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С 29.11.09

Our life


Life has become more interesting, life has become more fun. Chronicle of idiocy and ingenious solutions

Dear Friends! Sometimes it feels like, what would our desires coincide with our possibilities, but ... We are talking about wanting to write as much anymore, especially since so many interesting topics throws up life. But with opportunities ... There is no time to show an abundance of idiocy in our lives. But, in my opinion of course, there is always. But what if you make a small selection of interesting topics, and let the superficial, but to walk on them.

About poetry.

At one time, and we are talking about Alexander Griboedov's, the Russian diplomat, poet, playwright and composer, one of the great personalities of Russian culture. And stood up for the law, albeit just one book he wrote. But what! Brilliantly rhymed play, woe from wit, still put in theaters in Russia.

In the year 1990, a companion of the first Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, doctor of legal sciences Anatoly Ivanovich Lukyanov, became Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Creative itch seems very bothered that a political figure. But apparently of natural modesty, this head loved to write and publish his poems under the pen name Anatoly Osenev. In the year 1990 the book of poems, Assonance,. But unfortunately the songs on these verses are not sung, and broad literary public passed this event ...

In the year 2016 a landmark event in the literary life of the country. I would say a landmark event. One of the Nekrasov, Lermontov and Pushkin stood up. And got up on the right, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. It's not corn on collective fields protected. Here is a special talent needed. It or eat it, or it's not. The genius Sergey Lavrov revealed in the poem, the Legation order.



The Legation was ordered, and the ambassadors of the orders,

To specific Princes potesnee with fought outside Moscow rally.

The case has progressed uneasily, Russia was created immediately,

Diplomats tried it faithfully serve.

And serve the country, her nerve through a flowing,

And studied the art of how to get along and how to trade,

And learned how to live, by the merit of others respecting,

And taught others as Russia has always respected.

Opening the way for them, Russia was on the trail,

Expanding and intensifying their preserve vliân′e.

And on this path lives he gave not one Griboedov,

Fulfilling the order away from the Russian land.

Warrior one — it happens, and it is not new.

The diplomat should give itself the only true advice.

Should he, as a poet, only to find the right word,

Hard remembering when that prophets in the fatherland not.

And did not know anyone, the way some for whom prepared —

Where going head, where will a bad rumor,

But the diplomat sought only the right word

And could not derogate-for spinoû Moscow stood.

But the way the country became steeper and steeper.

Other words turned out nagging and lies.

Rescued country Griboedov, and Pushkin and Tyutchev-

In their words gained Russia soznan′e.

And they mad a lot of various sorrows mykali.

Mind of grief is not saved, but not erased the mountain mad.

Woe to us from the mind — it all requires truth in litigation

But for the mind not afraid of neither amount nor the prison.

The Legation was ordered, and orders the ambassadors,

And can since diplomats defend the country.

His word they all the country helped

And other taught Russia always respected.

And for this very manifestation of genius, in the nomination,, events. Exploits. People, the Union of writers of Russia, represented by the President of the Union, Mr. Valery Ganicheva, awarded the excellent poet and genial diplomat award, Imperial culture.. And what everything honestly. Earned the award?! Get! Particularly impressed by the fact that work with Lavrov named an outstanding example of service to the Russian people. What you say here?! So keep Seryozha!

About French hospitality.

Interesting news from the life of politicians. Big guys, they čessssslovo as small children. François hollande, well one that directs, as he believed France was supposed to have dinner with who came to visit him Hassan Rouhani, who runs Iran. All would be nothing, but ... The Iranian leader refused to dine with the Frenchman. Type does not sit I'm with you at the same table, as long as there are bottles with wine. That's not the point. And if the table will not be halal meals, generally divorce and mother's maiden name.

The French thought and decided. Well, if you must, then by all means let it be halal food on the table. Let! Guest, there are guest. «Iranian spirit, and seeing this thing, continued to put pressure on m.. Wine, wine and remove ... The French can certainly nail the boards all the nude statues in a Museum, as did the Italians during the visit of Mr Hassan Rouhani in Italy, but the wine ... Wine is sacred! You don't want to eat dinner?! And there is no need to go home hungry, and we his wine drink themselves.

About viruses.

Several disturbing trend with viruses. In 1997 year it started, and all began to terrorize the bird flu. Then, it is a very profitable business continued its swine flu. In the year 2012 we all attacked Coronavirus. Further Ebola virus appeared. Think everything?! AHA, now! Now Zika virus on the agenda! What you say here. Looking forward to another virus that I very much hope, improve the welfare of the pharmaceutical companies in this difficult period, certainly when the crisis goes on the planet ...

On privatization.

