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С 29.11.09

Our life


Petrel proudly streams or enjoying themselves and all the people cheering.

Dear Friends! Today let's talk about what represents the rating of Russian guarantor of the Constitution, and not just about that. So, if I may say so, the theme for starters ...

Rumor has it that this rating, just out of reach. The word rating, it would be very significant, not in vain because the word overseas. True patriots they such Patriots often tell not about ranking, and the population's confidence in Putin. A little unclear why credit, if you can say just about trust. Well, let's not pick on the detail, the more matter of fact, these are the little things did not change.

Propose the matter decomposed into several components. Can I believe the numerous experts and talking heads that really such a high rating is the place to be. If they argue, should be based on research, and naturally to the survey population. No, I understand that such acts can be neglected, but then this score may be accepted only with very large conventionally.

Agree that the study may have been carried out, but ... Inner voice dictates that specialists to conduct this kind of research. No, you can of course take money from the State budget, and to establish a working group of fellow raspil′ŝikov. They stupidly raspilât the most money, and then one evening, while sitting at the computer, famously create multipage report about the work done.

In this his landmark labour naturally they prove to the masses that all best practices and their work is top of objectivity. This is important. Take public funds and relying on them to praise this is the State represented by a national leader. And no doubt. Doubts can be only enemies that grist to the mill of the enemies of the fatherland.

And if you take the Russian hinterland, take an ordinary provincial town in the Rostov region, is to take the town of Belaya Kalitva specifically ... Common sense and experience dictates that should have been taken a very simple action, that was the ground for such victorious statements. For the beginning it is necessary to conduct a survey of the population. Ask about the head of State. Yours truly can declare with full responsibility that such a survey has not been done.

If laziness to go to the streets, so to speak, in the popular masses, you can of course and calling people and ask questions. But this has not been done recently. Small town, and if such is certainly very important work has been carried out, then the next day it would be the main city news. But this has not been done. This is what we have. A city and regional scale dropped out of the political and public life of the country. Malice? Crime?! Error?!

Or maybe it was only proclaimed? Can on the ground is the distortion of information, which are sent to the regional center. There her summarize and then transferred to the Russian capital. Type, let the King is not going through, let no doubt. The entire area, in unison, supports all initiatives of a national leader and will maintain that still only plans. Type in Rostov Oblast does not disappoint, and all of us can rely in hard times.

Of course you can, who doubted. Especially when you consider the fact that in our provincial town we all are marching in step with progress. If lay asphalt, only on advanced technologies. Despite the weather, the asphalt lay in the snow, mud, puddles. Weeks and turn off hot and cold water, especially in autumn. No, I understand that the city authorities have a very important experiment.

I understand that need, that according to the results of this experiment will be new breakthroughs in housing and communal services. Just people backwardness and denseness of this do not understand. Explicit omission which should be remedied as soon as possible. Propose the establishment of a working group, naturally with good financing and deal with this issue.

Oh, well. Suppose I say, suppose that Putin's rating is really overreaching. Suppose I say, suppose that Russian people braved n difficulties very much trusted by national leader, whose misleading negligent officials. Although the words are misleading, in this case suggests some association with Uncle Tolej Serdyukov. Order the same negligent underlings misleading, causing ... Well, let's not about sad. A bad omen. This is important.

Do you think that your humble servant make-believe and dreamer. That you, as you can. Can verify the information. It is October 22, VTSIOM published a fresh survey data of our people, who relate to support Putin. Rumor has it that this rating reached its historical maximum and is now 90 per cent. The next historical maximum, 100 percent, it certainly is not even discussed, well then ... No, scary to think what will happen then. Went to the site of the organization. No, about high, I would even say, Putin's rating level will go well above, evil tongues lied. Sociologists, really had a great research.

And if there is any fault in this highest rating, the guarantor of the Russian Constitution. Certainly there are. It is very well worked and managed, with the result that people thankfully couldn't put him a failing mark. Well, the hand is moved up. Well, language is not turned. This is important. Well supervised and worked, get recognition, kudos and caps in the air. This is very important.

What?! Economy?! And the economy? You about crisis heard?! And if you've heard, you need to understand that not everything is so easy. We must indeed close ranks and collectively experiencing hardship and deprivation almost peaceful life. What?! Whether together with all experience these hardships and privation officials, Governors, oligarchs, reputable people?! Here's who you such questions comes up with?! It is also very harmful issues. They do not promote, but rather exacerbate. They're like shackles on the feet of the country which, though with difficulty, but moving forward. But where patriotism? And where is the understanding of the situation?

