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С 29.11.09

Our life


Victory Day. Culture, intellectuals, managers and joined us all Sir-a comrade Nikita Mihalkov.

Dear Friends! Here's where you can talk about culture, intellectuals and managers about the war, as after the victory day? Here I am talking about it. Only after the holiday.

No, well, anything you like. If so many years to do lethal injections into the brain. What injections are we talking about?! Well, composition is known in principle. This and galustjany, galkiny, Petrosyan, alkyne, fil'kiny ... And if you add a couple of capsules solov'jovki and kurginjanki ... The complex composition, almost unique. And no, for the most part No.

Recently, solemnly, though draped last refuge Volodya Ulyanov was victory day. However, as now seems refuge is not the last one. Gentlemen are too worried about the fact that the body is not buried Ulyanova. It basically is a main concern. So, if in fact, in the State of everything is good, the only thing left that's body to give zemlice and everything will be just fine. This is very important.

And now, a few words about the war. Who was the Chief chronicler of those fiery days and nights? No, not a party, namely, the chronicler! Correct. Nikita Mikhalkov light our. Here it is, everything he knows about war. And filmed for budget money, i.e. folk, their masterpieces on the war. Shot, but people with persistence worthy of the best application, voted with their feet and ruble. Well, that is purposefully did not want to go to the cinemas in these masterpieces. Paradox.

Seemingly, the cast at the highest level. That was, all the best and titled. Come and admire the game actors. You can even plot do not understand, if laziness. Simply porazhajsja own knowledge, recognizing actors by name. No, never a spectator. A complete failure. So much money spent and managed to recapture a measly penny ... Can cause in the personality of the Director-actor-creator?! Oh no, not he only one. Such a great variety. What?! Well, right, stupid question.

But if you must, I say of course. This is definitely a talented artisan can be attributed to many epithets. Because of his dislike for the usual lack of issued for genius. Dislike for rudeness and lizobljudstvo before power. No love for barstvo, aristocratic and greed. For nepotism and embezzlement is not love. I won't enumerate further, everything so understandable.

And here's this with permission say genius, made films about the war. And we have every second loves to watch movies about war and about the war. And maybe not every second, and every first! And what?! And nothing. Not people in droves to viewings of masterpieces. Did not, despite the unprecedented publicity. And wherever you are and where you can't. Arisen fears that visiting the toilet, run the risk of seeing how mentor and appears from the toilet bowl invites you to view the masterpiece.

It's possible. I say that perhaps some smart people say that the reason is that n. Mihalkov withdrew deceitful movie about the war and everything associated with it. There are, there are many professionals who will find the so-called bloopers in these cinematic masterpieces, but ... As for my opinion, so it is this time Maitre jumped above the head, and showed ... the truth. Let a timid, but he showed. Now tell. So, hand on your heart. You love when you are telling the truth?! Here people do not like.

Here people didn't bother to look at ourselves. If he showed it, the people, the hero, the ... Yes, then notices and a shortage of tickets. And, sorry, see for yourself. Because the flight was shown, panic and collapse everything. Shows the General was the way it was actually with the drunk samodurstvom. Type, Baba has soldiers; ... It's important.

It is clear that now no longer those times when many of us have switched tv channels using pliers. Yes, it was time. However, the feeling of strangeness of victory day celebrations is the place to be. No, it is clear that the former Prosecutor of Crimea, Mrs. Poklonskaya became adores former Tsar Nicholas II. Apparently this is a weighty reason to bear his portrait in the framework of the campaign, the Regiment, the immortal. If you celebrate victory day, to celebrate. And organize the compilation as suppliers processions with portraits of grandparents.

Think so. They fought. And those who carry their portraits, alas, sorry prosr ... whether what they fought. Moreover, do not give estimates of our dark past. Why?! Just might be that our light present, dark past will be a bright spotlight. Not to be confused with, Searchlight, adjustment. Was this during the reign of Michael, which was marked. So here. And the last Russian Emperor and Michael, which was marked. Yes. It's twins-brothers. In both, the State fell apart.

Admit that segment of the population might be tempted to pass along the main street of the city with a portrait of his grandfather, who fought. So say we remember and mourn. To health! But what victory day here?! Want poskorbit'? Is the first day of the war. Sad date. Without a doubt. But all this talk in the void. Well, like the heirs of the glorious victories of our grandfathers, go for the movement. 'M overreacting, but earlier, in Soviet times, so went to parades, holding a flag with the portrait of Communist leaders. Everything new is well forgotten old. It's important.

By the way, our, like trying to assure all honoured Nicholas II and his canonization. Brilliant scam! So here. Even in the distant year of 1996, now Metropolitan Yuvenaly of Krutitsky and Kolomna, and that if anyone does not know at the time the head of the Synodal canonization Commission, openly stated that ... The Commission does not see sufficient grounds for canonization of Nicholas II. Many latent monarchists, with tenacity worthy of the best use they say that Ivan kuchin car-batyushka was canonized in the year 1981 by the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (RPZC).

So who is arguing? Yes, was canonized. But ... Not as a sufferer, and as a symbol of the political system, as standard or if it will be more appropriate as a banner. No more. Many do not want to see the obvious. It would seem, read the righteous pray to him can be even without the canonicalization. But policy said his say, and the process was gaining momentum.