And here at this very time when the crisis is stepping on the planet, when many viruses attack defenceless civilians. At the same time, the alcoholics and addicts from energy sources continue to make stuff from the pantry in order to sell them for next to nothing. We are talking about privatization of Russia's largest state-owned companies. Brilliant modern policy leaders and ingenious economists has borne fruit. Nothing is created, it is in order to replenish budget sell most, what else is left.

The guarantor of the Russian Constitution, endorsed the idea. Moreover, proposed to hold a meeting on this issue. In the year 2016 , it is planned to privatize State , Rostelekom, and Transneft,,,. Will not be forgotten, Aeroflot, and, Rosneft. Do not bypass the attention and Sovkomflot. List is not complete, and likely to be completed soon. To me that's exciting. No, really. Well, sell. And then?! What will sell?

On the wings of ...

Here's a question about what will sell and if so to speak derbanit′, from the remaining heritage and ... Caught the eye of very interesting information.

It turns out that effective managers have not invented anything better to close the Museum in Monino. But lest all looked decently, assured the general public, by the way, where they found that for unrest and anxiety is no reason. These are the most effective managers promise to relocate the exhibits in the new Park, a Patriot from hell at the back of beyond, in the Kubinka tank Museum.

The Central Museum of the air forces of the Russian Federation-FEDERAL STATE INSTITUTION of culture and art of Central air force Museum is a Museum of the history of the development of aviation technology, is located in the village of Monino. Created November 28, 1958 year and opened for the reception of visitors February 23, 1960 year. The Museum has a rich exposition of helicopters and aircraft both civil and military purposes, as well as weapons, tools, uniforms, artwork. There are foreign exposure, which represented aircraft during World War II. Exhibits are located outdoors, in two hangars and six halls.

As the saying goes, would appreciate that it is for the Museum. And now look at the place, which no doubt could be called modern military Disneyland. No, I don't mind of course the existence of military-patriotic Park of culture and rest of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, Patriot, but ...

Patriot Park — military-patriotic Park of culture and leisure of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. The Park is located near the town of Kubinka Odintsovo district of the Moscow region.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but it is worthy in Monino Aviation Museum represented the history of domestic aviation. With regard to the ... Oh well, what can I say. Read here is here. A sad story about how destroyed heritage, to which modern managers do not put neither strength nor ability.

On the public debt, which payment in Bologna.

And again return to statesmanship when making decisions. You may not believe it, but it has recently been decided on the settlement of financial obligations of Mongolia to Russia. What?! Where this is Mongolia?! Geography teaching should have been in school. Where it is necessary, and there is. But seriously, then once again, now in Mongolia shall be cancellation of the debt the size of 174.2 million dollars.

No, and what you like. Many forgave debts than Mongolians worse. But very pleased with the wording. Why have cancelled the debt of the Mongols? It turns out that the existence of this debt really hindered the development of the investment, and bilateral cooperation. Imagine we have to the Mongols, and it hinders the fruitful cooperation between the two countries. Brilliant! Type, we really want to cooperate with Russia, but as soon as think that should her 174.2 million dollars, so immediately bad mood and appetite.

It is encouraging that now, after the debt forgiven, Mongol expansion into the Russian economy would resemble the invasion of Genghis Khan in the best sense of the word. In fairness, it must be said that in the year 2003 Russia, exclusively from public interest wrote off 11.1 billion of Mongolian debt, then another 200 million dollars. Well done to the Mongols, right way go.

Evil tongues decry the fact that Russia, by tradition, forgives debts. But Russia has no such tradition and the preconditions for its occurrence is not ... But what to take from the evil tongues. They do not understand in the administration of the State, that's evil.

The court officers ' honor.

You know, I'm always amazed by the ability of gosudarevyh people create visibility of work. Well, kind of doing nothing, but by the looks that they work tirelessly for the benefit of their native homeland. There are many examples. Here are recently very pleased Mr Bastrykin. No, really. Good job!!! Brilliant! This serves the people not only invited, but also created the court officers ' honor inside the investigative committee. Not without pride, spokesman of the Committee Mr. Markin.

Categorical support! That's so right, categorically! Goal?! Well don't ask stupid and harmful issues. Of course, there are the goal, and how without purpose. Without a purpose cannot be. This is important. Quote Mr Markina.

"in order to strengthen the moral and ethical traditions, as well as to strengthen official discipline, ensure compliance with the code of ethics, the prevention and resolution of interpersonal conflicts in everyday activities"

Of course, in the best traditions, the court officers ' honour is a deliberative body. In its composition, and I have no doubt, will be composed of people with an impeccable reputation and Crystal integrity. Naturally, it will be people credible and respected team.

