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Our life


Why Russia doesn

Dear Friends! Today we are not going to talk about that on this planet very much. So many, that has long been a question, how to get rid of superfluous eaters. We will not say that these same consumers much eat and breathe. Will not address the issue that these same consumers are far from exhale oxygen, and removes from the body not goodies and sweets and nastiness alone. Today we'll talk about ...

Never judge a man by his friends. Judas had they were flawless.

Paul Valéry

Yes, today we'll talk about Syria. Or rather, not about Syria that it's happening, and on Russia's role as saviour of Mr Bashar Al-Assad, glorious successor case of his father, the late Hafez Al-Assad. But before we talk about why Russia doesn't need to fight in a country where if you don't lie by historians, began one of the first forms of writing, let a small, traditional retreat.

Let's talk about is respect. Yes, that's about it, and that's with a capital letter. Many say that Russia, as a State, have become respected. Many experts and analysts continue to say that Russia didn't start to respect. And most likely will never be respected. Let, and then getting up from their knees, about which so much heard in the media?! Then nothing is clear. And when the Russian State itself turned out to be in this position? And who's managed to great power so humiliate?! Please specify an address, the names of the countries or better yet for the purposes of the coordinates, say democratic gifts in the form of ballistic missiles.

But in one respect, as it didn't seem strange enough. For that would be a great power, you need to add to the respect for the sheer triviality, so nothing is Fear. Yes, you heard right. Fear and respect. Or vice versa, it somehow. Everything else, it's a fairy tale for adults that real life have nothing. Respect whether the Russian State?! The Russian State is afraid?! Rhetorical questions that even does not want to answer. What am I?! Yes everything to ensure that, in the absence of a loved fear to yourself and respect the Russian elite begun the destinies of the world.

And now, speak about the main issue. And any excuse for rudeness, horseradish we forgot in distant Syria?! What?! Our beat?! No, well then again I do not understand anything. If you beat our, why such a late time. Why had not responded to requests for assistance. And more. They are exactly our?! You do not confuse?! Well, persuaded. And what about Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya?! If I recall correctly, but it doesn't change me, and they were so to say, our.

What?! Were not?! Let me have all the moves are recorded. Were, as were. I even remember the famous March on Pristinaand famous u-turn over the Atlantic. I remember even as unforgettable son lawyer Uncle Vladimir Zhirinovsky threatened Americans Russian missiles if they touched by Comrade Saddam Hussein. Touched. Even as touched. They took, and within the fair tribunal simply hanged Saddam Hussein, incidentally destroying the Iraqi State. Each Uncle Vladimir Zhirinovsky went there, where he was expecting another one, our comrade, Slobodan Milosevic .

You'll be surprised, but the two waited one more, of our, which beat. We are talking about Colonel Gaddafi. Beat so strongly and for a long time, that everything is already tired of eating popcorn, which persuaded them to acquire media. The good Colonel decided not to judge, but simply given away to be devoured by the crowd. No, I understand that it is rude and not gentlemanly, but on an old woman happens proruha. And note, while the same sounded a call to action-Our beat. But ... How much was already the most, our, which beat, that serious doubts arise in the Russian State's ability to protect them.

And kindly tell me why this time, you can believe that the desire to protect the friend of Bashar Al-Assad is sincere and comes from a pure heart. And even if so, as the hero from one film, uttering the famous toast-so we will drink for what would be our desires always coincide with our possibilities. Here is what is the biggest ambush. There is a desire to protect? I doubt, though you can afford. Let aside the lack of the Russian State, the national elite and the total dependence, that is, from the Western political elite. And opportunities? Perhaps many will not agree, but that's with the capabilities of a full Achtung.

And against whom the Russian Government decided to make friends with the Syrian regime? Elementary! It was unforgettable and incomparable Osama bin Laden al-Qaeda. But everything flows, everything changes, and replaced one bad guys are replaced with others, that is to say taking into account current realities, other bad guys. The main Liberal Democrat Conference 2011 for the world community has become an Islamic State. And there, as we are told a lot of bad guys.

