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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


The European Union. Deceit or how we play in democracy.

Dear Friends! Today we will try to go nowhere in a hurry, take a deep breath and calmly talk about what is the so-called progressive humanity, and as the most progressive humanity skillfully manipulated. And manipulate our acquiescence and the overwhelming desire to be cheated.

And to begin with, so to say for starters take a global theme, I would say the cosmic scale. The European Union. Yes, that's it! The same Union of European peoples, that if we do not lie these specialists peoples lomanulis′ with the speed of a Cheetah hunting. No, what people they are literate in mass. So us experts say. And they lie. Or may lie. And maybe not experts they ...

Here in fact, that it is important. The USSR was, as we now say, it was not the Union, but a real prison populations. And were they in this Union does not voluntarily, but voluntarily, but at the same time and force. Well, those who were against type, received a free ticket in a distant province. Well, you had to type lift wood industry the first State workers and peasants in the world. It is those who are lucky, who dropped out as it is now would say jackpot.

Less fortunate, with words glorifying the father peoples travelled less than izvedannomu. They say that no one was coming. Well this again, if many experts we don't lie. And they believe that lie. This is important, they studied the case in their universities, academies, institutes. Or may not have studied. May played truant from classes, can bad deeds. They are, they can. Intellectuals, her zabodaj mosquito. The conscience of the nation. Although, again, if the experts do not lie, uncle Volodya ulyanov, was of another opinion. He called this same intelligentsia is very capacious and beautiful word ... Well, let's not about sad.

And look, what the next casus is obtained. Well, okay. The world of humanity, it is understandable that the former one-sixth of the sushi lived and continue to live near people, in terms of spiritual and intellectual development. They even the idea of stacking stole from the Japanese. This again if we do not lie, and tell the truth. This is understandable. It's not even being discussed. The world of humanity surely knows better, elite, her zabodaj mosquito. Another thing the civilized Europeans.

It's like heaven and Earth. This is how to compare a kitten with a tiger. This is how to compare, sorry prick with a finger, unless of course such a comparison is appropriate in the light of the ideas of tolerance and multiculturalism. It's like the elephant and the Pug. Although, if the experts do not lie, it is the grandfather of wings is the author of famous works written raznostopnym pentameter. And maybe not Grandpa Krylov. And maybe not unilateral and pentameter horeem any ...

And now, those same Europeans civilised, thoroughly studied the experience of Uncle Volodya Ulyanov, analyzed errors, decided that they that they experience will be able to build a Union that will all unions Union. Said, done. European States, but may not state in number of 28 pieces in the year 1992. Well, it just happened. They are well-meaning. Then by tradition, banquet, corporate parties ...

In the morning we woke up and were horrified. May not be so immediately?! Can anyone complete noob because not entered, and sorry to be repented of. Decided that the Treaty will enter into force in 1993, namely November 1. Well, then again a banquet, corporate parties, demonstrations, rallies in support of ... And things went on. It as planned. Many saw the Germans with the French good live. And they, the many proposed to live better, and in a close-knit family of European peoples. Oh and who tell me, abandon its happiness. Only later in the mental development of the people.

If you now offer to move from her apartment in utility bills. You'll agree?! And civilized Europeans agreed. They were told that there would be no life, and fairy tale. The descendants of the ancient Viking will ensure all fish. The Greeks will provide all the olives and dancing. The Germans all give good vehicle. The French will provide all ... And the French, the French they are French. Poles will provide all the delicious apples. Bulgarians will share with his brothers for the Union of the vegetables. And the money. The money will be at the sideboard, and if necessary, then please take it. If not, you can still bury, then donate when will opportunity. And if you will not be able to ...

How could this happen?! No, when the authorities come, hence "useless eaters who may speak beautifully, and is not possible. European communal since settlement began to steadily move toward its collapse. Dialectic, zabodaj its not only Komar and Komar. A penchant for thievery, and genes attributed to Russian kaznokradam. Civilized Europeans above this. Them money, give direct, organize, regulate ... And anyway, in what area.

But before it was?! Honestly, it was a much more significant treaty United seal. The honour, dignity. You won't believe, but became uncomfortable in European apartment, just a few days after its creation. From the well-known words of three letters, people stopped pucker and swoon. There has been a lot of people with liberal idiotic, right places, and where and enthusiastic Outlook on life. Life was becoming every day more interesting and fun.

