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С 29.11.09

Our life


How we live, or The popular front with Hillel.

Dear Friends! Propose today talk a bit on public organizations. This theme, from the category of those who unjustly overlooked, and among other things. As the saying goes, it's not a theme, and the song!

It is no secret that mankind from ancient times is a heterogeneous mass. Tradition is divided. It doesn't matter to whom. The main thing to share, join and resist. This is important. Hunter and victim, a motorist and a pedestrian, the politician and voter, red and black hair, meat-eaters and vegetarians. The bread does not feed, give the opportunity to share and express its position in life. Here's a seemingly live rejoice every moment ... No, we must try to bring happiness to mankind. You must join the progressive public, without this well does not have ...

And like that by my attention and flew to be precise then Oh, there is one very interesting event. Not that I did not notice it. No, yours truly with it strictly. All folders open, bookmark, the information there is different ... Just in case, and suddenly comes in handy. No such database, as in ad hoc bodies, of course not, but ... Observed naturally at one time, and it was in the year 2011, the fact of appearance at the Russian open spaces, new socio-political organization.

Russian people's front (UPF, ORNF) is a coalition of political organizations, established in May 2011 year on the proposal of the President of the Government of the Russian Federation and the former Chairman of the party "United Russia" in Vladimir Putin.

Noticed and ... No, not scared of what you say, how could think that. Although the first reaction of the unprepared person would have been exactly like that. Front. And come up with a better name could be. This is a solid five. Would desâtiball′naâ scale, would not hesitate to hard ... This is important.

Remembering how many such socio-political organizations was in his time, Diva daëš′sâ. Well here is why they generally need if ... No, I understand that it is necessary. I understand that there is an indication from the top parent view, so to speak. Rather a superior Companion. Our comrade. It's not even being discussed. Well ... Adult males, they're like children. Remember the hope machines, locomotives, aircraft and many other useful toys from your childhood? Think in adult life former child changed?! AHA, now.

Adult boys, using the capabilities of the native state boast their machines ... Some are not, and they proudly show all their own railroads. Rather one way, but what! Russian railways, this I tell you brand. Think girls are very different from adult boys?! Are wrong. Those continue to play mothers and daughters. Organize funds there are different ... Some apparently former headman or Board Presidents wife former pioneer organization, even the party create.

Well, those who do not and they play quite steep with oil rigs. Well, we are so clever and industrious that oil extract. Well, of course, are not the type of business manage nationwide. Talantiŝe, it is not a hide and not hide from the human eye. And quite steep, those organizing ... Correctly. Socio-political movements, organizations and parties. Why?! Good question! Well, that's what everyone knew that you are a very cool pepper, baddest only Pope, but you with him at short leg. Or hand. And sometimes it can afford to be late for a meeting with him. This is important.

Saying this is not the first time that any State, and the Russian State is no exception, this organized criminal group or if you want the gang. Well there, the bandits are gathered, dressed beautiful costumes. Yes, ties all sorts there are different ponakupili. Without ties cannot. This is important. So, before Rob or if anything cut money from the poor, when the rough was expressed and softly say, ashamed. Well, historically.

Robbing the rich, impose their tax and cut the most money, that Yes, this is fair. It is immediately added to the nobility and respectability. Eat sandwiches with caviar and miscellaneous there's squid and mussels? Share bourgeois nedobityj. Another thing, how many are there of this most, share, came to the masses, but who such things zamoračivaetsâ ... Now, the highest Valor and criterion of nobility and respectability began to plunder these same masses in favor of ... Well you know in whose favour.

One very famous politician, put their hands House, or rather the roof from the House. Remember where we not look, everywhere the roof from the House. Well type, come in our movement and the roof you provided. Competition laws of the market. Before you kryševal?! Correctly, gangsters and the police. Oh and why do you need, with permission to say?! Go to the us, in our party and the roof you provided. And what a roof! All roofs the roof! This is important.

And here are All the popular front, is power! And away we go. As usual, created a central headquarters. And how, without staff well cannot. This is arhivažno. What's next?! Be ashamed of the Lord-good. Elementary things of party building. This is because the basics! First of all you need. To whom to entrust? As who?! Eh, you simple things is not know, but everything there ... After all, it is clear to every sensible person that characteristic external signs, it's still no excuse to usurp the most favoured social status in the market. What?! Whether you can easier?! Of course! Well, in simple language, it's like with pork snouts and Kalashnikov side-... So whom to entrust?

Of course, only the Institute for socio-economic and political studies, a global task force. So much so that the head of the Institute, the former President of Chuvashia, Nikolai Fyodorov. Experienced people, what you say here. Statist! Block! This is important. And as usual, it was particularly said that any member of the UPF will be able to make suggestions about his affairs.

