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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Russia. Time of troubles in the run-up to the great war.

Dear Friends! Maybe I and dramatize, perhaps in vain, if I may so say, pump, but ... This is just a otrešënnyj look at the surrounding reality, non-truth in last instance.

Always amazed at the number of analysts and major strategists. No, I understand that at the Russian open spaces every second, a brilliant strategist, and every third brilliant analyst. Just sometimes Diva daëš′sâ, where they learned their craft. Well, where this piece goods in the market. That's all they know! All the questions they have ready answers. Under any villainy such ideological base bring intellectual orgasm just guaranteed.

And all would be nothing, let his bread and butter, and some on a sandwich with caviar. Let them write op-ed articles, are in the show, if not for one fact. Expand their mouth and rounding the eyes, looks and listens so loathed their electorate.

But actually, what's happening?!

Read how what if nobody wants war, it will definitely happen. No, you can pretend that nothing is happening. Of course you can, who is against, but ... The reality in this case would be in conflict with our perception of it. But the reality is that you can already put the issue squarely. When war starts?

Gentleman very offended. Rather pretend very offended. Feel the difference, as they say. Everything has gone and continues to go according to plan. No, you can of course say that all empires are experiencing a rise, heyday, and then collapse. Of course you can say something, if not for one detail. What?! Very easy, I'll tell you the detail, which lies on the surface.

The Chinese, they can sit on the banks of the river for centuries, and wait for the proplyvët past the corpse of an enemy. But the Chinese, and that in the distant past. Gentlemen, they do not operate over the centuries and millennia, though developing their devious plans for many decades to come.

Right strong still has not been canceled. Here it is, a cornerstone policy of gentlemen. Many have already forgotten, but circulation of wealth in the world actually exists. It's like in agriculture. Make plans, raise his price, and the time comes just clog.

Remember the events in Yugoslavia. Of course, the script finalized and polishing taking into account today's realities. Remember events in Libya and Iraq. Nothing reminds?! The impression is that these plays for humanitarian bombing with an orchestra, were written by one author. Only changed the scenery and actors. And the actors have changed, and not just on the author's idea, went into another world.

The main thing after all that?! That man was good! And then, a slight movement of hands, pants, sorry, the head of State becomes a bloody tyrant. And nobody remembers that even today he was the statistical leader. Further more. You need to show the world community all the horrors that works, even today seen as a partner, and today a tyrant, over its population.

The interesting thing is that there is nothing specifically do not have to. I implore you, no costs. Just if today many things simply closed their eyes, today about these things start talking loud, well, slightly exaggerating. This suppose you nagadili under the door of a neighbor called and ran away. Then you are caught by police. And here's the interesting thing. We can say that police detained a bully. And we can say that bloody regime did not understand your installation and performance in one bottle. The old man was right with his theory of relativity, Einstein ...

But let us return to our tyrants. Importantly, this image. And here is this image novoâvlennomu Tirana is beginning to spoil. Then, viynonku. Protection of democratic values. Protection of the child's tears. Protection of the civilian population. And ... And without blinking an eye, yesterday's partner is sent either in this world or in the Netherlands, where it waits for the Tribunal.

Then divided territory, navorovannye tyrant and its approximate means and everything starts anew. Selects the good man, and then a slight hand movement. Well, you understand me.

Gentlemen trumpeting the great gathering.

Many believe that the Russian armed forces so strong that ... And still have nuclear forces, known as the forces of deterrence. So then, it is so. But there is one bad for this kind of optimistic moment. Cause everything that takes place obliviousness processes.

The thing is that when we speak of new types of armaments, and this applies to weapons by any country, forget one very important detail. These features all new weapons, in simple terms, did not pass validation. Theoretically, I agree, characteristics and capabilities can impress, but no more. Agree that demonstration of self-defence in the gym, this is the one. And here's a demonstration of their real-life is another.

I'll say more. There is a big difference between arms and armament of the troops. And do not forget that by itself, it is just a clever weapons. Yes, you're right, this clever gland at least needed not less clever soldiers who will serve.

