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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Sanctions against Russia, or than the heart rest. Part one

Dear Friends! Some time ago, dealt with the topic of sanctions, but the conversation was more about economic component. War, albeit economic war, and always want to eat. Today, as far as the format of the article, I propose to talk not so much about these most sanctions but about why they entered.

If you take a normal Russian Everyman, then in fact it series of colour revolutions swept the world, events in Ukraine and sanctions, roughly speaking, and to put it mildly, to one, all famous places. No, your opinion, he certainly has on each issue, both internal and external policy of the State. Here, every second feels the public leader. Well, every third knows exactly what to do.

But the main task for the layman, this ... Right, find someone who is to blame for all the problems and troubles that have fallen on his native homeland. The media were manipulated by the electorate to such an extent in all the complexities of the current moment, that citizens are ready to believe anyone in a simple and understandable language the enemy, both explicit and covert.

America?! Here's the same bastards, we always suspected that Americans wish us evil. England?! They are certainly not wasted because even grandfathers said that Englishwoman likes shitting. Israel?! Here and there, they're very cunning and drank in his time in the USSR all the water. The Vatican?! QED, these churchmen long sleep and see how the Russians lose spiritual clamps.

Islamists?! And we warned that the East is a delicate matter. They are just that, immediately on his throat with a dagger and a well Communists?! except them who, eager to take revenge. They went underground and sabotage all decisions of wise leadership. Democrats?! Well, and who, if not they, deception leading the nation to a brighter future.

When the enemy is found and determined at once a sense of emotional comfort and desire more closely unite so slender rows around the Guide and the Steering force of Russian society. Around the authorities, represented by officials and merchants, in the face of the oligarchs, who know how to divert bins native fatherland.

Close ranks and philosophically to that at first glance the idiocy that winning rhythm step on Russian expanses. This is the only way to not lose the mental health, watching as ruining the entire industries and infrastructure. The truth is, that people have not lost the remainder of optimism, all this idiocy as a smokescreen over the beautiful words and terms. Optimization, structuring, depoliticization, deideologization of ...

Our interesting and vivid reality throws up other times such riddles that head is spinning. So what's really going on?! So to speak, where directed vector, which is known to be channeled somewhere, otherwise this is not vector, and shaking in the Glade.

So, what comes around, from the point of view of the ordinary man in the street living in Russia. Well, no need to be too strong in the geopolitics that wouldn't understand the obvious things. There was the collapse of the Empire. Rather, the very collapse occurred at the time of the last Russian Tsar-priests, but it so happened that the collapse never ended.

Sanctions have been imposed, the true meaning which few understand. sanctions it if you want, Yes, war war economic. Yes, war of attrition all resources. Many experts and analysts, which do not feed them bread and give talk and demonstrate their own genius and vision do not agree with this statement. They build beautiful diagrams explaining nothing not already understand population, what was needed to be done to avoid imposing sanctions. Explain the explain but don't tell the principal. In my opinion, in order not to fall under these sanctions, it was necessary to dismember the Russian State and to bow to bow before a true gentlemen.

Everything bad, everything was gone! Dictatorship is coming, and breathe the citizens is becoming harder and harder. Imperial nature of the State, of course, went nowhere. But where her disappear, if the process of dissolution of the Empire continues. But serious talk about the dominance of the dictatorship for the average man in the street, in my opinion, the top fraud and decorations. The Patriots love to reminisce about the good old days, when the Soviet patriotism replaced a nationalism and orthodoxy in one bottle. With trembling voice they remember a time when the whole world was afraid of the USSR. You may not believe it, but with the same trepidation in his voice they now state that no one in the world Russia does not like ...

You can of course disagree, but all questions abut the money! Yes, that's right, and not the other way around. Money gives power, and then power itself gives the possibility to increase the back-breaking labour accumulated capital. Money cycle in nature, but in relation to Russian realities, this cycle with short cycle. Nobody wants to wait! Only here and now! Snatch and there though grass does not grow. But along with this, a great desire to live in comfort and cosiness, although sometimes this good desire is in contradiction with the harsh reality.