The head, or if you want elected. Well, it's clear who was elected, I hope. The leader of the nation, he and he alone. It was also stated that one of the main tasks of the ULF naturally will fight against corruption, and naturally, who would doubt the strictest supervision of Governors ... And away we go. Rather not away, and lomanulis′, if it is appropriate in this context to use this word. Giving the impression that all lomanulis′ for the freebie.

Well, type this freebie has not been seen since, but ... And even if the freebie and will not, after all, will surely permit. But that's another story. Having crust belonging to the FRONT, where the Chairman, you know who, you can turn around, albeit on a regional clearing, that does not seem little.

Leadership, Russia, reacted almost immediately, apparently kept her nose to the wind. Meetings were held. Almost all employees of the company had joined ULF. So to say in a single order. Did not disappoint and Yaroslavl Motor. Yaroslavsky motorny zavod became part of the UPF. Factory workers expressed the hope that this would solve many production and social problems. This naturally leads to the fact that Russia will become stronger and will improve the life of every employee. This is important.

And everything?! What do you think of this as possible! Professional Union of artists, Union of composers of Russia, a team of Russian railways. This is important. And many other concerned citizens as they say true patriots of their country. Not left aside and abroad. These are never left behind. By ULF joined social organizations from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Moldova, Belarus. Why?! Stupid question. Harmful matter. Really wonder?! Explain on the fingers. To recreate the Great Russian civilization. And you thought! It's not corn on collective fields to steal ...

Yes, and this is very important. Famous doctor Leonid Roshal was left aside. Where do without him. The truth is, as always with modesty, he explained his decision very simply and clearly. With his words, it was the decision of the national medical Chamber, naturally after a day of the poll. Importantly, this is an opportunity to speak without thinking about the country's leadership on pressure points and raise specific questions ... Well, that is, until this was not possible, and it is now. Thank ULF!

And while events took place a few years ago, but the facts are a stubborn thing. Not without spoon spoonful of fly. As it turned out, the Union of architects of Russia changed its mind to join the NF. There was generally a rather muddy history, though traditional for the country. The Union of architects of Russia, or rather its functionaries, tried to enter the FRONT without publicity. And that, if necessary, we are ready to ... Functionaries, not notified his decision architects privates than aroused their indignation. The Presidium of the Board convened and decided to refrain from joining the popular front.

A bad example is contagious. Many regional socio-political associations, the existence of which the general public and no idea just said the refusal of entry into ULF. Some artists protested. Type, we asked, but we oppose, if that. But despite any party construction of roughness, the Russian social and political field, a new party structure. And not just appeared and rapidly in the Fiery Vys, exuding smell everywhere. What?! The smell of corruption and lžepatriotizma.

And ... And that all away we go at the speed of express trains. As always, and all under the blueprint. Than these very community become involved? Very important work. Well for example. It turns out that Hamilton didn't find good FRONT inspection guarantee roads. How can we fail to recall the adage about fools and roads. Imagine how obzavidovalis′ in other regions. Here are the songs of fellow successfully reveal shortcomings, and we the worse ... In vain were jealous.

Glorious city of Rostov-na-Donu. ULF Inspection revealed that virtually all warranty road in pits and prosadkah.. Who would doubt. This same bother. But the people did not know. Represent, and local authorities are not aware of this blatant fact. And if not for this inspection, would live in such criminal ignorance. EPIC road inspection, naturally continued in all-Russian scale.

And what do we have after several years?! All the so called new face, in practice persons were old. About such people say that they are the hallmarks to put. Eternal impact lack of ideas. You may not believe it, but these same party functionaries, have shown that they can't be trusted. Imagine this most popular front perfectly without people! Imagine people bezmolvstvoval, and authorities tried to offer together to go to a happy future.

Why bezmolvstvoval? Good question! People have learned to distinguish the good hype and self-indulgence. And how to go along with the power to a brighter future? They then say that no one in the way people feed is not promised. Well, there are sandwiches, soda, if thirsty zamučaet. And as believe these prohodimtsam from policies that their honest eyes drill every corner of the country, that would be skommunizdit′. No, pronounce the right words these thieves know how to, but ... The main thing besides the correctness of words follow those who utters them.

You can of course say that it is a vicious circle. Thieves in the law everywhere shout that they have great desire, no less, and modernize the Russian State. It only lacks popular support. Well, we are not going to do anything themselves, let the people we podsobit and we porukovodim ... AHA, now. The most interesting that nobody and nothing to upgrade is not going ... Moreover, if you speak the truth, then it is already too late to either upgrade ...

Imagine a State with sincere sadness informs that it will fail in the year 2016 indexed pensions to working pensioners. That is the perfect fit soothing officials so much that they don't get frustrated. Well, there's no money in the budget for such is definitely good causes. Russian television, certainly not without the knowledge of the authorities begging for money from the population in the form of paid SMS to help sick children. Imagine how they tear knock! This is a must see! But ...