"Islmskoe gosudrstvo" (Al-Daul Al-Islamiya, also "the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant", abbreviated IGIL or DAIŠ-unrecognized State and international Sunni Islamist terrorist organization operating mainly in Syria (part of controlling its northeast territory) and Iraq (partially controlling territory "Sunni triangle") is actually from the year 2013 as unrecognized quasi-State (proclaimed as world Caliphate June 29, 2014 onwards) with the Sharia form of Government and headquarters (capital) in the Syrian city of Rakka. Apart from Syria and Iraq , IGIL or controlled by him, the factions are also involved in hostilities in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Nigeria, are engaged in terrorist activities in some other countries.

It is said that there are more bad guys than even in Ukraine. Well, about the great gangster disassembly between Ukrainian and Russian bandits can be an entire book to write, and not one ... Why Bandit disassembly? Elementary! Do not share the meadow. Small guys a little postrelâli. Agreed, who and how much must now. Well, as it happens, when this kind of showdown, a few bystanders were injured.

What?! Cynicism? 'M overreacting? Yes, I'm exaggerating. Yes, with some degree of cynicism. And as otherwise. You look. Who raised, if you wish, these so-called fighting rather than gangsta war?! Only committed by uninvolved people. Where sabotage, as the one or the other? Where brilliant military operations as the one or the other? As well, we scored the arrow on a limited area, peretërli, postrelâli and dispersed.

By the way, the Ukrainian events, is one of the many attempts of big guys pull Uncle Volodya Putin because the Kremlin walls. Nothing in fact not changed since ancient times, all, as it was in the bright historical times. Before it because it was?! Gathered in the broad field of the two armies. Visited the dashing riding two Commander and started to fight the terrible and bloody, and life and death. Who won, as stated and sneaker.

But Uncle Volodya in Ukrainian field to battle. And how to get it in order to force heroic measure? Well not on red square battle suit. The world community does not understand, it is a violation of the sovereignty of the Russian yet. That's great uncle to have conceived the battle the guarantor of the Russian Constitution in Syrian scenery. But as the lure? Elementary! It is necessary that he there came. Well, type, volodya, forget the old, without you the world community well won't be able to win this thing the Islamic State. You, and only you, can become a lifesaver. But Arab, našëptyvaût ear moneybags as tempters. Volodya, help for us not rust, we if that money will help ...

With such friends and enemies are not needed.

Lawrence Peter

What is with these warring sides?! Poorly. Very bad. Created, or almost took shape two coalitions, or if properly say, two opposing military-political bloc. Moreover, both units as the primary voice sending combat Islamic State and terrorism in particular. Moreover, under the terrorism each block implies. Visible to the unaided eye, that the interests of the Russian political elite extend no further than to promise to lift the sanctions, both economic and political.

Current situation for Russia is that by and large, great uncles still on which side of the Russian State will be involved in a major war. The main task is drawn into the war, and then ... Then what?! Elementary. Then you will need to do everything that would be way out of this war for Russia would be virtually impossible, and then ... Then what? Good question. And then, when Uncle Volodya entangled on the Middle Eastern Theater of hostilities, to postpone the military action on Russian territory. Fantastic?! No, just hunting instincts and intuition, which many brilliant analysts neglected. Remember the events of the century. What ended the war with Japan? Cruiser, the Vikings, remember?

Rumor has it that there is no reason to worry. Well, the type of the Syrian army, or what's left of it, will be conducting land operations and support it will provide Russian military specialists and Russian military equipment. Well, Yes. Of course. Who would doubt. But there is a reasonable question. And why this was not done for almost three years ago?! Or, our, not beat?! They say that Bashar Assad will not be able to win the war. And this is true. Will no longer be able to. Where were you before, my dear defence lawyers, our?!

The situation is aggravated by the fact that the Syrian State exhausted pool of human resources. On side b. Asada already fighting the Iranians, and not only. But these forces are melting like snow in spring. So, the participation of Russian troops directly in the fighting, it's a matter of time or occasion. Moreover, the case can be arranged, so much so that relevant specialists have ...

Brilliant brilliant strategists and analysts argue that if available the normal military grouping, it would completely defeat the forces of the Islamic State. Idiots! How can you defeat the ideology! How you can win a State that has no clear borders, because it is constantly expanding. The Islamic State, it's a terrible Phantom, which went out of control of their creators, and strengthened the pace materializes.

