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С 29.11.09

Our life


Color revolution. Technology at in life. Reflections from ...

Dear Friends! For a long time was going to talk to you on a very interesting topic in my opinion. The hands are not reached, the event occurred, by which it was impossible to pass up. Postpone conversation, it became already brain-dead indecent and ...

Color revolution! Here's where the theme and scope for conspiracy versions! How they are made, what happens in reality, what mechanisms are involved. A particularly clever Lord-comrades claim that Wikipedia knows everything, or almost everything. Not going to argue with them, believe in the word.

"Colour revolution"-mass folk statements of opposition and protests that lead ultimately to a change of power in the country.

See how easy that is?! All sort through decomposed and explained, but ... We will not look for light paths and simple explanations. Today there is no revolution, and in the morning prosnëš′sâ, look and realize that you live in another State. No, this does not happen. Color revolution is in fact not a suitcase which enemies carried across the border and into the central square. Here's another, stronger here this, Faust, will.

In my opinion, a complete and particularly harmful provincials optimist, case here in another. Forgive me experts, but it seems to me that it is appropriate here. Color revolution, it's like the seeds that are ground. Tossing seeds, and then patiently begin grooming and cherish. Watered ground loosened, weeds weed ... Yes, it is difficult and frustrating for the psyche, but ... Only in this way can count on success.

You won't believe this, but at the initial stage must be done perfectly innocuous things. Who among us representatives of the oldest profession? No, let's talk about prostitutes, maybe next time. I'm talking about journalists and the media. It's because it was, at the time of the totalitarian past and shining time positive stagnation. Censorship! And this one word, everything said. And how? Elementary!

Independent media and democracy. It's arhivažno! Otherwise the new and democratic Russia, for example, will not be able to enter into friendly and tightly knit family of civilized nations. Remove State control over the media. It's like a hole to prepare seeds before planting. And be sure to protect the honest and uncorrupt journalists from penalizing the State. They collect information, which ... And these are the most repressive authorities, instead of what would work, want so just take and learn from journalist where it appeared. Well, the type who you Gado, such information merged. AHA, now!

Foresee quite a reasonable question. Sandro, well here again you all start to simplify. Well, that one cannot write a normal article?! You see ... You can certainly write a normal article, but ... Unfortunately, so many people turned out very similar to imagine that such curves, for example, the Economist Kondratieff and other scientific and about scientific things. Here's to them, so that everything was clear to them and write. Specialists and it understands. Don't believe me?! Ok. Here's an example that speaks without thinking.

Let's say the average person reads, listens, that native Government was doing everything possible and impossible that he would live well into our very difficult times. On the basis of the interests of the country, is investing big money in u.s. Treasury securities. What to think common man?! Correctly! They are smart. They know what to do. They learned a lot and hard. And that it explains your servant?! And basically what is said on the fingers.

Sandro, tells people. Imagine, in the family money problems. You get a salary, and say to his wife. Cute, proceeding from the interests of the family, and just for the sake that you lived well, I took the only right decision. All, or almost all of the money I gave Sidoru Petrovich under 1.5%. Your spouse, the woman certainly kind and tolerant, but it asks you a very simple question. Cute Ty Moy, see how thou takest sweat that we live well, but ... And what we live we will?!

It is clear that women are stupid, they create a lot does not understand. So we have to tranquilize it. Cute, everything under control, don't worry. We, the whole money from Ivan Petrovich under 10%. Spouse calms down and continues to look at you with adoration. How do you give this idiot, who is head of the family and call hard?! But only that, I described what commits a native state in terms of economic development. As stated feel the difference ... This is important.

But this we digress. Let us return to our, colour revolutions. Go ahead. It is imperative that we enact laws that allowed any savages run on our territory of various kinds of human rights, religious and other organizations. So say, for the sake of educating people who are dreaming to get rid of the dark past. But these are only the first steps. Next ...

And here's the next step is to create a group of people who are irresponsible citizens would call the fifth column. And to create, where possible and where it is. In power, in the media, the economy. How not to spoil the oil mess and here. The fifth column is never too much. How to do it?! Yes everything is already invented before us. There is no need to reinvent the bicycle. Bribery, flattery, blackmail ... Weak people, what can you do. But for everyone, there's your hook to keep under control.

