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С 29.11.09

Our life


How much does it cost a buck or political and economic spermotoksikoz in the Russian State.

Dear Friends! Needless to say, his Majesty the dollar firmly entered the lives of many Russians. So firmly that the weather forecast modestly went by the wayside.

These are the many Russians, cannot fathom the basic things. Although, what here wonder if many statesmen may not understand basic things. Meanwhile, everything is very simple. If only rub your eyes and calmly look at the validity of us ...

If anyone remembers before, people were making money out of metals. Well, not out of simple metals and precious metals of course. This is important. Gold, silver ... But that convenient. How many have valuable metal as much as it can and money Mint. Well, part of the jewelry put there are different, rings, earrings ... No confusion and fraud.

And then came the banks. No, not the glass jars, for conservation of stocks for the winter. But the banks, which are themselves own deft honest people. Not, perhaps, so at first. Man gives this deft honest people, for example your gold, and they instead give a piece of paper. A good such a beautiful piece. Why?! Well, what would gold do not carry in the Pocket. Uncomfortable! Yes and the bandits might attack.

Oh, and if anyone suddenly gold necessary, without problems. Come to this most deft honest people, and they are your gold will return. All fair and square. So it's true, but it is necessary to know human nature. Greed and the propensity to cheat in the Middle, because if you do not, then far closer and deceive you. Yes, you're absolutely right, and then will rejoice. As you probably already guessed, the bankers decided to cheat in the Middle, or rather to deceive neighbors. These gentlemen began to produce beautiful pieces of very much. Much more than there was gold.

Sidi yourself, print beautiful pieces of paper. Work is not dusty, only buy for his production of paper, paints. Then give them to unsuspecting citizens in Exchange for the gold accumulated really back-breaking labor. And especially do not risk because nothing. In order to expose these dexterous honest bankers need to simultaneously bring in Bank beautiful pieces of paper and ask them to exchange them for the yellow metal. But it's out of the realm of fiction. This is important.

Don't forget, I talked about the nature of human? So, become the most honest and skillful bankers like many decent people, but ... Like many, and could become a small number of potential candidates. The law of the jungle and nothing more. How they managed to get rid of competitors in the field of printing beautiful pieces?! Elementary!

The fight! Yes, the struggle of two opposites. When alone, destroy others in the name of fair goals. The type, who will be the most important in the printing of money. Initially, these were conventional wars, the war of course fair, who is here to argue. Then connected the ideology, economics and classics of Marxism and Leninism. And nicely does if not pick on the little things! But there are major bankers, fairness means must be major money. It is obvious! At various stages in the history of mankind, this role was played by the money of different countries, until ... Until the dawn of the last century, namely in the year 1913 in the United States created honest people dexterous structure that changed the concept on how to make money out of thin air.

This structure became the most important in the world of printing and production of beautiful papers. How she did it?! Nothing complicated! Remember the first world war in the last century? Heard?! Well, as a result of the war, of course vedšejsâ for the sake of higher goals, were destroyed, but rather weakened money in other countries. Very nicely turned out. No, the truth, without a hitch.

But to celebrate the final victory, had to arrange another war, known as the second world war. And here's her conclusion, on stage, to the applause of clever and honest bankers left his Majesty the dollar. Beautiful came out and stated that ... Now he's here on a Glade Chief and who's against the ... What do you say, who's going to be against? None turned out to be. Now all and everything, was spinning around the dollar. The word dollar and gold have become essentially words synonymous.

Very handy and nicely turned out. some print beautiful green pieces of paper, and others work in order to exchange the fruits of his overwork them. Justice is done even in full and do not argue, so as not to scare yet remaining romantics economic idiocy and, at one stage needed for thirty-five dollars, promised to give Troy ounce of gold. The keyword here is promised.

It is well known that promise is not that into you. In fairness this expression have seen many States and statesmen, who have met in the middle of the last century. Well, if I'm guessing, we can for example take the story with the gallant French General de Gaulle. Dashing General caught the main thing, he, unlike modern political managers, qualified advisers. This is very important.

Remember the classic joke, who told the General, the Minister of finance in the Government of Georges Clemenceau.

The auction sold painting by Raphael. Arab offers oil, Russian-American gold puts a WAD of banknotes and buy Raphael for ten thousand dollars. He eventually gets the canvas exactly for three dollars, because the value of the paper for a hundred dollar bill-three cents.

