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С 29.11.09

Our life


 Волюнтаризм. Or in my house I shall ask to not be expressed. Discussions and dialogue in a network.

To write on this theme clause was going to for a long time, yes only hands did not reach. Visiting(attending) various resources, has noticed one law. We is accomplished we are not able to communicate and to argue. And and about it those shout most  who tries in it to accuse others. A usual picture. The obviously provocative post is spread. Though the author of a post, certainly, asserts(approves), that it is very interesting to him simply to learn(find out) opinion of other people. Well, that from him(it) to take, he simply curious very much.

Further, more. The discussion begins. And at discussion of a theme, the author of a post is developed(unwrapped) in all power of the ingenious talent. Wants, will besiege(halt) clever and витиеватыми by phrases of the opponent. Wants, возьмёт and will agree with it(him). Main to show, with what he clever. And it is considered as normal conducting conversation. But it is necessary, whom be to proceed(pass) to the person, then вс ё. The end of light. It is possible beautifully to talk about ущербности of the opponent. About it(him) недалёкости …. To be indignant, that fact, as it is bad we ещ ё are trained to art of dialogue. And again we on коне. Such white and fluffy.

, how the themes are selected, we shall talk hardly later, for now I want to touch other party of posts. When them read, and it would be desirable to shout to the authors. The sirs, попроще it is necessary to be. Попроще. Well not nevertheless of Harward ended. For whom write? Taking into account that high syllable, for very small quantity(amount) of the readers, which even can understand sense. I can, certainly, I am mistaken, but the sense what as is possible up to a lot of the people to finish the ideas. And and in the clear form.

I do not call скатиться to complete упрощенности. No. But there is also limit in demonstration of the intelligence and huge knowledge saved by excessive work. But on closer examination, which appear by sketchy slices. You see as my liked professor Смирнов, any spoke, I emphasize, it is possible to explain any most complex(difficult) thing or a problem on fingers. Simply and clearly. And that who it can not do(make), that or itself up to the end does not understand a question, or does not respect the interlocutor, which by virtue of the different reasons, can not understand such depth think.

Present, that I shall talk about life to the usual mechanic. Yes the representatives of this trade will excuse me. We speak about life ours. About crisis. Well, who will name me as the normal man, if I shall begin to him to explain the theory Кондратьева. Is guilty. Was not kept itself what to show, that I know not only table of multiplication. Will come to pass to language to clear my interlocutor. To tell and to explain him complex(difficult) things by simple and human language.

Already I hear clever ideas. So to me to such clever and erudite to be arranged under each interlocutor, which does not understand all depth of my clever statements? In such cases, my liked professor spoke one very clever thing. What for to be arranged. It is not necessary. Simply speak with the man on clear him language. Not кичитесь by the knowledge. Believe, they not so and under the large bill are huge. Do not flatter itself. No, if there is a task to try to humiliate the interlocutor, then certainly. Show him, as far as you are clever and эрудированны. And as far as he is fine and is insignificant, in comparison with you.

But here there is small such and mean for you, danger. At all apparent simplicity, the interlocutor can appear the very clever and competent man. Much more cleverly you. Simply he does not admire itself(himself), such clever, and has the very necessary quality, such as modesty and feeling of a step. Represent, what will be impact on your vanity. It is necessary to you. You see it is very painful(unhealthy) impact.

I recollect one small episode from life. Present a picture. I sit in dirty, crumpled, places изодранной to clothes. Add ещ ё, that the smell from this attire environmental atmosphere, is obvious not озонировал. I sit and I smoke. I think about. I look on the parties. In pair meters from me two men stop. Such at school named ботаниками. The religions argue the literature. Probably female theme them does not interest. It I on itself сужу. And вс ё anything, but they have mentioned me. By the clever word. The essence of the statement was reduced that about what it is possible to speak, if there are such as I, which do not know Пушкина and Достоевского.

It was necessary to answer to them, that besides the listed writers, is familiar with creativity Thick, Фейхтвангера, Золя. That mine liked the book - Jew Зюс. And to the shame I know, what miracle from created Господом by ours, was first. Represent a picture. No, you do not represent. And expression on their persons, обезображенных by presence of intelligence. Probably, if покойник has risen, they would be surprised less. Such to hear from бомжа. It was something.

And now it would be desirable to say some words,, how the themes for posts are selected. I understand, that it would be desirable more more visitors and comments. But at the expense of that. The non-risk variant, is national subjects. Where there is an opportunity раззадорить of the people, and itself from the party to observe of discussion. It is called, we above fight. So, it turns out to not write of posts on such ticklish themes? What for so. I it did not speak. Write. But only if feel, that are capable to make it in the form, which will not restrain anybody. In any other case, it is provocation. By that, it is a lot of different and interesting. Is from what to choose.

Present, that someone very painfully perceives criticism, and any mention of a bald head. So it has turned out, that the man does not have vegetation on a head. And you from good promptings begin with it(him) conversation on this theme. A word, for a word. The people are tightened. And it is imperceptible, your conversation leaves for frameworks of decency. And you accuse of the conclusion ещ ё also this bald man, in all mortal sins. You have provoked, and he is guilty. But if to understand, you you see nobody authorized to lift this theme. Write on other themes. No. You inquisitive very much. вс ё it is interesting.

On today I think, that вс ё. And next time, I shall try to mention ещ ё one very interesting question. The very persistent, clever, basic commentators whence undertake. Which can also not normative lexicon to use and нахамить. And to withdraw discussion absolutely in other party. They on my supervision occur, as draw from a snuffbox. I do not believe in such accidents. Harmful, from that also I do not believe.

And вс ё, that would be desirable to say.
The author will be grateful for your comments.
I do not say goodbye. Take care. Before meetings.
The author Gorg. May. 2010.

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