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Our life


Direct line with Putin. Where is the money, or let

Dear Friends! The event occurred in mid-April, and quite traditional, which in my opinion was not worthy of reflection in the media. Well, a little excited. Well, pozloslovili with sly smiles. Well, happy that the defendant in the whole skin, and even began to look younger. What it is I'm talking about?! Elementary! On the conversation of the guarantor of the Russian Constitution entrusted to it with the fate of the people.

No, it was until then. Any country wishing from time to time with this most people talk. So to say, keep a finger on the pulse. And then suddenly the subject priukrašivaût the validity or worse just lie and not blush. No, blush for start and then lie. And here the conversation straight, so to speak, without varnishing reality. Eye to eye and the truth, and only truth. This is important.

The truth is, they secured themselves lightly. Iroda, they in fact that udumali. The type of conversation that with all the people, and they talk time set for noon. This is what we have, those who at this time works, he did not participate in the conversation. No, it is clear that provocation, but would like the names of the perpetrators of such briefing papers fiasco. Our guarantor of Constitution, certainly this fact sort out. Will punish whom possible and reward. He loves this thing. Hopefully, if of course we'll live, then to the next conversation will correct the error. This is very important.

People, and in this it not convince he as thought earlier. Boyars, bastards of calamity, live don't provide a good King and doesn't know about it. Conceal the truth sermâžnuû from the people's Defender. But if the hope of folk, all this truth to tell, it's not pozdorovytsya assholes out boyars. They will receive from the King for the most balujsâ not, or if you prefer, on most tomatoes to the universal joy of folk. Well, then, as usual, after justice a festive Banquet, corporate and positive life-affirming drinking spirits. Morning light democratic hangover, and then after lunch the next day, selfless work on behalf of our entire society. This is very important.

Last April, the conversation of Putin with people turned out to be cheerful and positive. Well, it's entirely merit guarantor of the Constitution. People here have absolutely no where. From the word perfectly. Well, there are people, both would present, as it were, but at the same time, it is like. How is this possible?! May I assure you, even very possible. We have generally much is possible, if the process competently manage ...

After all, if it were not for the proper management of the process, we would never have learned many things. Turns out, our Defender, he is almost like every one of us. Simple, cheerful and resourceful man. In the mornings, eats cereal, our national product, unlike some irresponsible Patriots. Uses true in special cases of profanity. Well than not a guy from a nearby porch, or a guy from our yard.

But, as we know, there are no drums of honey without a spoon spoonful of fly. Yes, there's that have what is ... Remember how it was in my childhood. All the guys as guys, but always finds the man, nerd, violinist or pianist, at worst, be friends with which understandably considered not very decent. And they went in alone on the sad streets and backyards have not yet quite distant Soviet past. Who knows how many reputable businessmen lost the democratic Russia due to this state of affairs.

No, that would invite in your company. Teach smoke, drink, obscene words to pronounce ... In extreme cases, to teach on a bike ride or do scooter bearings rather than a wheel. Instead, these same, white crows, embraced a very different, strange science, and then we were on your happy and unhappy at the same time.

Apparently each guarantor of the Constitution, well this, cellist who, from among former nerds. No, I understand that our society is still not ripe. No, I understand that its hard earned money buying rare violin not everyone will, but ... People have tried saving up money and bought a podnakopiv tool. And if everyone?! If anyone in process of forces and capabilities, to start buying for the country so necessary items. So to say, personal contribution to the strengthening of citizens ' well-being. This is very important.

What?! The balance does not converge?! And are you an accountant? No?! That's not to say nonsense. Yes, there were two billion. And what?! Twenty-four million for two violins is gone. Pair of cellos, which bought casually. Oh, and the remainder of the money went to the food ... That's the entire debit with credit. And the rasšumelis′ that these very expensive cello is obtained. Nothing expensive, just such an environment is now on the market. What is environment? You see, do not know elementary things, and everything there, good person to denigrate ...

Certainly, who will argue. Nestykovočka occurred. It was planned to highlight vital topics for the people. New world order, global warming, Syrian Victoria, spiritual clamps, partnership with former adversaries, the fate of the Himalayan jerboas. It was planned, and it is careless officials. And our King-father as banging his fist on the table. How to face their terrible eyes on these most boyars, well that famous bastards ... They were frightened. Here and had to talk about traditional corruption, not less traditional crisis and starvation wages. This is important.