If anyone thinks that the sanctions it is a temporary measure, I assure you, this man is deeply mistaken. No, it's seriously and for a long time. Moreover, in my opinion, most of these sanctions would be imposed in any case. Lost key. Compliments. Large-scale theft is very difficult to reconcile with respect. Even more so when everything stolen exported to save those who are hoping to get yourself an attitude ... Want respect, be strong, and not Banana Republic with hitrožopoj, sorry for the rude word power and elite.

Much to the chagrin of the Patriots, and the greater joy of Liberals, it must be said that Russia had already ceased to be afraid of, but respect has not started. Old nuclear deterrent, on foreign ... How would it say well let be as Russian national leader calls them, partners. So, this deterrent to foreign partners are no longer valid. They simply do not understand until the end what it is actually. Yes and how to believe in this most potential if ... Where is the market for power and the elite?! Where they store their savings? Where families and children? Where prefer and correct the shattered health?! Here's what the f! And who will be in good mind bomb these hallowed edges?! Right, none! True gentlemen this fact perfectly calculated and take into account in its relations with Russia.

Believe me, even if it were not for the history of the Crimea, there is nothing for the most part with pressure on Russia has not changed. As they pressed, and continued to squeeze. Fantasy gentlemen have lush and the soil in the Russian political field allows you to gestate and perfomansam systems such that it is hard to imagine. Domestic elite in proletarian association with patriotic intellectuals are experiencing such personal distaste for bloody regime that even they cannot eat.

And waiting for a revolution with every fiber of his soul, they in the absence of minimum knowledge forget important things. When this kind of historical processes, as shown by the entire world experience on the surface quite a certain substance emerges. The one in which our grandparents sought good harvests in the country and in the garden. But it is clear the use of the substance for its intended purpose. In our case it destroy so eager revolutions elite and joined the creative class to it.

So, what do we have?! And we have a situation where the allocation of funds for the next improvement, rescue, modernization, nothing in fact will not change. In the best case will reach paltry means and at worst nothing comes. But who would not say that, there is still potential for development. But not because of competent governance, and because the State is very large. So much so, that having immense talent, power and the elite have failed to master everything. And there is such a concept that can be applied to Russian realities. The inertia of the system, which, well, very unwieldy.

Creative managers, this is certainly the vanguard of liberal economics, but ... Not so bad as we talk. Still have any old-school specialists who know how and what to do. There is still disciples, luminaries of the old school who still want something useful to do, and most importantly they have brains in the skull.

The population, which the Liberals with great love called "Brutes", for some strange reason and despite all the efforts, demonstrates an adequate level of education. The truth is the number of educated people, in steady decline due to natural causes. And this is the most educated population, demonstrates a complete lack of confidence in the Government and elite. No, if you want to, it certainly confirms that this is the population and there is power but ...

Is there a Russian Everyman insight from the fact that there is a need to do something to rectify the situation? Certainly, there are! But there is one little flourish, which negates the most understanding. So, this flourish is none other than a complete lack of ability to implement all of this in practice. No, if you listen to, you can experience a sense of cognitive dissonance. How, with such a large number of knowledgeable and able people, we all still remain in deep ... Well, you realize where we will stay.

Above, I already talked about inertia. So, precisely because of the inertia of the State ship still afloat. Contrary to common sense and logic. But ... Some loot, as long as there is the possibility remained that the loot. Others dream of becoming a local coalition, some part of the total area and proclaim a new mini-state. And the remaining, continue to improve, modernize has reluctantly working state mechanism to the best of my ability and talent.

Now you can put an uncomfortable question for its simplicity. That causes more damage, sanctions or ourselves?! What is more dangerous, cunning and treacherous enemy or helpful fool who can prošibit′ a wall with your head?! A rhetorical question.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg June 2015 year

To be continued

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