I have a proposal, and does not require substantial investment. If you take for example, I tell people, for example, five governors and ... Well, you get the idea. Good talk with them in the cellars of the Lubânki. So to speak, let the couple of the bloody regime wants for the good of the country. Explain that the time had come to return native fatherland. Moreover, either in cash or percussive work on harvesting in the northern latitudes. I am sure that if the scrub on together, these certainly Patriots, ... Very many social programs can be easily financed. No, really. This is important.

Patriot?! Prove ruble! Represent those of Governors and oligarchs wanting to show their patriotism. Many argue, take offense. Why for example Mikhail kuršavel′skij in the queue for manifestation of patriotism proved earlier Novel London?! Than Roma worse?! It's scary to think how many years be enough saved for good, acquired back-breaking labor. It's like the same will be confounded the initiators of sanctions against Russia's State! Like our song smother and kill?! He will not leave the good Lord. We have a single and simple miner and recognized Tycoon!

Individual words deserve our ... Hillel. Exactly at that time, named the leader of the nation, a simple student of Tyumen. And our guarantor, and the father of the nation, did not deny that obvious fact, and modestly agreed. Well, the type of people know better. Cool! The fate of the country in the hands of the fartovogo! Curtain! Nothing to do with us Hillel ... Proof?! What are you blind?! The right to host the Olympics in Sochi got?! Got. The right to host the World Cup got?! Got. Crimea, have taken without a shot being fired? Took.

What do you need more proof?! What?! Wish successes in the economy? Many people would like, but not everyone is. And in General, dear comrade-Mister, you who, in order to define such harmful questions?! You do with someone with true patriots or the enemies of the fatherland? You have? Here is something too! You don't criticize, you prove that the case is ready to help the country. Could be money, it's even better. This is important. What?! Taxes grow?! And will continue to grow, we have State surrounded by external enemies. And your duty Patriot not whining, and in every way to help. Agree?! That's fine, and then bred here know the enemy propaganda.

What?! Again you are talking about children of Yury Chayka and Arcadia Rotenberga remembered. Explain! A rule of thumb explain! Our head of Hillel loves children in General, and children referred to Lords-fellow in particular. Yes, he at one time promised to make people happy and rich. But the same promise fulfilled! See the sanctions list, there all happy and rich lists. What claim?! Said, and kept his word!

Great man, our leader Hillel. How can you not talk about it! For many years hard labour on galleys, he became Governor. Well, you understand. Who does not recommend mentioning in vain. Whew! And remember how he saved the Pana Prof. clutches of the Nazis? Remember this brilliant operation?! Save Yanukovych, it is not a trifle pockets stealing. Many then permanently established in the thought that the Russian State is really lucky with the King. And not merely a King, and King fartovym! This is important.

What?! Small, colorless and washy?! Be ashamed of envious! What you generally say?! Know that from the face of the water don't drink, and still zloradstvuete ... And you know what he's got charisma? What?! What is charisma? Eh, the darkness, the words smart do not know, and everything there. And do you know how his enemies fear?! Well, those same imperialists and capitalists. Here's awake in the morning, and immediately begin to be afraid! And so every day with these same enemies. Daily fear is called. This is important.

If we'll live until the next elections. I say if we'll live, don't rule out the emergence of a counterpart of the Novgorod veche. Where people, in unison, all as one, on your knees ask fartovogo continue to carry the weight of the eternal and good. Don't throw his adoring electorate, and further build the horrors on the numerous enemies. Tell more people and will further continue to adore, to be proud of and support fartovogo in all his endeavours.

What?! And what about the elections? No, well you, how children česssssslovo! Do you really think that someone, someone, sometime has chosen? AHA, now! Then why spend a lot of money, if the result is obvious. You have to be more efficient! But here it must be said a very smart thing, which I resent. In Russia, has always loved fartovyh. It is a tradition. But all the fartovym we must always remember that ... Those who adores you and throws in the air caps, they will shout and rejoice when you take the scaffold. Bread and circuses! But when there is no bread, there is a need for spectacles. This is important. Dialectic, zabodaj its mosquito!

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg December 2015 year

(P) . S.

Flighty tends to treason.

What I remembered about the Opera, Rigoletto,?! Everything is very simple. We have, and this is already a tradition of such, if good, then this is due to fartovogo. If that is bad, then it's greedy and stupid boyars to blame. This is important. So, in a large,, the premiere of this opera. So what?! You know, when in the main theatre of the Russian State at the beginning of the action on stage begin to dance naked women ... And then comes out with inflatable woman, Rigoletto, spreads her legs and. .. No, I understand that the Director, Canadian Director Robert Carsen is definitely a genius, who with this dispute, but ... To me that's exciting. This premiere, the merit of the fartovogo, or failure of the boyars?!

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