In addition to all this, I would have asked for help in this matter, put forward ... Yes, ideology! That's even though the grass did not grow, and give us all a democracy in a beautiful package. Everything?! Well, do not forget to remind people about the invisible hand of the market, which in the words of the great professionals puts everything in its place. Every day to remind people that people would not be able to hide from such processing. About democracy and the market wherever possible and impossible.

In the newspaper, television, on the World Wide Web. Go into the toilet, and there is watching you from the toilet bowl regular propagandist and starts telling about the privileges of democracy. Are you doing your thing so say physiological process is in full swing, and it at all uneasy, he talks and talks. Yes there that toilet bowl, turn on the iron, and from there, where usually pairs of leaves, the voice of the announcer tells of a democracy ... This is important.

And that's when the people are ready for everything just to its left alone. And that's when the parish of democracy realized as an inevitable joy, ... Here's where the fun begins. You're not going across the border bringing people who will do this same colored revolution?! No, it is clear that some amount of have to, but ... And where to find volunteers ?!

Correctly, have built up in your team as one popular in distant Soviet past action hero. Start training. Open cookery courses. Naturally free of charge. Here is it contingent that will feed the protesters. Just kidding!!! Open the sports section, so that young people idle on gateways not Richard giragosian! Good deal! Come in handy for a fight with police. Clubs for socializing, to rally like-minded people whom bread do not feed and give a talk. They are agitators and masters of doom.

Well, I hope that train of thought is understandable. This is important. Our people in power will take a huge amount of at first glance correct, but too idiotic laws. We will begin to reform law enforcement bodies. Type better. Vbrosim thesis, that the enemies are gone now, and the army should be changed on the basis of current realities.

Fag, necessarily begin harass a FAG. And at the same time, stand up for their protection. Let us not forget about human rights. Well, type what you want, and do. Well, the type of allowed everything that is not forbidden. Well, you can type in the entryway of the guitar at night to play and can take if of course the Muse will visit and shit. What?! What is hooliganism. This is a performance and installation. This is important. The power itself, traditionally will throw up themes for condemnation and dissatisfaction. She knows how to do. Moreover, too good she is at it. Besides her and ask about it. This is important.

By the way, about power. You don't go into a new life with the old leaders. Naturally! Means will prepare in advance of new ... I would advise, say so just fire case, Cook a few contenders to the throne. And suddenly ... And all of a sudden bloody regime traditionally for itself, will destroy the simple and immaculate as the child of a charismatic leader and ruler of doom. Destroy and start celebrating victory, but ... Here will appear on the political scene, so tell the valet ... Well, as the astronauts, you probably remember. This stunt double appears and says to the electorate, flowing in the wind, holding a banner. Now I will lead you to the shining heights.

The MEDIA, which already sit our people naturally true patriots of the country will strongly marketed the new leader. So to speak, he, and he alone, can withdraw all of us on the high road of civilization. This same leader is necessary, and it is even not negotiable, must speak in defence of our long-suffering people and strongly opposed the authorities on all matters. This is important.

Criminal mistake would be not to educate the local elite. Moreover, both political and military. The task is very simple. Corrupt elite is very simple. It is because this is the most elite and korrumpirovat′sâ herself delighted. So there should be no issues. Moreover, if you connect household this very elite who, in increasing order of material and intellectual should be transported to foreign countries. This is arhivažno.

Then we make a plan. This plan will begin freeing people of the bloody tyranny ... And what begins it is the deliverance?! Correctly. With a rally. Moreover, it doesn't matter why people collect. You can even go to the fate of far eastern Coney or European squirrels-flying squirrels. The main thing is to gather as many people as possible. Then, when people gathered, you can along the way to take the fate of fag, then corruption.

Main start and the process will go as the cart on the blurry tracks ... Yes, be sure to participate in the meeting of intellectuals. Well, there's different artists, musicians, and athletes. They love it when their name is. Well, it's clear that the theme they own not very, but nicely say can and want. Especially when a lot of correspondents and photographers. Some even burn yourself promise, in the name of the good of the country and the people. Then the truth say they misunderstood. This is important.

It is very important, I would say arhivažno did not disband. Voluntary helpers and sympathetic businessmen, naturally heart begin to import food and tents for protesters. Yes, toilets must make. Tea, not savages, to democracy we aspire to ... That's where useful different kind of society and mugs on interests. Just people need to explain that in the whole blame for power, and in order to live, you must change it. That's the whole dialectic.