If I understand correctly, the ... Mr Bastrykin's underlings are designed to monitor State compliance with the law. And here's this very court officers ' honour, would've in turn ensure that the investigative committee staff themselves would abide by the rule of law. All this is true, but ... And who then, logically, would monitor those who enter in the management of the court officers ' honour. And more ... If suppose I say Let's say this is Court recognizes employee wrongdoing Investigation Committee all relevant rules and laws. I am interested in whether the officers shoot?! And at whose expense will be purchased ammunition for this good cause.

I am glad that you are going to create vessels officers ' honour in regional and specialized investigative departments of the investigative Committee of Russia. Which means this seriously and for a long time.

Rescue the banks at the expense of investors.

What financiers of a new, democratic Russia, uneasy period of crisis. That they can offer to rescue the country's financial system. It turns out there are more ideas in the heads of these brilliant people. Recently, Deputy Minister of finance, Mr Moiseyev, announced a very interesting novelty, which no doubt will be introduced and perhaps creatively modified already in process. There is an opinion, as previously loved to talk, to rescue banks at the expense of investors. Whew! Brilliant!

You may not believe it, but it turns out that the mechanism is ready for launch. There was only a veritable bezdelica. Identify the bar above which deposits will be converted into shares of banks. Stop! It is not necessary to grasp at the forks and go smash cans. Yet, I say so far, it only touches the wealthy investors. Apparently their it and tries to warn Mr Moiseev.

And that, it's time! People traditionally would support any initiative. So historically. He realizes that his cheating, but ... And then, again by tradition takes count and gromitsâ everything. After all, what we are talking about the withdrawal of funds by depositors, yet we are talking about wealthy depositors, in favor of the native state which is always the most money is not enough. Several embarrasses the statement that this revolutionary innovation touches only the well-off investors. Although not yet evening and if creatively to any process, and this we know, ...

About collectors.

And that the banks themselves? That they themselves are willing to do in a crisis. Okay, there's the Treasury Department, trying to help them. But because only together we can defeat the crisis. Banks handed out money to people under very good interest. As distributed? Well, let's put it this way, but voluntarily and involuntarily. Our people don't really like to read out there that bankers really are writing the fine print. But in vain do not like. This is important.

In the wake of the crisis, and it's time to give the banks money, but ... You take it because someone else's money, and give the banks have their own. That's where the dialectic, zabodaj its mosquito. Our man very reluctantly parted with money in better times. For non-payers had to pay law-abiding citizens. And that's a crisis, and the number of non-payers has increased dramatically. How to collect money if banks is not very much happens?!

Elementary. Collection agencies! These its not miss. These, if necessary and which door and window crash, and at three in the morning call ... All of course in the framework of the law, who would doubt, but ... Here's aunt Valya that directs the Council of Federation of the RF, really begun this problem and ... Correctly suggested to suspend the activities of these assistants bankers, prior to the adoption of the law, which she hoped would be clearly regulated. Good job!!! Brilliant!

That is the question worth rib. Collectors are needed, but it is necessary to specify clearly in the law. Turns out, they were without clear regulation? Who is to blame? Post?! Surname?! When, and for how many years the official convicted?! It turns out one borrowed money under moneygrubber good interest customary Luohu, which is not strong in the intricacies of the law. Loch money pay does not want and cannot for various reasons. What do I do?! Correctly. Moneygrubber accesses bandits and requests to collect the debt. Everything is very simple as rake. It is not clear where the law here.

And, native loham power says that the problem is that is not regulated the activities of these collection agencies. As well, all within the framework of the law. I wonder if everything is within the law that prevents banks beat out itself, if so appropriate to speak with debtors. If collectors operate very successfully, then let them share their secrets with bankers. Turns and collectors everything legally ... But here's the bankers, apparently unfamiliar with what the regulations known collectors.

About our health and habits.

Here's how, in your opinion, what should be dealt with by the Minister of health of the Russian Federation? Correctly, to build a well-functioning health system mechanism. That's in theory. But in practice, a Minister Skvortsova Vernik health, really begun forming bad habits among the population.

The experience of other countries to increase the excise tax on "harmful" food shows that this measure leads to tangible positive changes, said Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova of RUSSIA at the Congress of the United Russia.

"We have examples of other countries, such as Hungary and Brazil, which increased taxes on the most harmful foods. For example, carbonated, sweet water, chips-for those foods that cause morbidity from an early age. This measure has resulted in a very tangible improvements, "she said.

Skvortsova said that this measure allows not to let emerge harmful food habits from childhood.

Kayus, was mistaken. Thank you Veronica, opened eyes. I like the thought of before. If a product is harmful, it just didn't sell. The word is not selling. If you are selling, then it is harmful, but not quite, and there it can be. As it turns out, if you want to eat chips, which are harmful to your health. Correctly, will pay more for their habit in State revenue. And maybe not in State revenue. This is important. Embarrassed by the truth that is not delivered the entire list of harmful products. This omission. But apparently not yet evening.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg February 2016 year

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