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С 29.11.09

Our life


Vaccination against tolerance. From kaznokradov to latent Patriots ...

Dear Friends! That's the moment when you can, with a certain degree of certainty say that ... At the end of March, so to speak, with the onset of warm days, all, or almost all, concerned citizens poured out onto the streets of Russian cities. Well, as a rash on the body starts to pour. At first its a bit and then ... And in our case. Concerned citizens, school age turned out to be not so much, but. Not in vain because they say evil and misfortune-the beginning. And yet, dad and mom worked, little went to the rally. This is very important.

And the trouble is really dashing and very many nedoocenjonnaja. The rallies, which took place on 26 March, in and of themselves were very fresh. This is if you use a culinary terminology. Then why? Why was giving start? In fact, well honestly, ... Reason no. The word is. Them all, there at the top, can be used as heroes documentaries-revelations.

And used only Dmitry Anatolievich. And nedoocenjonnogo, in my opinion. A big boy, over which all laughing and joking. In vain you so! He will show you everything! Will on his street feast! Necessarily be. Will truck with cookies on your street. Then, fortune cookies be scattered, everyone will rush to collect, and you will not be allowed. The power of it vindictive, she remembers. She has all the moves your recorded. A what?! Rather than be Nuland, these cookies take?! It is possible, though not the fact. Age still. This is very important.

No, you can of course say that the kids took to the rally completely free of charge. So say not selfishness sake, but only out of love for Justice and order. But ... Be aware of modern children, of those who came out to this movement, forgive me for this Russian language. It, how?! A good budget, it seems a couple of kilometers. I'm not a cynic, but children certainly hoping to earn extra money. Without advertising, directly much, but nonetheless. They walked, but who all will earn ...

But the interesting thing is, this is another point on which many haven't been paying attention. Just imagine, but the fact remains that. Centre of the Russian capital, for a couple of hours was at the mercy of these kids. And everything! No, then, of course, power. Traditionally, for such cases. But that was then. And for a couple of hours kids have tried whey impunity and permissiveness. And power, she allowed it.

Smoot, and we are talking about her, she's at the heads. These children do not understand much. Although they do not want to understand. They think parents at night print money in order to then sponsor life their favorite kids. Stupid of course, but its the same! Why stupid?! Yes because only stupid child can believe in a fairy tale. Type if it would arrest the police, he will receive from the organizers of the ten thousand euros. Tooth give, so Alex Navalny said!

Children stopped dreaming. Remember, before dreamed of becoming doctors, actors, aviators, astronauts ... By the way, about an astronaut. With our Cosmodrome, the story very sad and funny at the same time. Build is not normally built, money skommunizdili, someone like planted ... Flights into space with him yet. The prospect of near-term nobody in emphasis does not see. And how come here to dream?! No, in terms of PR, we may become ahead of the rest, but virtual reality. It will not be enough to eat. But in all fairness say that recently, and in terms of PR, we began to degrade. No wisp of yore. Was. And now isn't it. The word is almost gone. It's important.

Have you seen how gaining speed train?! Yes, that's right. Slowly, as if swaying, slowly ... And Russia, well it's in my opinion of course, moved into its last flight on the railway. Shame?! Of course. We're here live. Ukrainian route?! With great probability. Yes, this is the route chosen.

It is understandable that in his time, internal policy was frozen the joining of Crimea. Frozen. This keyword. Now freezing ceases to operate. What we have with patriotic aspirations of society? No problem. The word is. There is neither society, nor the most patriotic aspirations. What is?! Elementary! Have the perfect Wednesday for the corrupt and latent patriotism. It's important.

Rallies in late March showed that ... Ulcer became opened. Bureaucratic paralysis afflicting State, blocking any meaningful initiative, although what it is I'm talking about. What kind of initiative may be engaged. Plans, or rather key projects. A great number of statements of all kinds. And they write brilliant managers who are deprived of knowledge, and more importantly, denied responsibility. Moreover, they do not want and do not want to have an understanding of the many processes that they regulate. It's important.

Communication with the state machine turns in excruciating torture for common sense. Break the idiotic statement impossible, even in cases of extreme necessity. Execute statements becomes death like that. And if you add a multilevel system of control, ... Step to the left or right shot and jump on the spot will be seen as a provocation with all its ... What do I do?! Nothing more! Fix and refine all this ugliness is impossible. Idiocy must be eliminated.

And at the same time, the country, or whatever is left of it sails on a raging sea, to be very precise, not sea, and ocean. And rightly so. The main move. It's like riding a bike. Go is not a fall. There is a chance to get there. Stood up. Everything fell. Have trampled. Many well-wishers. Although we don't have enemies, we will do it ourselves. It's important.