Many idiots have become every day invent millions of ways how beautiful Sparrow own populations. ABM machines, apples, vegetables and fish have become like that forget it. It happens. It is already a tradition. Go to the store on the way forget why go and then forget to what you store. Then it turns out that not in the shop go does. Well here is how you can live a day, and not invent stuff which should make life easier? Does. Only because of this shit, its not another modification makes life easier for the public, and very even and complicates. This is important.

What population? Who knows what to do. And do nothing. Relax and have fun. And maybe not fun. Still have to deal with it. And can already do. In European apartment guide has not yet decided on this issue. They think. And immediately after all think. Or may not think. May simply not want to upset the population. Tell me what wrong calculations, this confusion can come out. And can no longer go out ... Can sleep better and see sexy dreams. There is always a choice. Here's the Europeans choose.

Russian embezzler, he's very dedicated and very ideological. Him if tie the hands, he will steal your feet. And rightly so, legs, legs that are free. If the associate has legs, it will steal your mouth. Well, except that sometimes distracted from the main occupation for the meal. If Shh Scotch, then nothing will change. Yes, hands and feet tied. Yes, her mouth sealed with duct tape. But, the ladies excuse me for being rude, ass, she stayed. rodimaya He will steal-assed.

The truth is there's a very interesting point. It happens, and it has become a rule. This very place favorite many hosted by Lauren Hutton, over time turns out to be zalizannym not less numerous subordinates. Seemingly everything. Achtung and madness in one bottle. With theft ended once and for all. AHA, now! Eyes, eyes, why?! Who said that would be a smart read Carnet and invent new laws? Silly you. Here's to such force majeure there eyes. Embezzler will steal eyes. It is clear that the benefits of such a process will not, but even so take that bad lies.

The European supervisor is the same, but worse. He could not help but worsen. Even if it deprive the arms, legs, assholes, eye ... No, really. Then he will be shitting the power of thought. And that, scientists say, that perhaps thinking objects move. And not just objects. But as it turned out, and ideas can be through the air transfer subordinates. Ideekinez is called. Not heard?! Samoobrazovyvat′sâ necessary. This is important.

Imagine how many people in the European utility engaged in a very important issue. What?! Retarded you, what you say here. Turns out, yes the same pickle, cucumber, must be of a certain length and a certain curvature. No, really, not lying. If it is not increased such as everything, everything, doprygalsâ dimpled. To him, or rather to the dump. To me that's exciting. From which they originated, determining optimum characteristics from cucumber. And you say dialectic.

Especially it would be desirable to tell about the demographic policy in the close-knit family of the European peoples. No, well you spawn itself is not inappropriate, it's yesterday. Much easier to make passionariev that will help solve this problem. It is clear that if serious and adult, demography is primarily a State issue. He in fact needed soldiers, taxpayers and demonstrators at rallies to protect anyone's rights. Although, if you look at these most defenders, then in my eyes my eyes with tears. This is the public, which wants to, well, she said, to protect the rights whose ... It needs to protect itself, so that she did not suffer from protected.

No, I do not condemn the civilized Europeans. But talking openly and honestly. I don't like it all. Especially how they treated with cucumbers. This is important. About the milk river, well, those who were in fact, well that is, milk was poured on the asphalt, I humbly say nothing. No, I understand that it's the economy that is important, but nevertheless ... Understand that the Europeans are very caring people, but I would like at least some specifics. Of course, that for more than twenty years of existence, the apartment was very much. Rather, it was planned to do a lot, but ...

Of course, every stage of movement towards a brighter European future not conjured up fears. What do you say, ahead of such a goal! But ... Over the years, the most intelligent and cunning became to feel a certain discomfort. Not that strong, so vague suspicions, punched, asphalt as grass. No, you can still walking with a girl on the street to kiss her cheek. While this is not prohibited, in some places. Yet it's not strongly offends the rights of FAG. Or even about that they were not told. This is important.

Sparrow sole the population, it is definitely political trend of the present and near future. Importantly, this shit and determined contribution to political figures in the building of a better future. The more Shat, the more authoritative voice among his peers. For this prize giving and awards there are different. And if Shat Shat and warned that, then it's no longer just a politician and statesman. But such a particularly clever dislike. Best shitting silently, so modesty politicians have manifested ...

And manifest idealism. Well, here type of course I'll be shitting and here from ideological considerations will not shitting under any circumstances. And don't ask, I won't. Otherwise fails to understand. As always, in order to avoid stagnation as in the late SOVIET UNION, needs unity in the struggle of opposites. Not understand?! This is when the fight with some thought, definitely need more thought. So it should be. This is called pluralism. What do you think. It is very important to believe in the word.