Gradually obscure the obvious, it became harder and harder. And here's the moment of truth. Historic èkonmičeskih romantics 1973 year. United States solemnly announced that his Majesty the dollar more there is no gold content. The type of dollar, it is also a product, we print it, then stress work. Won how many wishing to acquire green pictures.

But this is just a prelude, a tale still ahead. Americans, or rather deft honest bankers, they're very clever. Who said that crafty?! No, they are just very smart. So, they came up with a very interesting scheme. What?! Brilliant in its simplicity. Borrow the printed green pieces of paper, and in return give many idiots, United States Government bonds. Beautiful such bonds, naturally with all degrees of protection. This is important.

Type everything honestly, do not hesitate, klânëmsâ all, what can and what cannot be. The name of the beautiful. Treasury Islands! This word became proudly use numerous specialists from the economy. And how! This is not funding a foreign economy as say evil tongues, is the Treasury Islands, zabodaj its mosquito ... What?! A lot of them, the most the Treasury Islands printed?! Of course many, many brain-dead. But Nice does! What?! It turns out it is the duty of dexterous honest people around the rest of the world?! Are you an economist? No?! That's not to say nonsense. You said that smart people, it's the most ordinary of the Treasury Islands.

I'm not going to tell you about the clever statesmen, their the idea already. I'm not going to tell you about the brilliant Russian economists, their on the same idea, was not at all over the past decade. Yegor t. gaidar aside, and Grisha Yavlinsky aside. One has done so much to do, that it is difficult to find suitable words. The second could not mess things up, because at that time created the first Companion. So, in the year 2014, the Russian State has invested in the most American securities, about 118 billion dollars earned. Impressive?! Of course impressive, who would have doubted. And they're always telling us fairy tales about the lack of foreign investment in the Russian economy that should in theory save it ...

A natural question may arise. And how can produce that in addition to Russia, many countries continue with tenacity worthy of the best application to finance the u.s. economy by buying these bonds. May I assure you very may even! How?! Elementary, like all brilliant. Power and deception. Military power and deceit, which is akin to šulerstvu. And it passes this focus! Still he would not pass if at any time can fly democratic gifts in the guise of missiles and smart bombs. This is important.

King plays a retinue. The greatness of dollar provide surrounding currency. Than they are weaker, the stronger dollar and trust him more. Hence, the logical sequence in his cynical splendor. Lower, oslab′, make a volatile national currency and carry on calmly handing out these Treasury Islands, right and left. Here after all that?! Explain to the citizens and to world public opinion that everything done in the name of and for the benefit of the human person. Moreover, it is not necessary to specify that the man himself. Smart will understand and not idiots will under no circumstances ...

Here tell me what you think is a real disaster for the economy? What?! The budget deficit? Sanctions? So, everything, that's enough. Listen and remember. I will never like the Economist, economists say. Most importantly, this citizen disaster, leading a healthy lifestyle. Paradox?! That you, as you can. No, it really is. Although this fact from many carefully hiding ...

Look, what picture is obtained. Citizen, leading a healthy lifestyle, he does not smoke and does not drink. That is actually not funded tobacco and alcohol industry. He loves and swims in has saved the nearby park. In a measure of the force and opportunities for walks on foot. Car, for various reasons it didn't need. As it turns out, not having a car, he is taking on the world with the sum of automakers, oil tycoons, bankers, insurers, police, road ...

But it is also a doctor, to the nearest clinic, tries not to apply. Imagine what a blow to manufacturers of medicines he causes his subversive attitude to their own health. No, that would be like all citizens, get sick and not be separated from the situation with the team. It turns out that harm the economy of such nesoznatel′nogo the individual more than good. This is important.

Interesting, but in opposition State and a citizen wins the State. It gradually narrows Wednesday habitats irresponsible citizens. Both physical and social Wednesday. And rightly so, the earth should burn under the feet of such asocial elements. Iš′, of which udumali, personal, put above the interests of the clever and honest people. Although we have to admit that was a good idea. Strive not to depend on the State. As always failed.

The economic policy of the Russian State, it's an adventure, unparalleled in history. At a very high level decisions, consequences of which nobody calculates. Not only in the distant future, but even for the next couple of months. This has become a hallmark of both economic block in the Russian Government, and the level above. At least the discussion, at least admitted to this discussion of persons. No, the tv box like shows totally different, but ... Those people who are shown, they do not take decisions, they only hurt because of their forces, capabilities and talent. This is important.

The country becomes, and in many areas and has become so primitive that even criticize often ... As it turned out, you can manage without appropriate education and work experience. And it's not even being discussed. And what is there to discuss, when all, all and all, see all understand. And at all levels of Government. People are in power. How would speak.