But most important, it's what our Ivan kuchin car-batyushka niskolechko not afraid of injections. That's a lot of fear, and our not afraid. Here it is an example to follow. And note, the child was raised as pricks. So to say, the future of the country wants to know ... Moreover, the question of pricks, this is a very important issue which concerns not only children but also all Russian society as a whole. Given the natural curiosity of our people, unable to get around the issue of privacy guarantor of the Constitution. This is certainly a very important issue, given the realities of today.

Well, wants people to know who is sleeping Ivan kuchin car-batyushka and who leads there, various theaters. And really wants to know. Even wages and pensions put on the backburner. Even the crisis and corruption went on the third plan. Even a friend well who bought the violin and cello, retired in the fourth plan. Who is the first lady?! The guarantor of the Constitution very nicely has not responded to this question, what caused a genuine admiration for the electorate with patriotic peremešannoe disappointment. Though not killed, not arrested for such a question, and it's good. And they say that there is no freedom of speech. There are, as is! Do you want to ask, do you want don't ask ...

Read the text of the wife. So to speak, to generate a portion of a healthy critique. Most decent that I heard this proposal to stop the nonsense. Well, because you can type, write a good text with sane situation analysis. And there you will maintain the author's column in respectable Russian and foreign publications. It may be true, but ... Oh, women! They do not understand that if I write this very good text ... May the flippers wrap and announce enemy. Oh, and the author's column does not offer. In his time as many offensive lines about a fag wrote that way back anymore. This is important.

It, how?! You can criticize the country. Can be unsurpassed cynic. Can be ingenious corrupt. Can be illiterate Economist. You can even State secrets to reveal. But don't you dare touch a fag! That's what you want, say and do, but only a good FAG or anything ... Nothing reminds?! No, that you, these are all living livelier, and even caught a cold at our funerals.

What's next?! If we'll live, another straight line with King-father. In the meantime, we will live happily ever after-and good faith. Perhaps even going to live happily ever after. It is possible that long. This is important. But next time, I promise to write about pensions and pension reform. Believe me, it was not even a topic, and a song that some irresponsible citizens called moan folk. Savages that they take ...

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg May the year 2016

(P) . S.

To the question of pensions and pension reform, which promised to talk next time. There is generally very muddy history. So turbid that the main, well whoever in the Ministry of finance, Anton siluanov, strictly so, forbade his Deputy, Ilya Truninu, giving comments on pensions and pension reform.

(P) . S 2.

And at this time when our ships sail, or at least take off, with new launch sites. You won't believe this, but on a broad front is to unite all healthy forces against the despicable policies of the West. Rather, all healthy forces against sanctions. Don't believe me?! In vain do not believe. As it turned out Zimbabwe and Russia will join forces in the fight against the sanctions of the West... That's where the action is! This is the West, cowardly pursed his capitalist tail and whines piteously already in side ...

(P) . S 3.

Oh, and cherry to our cake. Our most honest Senators said weighty words. Well, were allegedly the rumors, and that's the most Senators his word and said, in response to the rumors. In Sovfede excluded transactions in Crimea in Exchange for the lifting of the sanctions. Remember, I already talked about Windows Overtona?! Don't remember?! Then I recall. How will the Crimea. Anglo-saxons and political discourse, or than the heart rest.

Strongly recommend reading in order to understand the political vector. Moreover, if you have a claim, ask them to bring not your humble servant, and write, as he wrote in his time, Vanya Zhukov, the village of Grandpa. Well, in our case it will be Moscow. The Kremlin.

(P) . S 4.

Our people, and especially many officials are members assigned with authority, the very devil to fudge. It earlier said that necessity is the mother of invention. But the power of this adage seized long-suffering people. So here.

Recently, the father of Alexander, Rector of the Church of St. George spent a lot coverage of the Federal Highway m-5, Ural,. it was a joint effort of the staff of TRAFFIC POLICE management Intermunicipal MVD Rossii, Syzranskoe,. It turns out, is one of the measures, which is included in the complex of the prevention of ACCIDENTS on the roads.


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