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С 29.11.09

Our life


Who beat save Russia?! In the sixth round, or who drank all the water ...

Dear Friends! Today, the talk will be about the numerous negodjajah, heretics and lzheuchiteljah, and of course lzheprorokah. They are legion. And they always know everything. They are always ahead of the rest in terms of happy all or almost all of humanity.

Remember how in childhood already lived their lives saying saying. Type Bay Jews-save Russia. And this promise to the masses was apparently a little and then appeared convincing to some, an explanation of the lack of water tap. People popular so explained, who drank the most water. Since then, much water has flowed under the bridge, apparently yet-undrunk and ... It is sad to note that despite the apparent targeting of recruitment and not less obvious hint in terms of the development of the famous labor Chernyshevsky, Russia rescue failed. Yes, the water in the taps has there, but ... Not yet evening. It's important.

That's how I always heard that there are good people and there are bad people. No, really. Type everything good in the world comes from good people and bad people comes from bad, respectively. And this is not discussed. Everything, as would be obvious ... And how do I remove everything bad from our earthly world?! Correct!!! Remove all the bad people! Well, of course! The truth then there really even philosophical question. Was here at one time,philosophical steamship, and here the usual philosophical question arose. What?! Elementary! And how to distinguish the good people from the bad people?! One more question!

Don't know the answer? Well good!!! Well, I'll tell you. To the list of good people, and it's not even discussed, can and should be attributed primarily to yourself. Don't be shy. Then, and it's just not being discussed, to good people can and should include your family and friends. And it could not be otherwise! Oh and ... Yes, be sure to add to this list, clergy, merchants and officials. Where without them. Where do without these latent Patriots ... It's important.

Well, that's all! Everyone else, or rather all who are left out of the list, it's certainly bad people. Here's the truth, it is necessary to make temporary and geographic adjustments. For example, in the beginning of the last century, when was overthrown by his former Prosecutor of Crimea, Tsar-father, then bad people were certainly bourgeois. Well, those who wanted to spite the world fire inflate. Then, at the end of the last century, bad people were Communists, from whom all evil on the planet.

A what?! The middle of the last century missed? Yes not missed, just sad it was, this mean. For Uncle Adolf, well that was the leader of the Third Reich, the bad people were Jews. Now, let's say bad people are certainly kaznokrady to Russia. At the international level, it is certainly the terrorists. Now solved, or has almost dared question whom to nominate and appoint embezzlers of State property by terrorists. Well, that would draw up a list. It's important.

And that's when the list was compiled and bad people are marked ... Yes, right, begins the destruction of these bad people in order to then destroy them heal well and happily ... A what?! Of course, bad people necessarily destroy. Of course destroy, but ... Paradoxically, the life is not improving. Moreover, life is as would be worse than it was before. People are beginning to worry. People really want to know why it happened. Where was a mistake and failure?! And most importantly, who is to blame.

At this intermediate stage of universal movement towards a brighter future, policies that appear all explained and laid out on the shelves. Type, citizens! Don't worry!!! Sure go! Bad live, so it's not all bad people destroyed! Ill try. Stayed still among us poor people. Here you must put aside doubts away. Discard and doubling, tripling its efforts to continue to destroy the bad people and their sympathizers. It's important.

The fight continues and ... Correct!!! Resentment grows, life is not improving. Questions are accumulating, and happiness is not everything. And then ... Correct!!! Then the politicians who appear with genuine sincerity reported vozmushhjonnoj weight that ... Yes, we tried! Yes, some were the best in this difficult case so to speak the first disciples, but occurred little misunderstanding. Yes, all! Here is a list, if anyone doubts and does not believe in the word. But not those whom you had to destroy! The perpetrators of this criminal error must immediately destroy, so that other things were wrong. A what?! Already punished and destroyed?! Promptly! Well done!

What's next?! And nothing new. All around the circle. Until when?! And who knows. Or the good people will stay critically low or until the gray matter starts to perform its primary function. Here one often hears that uncle Joseph disliked the corrupter. Type, it partially destroyed and if doubt of guilt, then sent to the construction of socialism. Maybe it is, but ... Given the enormous scope of construction best and bright life, come to the conclusion that ... The whole country has been corrupted?! No, of course not! Hence, it turns out that destroyed and sent to the construction of socialism again, traditionally, not those. But as everything nicely began ... This is very important.

Some here do not understand. Does the idea of deleting bad people deeply take root?! The more incomprehensible people faith in what power sleeps and sees how would make people's lives better and happier. That's believe everything here. And do not understand that the preconditions for this is not, and never will. There is no free press. There is no opposition, and in fact has never been. Well let us not we are in good health, consider the opposition masters-mates Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky. Or maybe a birthdate of Bulk great oppositionist?! Don't tell them, iskanders,! They are the same opposition as yours truly is a pilot-astronaut.

I've always found it interesting to observe the average resident. Dreamer, to say the least. That's why he took that power even when asleep, thinking about how to improve the lives of the inhabitants. Here's a no-she has other concerns! The main thing is the welfare of the people and the building of a happy future for him! Well, if there remains time, then ... Well, a couple of hours to be different there, kurshaveli, spend. No more. But it is rare. Mostly worked tirelessly ...