It is individuals who in his career passed many milestones of good managers and leaders. If the former Director of a furniture store, that happened to lead the once great military power, then he will lead as Director of a furniture store. It is not given. This is important.

If there are serious gaps in education and no less important, in practice, these gaps are eliminated. No, there are of course the nuggets, which succeeded, but it is the exception rather than the rule. But scary to think how many people with these same spaces come in managing all spheres of the life of the State. Is it here to the awareness of the role of the dollar in modern Russian history. We would stay the night, yes the day hold. The truth is most times, it became harder and harder to do.

I understand that everything contained, can anyone not like it. It is ok. There are still optimists that surely pleases. But that's only like this assessment or not, there is a depressing outcome. Recently, to the position of area manager, and in the key region of Russia, was appointed a military man. No, I understand that need, that he saved the guarantor of the Constitution of poputavšego Bank bear, but I would like to see on these posts more professional managers. Although, where to take them. This is very important.

If anyone knows, I would say that they can only play greyness. Otherwise, as whoever wanted to challenge this fact. The result is logical. Although, Yes, I agree, nicely does as a result! Can I fix it?! Of course you can. The only question is how, and price. And in ... Yes, the ideology of Uncle Misha Khodorkovsky and the ability to call a spade a spade. Correct diagnosis, it's already half vylečennaâ disease.

When I hear talk about what Russia has gone mad, by tradition, sad smile. No, really. Madness nation I don't personally watch. But abundant watch enchanting idiocy and crime in the field of public policy. Power and the elite of the Holy skudoumiû believes that people can be mobilized using understandable he slogans.

Type, with cattle, you must talk in a language he understands. Snag in that electorate, it people, how can it adapt to public idiocy. Hypocrisy at the State level have long switched to domestic hypocrisy. Both the first and second do not believe in what they do.

If not cunning, it should be recognized that in its mainstream, people are not stupid and understand everything, but ... So we all love to wear masks and play the idiotic role playing. It is sad that the Government has decided to go the path of least resistance. No, I understand that she doesn't want to. The work she loves, but fools.

But what, sorry for the question, be with democratic values?! Remember that during the times of the dark Communist past, could land, and not only in mental hospital, beyond words, that there is a God? Now can put behind the wordsthat there is no God. And if you look closely, you can see that the sentence handed down to those who nepotoplâem and demanded any power ... No, I understand that one must see the difference between bloody communist repression and legitimate democratic procedures, but ... And these people want to ban me poking around in the nose.

Instead of the present case, is an imitation of violent activities. Here's a recent Roskomnadzor made ordinary explanations regarding the caricatures on religious topics. No, I understand that this overarching question, but would like specifics. The religious feelings of insult cannot be, is understandable. So watch out, discuss it won't. And how to deal with feelings of atheists? While there, you can pull up the feelings of advocates for animals. You can then enjoy the feelings of the oligarchs. If another, they there this Roskomnadzore do not know and do not want, then of course ...

Confuses me just one fact. Oh, how embarrassing. Alarming. Yet, alarming. Any initiative power, ends in the Pocket zalezaniem to the population. These initiatives, who and a small truck. And on each occasion, voluntarily-forcibly sponsors of these insane and idiotic ideas. Now rumor has it that want to weigh trucks, kolesâŝie for beautiful Russian roads. Well not for free of course weigh. What you say! For the money, for beautiful money.

I read that write in the media, and worry. So many smart people around who knows everything. They have so much useful tips give that wonders daëš′sâ. Where they came from on our head?! They and the economy, and politics are dealt with. They know how to bring Russia out of the crisis. They know a lot. Largely disassembled. It turns out everything, knows everything, except me. Sad. This is important.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg March 2016 year

(P) . S.

And yet, the essence of Yes ... The news made the evening. Thousands of people engage in Group masturbation in the Centre of Prague . Brilliant! All problems solved, remains faithful for pleasant pastime. And what wonder. What times, and such news.

(P) . S 2.

There is such a politician Konstantin Borovoi. Well one that was friends with Valeria Novodvorskoj. Well that's not very liked Communists. And here's our Constantine named Misha, goat.

Russian liberals, they're such Liberals. There is a reasonable question. Misha said, and Constantine would not be responsible for Bazaar, ... It turns out that Constantine is not so far from the truth. What is happening! One cake on fejsu smeared, another is called ... Adults and children both čessslovo.

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