To me that's exciting. No, really, when the videos will start to appear en masse, captured Russian prisoners, where even devout Patriots will not be able to hide this fact. What then? What will happen when it becomes clear that regular cunning plan for some unknown reason did not work again? Either continue more and more involved in the conflict or resign in disgrace. Well, why then dug a vegetable garden. Previously, you had to think his head rather than one all known spot.

Here already with great pomp and fanfare reported on the establishment in the Syrian capital clearing house, which involved Syria, Iran, Iraq and Russia, of course. Where do without her. She's at every wedding should be the bride, and at every funeral, the deceased. Otherwise, everything. Otherwise there will be great power status. What grass they smoke, where they take ... It is said that the House will naturally coordinate intelligence and special forces.

Intensified yesterday the initiators of the sanctions policy. So say our dear partners. It is today, they were against Russia. And now, in order not to scare the Russian bear, so it won't change my mind to commit March in Syria, all talking at once, that without Russia the Syrian problem cannot be resolved. Here today were going to tackle without Russia, and today no longer can. It all just started talking, that only together with Russia can successfully solve the problem. Serve the media, call Uncle Volodya Putin. Here's the Pope made. With Putin recently met. The case they have there. Although, as may be the case with Pope with Uncle Volodya?! It was unclear. Rather, it is clear, the main thing is not to scare ...

The Russian elite and the military, not lag behind in this collective madness. In mid-September already conducted strategic command post exercises, which watched Uncle Volodya, uncle Serezha. Scenario exercises? Not guessed?! Elementary. The destruction of a major armed terrorist group. This time, destroyed the terrorist group hundreds of aircraft, numerous units of artillery and rocket forces. Well, in the end, as the saying goes, a shot to the head of the terrorists. Was landed paratroopers. The terrorists have been defeated, and of course win for us. Who would doubt.

Prepare. Not coincidentally, this is the time, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said that if necessary, Damascus will ask Russia to send soldiers. Moreover, the spokesman for Uncle Volodya Putin, uncle Dima Sands said that if Syria will appeal, such appeal would be considered. Good job. Reacted quickly and to the point.

And that's when the Russian elite with Western partners to realize what exactly it is great liberation mission of saving mankind from terrorism happened a little confusion. It's because it was. We say zakopërŝiki of this undertaking. Without us does not issue service. Uncle Volodya, this deliverer throughout the world from terrorists. Call him asking to be consulted offered apologies, and ...

French aircraft first airstrikes on positions of the terrorist group "Islamic State" in Syria. In his Communique Sunday morning told the Elysee Palace. At the same time, the message stressed the need to protect the Syrian civilians not only from terrorists, but also from attacks by President Bashar Assad.

AW, snap! Again, these Frenchmen! I've been suspicious to them. Single story with mistralâmi what it's worth. And here they hurry up. As it turns out, except Russia, has anyone click on the nose of the evil terrorists?! As it turns out, aren't we pioneers? But it is already too late to include back up, the international community did not understand. Well how would you say the type of guys, once the French will you save, we have nothing to do here. It is suspected that sly splash pools and then climbed on tradition, laying aside. It's called hasten events ...

Advocates argue that Syria, it is the last outpost. That there is nowhere to retreat, behind Russia. That followed the deaths of Christians in the East will inevitably follow the deaths of Christians in the West. What we are talking about the historical mission that is not as simple as it seems at first glance. They say that if Russia would protect Christians around the world, it is inevitable to unite them around her, and ... Yes, too. Maybe they know better than me, but ...

May wiser to realize that for this, with indulgence to say historic mission has neither the strength nor ability. Can better preserve what remains of the State, albeit weak. Rhetorical questions. It is sad to realize that we leave a legacy for those who will come to replace our generation ...

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg October 2015 year

(P) . S.

The most interesting thing to say so, the beneficiary of this zavaruški will be none other than China. Asians are always smiling, even when you are going to an instant kill. And they may long to pretend that they are ready to fight together against a common enemy. If anyone does not know, and if we do not lie patriotic media, though it seems to me that the lie of course, 25 September, a Chinese aircraft carrier, Liaoning (Liaoning-CV-16), accompanied by the missile cruiser arrived in the Syrian city of Tartus.

If anyone knows, it's up to the year 2012, a Chinese aircraft carrier was a Soviet aircraft carrier Varyag, unfinished. History repeats itself in this case as a farce. At the beginning of the last century had its own, Varangians, from the former Russian Empire.

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