Ironic, but true. Steer love and want. Even those who never in a life not getting behind the wheel. Even within the family, well I never. But here's to give Steering! Though. It's generally a childhood dream, which has never ended. And here is indicating a country, it is not even a dream. This horizon of dreams. As they say, feel the difference.

Although ... Everything on trust. Here's to all of us sometimes think that country rules. Yes, it is an image of brutal men. Type of truckers that all supostatam will show where crabs Hibernate. The team from him. Look and umiljaesh'sja. Well, knows everything and can. Well, it's with their words. Like, not sumlevajtes'! Everything will be fine. Live will be good. The enemy will be defeated. The victory will be ours!

All this is possible and true, but ... As it turned out, that we have not thought that they did not know at all. The word is. No, really. You yourself do not judge. You still can, and they're not even studied. But if studied, then bad. And you can forget just what knew. This is very important. The main task of these neumeh. Correct!!! Load your truck with values and ... Correct!!! Escape! And that will not work with a take, then certainly sell partners. Well done!

A what?! People?! And that the people?! The people never anything its not there. If anything it gave, temporarily, just leave or use ... Seemingly bequeathed huge potential. Well, you don't want to learn, so at least samoobrazovyvajsja ... But no. Has rode on wasteland, not observing the rules. You can pose as steep specialists and drivers who could steer. And that's when leaving the motorway, there is already vibrant went all sorts, neuvjazochki,. Well, as the same! They smysljat nothing! Neither the Government nor the meat Rod scraps. Phenomenal idiots.

Former Gopnik, it's certainly not the kind of social category, where you can admire. No, it is understandable to their same Gopnik can tell tales about his greatness, and it kept iskanders, but ... Only among their own. And then, each time more difficult to make a brave face when obnoxious game. Among its more because there the contingent. Togo and look, the razor on my throat and a well, ...

Certainly, there is a problem with the poverty of the masses. This is karma. It was fate. On all the goodies are missing, but ... If the problem is seen through dollar dope, then ... Yes, dollar a poultice, it of course ... Impressive. When instead of coins to pay a jingle from coins. This is brilliant, what you say here. Type, work better, get more coins. Miracles! And no word on what the State takes in the population and give nothing in return. And why?! Why do country, money?! Here I am about the same. But the most paradoxical, is that modern leaders do not understand where the country is, and that it actually happens. It's important.

Recently, Mrs. Nabibulina, well that is managed by the Organization of the Bank of Russia, stated that the Russian pulled out of the crisis. Whew! Took, and against all odds came out of the crisis. Silently. No one is saying. And if not for this lady, we would not have learned this is definitely a positive fact.

Apparently, this very artful and honest woman, loved to read fiction. Good job. Fortunately, the guide is also attributable to citizens. It is understood that they must distract people from all sorts of problems caused by those same leaders. How?! Well, war or terrorist attack to stir up arrange a modest. Definitely bring the deepest condolences to the families and relatives of those who died in the St. Petersburg Metro, but ... Sorry, but as that time. As time is the time to unite around the party and leader. It's important.

Propagating apparently exclusively partenogenezom. Citizens-the Patriots don't see anything except the General line of the party. Otherwise, they would have understood that the attack never takes place by mistake or accident. Never. The main purpose of a terrorist attack?! Elementary. To attract attention and create an atmosphere of fear. And yet, many forget to distract society from the problems.

Think everything?! No!!! Consolidation of the society around power and Chief to combat dangerous enemy. Terrorists, they are very comfortable. Lifetime, virtually unlimited. Must-have emerged. Disappeared the need is gone. Type, we won. Agha. It's important.

If we are to believe what we are told about the explosion in the St. Petersburg Metro, ... It cannot go on alone. This, considering that it was supposedly found a second explosive device did not work. It wasn't supposed to work?! Or is it a fluke, bordering on idiocy. And maybe wanted to portray the magnitude ... If it is the work of professionals, it is very alarming that didn't work the second device. And if it is the work of amateurs. Why would they, sorry, subway, popjorlis' a protected object. Why risk.

As we reported, bomblets, well there nails, nuts and bolts in the bomb was a bit. Why?! Most likely, the goal was not a large number of victims, and the fact the attack. Its like would be designated. No more. Although the victims, of course, still from this fact. Time chosen for a full attack is not entirely successful. Usually crowded, when going to work in the morning and in the evening. One more thing. So to speak, in the head.

Who took responsibility for the attack? Correct. No one. Nonsense? Nonsense? Don't rush to conclusions. It turns out there is a terrorist, but responsible for him not. At least, not yet. Miracles, and only. And whom will reward customers and who will judge the victims ... And can this special services again indulge. They are part of the pampering can give odds to many. All this is so, but ... To me that's exciting. Surely it cannot be different? Really, only in this way?

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg April 2017 year


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