Many perceive with a smile, for example, the delivery of a pair of u.s. aircraft of any country member of NATO. But in vain smile, good Lord. What is the pair of planes, compared with the power of the Russian army? Believe me, it very much. It's not a couple of pilots that will fly on these birds democracy. This is an opportunity for the couple for several months to fly a very large number of pilots. Fly where you may have to use their fighting skills. And you think the amount of military equipment.

Open sources allow you to make a simple conclusion. Is preparing for military action against Russia. Do not believe? Well, then see for yourself. Moreover, it is not everything that can be found in the bookmarks. We take the information at the beginning of the year 2015.

January-may 2015 year

The buildup of military forces on the Russian-Estonian border.

Americans spend massive re-activation and loading military equipment.

Arrival in Latvia of American Marines.

Arrival in Latvia American armored vehicles.

Lithuania meets u.s. tanks, Abrams,.

Estonia meets American paratroopers.

The Americans are conducting military exercises in Bulgaria and Romania.

Austria skips through its territory to the convoys with armour, marching towards Russia.

Poles prepare military hospitals.

On the Romanian-Ukrainian border focuses the American infantry.

Estonia takes the teachings of American tanks and paratroopers on their territory.

NATO pilots train in the skies over the Baltic States.

In Poland, the French appear armored compounds.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. No, we can say that everything is done to frighten of Putin. But do not forget that this is all, huge sums of money. One is logistics. Scare? Well, Yes. But as napugaetsâ, so the entire military Armada will return to their places of permanent deployment. Well, the money will be held in budget line, as spent on intimidation of Putin.

By the way about Putin. He stated that the legions of NATO to the Russian border tightened. Well, he said. And then what? Yes absolutely nothing, apart from the ordinary, and certainly very sudden Russian army exercises. Paradoxically, the Russian borders occurs focusing powerful shock grouping and brilliant analysts and experts continue to repeat the words like a mantra, that the main thing is not to get involved in the war. Idiocy, stupid optimism look, as a moral, economic and military blockade becomes a reality.

Here's to hoping that the Russian leadership? No, really. Does the idea of a split and United States old ladies in Europe, is firmly stuck in the minds of Kremlin dreamers. Surely you can seriously say that with Russia would agree. Surely no sane people who understand absolute truth. Agree only with strong. Weak, dictate the terms of surrender. Misunderstanding of such elementary things, recalls the deferral time and leads the State to ruin. And elite hoped that manage to escape, and rashlëbyvat′ all this wealth will be an ordinary man in the street.

Interesting oil painting. As it comes to profits, it privatises elite. And as it comes to damages, both moral and material, are invited to socialize them man. Well done, what you say here. Everyman, he is. He does not need shooting, dirt, war, lack of comfort at the household level.

And what about the usual flat and a good bed? And how without regular food? But as without hiking in nature? No, I certainly understand, but ... Stolen ones, and pay for all the costs it is proposed policy other ingenious. Let me have all the moves are recorded. Who in their right mind will shed blood for Mr Serdyukov? Can Ms Vasiliev, anyone will agree to lose health? Can any of the Russian governors who ever wants to go under Bullets?

Here's an example I wonder why Slobodan Milosevic is considered a hero who resisted the gentlemen. Here's what he scared hero? He did not realize the hopelessness of their policies, and even greater futility of concessions and negotiations. He that does not understand that in any case it will be, sorry for being rude, watering? But it was he who signed the Dayton accords in the United States. That was then already a historical paradox. Agree with your mogil′ŝikami ...

Particularly wise Lord-comrades, piously believe that China will help us. Believe, but do not explain why China needs to it all. Well, I want them to think so. Previously, they thought that the West help us, now believe that it will help China. Dreamers, česssslovo.

March Of The Moscow-Beijing. Rise Of The Dragon.

Russian media with particular fervor try to pass wishful thinking. Type in the history of relations between States, it was not the period better than nowadays. The Chinese have very wisely and Oriental cunningly do not support, but did not reject such euphoria. And what to reject, if even the most inexperienced in politics man it is clear that ...