Don't believe me?! In vain do not believe! Vaughn, see Uncle Serezha Sobyanin what movement started in the Russian capital. Good job!!! They are there all-well done! Type, pick up the Muscovites old five-story building, and instead give them modern housing. That's where human beings! And all would be nothing, but many believe that it is really caring about the inhabitants of the capital. Here are five roadway, unhappy residents in new high-rise buildings, and the old place built playgrounds, parks, pools, trees ... Yes, trees required. The benefit of experience with planting trees already have ... And then comes the blessed life. About this life very colorfully Serezha's uncle says. This is very important.

Power before everything proschityvala, that's not built fortune on Moscow space. And now all been decided that you're ready to start. Smart. Although ... No, berate his uncle Serjozhu Sobyanin will not. Call it a different offensive words won't. It makes no sense. Just retivogo the official stop nobody. There is an adage about a fool which forced to pray. And if their is a lot of these fools who were forced to pray. They understand perfectly well that, outdated, compared with hrushhjovki in Moscow. Yes, compared with housing in which lives the bulk of expensive Russians, it's just the King's Chamber.

Then what started this whole fuss?! Is Elementary! Explain. Ordinary, average people live where land is very expensive. Well, so evolved. it is understandable that'm overreacting, but nevertheless there was a need to make a castling Move lest alone. build elite housing in the capital for others. All are equal, but some are more a rest, it is smokescreen. What?! If there are dissenting?! And the National Guard?! And if you have any questions from residents of the capital then, as Mr sands soothe the Metropolitan Mayor's Office ready to clarify everything and ensure that citizens ' rights are not violated. This is extremely important.

Caring about people, or caring for some categories of citizens, prevents relax many clever and honest officials. You will not be surprised to know that the Deputy Chairman of Government Nikolay Gubenko, former Soviet actor invited ... Yes, this is what he suggested. Enter in the Russian capital the tax on childlessness for affluent citizens. Brilliant! It turns out, and Mr-comrade Gubenko is noticed in the Russian capital a lot of wealthy people who have no children. And type is not obednejut, if you will pay another tax. What would become of them. Are to blame. It was necessary to think about procreation, not create the initial capital.

And very many people think, and some Holy believe that any initiative by the authorities aimed at improving the living standards of the population. Blessed is he who believes. Power type never deceives, and is telling the truth and only the truth. Alcoholics, by the way, well, they, at least, so consider too speak only the truth. Drug addicts, no truer on the planet. Political analysts, they never lie. And policies, it is beyond reasonable. More honest people, not nature. It's important.

And all these, without doubt most honest people get, well it's in my opinion of course. Correctly, to Aida. And will meet them tonight, which instead of hair balls of snakes. Scary?! But imagine how it will be scary! Rumor has it that there reigns a longstanding affliction. And yet, if there's no lie, visited there in the tombs uncovered, both ovens lie heretics and false teachers, together with the false prophets. Just kidding. Visited there and returning, probably not, though ... And where then we know what's there and how. Dialectic, zabodaj her Komar and all his relatives.

And yet, so to say farewell. Lord Patriots and companions, acceding to them. Do not touch the Jews! Don't hit them! There are traditional, time-tested omen. As soon as you start to beat Jews, then soon comes cugunder and scribe in one bottle in the State. Jews go, and then begin to beat the Uzbeks, Tajiks, Georgians, Armenians ... Yes, forgot about the most important thing to say. And this too proved an omen. If you beat the Uzbeks, Tajiks, Georgians, Armenians ... Russia is not saved, how many did not try. It's important.

And yet, everything is good. People happy! I will say more, this is if we do not lie. Number of happy Russians increases, despite a difficult international environment. Don't believe me?! In vain do not believe. According to the all-Russia Center for the study of public opinion (VTSIOM) happy yourself believe 85 percent of Russians. Really, a little bit and everyone will be happy?!

Of course there will be. Even in the distant year of 2014, FSIN, a State within a State, and if anyone does not know the Federal service of execution of punishments intended to bring happiness to a barmanwho traditionally sit nizachto. Well, it happens. How to make happy?! Elementary. Make use of work the concluded a lucrative business. Just sit the barman as manpower businesses. And that, not for the sake of greed. A what?! What about you, what is slavery. This voluntary work. As they say evil tongues, the State Corporation, Rustech, first in Russia, signed a contract on the lease of prisoners. Yes, that's right. It is extremely important to understand, not to say spiteful things.

Someone may say that this is a problem of oligarchs and prisoners. It's possible. Although, I have to tell you, that all this pampering. The problem is within us. It is clear, and it's not even discussed, the State considers the general population for silent cattle. There is a reason, that's considered. But most importantly and importantly, quite another. We are all, in their majority, have ceased to assume each other's people, with all their ... And what wonder. We live in interesting times, when Gopnik and kaznokrady become politicians, and politicians are becoming punks and embezzlers of State property.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg May the year 2017


Site Card Alexander (Sandro) Djordjadze


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