Dyadya borya, well the one who loved to work with documents, very much wanted to be rehabilitated for his act. Been forgotten friendship of the King-priest with Rasputin, refusal to restore patriarchy, mediocre policies, disclaimer ... All this led to the collapse of the State. And whereas here the last King's death and the Orthodox canvas?!

Purely political murder for purely political considerations. However, the joy and pride of the Patriots-monarchists in the year 2000, our martyr was canonized. Although that we on the monarchy and the monarchs. We have won, "has already grown. And that than not King?! King! Any King! It's important.

Dozvol'te now, a few words about books and libraries. It is, after all, how?! If the Government believes that don't need the library, then in theory you don't need and books. Well, this is already in our time an anachronism and belching the Ancien regime. Type is the World Wide Web, where everything can be found at any time of the day or night. A paper version will leave home libraries and collectors still remaining somewhere district libraries. At one time, in the last century, books were burned at the stake. In our time, they get a few strokes of the pen. Economic expediency above all else. Traders and managers rule to all and sundry. This is extremely important.

If you defer the time studying slide rule ... The impression is that these creative guys really interfere in their daily work, one fact. Well, as fact. So, faktik. It is very difficult because we have a very large State. The whole infrastructure is great. Difficult to manage. And in order to facilitate the process of governance.

Correct!!! Merge only what is possible and what is most interesting, all don'ts. Merging divisions, sections, distances of train paths. Next comes the merger of districts, municipalities, ministries, departments, committees ... Moreover, the number of officials is becoming more and more. And the number of managers, generally defies calculation.

Here Let's say well remember Mr Shvydkoi, will remain in our memory as ... Difficult to find the word. Well, the dude who destroyed the Bolshoi Theatre. Yes. Exactly so. And most disgusting that such a glory he and his guys are not scared. Furthermore, they seek to it. Paradoxically, it likes, Science Citation Index, interviews in the press, notoriety. And it's very important for them.

Residents of the Russian capital can correct me, but nonetheless. The aforementioned Bolshoi Theatre, MOSCOW. This is the place on the cultural map of the capital, in which walking is no longer worth it. And the number of such seats is multiplied. Since effective managers increases exponentially. And how many cases they will not do?! Because the shabbiness and Primitivism is issued for genius. Performance and installation in one vial without doubt will attract these cultural oases, crowds of Gopnik from culture. And what is to come was hip, the benefit of Wi-Fi is. And if and night come was hip! It's important.

It is because it used to be?! No, it is clear that paradise now is no longer the same, and if you honestly say snakes-tempters, certainly melkovaty steel, but ... People went to the Hermitage is valid, what would touch, stand up, understand, or at least try to understand. Everything. Came. Further train does not go, please release railcars. There will be no more sublime atmosphere, understands the spectator and visitor, whispering in the halls. New times, new manners.

Oh, and why do we mirror that flatters not?! Back from spiritual see that ... As we all solemnly promisedthe planes Russia may 9 OLG dispersed clouds. The money allocated. The planes are made with special reagents. Watch out for bad weather! And that's right., and Parade about inside the parade should take place. And how else! But ... For the first time since 1945 onwards, part of the parade was canceled. The reason?! No, not saboteurs, not lack of money. you may laugh, but the reason is ... because of adverse weather conditions in Moscow region decided to abolish the involvement of aviation in the victory parade in red square,- reported. What? And where positive news?! They are! Please!

Positive news! It is always encouraging. It turns out that for the first half of the year 2017, members of the Board, Rosneft, received bonus payments. Well, the guys paid the award type. It happens. For the good work. This amount is the most premium amounted to 1.5 billion rubles. Yes. Mentally and beautiful. Importantly there is work to do. So here. The amount of the premium, almost a hundred times more than in the first quarter of last year. Well done. It's important.

Against this background, we cannot fail to be slight concern about approval of the project to introduce grocery cards for low-income residents of Russia. Yes, this project approved by the Ministry of finance and Ministry of economic development. Try. It is laudable. Why we are talking about lightweight anxiety? Elementary. These cards are designed for those who cannot afford to buy fresh meat, fish and vegetables. Blatant misconduct! And if you join the ranks of vegetarians? So say to stand in the ranks of those, well, those who feel sorry for the innocent victims ... I am glad to see that the most cards, you will not be able to buy alcohol and tobacco. It does not care about the health of the citizens. Well done.

The elusive Lyosha Kudrin, this ingenious Economist of our time, recently recommended that the retirement age for men to sixty-five years. Hats off. Good job. Well at least until the BirthDate of the women. It is clear that all this is taking care of us poor and squalid. And everything would be nothing if not for one fact. Well, as fact. So, faktik. Statistics, she knows almost everything.

So, this most statistics confirm that the average life expectancy for men in our native state until the pain is about sixty-six years. Well, or even for a couple of years more. There is a reasonable question. From the category of very harmful issues. That's why all my life the State picks up the money in the Pension Fund if the person only after becoming a pensioner, a year later, another is sent to another world. This is extremely important.

Here on this positive note and want to conclude our conversation. That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg May the year 2017


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