The most strong and sincere relations, if there were, they were at the beginning of 50-IES of the last century. At that time, it was a strong political-military alliance, based on good relations of Stalin and m. Zedong, and nothing more.

Today, slipping into the arms of China, this is a measure of the course forced but not decisive Russian problems. And how much do assignments to the Chinese side, in any case, an equal partner no longer become. And it's not even that the territory could end. And it's not even that energy will have to give away almost for nothing and still beg to buy them. And it's not even that attempt to escape from some gangsters, automatically leads to the other in a hug.

There are the most expensive gift that Russia has made to China, either by wickedness, or on public idiocy Crimea. Yes, Crimea, who returned to his native China now Harbor got a legal right, at any time to regain territory that were previously part of China. Detail on the subject wrote in- Russia and China. Crimean precedent. evil brothers or friends?

That would make China? Grow Russian territories, natural resources and all the rest. The process is already gone, and it won't stop. Guile in the designation of territorial concessions, short rental, picture does not change. The Asian Dragon is unstoppable. Powerful ideology, coupled with a huge military machine, combined with massive human resources that's what modern China ...

And still do not know which option is best. Be hostile embrace gentlemen or in friendly embrace of the Chinese comrades. And other options, the Russian Government did not even consider. They never even thought that Russia itself self-sufficient. However, one important reservation. Self-sufficient, if breath Guide. Although, where tackle sane people in this guide if they were saved in his time under various pretexts.

Who else against?

Of course, Ukraine. Remember, as before the events, the move was very simile. The type of Ukraine for Russia, it's like a suitcase without a handle. Bear heavily and throw a pity. Of course!!! Who would doubt. Neither Russia nor Ukraine needed absolutely no gentlemen! As they say, for the sake of greed and not tokmo ...

Of course, nobody is adjacent to Russia vast Ukrainian territory. Of course, nobody needs ports and energy. Of course, do not need Ukrainian chernozem. Of course, don't need industry of Ukraine. Of course, don't need a Dnepr, which not every bird will fly.

Some oligarchs do not share Ukrainian, glade, with the other oligarchs. But gentlemen these showdown very intelligently used, and use. War of the oligarchs, is perhaps the most correct explanation of what is happening now. Only business and nothing personal. That's when this interpretation of events, many at first glance unexplainable things become logical and understandable.

Doing nothing for more than twenty years, Russian oligarchs were surprised to discover that their in Ukraine nobody waits and no love. As the saying goes, all the seats are occupied. Losing the information war and not only her, lowering her eyes, are forgiven debts are given discounts for energy ...

But this is only the florets on a bed. Berries will be a little later. What? Elementary. Wolf berries. The confectioner from Kiev, Uncle Bob, it's certainly a temporary figure as head of State. But nothing is forever under the moon. While Russian and Ukrainian public entertains himself semantic exercises, on whether there is fascism in Ukraine and the bloody tyrant power does Peter Pan, amazing things happen. What? Elementary. This has already been in history.

This gentleman, which will be discussed, studying at the school refused to wear the pioneer ties. Together with senior comrades raised school Ukrainian flag. He is now 35 years old, a graduate of the Faculty of history of Kharkov University. Thesis devoted the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Smart, calm, educated. Before him all the power, and flatters want to get his location to yourself ... It leads to power, and lead many forces have fundamentally different from each other.

It is under control, were given to Donetsk, Poltava, Kharkov and Lugansk areas. He was the battalion commander, Azov,. It was seen as a future leader of Ukraine. He is the future leader of the Ukrainian people. It is called a white Leader. He considers himself to be Aryan and looks with disdain on the existing Ukrainian authorities. It is about the most withdrawn as a wonderful guy.