Ideological love Huff. This is called an active vital position. And they don't just need to Huff and harnessed such an active life position. Otherwise, the stalemate and stagnation. Much offended as they like! This bread does not feed, and let be offended. Not always true, but only when you set the harmful matters. Daddy don't cry, that starts to happen. Look at the clever man, as an adult looks at a child, perceiving the world and asking stupid questions distracting Dad from watching tv. Type, and this is who?! Where did he come from?! Who generally admitted here?!

And of course, love to give advice. I don't want to work, but it's always giving tips please. And we're not just listen, but also ask for new tips on the best improvement and strengthening. Unforgettable father restructuring m. Gorbachev, dabbled in it. Offered to all take and adapt. Well, the type of car is rebuilt when driving on the highway. Can guessed and can have civilized Europeans spied. They feel like. You should start with yourself. No, the truth, and feel full and serious.

That is, if every single person takes and stops to steal, loot, twist bulbs in entryways, too and gadget home from work to bring, come a paradisiacal life. There will be no cigarette butts litter throwing. There will be no trash from the Windows to throw away. Won't bribe giving and taking. Work will be qualitatively, but not carelessly. Children paddling will not gorgeous. Women coats serve and grannies across the road. In when it comes to universal happiness and everything will be fine. And many believed, or pretended that believe. But as not believe, if such people are advised. Not just of advise and refer to the experience, which they were told.

No, I only threw cigarette butts at the ballot box. And if I did it unconsciously, after these councils included consciousness and became throw cigarette butts into a ballot only by the will of the mind. It's the same with throwing litter into the window. As before, do not throw garbage into the window, but is already armed with boards of smart people. About boltikov and gaeček with. The same story. Don't wear them with work as before, but are already feeling pride in yourself.

Not in principle are stealing yo. Moreover, if earlier, did it as an amateur, now on legitimate scientific basis. If you do not take the jars with tkemali, eaten in the absence of a spouse, with theft completely tied. Light bulb in her continuing to not twist, as there is a risk of electrotherapy, with all the consequences. And I still don't have to do a lot of things.

Children paddling not šlëpaû. Children have grown up and gorgeous very fraught paddling for her own health. Wife coats apply. With regard to the other women, then all lodge coats. Not yet. But I'm working on them. I am sure that everything will work out, it would be desire. And the desire to see the coming of happiness is. Grannies across the road continue to translate, as before. Only now, with a sense of civic duty and execution with legitimate pride.

It's a shame that the paradisiacal life during this time, never occurred. Idea light bulb continue to twist. How to steal, and continue to steal, and in particularly large amounts. Garbage in Windows continue to throw away. Too and gadget from work as worn and worn. Although already smaller, there is progress. But there is something to strive for. Rob, you know, continue to loot. And a bribe as "leak and give. Most interestingly, their and take continue. Gray matter understand that it need not be so. But the heart tells you to look around and make the appropriate conclusions. Moreover, the conclusions are necessarily, even if they contradict common sense. This is important.

Observant people have noticed a very interesting trend. If very briefly, the essence of her next. Throughout the history of the world is an unspoken competition for a place at the trough. If the State wins, then we say that the dictator and his clique. And rightly so. And how else to call forcing people to order. Dictatorship in Africa, she and dictatorship.

If you win, then philosophers talk about the golden age. And there is no error. Whether the artist, if creative search. Eat, drink, and make merry. The golden age, what you say here. If you win both now bankers and hucksters, speak of the triumph of democracy. Only of the era say shyly. But in vain. With the victory of bankers and shopkeepers, the era of universal consumerism, or the era of comp. .. VA, if anything. It is not necessary.

Always interested in response to harmful matter. Here's why you need, this is the European Union? No, really. He gave people, in addition to regular hemorrhoids. Here's what they live not separately. Teamed up strengths and weaknesses. Uniquely. And now strong, as always happens, weak to blame. That is why it turned out that Greeks idlers and hence "useless eaters. For centuries lived and worked, and now we are told by specialists, became parasites.

That's all that I wanted to say. Next time let's talk about color revolutions and a little touch on the topic of landmark u-turn over the Atlantic. Spread really epic radically changed the direction of development of Russia.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg July 2015 year

(P) . S.

Want to look at the future that awaits us all?! That is unless of course we we'll live up to the bright future. Very illustrative video, in terms of the victorious offensive of the universal dictatorship and idiocy ...

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