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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


   Explosions. Explosions. Explosions. Imagination on the given theme.

  I do not like authority. Any authority. White, red, yellow, green … I not malicious. And not I began first. I do not like authority, because the authority does not like me. Does not like mine native, close. She does not like and other citizens. Not for this purpose she exists what to like the citizens. We are born, only what during all life to do(make) вс ё possible(probable), for е ё of prosperity. I do not like, for everyday ложь. Recently wrote, how in сво ё time, the authority destroyed the whole peoples through the seismic weapon. Interestingly that about that time I judged not under the stories of the eyewitnesses, though and on them too. No. The information passed on television channels, radio, newspapers. I simply have taken and has generalized. As is spoken, has caught on discrepancies. A lot of time has passed since then. Think, something has changed? No. Anything. After murder of the people in the Moscow underground, has decided(solved) to make a small pause. What emotions улеглись. Wrote gradually. On the future. Small such cycle turns out. Did not think it(him) to spread in a near future. But, probably, will come. And that is why.

 Recently, as all of us have informed, has sufferred accident the plane, onboard which there was all Polish elite. Well, or nearly so all. And ещ ё a question, why not all. But it I shall leave on the future. The first idea, which has come at once. As could a service of safety admit(allow), that in one plane so much officials would fly together. Any expert will say, what is it beginnings of safety. To speak about nonsense of the Polish special services, I consider(count) inappropriate. In these organizations of fools it does not happen. It not a negligence. At all miscalculation. This real official crime. And and collective. Casual? I think not casual.

 It was very interesting to look and to listen, that the representatives of the top echelons of authority spoke. To noise and versions was very much. The experts were found. Drew the circuits. Resulted words of the eyewitnesses. To a mountain on the persons of a maximum management(manual). But ….
Most important was another. The authority has achieved the purpose. If to leave on a street and to ask the people. Why has sufferred wreck the plane with the Polish elite? That almost everyone will say, that the president of this country, has appeared very obstinate. It was impossible to have a seat in such weather, and he with persistence forced the pilot to do(make) attempts to sit. And such attempts there were three. Under other versions four. The president is guilty. And вс ё.

And one of these days I look news. Quickly. It is possible to say, that as though, by the way, us have informed, that there was only one attempt. And the plane was broke. The engines were in the order. Вс ё it is normal. The plane was hooked for obstacles and has fallen. That to believe? You believe, what the management(manual) of the country did not know about quantity(amount) of attempts? Knew. Then what for all this performance. Would say at once. At call on landing(planting) has sufferred wreck the plane ….

Because of specificity of filling of a site by clauses I shall spread on one imagination. One will say delirium. But if though one man will reflect, I shall consider(count), that wrote not зря.
And last. I remember in childhood, when someone died to spend it(him) in last way came all. All. The friends. Enemies. Yes, and the enemies came. The man already no. Вс ё departed on the second plan. Another's burning it does not happen. To a mountain, it always to mountain.

Explosions, explosions, explosions. That was. That is. That will be. A part first.

That was.

  And there were explosions, at which гибли the people. The usual people. The people, which simply lived. I do not understand the formulation such, when speak, that the people were lost. No, were not lost. The people simply have killed. It is a basic difference. The another's trouble and another's burning does not happen. And when begin to build the versions, to me becomes not on itself. For killed any more so essentially, who the murderer. And for living, who is vitally necessary to know, murderer. In this clause I would like, to remind of one very much I has said sign event. No, the people have not suffered. It is possible to say, that them very much was lucky(carried). The speech goes about attempt of explosion of a house in Ryazan, it under one version. On another, it there were usual doctrines. I try to approach(suit) to such questions very accurately. I try, but not always it turns out.

