stay, though not said in what, exactly, you want to keep.

No, I understand that sometimes you need to pay money for a ticket to visit the buffet at the Bolshoi Theatre. In the light, as before said, useful for business and political careers to come out ... When they say that Opera is a great genre, it remains a smile. Especially when talking about it not directors, singers and conductors, and people very moral and very spiritual. Well, those who go to the Opera with very serious faces. This is important.

And I want to say. Like Opera, and we will win, and all poborem. Will overcome all difficulties and smetëm all the obstacles in his path. But so far, it is necessary to obespokoitsâ education, culture ... Relevant experience is. We've been very concerned about the industry and the economy.

And finally, I would like to share one observation. Believe me, it's all of the abundance of culture and education. People have forgotten how to think logically. The Russian expanse appeared very many teachers. Brilliant people I'll tell you, smart and very honest. Teach personal growth, achieving success in business. A stroke of genius. You have listened to or počitaeš′ these undeniable truths and ... Can perfectly sensible question. Well, as we've previously not understood! Why hide from us! Everything! All courses!

But a little time passes and you begin to understand that this is all nonsense and the usual scam. Common phrases and good looking trainers. Very nicely say, to be more precise, what were they and have your friends and guides to big money and success ... The main task of these scammers on trust, this breed for money suckers. But breed nicely. This is important.

Meanwhile, idiotizaciâ is in full swing. So win!

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg October 2016 year


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