, A patriot of Ukraine, is his brainchild. This wonderful guy advocated a society built on principles of Ukrainian national greatness and social justice. A serious man with serious plans. Much can and knows it. Ideological, but not the Altruist and no fool. On the website of his organization because direct brought to stakeholders is very interesting information. No parties, Parliament, foreigners. Nation above all else. Andrey Biletsky. Remember this name.

While in Donbass.

While at the Donbass, DND and Government LNR officially announced that ... If you do not tell, do not guess. You will be very surprised, but they now do not want independence, but their soul want to reintegrate into Ukraine. Do not believe? In vain do not believe. In life and it happens, believe me on the floor. Don't be confused with reservations on conditions of reintegration, diplomatic subterfuge, no more ...

DONETSK, May 11-RIA Novosti. Donetsk national Republic agrees with the broadest autonomy without affecting its interests, but if Kiev continues to violate Minsk agreement, DND will move towards full independence, said vice speaker of the National Council of DNI Dennis Pušilin.

Type, they fought and that's enough. The Russian-speaking population have successfully protected from the Nazis and Bandera. Now you will have to restore the national economy, of course at the expense of Russia. Complete victory of Russian diplomacy led by Uncle Serëžej Laurel, under the brilliant leadership of the you-know-who ... Thank you, all free.

Are all weather in the House. And all other vanity.

What happens in Russia? Yes actually nothing much to vague time and feast during the plague, not happening. Everything is as it should be in such times. Steal. And they steal shamelessly and with panache. And if not for one fact, the Russian Government issued a b on their shoulders and it was a misunderstanding. But when is larceny with reformatting the country when power and elite rents everything you can and cannot, here to cugundera.

Recently, 12 June there was a feast. It was a day when a deafening rumble propaganda tunes tried to explain anything to the population that does not understand whether it should celebrate this day. No, purely empirical way you can understand what you want to celebrate independence day, but ... From whom and from what, that is the question. The media, receiving power from an indulgence for the right to bear the weight of good and eternal, traditionally carried the nonsense that caused anguish and boredom. Idiocy in its primitive grandeur.

Russian offshore elite, could not understand why it does not like the electorate. Naïve. The electorate is not blind and everything perfectly see. Economic interests of the elite will never let her defend national interests. Good relationships with gentlemen, this elite believes, honestly navorovannyh safety guarantee funds. I'm telling you that naïve. And good relationships and funds are not retained. To maintain political dominance within the Russian State, then this is a very controversial issue.

About love to the electorate, in his time, straightforward words of favourite liberal audience, the late e. Gaidar, though this fact try not to advertise. He said with Bolshevik bluntness and liberal honesty.

In the country go a radical transformation, with the money difficult, care of people's lives, unable to resist these changes, is natural. There is nothing in that part of the pensioners will die off, but society will become more mobile

But it is, as they say in the past. And now appears as a small, and at first it seemed like a victorious fray, which logically strategists had to time to distract the electorate from internal problems. The logic of it is of course good, but because of the complete absence of strategic planning skills, everything was very far from the plan.

So far, that ... Scary thought, but Moldova, Transnistria blocks Russian military grouping and Transnistria itself. Uncle Lyonya Brezhnev, nervously turning in his grave. And what are you thinking? With a strong State so. What? Uncle Serezha Lavrov said, that we are as strong as ever? No, it may be more visible, but the Moldovans a different opinion on the matter.

If you have the slack once, then sooner or later you gentlemen of dodavât. It is even to Grandma for advice to walk. As a result, although time has already been lost, but a national leader there is two ways. Or on a white horse leads slender columns of the electorate to do battle with the gentlemen, or ... Yes, you guessed it. Or, their supporters, by tradition from the times of e. Pugachev, have thus gentlemen. And there, the itinerary is already known. Holland, the Court, the last word ... What? It is not necessary? It is clear that it is not necessary, and what to do.

What should I do? No, not the guarantor of the Constitution and the ordinary man in the street? How that prepares to meet a vague and very difficult times. You cannot cancel them, then you should already be thinking how to get out of them each with the minimum for himself and his family. Sad perspective that unfortunately does not change.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg June 2015 year

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