No, there are brilliant economists who know, of course , As Russia overcome the economic crisis. Sergey Glazyev, is definitely titanium, guru of economic thought. And how many were there before him. And how many programs proposed breakthrough ... And how many clever ideas proposed. Some have even argued that for 500 days to fix everything and comes to universal happiness. And where are they?! While Glazyev, here it is, here and now, and not so easy to you, this is the most promising future. This is important.

So, what offers in order to eliminate Serezha's uncle with the age-old backwardness?! Genius and wickedness. Better not to say. This gentleman, encourages the State to throw money into industry and naturally hold hard State control. It's certainly all right, but ... You know a lot of economists and tycoons who naturally out of patriotic motives will not use these huge amounts of money on something more advantageous than the development of the Russian industry. What?! Hard control?! Correctly! Monitor will be incorruptible bureaucrats? Then everything happens, who would have doubted.

No, you can certainly educate information of incorruptible officials in his team, but it will have to place this case ideological and organizational base. Yes, it is necessary to make natural selection. What?! Well, as uncle Joseph spent repression, although many kaznokradam is certainly not enjoyed. Sergey Glazyev, these difficulties will certainly understand literacy trained tea is not amateur, but ... Even if miracle happen and be able to find information of incorruptible officials, ahead of the next coming ambush. Where to get a huge amount of engineering technicians and workers? You'll be surprised, but they are sorely lacking. Here there are managers in large numbers but experts and workers is not enough ...

Why isn't enough, and catastrophically? A very good question. The question matters if appropriate so will result! Remember how Uncle Volodya Ulyanov said that of all the arts, the most important for us is cinema?! But it was in the past. You've seen the films, stating and shown to people?! Where scientists, workers, farmers, mothers, kids?! Their just not. What is?! The oligarchs, criminals, cops, hookers, generals, FAG. And for quite a long time. This is important. Someone like that and brought that you say here ...

But let us return to our rating. Why do we?! Elementary. Yes because as we all talk, that's all we support everything done and continues to do, the guarantor of the Russian Constitution. We do not deny. Naturally support. Support support and will support. And if the enemies make disrupt our economic calm, and not just economic. Well, you understand me. And that where there. And all would be nothing, but here is another ambush. Such support, it's like a Trojan horse, or if anything, a Trojan horse. No, let him be a horse, a horse, it is like it is not solid. This is important.

So, if politicians have at least drop mind and common sense, they should be afraid of such a zaškalivaûŝego rating. This is self-deception. It's self-congratulatory, bordering on political idiocy. The support of the electorate, can count only a clown. It is clear that the figures paint a ugodlivye satellite, but the something should be gray matter in the skull.

An example of very many politicians with the same huge rating must at least something to teach. A jubilant crowd and caps in the air, in the days or even minutes can turn into anger and insanity. Yesterday's crowd Idol linčuet without regret, while political Olympus new King ...

Proud of the country and to respect the national leader, in my opinion, is necessary for success in the economy and building a decent life for the people. Unfortunately, in our case, the electorate was proud when the rocket, as we are told exactly hits the target. Madness nation carefully heated, thus accelerating the process of the dissolution of a State. No, folks, it is what it is. One should not idealize it. This is important.

In the history of every nation were periods of collective insanity. Who's to blame? You see, blaming the head of State can be of course, but only partly. Bread and circuses. When there is not enough bread, people demand showmanship. And the bloody spectacle, the stronger the narcotic frenzy. True hangover is always hard, but who cares ...

Any war, it is certainly the high cost. And where the money for the war? No, not just say that that's gathered oligarchs and kaznokrady in one person, officials hauled, sat down, ate and drank, and ... Took only the right decision in this situation. Type, everything, that's enough. We why steal and budgets sawed?! Because there was no cohesion, because lived wrong. And now, when the enemy can be said at the gates of the State, ... All, hear all citizens navorovannye money will be invested in the war. So if you can say our contribution. Here's to win the enemy will come the peaceful life and ...

Dreaming is not harmful. If anyone knows, I would say war is on people's money, and, naturally, on behalf of the people. A full stomach or caps in the air?! Yet, the issue is not that way, but it just yet ... If you recall the story, then it suggests that all, or almost all of the war, Russia had, when it was necessary to take someone under his protection. We're going to defend, we have to complete the program, and then everything goes in circles ... Tried in the last century to defend Serb brethren, now protect the Syrian brothers.

The idea to build a strong State to anybody in the head, unfortunately, does not come and think no longer come. Builders. Sick, and in all respects, the State, by definition, cannot and should not fight. No, if as they say to go to the final battle, it is certainly on the world and death is red. Who would argue with that, but ... People, people, the electorate. People just want to live. Fall in love, work, raise children, relax, create, create ... Although who thinks ... And you say that Putin's rating is very high.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg October 2015 year

(P) . S.

No comment. Just look what happens and breathe again.

Governor Kobylkinu gave the hot port.


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