Here, just useful athletes were identified. Why?! Good question. Power, she's what?! Correctly, bloody. From it, you must wait for all sorts of dirty tricks and provocations. Here's to avoid this and will bring athletes. And people need to explain, this is done to protect them against provocateurs and bullies. The people we have trusting, he believes. It's time for the scene release agitators. This case will not.

Oh, that and nicely talking and telling tales we have very many. Moreover, there must be mandatory gleam in his eyes, which doctors call an unhealthy shine ... Almost forgot! Must be present at a meeting specially trained grandmothers. Why?! Silly question, really sorry for candor. And who will be podbegat′ to the riot police in cordon and request not to shoot people. You can treat some of those same riot policemen.

Yes, necessarily requires a media activity of diplomats stationed in the country. Demoralization on them as political elite and military. Type, you cannot resist its own people. And the use of force, it's like buy a ticket on the train carrying the tyrants at the meeting of the International Tribunal.

The longer time will go, the better. And now comes the moment of history. People warm alcohol. Excited by fiery speeches tribunes. Is the time right to tell people that. This is the moment when you want to give the authorities in writing to people's requirements. Well, not type letter to the Turkish Sultan, but close to it. Outline, so to say, in writing, their requirements to the bloody regime. Now let's write and go to this žulikam and thieves to receive messages. Naturally, such a requirement must be prepared in advance, so as not to lose the revolutionary pace. It is very important to check the text for errors and then wasn't excruciatingly painful and embarrassing.

But the power, she what?! Properly, cowardly! She locked the door and sitting in the offices of trembling with fear. And correctly, by the way makes that trembles. He, hegemon, mercy does not know. If takes ogloblû, does not seem little, but ... People at the rally, he largely came to watch the show. As for the concert, but there you have to purchase tickets ... So, the doors closed and we need brave souls that need to break those same Doors, figuratively speaking into a new life.

And brave and always are. Young, sporty boys from modesty apparently with hoods on their heads. Doors were broken, documents are ready. Officials have matured, redeemed his life to renunciation of power ... Rokirovočki type chess. The new regime enters white horses ... Do not forget that any revolution, it is primarily a huge number of vacancies in power structures. This is important. Many are waiting for their stellar hours. But there are those who choose to finance their correct side and play activity.

About it I remembered?! Good question! About anyone who ... Maxim Katz! This has not gone anywhere, ever. Now he is concerned with the fate of trolleybuses in the Russian capital. Good job!!! I walked around a bit this time definitely signed character of Russian media field. Where there is an opportunity to earn money, necessarily appears ubiquitous and irrepressible Maximka.

And there appeared omnipresent, like gonorrhea in military brothel, municipal Deputy Maxim Katz. Well, he could not stay on the sidelines when the country is with the permission of say, a revolutionary situation ripens. So much so that in the future, possible excursions at the place of main opposition to Russian expanses.

Do not forget that take power is half the battle. Now you need to get rid of former companions and volunteers known as useful idiots. Well, there's a car crash, overdose, sore heart, death from enemy hands. The options are many and there is room for improvisation. What's next?! Excellent question! But all the same that and always have been. After a couple of years, I assure you you will not find the differences between the new regime and the one that toppled. Dialectic, zabodaj its mosquito!

Promoters, all the same, very nicely explain the current situation and will talk about the new plan, the new leader of the nation. Having made a fantastic vault, by tradition, begin to scold Putin and to extol the new leader. It is in the order of things. Here and wonder no worth. This specificity of the profession. Don't believe me?! Well, look, your humble servant invents nothing. Mr. Solovyov, well the one on the television all the time lives. In the year 2013, apparently unaware of the whole hand, claimed that Crimea has no need for all of us. And very convincingly explained. Arguments like iron led. It wasn't long and he did, with patriotic fervor began to speak very different words. Well, as we lived all this time without the Crimea.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg June 2016 year

(P) . S.

Here recently offended fellow Roma. And offended with great brutality and cynicism.

Hundreds of National Guard soldiers entered the Plehanovo for the sake of demolition of Roma houses. Unlawful recognized more than 120 buildings

No, I'm not trying to judge one way or the other. Just legal violations by fellow Roma do not go in comparison with legal violations by Mr Serdyukov and joined to it Mrs. Vasilyeva. Well, it's my opinion ... And so, it's okay. Law, of course. Who would argue with that. Only the enemy or irresponsible element.


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