 So, I sit in front of the TV. The program of news. Me, as well as other telespectators inform the following. In Ryazan the next terrorist certificate(act) is prevented. By forces local УФСБ and УВД пресечена attempt to blow up an apartment house. The bags with гексагеном, explosive device are found. The local experts вс ё have checked up. The doubts no. Prepared having undermined apartment houses. It is good, that well comes to an end. A little that, is detained the executors. All services have worked precisely and слажено. That agree, it happens seldom. But here that fact has played a role, that the ambassador turns of explosions on the country, all services worked in the amplified(strengthened) mode, and the vigilance of the population ещ ё has not left on no. Interesting began then. In couple of days, I again look news on the TV. And me inform, that appears, in Ryazan the doctrines ФСБ were spent, which purpose was to check up, how will work special services on places. That to believe? To the first application or second, which has sounded not at once. At me, as at the man, which вс ё-таки, we shall say softly, is familiar with such things, the doubts have appeared.

  Local authorities and the management(manual) УФСБ and УВД nothing knew about the spent doctrines. Well. Then especially, they worked how and it is necessary to work in such situation. Evacuated the tenants, have examined the explosive device, have found the executors. The authority, on behalf of Патрушева, has declared, that the doctrines were spent. And instead of гексагена, the usual sugar was used. Then, on logic of things, it is necessary to disperse all local службистов. To lift such panic, to lead(carry out) evacuation of the tenants, to lead(carry out) examination of bags with an explosive ….

The professionals, also could not distinguish гексаген from sugar. A shame. But then there is other question, why was not informed, what is it doctrines, even at once after победных реляций Ryazan силовиков. That waited for? If who is familiar with the order of realization of the doctrines, that knows, that the plan is made. The observers are nominated responsible(crucial). The purpose of the doctrines is underlined. That is вс ё undersigns thoroughly. And especially about realization of such doctrines the chief local УФСБ is informed.

I admit, that have decided(solved) to make вс ё всерьёз what to exclude outflow of the information. Well. But why then, at once, after their end to not say to the people, what is it there were doctrines. To me is thought, that local силовики simply have rescued the peace inhabitants. So it has turned out. So it turns out wanted to blow up an apartment house? It turns out, that so. But what for? And about it we shall talk in the following parts. In the conclusion I shall bring of small endurance from news of that time.

….. In the morning of September 23 of news agencies of Russia have passed sensational news that " in Ryazan is prevented теракт ". The television channels have begun from 8 o'clock in the morning to pass details about сорвавшемся evil deed: " According to the employees of law-enforcement bodies Ryazan УВД, the white crystal substance which is taking place in bags, is гексогеном ", have passed all body and broadcasting programs of Russia.

… … the Governor of area In. Н. Любимов has declared September 24 in interview in a direct ether: " even I did not know About this doctrine ". The chapter of administration of Ryazan Маматов was frankly angry: " Of us have made the experimental rabbits. Have checked up Ryazan " on вшивость ". I not against the doctrines - itself served in army, accepted in them participation, but similar never saw ".

….. The chief Ryazan УФСБ the general - майор And. In. Сергеев at first has informed in interview of local telestudio "Ока", that he does not know about spent "doctrines". And only later on a question of the journalists, whether he has any official document confirming, realization in Ryazan of the doctrines, through the press-secretary has answered, that the proof of the doctrines for him(it) is the television interview of the director ФСБ Патрушева. 

… … the Text of the application Ryazan УФСБ completely:

" As it became known, the bookmark of the simulator, found out 22.09.99, of the explosive device was by a part of the spent interregional doctrine. The message on it became for us unexpectedness and has followed at that moment, when the Management ФСБ revealed places of residing in city of Ryazan involved in a bookmark of the explosive device of the persons and their detention prepared. It became possible(probable) due to vigilance and help of many city dwellers of Ryazan, interaction with law-enforcement bodies, professionalism of our employees. We thank everyone, who promoted us in this job. We also shall use the best efforts henceforth to ensure(supply) safety рязанцев ".

Very remarkable endurance. I do not want to result the references. Type(collect) in поисковике about events in Ryazan, pair of key words about explosions. Switch on logic. Also think.
And вс ё, that would be desirable to say in the first part.
The author will be grateful for your comment.
I do not say goodbye. Before meetings. Take care.
The author Gorg. Апрель.2010.

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